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  1. With the new website design, I no longer know how to buy KSP for a friend. We do not want steam/console versions, just the standard DRM-free one from I know my friends email address, and I am ready to pay for him. That should be enough, right? Any ideas?
  2. As a suggestion, is it possible for you to punch the information from the spreadsheet back into the original post in this forum? Perhaps this 'google docs' can export it in html or whatever format this forum uses (i think it's called BBcode)? Say, at least when a new KSP release comes out, or every few months if you have the time. I exercise my right NOT to complain, mainly because you've collected the URLs to the mods I want already, and I always check them for the latest builds, regardless of what this post says. This idea does seem to solve all the problems though, if it's possible - As a heavy mod user, I generally don't use the new KSP versions until the mods I want are updated and they fix the invariable linux/mac problems; usually at least 1/2 a year later. I'm still running 1.3.1, and only a few months ago updated from 1.3.0 for example. I don't think I'm alone in this.
  3. So it was unintentional. A shame.
  4. If you're left wondering how to turn these vectors into something tangable, this function converts body-relative vectors into the strange ship-relative triplets required by node(): FUNCTION nodeFromVector // from a reddit post somewhere (I've forgotten) { PARAMETER vec, n_time IS TIME:SECONDS. LOCAL s_pro IS VELOCITYAT(SHIP,n_time):ORBIT. // The following assumes you do not change sphere of influence // between now and n_time LOCAL s_pos IS POSITIONAT(SHIP,n_time) - BODY:POSITION. LOCAL s_nrm IS VCRS(s_pro,s_pos). LOCAL s_rad IS VCRS(s_nrm,s_pro). LOCAL pro IS VDOT(vec,s_pro:NORMALIZED). LOCAL nrm IS VDOT(vec,s_nrm:NORMALIZED). LOCAL rad IS VDOT(vec,s_rad:NORMALIZED). RETURN NODE(n_time, rad, nrm, pro). } As noted I don't take credit for this (nor do I really take credit for anything here, since it's all just regurgitated equations from other sources). I found it on reddit after the much worse version I invented didn't work properly (see the oneorbit() post). Anyway, you can now do things like: set V1 to lambertMinE(R1,R2) -velocityat(SHIP, burntime). set n to nodeFromVector(V1, TIME:seconds +burntime). add n. to add the calculated maneuvres into the map. Making them actually happen is a less advanced topic not for this thread.
  5. And luke-lukem, Squad has always screwed up linux (and apple) majorly in the first few new versions, hopefully take-two won't do any worse. Although I wonder why you need a joystick to drive a rover I just write kOS code to do trivial crap like that
  6. It's clearly not that because I've noticed that after assigning an axis, and returning to the settings screen, it still shows '<>' as if it hasn't been assigned, rather than saying something like <Joy2, axis3> or whatever that stupid SDL2 mucks it up to be. Admittedly, I havent checked the settings.cfg immediately after, but AFAIK, that is only saved on exit anyway. Or perhaps when you press "Apply".
  7. While I'm at the soapbox, in the 1990s I wrote a bit of code for a project called "gamedev" that automatically calibrated polled joysticks. Several months later, I found something similar in the linux kernel, similar to: value > axis_max ? axis_max = value : value; value < axis_min ? axis_min = value : value; I think they missed the extra part that also centres the axes - they lost that when they started using /dev/input/jsX (evdev) instead of just /dev/jsX. I released my bit as public domain, so no matter who wrote it, it has been used in SDL right up until SDL1.2 and because of it, I've always been able to laugh at windos users with impunity because they seem to need to constantly calibrate their joysticks. Now this... nothing makes me angrier than morons "forgetting" good algorithms just to be more "windows-like", or lately, "console-like", or "ipad-like".
  8. I haven't tested if it still works this way in versions later than 0.90 or so, but it does look a bit like they were intending to enable launches from Baikerbanur at some point - If you parked something on the launchpad there, and tried to launch a new vessel from KSC, it gave you a dialogue box that indicated the launch pad was occupied (possibly the "recover the vessel and continue/cancel launch" one), even if the launch pad at KSC was empty. Can someone confirm this still happens? I accidentally deleted my long standing save game recently that had stuff near Baikerbanur and had to start anew.
  9. Yeah, my web browser has this "new" thing called "Search" - I just press '/' and type what I'm looking for. As I'm well aware, *maintaining* this list must be a real PITA, but for "users", forcing them to use an unnecessarily complicated spreadsheet is a bit ridiculous. Anyway, it's Gaarst's decision, I'm not going to complain.
  10. In case we have to end up using this ridiculous system that basically maps the axes of my very expensive joystick to act like a pathetic console controller, heres one for the CH F-16 Combatstick (just the joystick, not the throttle controller): SDL_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG="030000008e060000f400000000010000,CH PRODUCTS CH COMBATSTICK USB,platform:Linux,a:b0,b:b2,x:b1,y:b9,back:b3,rightstick:b8,dpup:b4,dpdown:b6,dpleft:b7,dpright:b5,-leftx:h0.8,+leftx:h0.2,-lefty:h0.1,+lefty:h0.4,rightx:a0,righty:a1,lefttrigger:a2~," Don't forget to `export SDL_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG` Note that there are no new lines in these, the forum formatting will probably add more, so you need to remove them (I've forgotten how to do the codeblock thing) As luke-lukem and Badsector have noted, it doesn't actually work yet, because KSP immediately forgets the settings. While I have the extremely hard to find program (you basically have to recompile SDL2 completely) that generates these strings, heres one for a Logiteck MOMO Racing Wheel with pedals: SDL_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG="030000006d04000003ca000000010000,Logitech Logitech MOMO Racing,platform:Linux,a:b3,b:b5,x:b2,y:b7,back:b4,guide:b6,leftshoulder:b0,rightshoulder:b1,rightx:a0,-righty:a1~,+righty:a2~," The really moronic thing about this system is that the GUIDs (that huge hex number at the beginning) are generated seemingly randomly by SDL2. Theres no way to find out what they are without writing code that asks libSDL2 itself; they aren't related to USB addresses or vendor/product IDs at all. Some "millenial" at SDL needs a good hard stabbing in the face.
  11. A million bucks says you're overloading the clock for the DP (3 ports? pfft!) - disconnect all other ports, and then see what it does? This smells like a poor design/hardware problem. Before you complain, my nVidia (a 960 or 980 or something, not as fancy as yours) board has the same problem - there are 4 connectors on the back but it only has enough clocks to supply 3 of them. It's commerce/false advertising gone rampant.
  12. ...and also ask elsewhere. This is a forum for Kerbal Space Program, not generic unity development.
  13. You mean 1.3.1 or 1.3.0? The old parts are still there in 1.4.x, change the part view to manufacturer, or decouplers.
  14. I would like to know what the maximum payload capacity is. Have you tried launching dummy loads until it fails?
  15. Yeah, the apollo systems just returned in a *very* heat resistant capsule. If you take a scientist with you, he can grab the information out of the experiments, and store them in that capsule; which is essentially what they did in real life - they didn't bring back a massive "tank" full of "science", they just packed the rocks in the return pod with them. Come to think of it, even pilots and engineers can *take* data from experiments, so you don't even need a scientist, unless you need him to reset it and do another one - which is actually very lucrative and profitable if you can manage it.
  16. Have loved your previous work, Gaarst, but this spreadsheet thing... Will you update this forum post from it's contents, or is it entirely useless now? I am not interested in complicated faff known as google database or whatever. I realise it's a real handful to manage, and have suggestions I can't really voice properly, but in the end I have a URL (for this forum post). When I need to check for addon updates, that URL is where I go. Frankly, Take-Two should be paying you for this
  17. "old ksc" as youre calling it, is actually called Baikerbanur, a play on Baikonur. I find it... well, completely retarded that the "woomerang" site is in the northern hemisphere. In fact it's not very far from Baikerbanur, which begs the question, why put 2 potential launch sites (see KerbinSide) next to each other, and also insults us Australians, slightly. What they should have done is stock enable the old Baikerbanur site, which as an easter egg already has some interesting structures (or "artwork" as you call it), and if they felt the need, put a Woomera-like site in the southern hemisphere. That way you can get the idea of what launches are possible from the different sites, and understand inclinations properly. BTW, Woomera is military controlled; aside from the rogue chopper shots above, which are very old, you wont get much out of it. It's kinda like the australian version of americas area 51
  18. Just tried 1.4.1, same deal. Guess I won't be playing the making history thing for a long time. But it's fine - I just perfected an Energia in 1.3 thanks to tweakscaled vectors
  19. Reiterating over Lambert problems is taking forever? Tired of the sysadmins yelling at you for clogging up the cpus? Fear not, the laziest solution is relatively simple! It will give you V1, which is how fast you need to be going (as in the dV and direction of your burn) at a radius of R1 to hit something at a radius of R2. As you can see, you only need to supply the two "positions". It can potentially do the rest; V2 is the vector you will to be going when you get there, and dT is an *untested* calculation of the time it will take. Useful if you want to land at an exact point on a planet, or rendevous with something else out there. As always there are caveats: 1) It doesn't take into account movement/rotation of targets or planets; you must pre-calculate that. 2) It calculates "minimum energy", but it's minimum energy from an absolute 0 starting velocity. So if you try to use this to descend from a higher orbit, it will often give a very inefficient path that "jumps up" first, then descends to the target radius. It really works best from a lower orbit, or even the ground, like an ICBM. Now you too, can act like america and threaten everyone on Kerbin with this new technology!
  20. See that little knob at the centre bottom? Click it, and it will open the navball and you have control. Nothing to do with updates. It's always been like this.
  21. ~/.config/unity3d/Squad/Kerbal Space Program/prefs can contain: <unity_prefs version_major="1" version_minor="1"> <pref name="UnitySelectMonitor" type="int">1</pref> Change the 1 to whichever monitor you like, but be aware of the way X11 orders them.
  22. Hmm, Take Two, still an Australian company? The guys that made GTA III? Can't say I'm unhappy about that! They need to get their excrements together though, that takeover was ages ago.
  23. I happened to login to the KSP store ( to do some version checking on a previous release and, as always, I click the wrong button and end up at the page where you buy KSP. Then I noticed it says it's disabled. Does that mean I can't buy the upcoming Making History expansion from there? That would be annoying, because I rather like the peace of mind and simplicity of getting it from the source.