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  1. Holy!!! We need to bring photorealistic textures to parts to match the ground now!!! Incredible looking pic, congratulations on your work, truly remarkable! I am eagerly waiting for RSS configs for this, I know some of the RO folks were working on them
  2. Thank you @ItsJustLuci, looking better and better! Just one quick one: is it me that I can't see the new TUFX 0.1b config in the package ? I don't see the TUFX contents bundled with the 0.1b release EDIT: further testing, love what you did with the terminator and sunrise/sky colour! just lovely!
  3. Thank you Luci for your work! I've managed to get a 1.10 install going and just checked out the mod and I gotta say this is looking good! The only thing I could not have it to run properly is the sunflare I edited EVO\Configs\Scatterer_Configs\Sun\Sunflares\Sunflare.cfg as follows but I get the below - I don't think it should look this way (small white circle at the centre of the flare) @assetPath = EVO/Configs/Scatterer_Configs/Sun/Sunflares/Flares I have also noticed some white artifacts popping up here and there when flying into orbit but nothing gamebreaking
  4. wow Luci, this looks awesome!!! congratulations for the release! qq, is this compatible with RSS installs under KSP 1.8.1? I noted the disclaimer re Kopernicus Bleeding Edge but I couldnt quite get if this only affects footprints or the overall mod. Anyhow thanks a million for this!
  5. thanks for the new release, Principia team! I just checked the change log and noticed this: "We welcome feedback on the localization or contributions regarding other languages." I can produce translations to Spanish if needed, let me know.
  6. Hi @cineboxandrew! I just wanna say I think your mod is faboluos! I'm using it every day for my vehicles! Thanks for your work! A bit of a suggestion/question - would it be possible to have a part that emits light, to simulate some sort of glowing surface or light embedded to the parent part? It would be awesome if we could create procedural lighting surfaces on the go!
  7. Dylan, I love your modelling & texturing! keep up the good work, will try it out as soon as there's a release and RO configs in place
  8. Thanks for your work mate, looking forward for a fully working RSS/RO compatible ISS! I will follow development! Hopefully the mod will bundle a craft file as well for reference
  9. whoa, great performance improvements! I will give this a go once there's an RSSVE build working off of this for RSS
  10. Sorry to bother @Me1_base- I copied wing_procedural_typeA, B & C configs. I changed the part name and changed the config names accordingly. The result was partially satisfactory: I now have duplicated B9PW parts as intended. One set of parts are coloured via TU, the other (new) parts have the original B9 colour chooser - that's great! However, the original parts now have 2 Mass/Ratio sliders in their PAW and have increased in weight - any ideas what might have I forgotten in my edits to trigger this? Can provide pictures if the explanation is not sufficiently clear
  11. @pmborg, thank you very much for your custom RO configs, very much appreciated! I will deffinitely try them out! Currently RO's latest release only supports 1.8.1 - I know unoficially its working on 1.1 (RP-1 might have some issues). Most RSS/RO players are still in 1.8.1 due to this reason
  12. @Knight of St John, your plumes are looking fantastic! that RS25 plume is gorgeous. You wouldn't want to have a pass at ROEngines & SPEngines and their plumes, would ya? :$ I play with RSS and Realism Overhaul and I've been craving these Waterfall plumes for RO Engines for too long now! :$:$
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