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  1. hypervelocity

    Real ISRU Development Thread

    @Starwaster I believe there's a recipe in Page 8 discussing MMH+NTO. If I understand correctly, only addition required to CRP is NaCl (and this was a couple of years ago, so maybe its already added). They discussed the following flow: Chloralkali process > Hooker process > Olin Raschig process.
  2. hypervelocity

    Real ISRU Development Thread

    if you depend on others for your own success you are not doing things quite right. I said "I believe" it was bundled with RO. good luck to you now.
  3. hypervelocity

    Real ISRU Development Thread

    @etheoma - that is strange - if you can wait until tomorrow I will get back to my pc and provide a detailed walkthrough on how to find the part & associated cfg file, and screenshots of how my install looks like so you can replicate in your build.
  4. hypervelocity

    The Official Realism Overhaul Craft Repository.

    @NSEP very nice! have you ever considered integrating the abort system to the pod a la Dragon, adding orbital maneuvering capabilities to the capsule? If my calculations are correct, you would gain a mass efficiency by doing so taking advantage of the service module's fuel and reducing engines & tankage mass.
  5. hypervelocity

    Real ISRU Development Thread

    thanks for your efforts @Starwaster!!!! you are actually blowing my mind with the idea of recapturing boiled off gasses - would you mind explaining in detail how would I go about doing so? @etheoma - take it easy pal, there's people trying to help out here - go look at the mod's folder, find the licquefaction array CFG, check the part name and/or manufacturer, look it up in the game - if its not there, your installation is corrupted. ALSO: I play at KSP 1.2.2 and I *do* have a RealISRU folder under the manufacturers filter in the VAB/SPH.
  6. hypervelocity

    Real ISRU Development Thread

    @etheoma - I too would love a full ISRU suite for Realism Overhaul. I believe this has now been bundled with RO. Current available parts (if my memory does not fail) are as follows: Resource Drill that extracts water, hydrates and not much else I believe; Licquefaction Array, which liquefies gases such as Oxygen, Hydrogen, CO2, Methane, and maybe some others (its config file is very easy to understand, so you could tweak it to get your desired substance in there); Mars Atmospheric Scoop that captures CO2 from the atmosphere; and then there is a Water Electrolyser, a SABATIER unit, a Fischer-Tropsch unit, and I think that's pretty much it (again, I might be missing something). In conclusion, with the mod in its current state you are able to mine hydrates at the Moon or Mars and get drinking water; you can produce Lqd Methane in Mars for fuel, and I believe (never tested) you could produce Kerosene at Titan as well. Again, these are only the limited uses I gave the hardware, but I'm almost certain there are more resources to be produced.
  7. hypervelocity

    [1.3] Procedural Wings

    the eternal struggle! I am still at KSP 1.2.2 as my favourite mods have not been updated - you should only update KSP once you are sure you can take all your favourite mods with you!
  8. hypervelocity

    The Official Realism Overhaul Craft Repository.

    ok @kurgut, this may be blunt, but..... I TOTALLY ABSOFREACKINGLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What propellers are you using???
  9. hypervelocity

    Time for KSP 2.0

    I know - what I meant to say is the HL2 engine was designed to deliver those graphics on an action game. KSP is different and it is created to spend its resources calculating physics for your craft's parts. I'm not entirely sure if we couldn't have both (nice planetary surfaces & part-based physics) but I imagine it would run even worse than it functions as it is. EDIT: don't get me wrong - I would LOVE detailed planetary surfaces and actually having something to do once landed, but hey, dreaming is free.
  10. hypervelocity

    Time for KSP 2.0

    @Sharpy though striking, the comparison is not relevant: HL2 is running on their custom Source engine that was engineered to deliver what they wanted - this is a different game running on a pre-built engine.
  11. hypervelocity

    [1.4.x] MSP-3000 Material Science Pod

    very cute, will give it a try on my next install once I migrate from 1.3
  12. hypervelocity

    Time for KSP 2.0

    This is something I day dream about sometimes, but I'm with @Majorjim! here - sadly it will never happen. Videogames are business and I just don't see it happening. Unless they come up with a new way of doing this business (comparable to the rise of microtransactions in gaming - and no I am not asking for this to come to KSP), I really don't see it happening. Nonetheless, I have entertained the idea of KSP 2.0 before: New engine, from scratch: a true endeavour on its own, pricey - and it certainly can take a turn for the worst, no success guaranteed here - but if done appropriately, client system requirements can be pushed to a minimum and scalability can really be a thing in the game. New physics: derived from the above, you could have a take on stock/n-body physics within the same game, to be chosen as a difficulty setting. Performance not linearly derived from number of crafts & number of parts/complexity per craft: also derived from 1). Parts, planets & gameplay editor: a tool to create parts, create and modify planets, contracts and configs, and also base gameplay - with a thoughtful coding that would enable 3rd party modders to mod the editor rather than the parts themselves. I think having a game that does not limit users' creativity with performance hits, with the ability to use n-body physics (only if you want, I fully understand what/why the devs went for originally) and to create your own parts/planets/contracts/gameplay once you exhausted the stock contents, would be a complete breakthrough and would add years of gameplay to the game. Just my 2 cents!
  13. hypervelocity

    [1.3.1] Realism Overhaul v12.1.0 [29 Apr 2018]

    Procedural tanks also come in a shielded version which takes max temp to 1500K if I recall correctly - I use these for my spaceplanes.
  14. @Tonas1997 you shouldn't worry too much about that - I have been playing Principia for a long while now and stationkeeping is the least of my "problems". I have orbital relays around the Earth, Moon and Mars and I check on them/adjust once every 1-2 in-game years. You should definitely give this mod a try, you are not going back to stock physics, believe me!