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  1. this looks gorgeous, I really hope development continues as planned and a release is later extended to Real Solar System!
  2. that sounds great @ItsJustLuci, thank you for your work!!! I will give it a try when I find some time to play KSP again
  3. that sounds weird, like a corrupt installation - can you share a screenshot of how your capsule looks like?
  4. I don't know how to disable temperature effects in KSP (removing RealHeat mod's folder won't do it, it has nothing to do with it), but I do know how to manage re-entry flight profiles and re-entry heating in rockets, capsules and spaceplanes under Realism Overhaul. If you'd like some pointers, I encourage you to post images and stats of your craft and the different flight situations per your flight profile that's causing your vehicle to disintegrate at re-entry.
  5. hi @Cienty86, I'd love to try the new KSC location - how should I go about it to modify it in my game? Quick one for you as well, does the runway still has a 90/270 orientation? Thanks in advance!
  6. KSPIE works just fine with RO, give it a try
  7. @epicfailure2020 you are forgetting the magic word
  8. Try the "shielded" tank variant from Procedural Parts. MLI is the internal insulation to prevent propellant boiloff, will not help you with your problem.
  9. The original font used in Space Shuttles was Helvetica. https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/nasa_graphics_manual_nhb_1430-2_jan_1976.pdf
  10. Nevertheless I think that's expected for the pressurized tanks feeding pressure-fed engines. For the broader rest of engines (say liquid), you need to exert a force for the propellant to move to the bottom of the tank (ullage), usually done with the spacecraft's RCS ports.
  11. You can use the Infernal Robotics to create your own deployable ramps, moving ladders and much more!
  12. This is gorgeous!!! Congrats on the release @Invaderchaos - I will try it out as soon as Realism Overhaul configs are made for this beauty!
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