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  1. I managed to fix it by creating a script in the unity project folder: right click > create > C# Script. You can rename it to FixCultureEditor.cs open it (with a text editor is ok) and replace everything inside by this: And it works, and you can forget it. I don't code, thanks to @Stone Blue suggestion, I just dumbly followed this : https://forum.unity.com/threads/editor-is-using-windows-locale-settings.442847/#post-3958150
  2. My suggest for your list : Rover Science - Roll and Rock Iwill try to do something for your rocks, also i don't understand what you would like about "lights" (updating the included part models with lights )? on the rover module ?
  3. 1) you are right, i have the same issues with these gears. Was it working in older KSP versions ? Unfortunately, i am not able to fix them, too difficult for me, especially when the available tutorial is coming from blackheart612 himself . but yes, these lovely landing gears probably need some rework. 3) why not, share them here in forum ? in spoiler beacon if too long maybe.
  4. @Ilya_G, 1) it's ok for me, i tried with the "hippo" heli rotor and it produces Ec. 2) i'm not sure to understand what is your problem, images ? maybe wrong install ? dependencies ? @Watermel00n, which ones ? images ? the ones i used where ok, except sometime "bouncy" like the stocks gears.
  5. Hello, This mod is really great, and I would like to help to improve it too, so I forked the GitHub and made some changes: // changelog for updates by Skalou ***update v1.0.0*** - renamed part.cfg with "partname".cfg - removed badly commented modules and cleaned things in .cfg, module pointing to inexistant object in landing gears etc... - removed some lost flag textures in folders, kerbal default flags in engines ... - added a model and config to add airlocks and ladders for the s1p5cabin, it was not possible to eva from this part ! - added AirplanePlus\Updates folder with patch to store patches: - MM_AirplanePlus_TWEAKS.cfg , read stuff inside to know - Kerbalism_AirplanePlus.cfg , for kerbalism compatibility - added a changelog and tweaked KSP-AVC .version file ToDo: - update changelog and KSP-AVC.version links - change versionning numbers from 26.5 to someting like 26.0.5 as stated in the version file (confusing numbers)? use 27.0.0 for the next one to don't mess things? - host in github the ksp KSP-AVC .version file instead of https://ksp-avc.cybutek.net/version.php?id=660 ? you can download it there and help if you want: https://github.com/skalou/AirplanePlus/tree/skalouUpdate01 So I am open if you have anything to report, any help and comments are welcome, I looked at the 10 last pages in this thread, but maybe I missed things. @Kerbal410, i fixed the Size 1.5 cabin problem, there was no airlock and ladders in the model, there was no way to eva from this trap ! so i added them : @blackheart612, once ready I will propose you to merge it on github, up to you to accept changes that you like of course, and thank you for this great mod!
  6. Thank you for this mod, really helpful ! Funny things, i tried last days to add the real part name (not the tittle) somewhere in the description with a module manager patch, and it was a pain for me, latter i installed node helper: and it does exactly this, in better ! the infos when hovering the part in the category, and a button in PAW: "Show part Infos" opening the window, useful when in flight. thank you again!
  7. version 1.0.3 at least compatible up to KSP v 1.12.1
  8. version 1.0.1 at least compatible up to KSP v 1.12.1
  9. v1.0.3 is out. at least compatible up to KSP v1.11.0 Check the online changelog for more details.
  10. Oh yes, i missed that, i will look at it ! thank you
  11. v1.0.2 is out. at least compatible up to KSP v1.11.0 Check the online changelog for more details.
  12. New version 1.0.1 available, See the Change Log and the 1st post of this thread for more details.
  13. New version 1.0.0 available, at least compatible up to KSP v 1.9.1. See the Change Log and the 1st post of this thread for more details. BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY: In previous versions older than v1.0.0 the option was toggle-able in the editor via the part's right-click menu "Add Top Hatch". There is a compatibility patch file for the transition named "DEPRACTEDcompatibilityPatch.cfg.txt" located in "Kerbal Space Program/GameData/MK1CabinHatch", you have to rename it to "DEPRACTEDcompatibilityPatch.cfg" (remove the .txt extension at the end) to activate it. So you will have both versions of the hatch model and time to migrate your crafts and finish your running missions. Once none of your crafts have the old model you can rename the compatibility file back with the .txt extension.
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