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  1. I don't think so, although it's called "surface speed" it takes care of 3d vector speed with vertical too, so if you dive vertically your (surface) speed won't be 0. i also noticed the atmosphere in KSP is like is rigidly attached to the planet (no wind), so i don't see the difference, at least with your and my arguments. I don't think too , because of the same "rigid/static" atmosphere locked to the surface. the planet's rotation is also taken into account in the surface speed.
  2. what is the difference between airspeed and surface speed in stock KSP ( no wind)?
  3. [1.3] Collide-o-Scope [v1.1.6]

    it remenbered something when i was doing my first mod: So for classic engines: Z is the thrust axis (blue), for RCS engines it's Y (green).
  4. you can check my WIP mod for this:
  5. [1.3] Collide-o-Scope [v1.1.6]

    It's seems to point in the blue arrow direction, maybe the thrustTransform Z axis? this Z axis should point in the direction of thrust ( UP for your image instead of LEFT) or someting like this
  6. strange, because with the KSP diffuse shader, the transparency layer of your png (if there is one: RGBA instead of just RGB), is not used as transparency but for shininess ( see some stock textures for examples). but again without screenshots or more info it's hard to help you.
  7. yes, and if its your first try at it, it's really easier to try the simplest part as possible ( the box as you said, a simple diffuse texture and a fuel tank config or something like this)
  8. don't know it works for me, but i don't understand well your problem. for the main color i set it to white, the texture then do the color.
  9. [1.3] SpaceTux Industries Recycled Parts

    Great news, congrats for this teamwork! After importing the model to blender, i reworked the whole model and rebuilt the animations specially for the tricky nozzle with gimbal. for interested people, you can find the reworked blender's models in the sources link given in the 1st post.
  10. Hi Strykersm,

    I'm trying to build an engine with a nozzle animation, and found your really usefull link of the video n°3, thank you! :)

    but the downloadable example file is not here anymore :/. Is there a way to got it again please?


    1. strykersm


      Apologies for late response, i'm afraid not :\ But I can hook you up with a blend file if you wish :)

  11. Exporting discussion

    On my side i'm using blender and export directly in .blend, because if i update my blender model it will automatically update the Unity scene and keep all the already done work. there is some parameters to ajust by selecting your model in the Unity asset folder ( specially the: import or not the normals)
  12. thank you You can export your blender model directly in .blend into Unity, the main advantage is if you modify it it blender then save it will automatically update in Unity without the need to redo all the boring stuff.
  13. Magnifique mon cher!