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  1. because other mods are made by other people and they control how they'd like their mod to be available to the public. if you can't see Realism Overhaul for KSP 1.7.3 or earlier on CKAN you are doing something wrong.
  2. I second this motion: there are numerous RSS/RO players *craving* for a gorgeous Shuttle like yours, it would definitely be a treat to have it properly sized & configured for Realism Overhaul Congratulations on your work, it is truly stunning!
  3. I looked for this for quite a long time, many thanks for releasing this mod! I plan to use this as an emergency feature: I'm not sure if realistic, but I think it should be possible to vent a spacecraft and open its docking port to allow entrance/exit. I will not use your mod to "cheat" an airlock out of it.
  4. congratulations on the release @VaNnadin!!! I will definitely download and use your mod
  5. @DAXIN - until RSVE64k is on a more stable version, I am using Vannadin's 16k textures: https://spacedock.info/mod/1357/VaNnadin's 16K RSS texture pack I confirm this works with the latest RSS version for KSP 1.7.3
  6. agreed with the aforesaid! although, I gotta say: did you ever see a 100 ton structure bouncing on the surface of a planetary surface (w/o any other force acting on it & regardless of the local gravity)? this is KSP and although it is a fair representation of real world physics, the limitations of its coding, engine and such make this representation imperfect, sometimes evidenced by the issues described in this topic. I find suggestions related to CoM and design choices to be appropriate, but let's leave room for KSP's wackyness as well
  7. looking good! I'll try it out if it ever gets a Realism Overhaul config!
  8. yeah, let's just pretend the vehicles are flipping because physics and not KSP phsyics driving, and more generally any interaction with the ground in KSP is just terrible and I find these requests and cries for help all valid I do certify I use some of the methods discussed here and some of my own to reduce these issues
  9. correct, as FreeThinker said, use the following command to force DX11: -force-d3d11 In regards to your second question, I definitely recommend switching over to 1.7.3. RSS, RO and RP-1 are all available for 1.7.3 and there is a significant performance increase.
  10. Andrew! Thanks for replying, I appreciate it! Got it on the flare front, nothing to worry about if it's only Map View! Re Principia - that's sad - it'd be awesome to have RSS + REX and Principia, but hey, enough that we've got your current work to enjoy!!! Thanks again, I will be playing with your mod *a lot* in the upcoming month of time off from work I'll be starting in 2 weeks!
  11. @AndrewDraws - I just had the chance yesterday of downloading & installing your mod. I had a quick go at it via the Tracking Station and wondered through the different star systems for a long while, checking each Star and Planet and reading about their physical properties and descriptions. I want to thank you for this work, as I have been longing for something like this for so long. I am very grateful to you!! I have always dreamt of exploring (and colonizing?) the Real Solar System using Realism Overhaul, and then taking it a step further into the Stars with something somewhat realistic (call it Hard Science Fiction?) as KSP Interstellar Extended. I now have what I need (the parts' pack and the Planets pack) and I think this will be the definitive KSP configuration for me, I think I have finally constructed a KSP install to play the game as I always wanted to (I have been trying for the past 5+ years just so you know:)), so Thank You for it!!!! I think this will probably be solved by the update you just released, but I noticed for a few systems that the Star's actual position and its Flare were separated (separation distance roughly 5-10 Star's diameter). I guess this is due to having a more updated RSS version than the one you intended for REX to work with - I assume this is now fixed as you just released a new updated version of the mod. One final question: what do you think it would happen if I throw Principia on top of this (of course I can and will try for myself)? It would be absolutely awesome if these Star Systems were constructed in a realistic fashion such that n-body gravitation could be applied to them. Anyhow, thanks again; you (among others) made me pick up KSP again and helped me embark onto the greatest adventure of all: the conquest of the Stars! EDIT: also, as a review, I mustpoint out the planets look absolutely gorgeous. Texturing, clouds, the whole thing - it is impressive and beautiful to look at. I might have found a very small and unimportant 'glitch' in the tidally locked lava planets (can't recall star system or planet names right now) and KS3P, but the glitch does not look bad at all (at least from Map View) and it's not even close to being game breaking. Again, congratulations and thanks again - everything looks beautiful and great!
  12. this loos awesome!!! could you make it procedural??