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  1. The original font used in Space Shuttles was Helvetica. https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/nasa_graphics_manual_nhb_1430-2_jan_1976.pdf
  2. Nevertheless I think that's expected for the pressurized tanks feeding pressure-fed engines. For the broader rest of engines (say liquid), you need to exert a force for the propellant to move to the bottom of the tank (ullage), usually done with the spacecraft's RCS ports.
  3. You can use the Infernal Robotics to create your own deployable ramps, moving ladders and much more!
  4. This is gorgeous!!! Congrats on the release @Invaderchaos - I will try it out as soon as Realism Overhaul configs are made for this beauty!
  5. hoooooooooooly molly @CarnationRED isn't that a years-long awaited feature right therE?!??? quick one for you: could you also remove the arbitrary size limits (lenght, width, thickness) from these parts as well?
  6. thank you @FreeThinker, I know - I have had your mod installed in my KSP builds for years now - the thing is, being an RO player focused on realism, I never got far enough into the future to really use your mod, which BTW I believe it to be one of the most amazing, most complete and fantastic mods available for KSP - I believe I did thank you years ago in your thread, but let me do it again: congratulations on a job well done, I very much appreciate it!!!. I believe the RO devs are talking about something coded "ROFuture" and I really don't understand what's standing in the way of integrating KSPIE to RO's/RP-1's future technologies' tech tree nodes. I sure would love to have a realistic playthrough with current technologies and evolve into futuristic but yet still science-based speculative technologies.
  7. yes!!!! thank you @cineboxandrew!!!! I was long waiting for this, and I also had the Alien semiotic PNG in my Pictures folder for years now promising myself i'd crop them into decals for KSP and procrastinating ever since!
  8. OK so after 5+ years playing KSP I'm now able to try out Ion engines! thank you @FreeThinker!
  9. Sounds great!!! I am now using Katniss' Cape Canaveral, you should try it out!
  10. uh... there's a giant green aster- just kidding, great progress!!! you go my man!