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  1. hey @ItsSnowyy! there is a comprehensive Wiki over at the mod's github repository with the information you are after https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/Waterfall/wiki
  2. Sorry @si2504, per the below that's what I thought your issue was, my bad.
  3. Hey @si2504, I might be completely wrong (apologies if I am) but I think the following string determines if a part is shown as compatible with RO: %RSSROConfig = False I think if you change that to True the part should show as compatible with RO.
  4. this is lovely @Icecovery, just lovely! congratulations on the release! I will deffinitely incorporate this into my install! Thanks a million!
  5. Just for reference, I use an i7 9700k @ 5ghz, RTX 2080, 64gb RAM @ 3.2ghz plus the RSS / RO /RP-1 suite + additional mods (approx. 125 total mods including Katniss' Cape, EVO and all the visual candy mods) and I get an average 40 FPS with simple craft and an average 15 FPS with crafts over 100 parts. Usually when I get to orbit I get a 10% increase in FPS but that's it. This has been my experience throughout different KSP and RO/RSS/RP-1 versions. I also had comparable performance with my previous PC (i7 4700k @ 4ghz, GTX 780ti, 32gb RAM DDR3 @ 1.8ghz) so my conclusion is that poor optimi
  6. I think Katniss' Cape Canaveral mod is of obligatory use when EVO is installed to avoid getting the city lights texture at night right over the KSC
  7. Luci, you are doing an absolutely gorgeous work! Take your time and let your creativity and ispiration play out! We are all grateful for this mod and rooting for you! Thank's a million for sharing with us! BTW: that Titan fog is looking fiiiiiiiiiiine!!!
  8. holy mother of plumes!!!! the update is looking gorgeous!! thanks to everyone involved!
  9. Looking good folks, looking reeeeal good!!! Thanks @Nerteafor all you have done for KSP, and everyone else involved as well!
  10. Holy!!! We need to bring photorealistic textures to parts to match the ground now!!! Incredible looking pic, congratulations on your work, truly remarkable! I am eagerly waiting for RSS configs for this, I know some of the RO folks were working on them
  11. Thank you @ItsJustLuci, looking better and better! Just one quick one: is it me that I can't see the new TUFX 0.1b config in the package ? I don't see the TUFX contents bundled with the 0.1b release EDIT: further testing, love what you did with the terminator and sunrise/sky colour! just lovely!
  12. Thank you Luci for your work! I've managed to get a 1.10 install going and just checked out the mod and I gotta say this is looking good! The only thing I could not have it to run properly is the sunflare I edited EVO\Configs\Scatterer_Configs\Sun\Sunflares\Sunflare.cfg as follows but I get the below - I don't think it should look this way (small white circle at the centre of the flare) @assetPath = EVO/Configs/Scatterer_Configs/Sun/Sunflares/Flares I have also noticed some white artifacts popping up here and there when flying into orbit but nothing gamebreaking
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