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  1. i'll try it and let you know!! thanks a bunch!!!!
  2. hi! this sounds so great, I have been struggling with the bumpy runway for years now! what KSP versions does the mod support? thanks in advance!
  3. I fully got the HL2 reference, in reality I was referring to the "Aleph Universe" you got there quoted in your location https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Aleph_(short_story) Anyhow, thanks for the mod disclaimer! Will follow the development
  4. I have been wanting/waiting for this for a long time! Many many thanks for this, will try it out as soon as I get some time! also, is that a reference to J.L.Borges?
  5. great news!! congratulations on the new release! many thanks for your work!!!
  6. I have a quick one guys! I'm playing on 1.3.1 with RP1 and I can't seem to be able to create a Procedural Trank holding Hydrogen (gaseous form) - tried with regular & SM tanks to no avail
  7. these are great news @pleroy!!! I was really expecting this feature to be added as complex/long flight plan are really sluggish on my PC! thank you & the team in advance!!!!
  8. NASA payload carried by Beresheet also among the list of probable crash survivors: https://www.space.com/did-nasa-experiment-survive-beresheet-crash.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=dlvr.it
  9. oh, see, that's easy: it has to be made out of something with a sufficient material strength to endure such impact
  10. Beresheet was also carrying the Arch Mission Foundation's Lunar Library - a 30 million page archive. Per official sources, given the physical properties of the archive and the data from impact, it is believed the payload is intact. This would mean Beresheet's mission of delivering the first commercial payload to the Moon was a success.
  11. I don't want to sound rude, but basically you are suggesting to disable RO to get powered landings on RO... My suggestion @lextacy would be to start playing around with KerbalOS - I know it might prove a tad challenging, but boy oh boy the feeling when you get it right! EDIT: also was not there a "RO-mode" under MechJeb's settings that handles ullage & ignitions? I might be completely wrong here.
  12. great question, I just edited my original post as I missed RP-1 RP-1 balances the tech tree, a few parts and contracts (and surely does a lot more that I am not honouring right now) and aligns your Carreer mode to the Realism Overhaul suite. I fully recommend it as I too play Carreer mode. I have always played with RO, RP and RSS and enjoy it every time
  13. For the *full* realistic experience, I recommend a fresh KSP 1.3.1 install with Realism Overhaul (and dependencies & recommendations), Real Solar System, Realistic Progression 1 (RP-1) and Principia. You will never go back. Not only will it challenge & engage you, but it will drive you to learn and investigate real orbital mechanics, spacecraft design, etc. For visual beautification, Real Solar System Visual Enhancements (RSSVE) is compatible with KSP 1.3.1; and you can throw KS3P on top for maximum pleasure.
  14. I second this. The bumpy/broken runway is super annoying. I have tried Kerbal Constructs but the issue remains: somehow the game manages to break KC's props as well. How is the rest of the RO/RSS community dealing with spaceplane launches?