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  1. hypervelocity

    [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.1 [26 Apr 2018]

    @strudo76 - I would say any of the engine packs on the OP + Real Fuels mod (in order to get them going) + Procedural Parts mod (for tanks) - all of those engines have realistic performances and will enable you to get to orbit, otherwise stock engines are too weak. EDIT: I'm not entirely sure how RP-0 plays without RO, but if it is playable, it should do with only the required mods bundled in the CKAN installation.
  2. hypervelocity

    [1.4.*] RCS Build Aid Continued - New Dependencies

    my god, I have been aligning everything visually this whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is madness!!!!! thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hypervelocity

    [1.4.*] RCS Build Aid Continued - New Dependencies

    Hi @linuxgurugamer! thanks for updating this mod and all the other mods you keep up! I have a small suggestion/kind feature request - I'm not sure what place this mod has in your priorities list but I just wanted to throw it out there. When designing aircraft or spaceplanes, I sometimes want my CoM to be aligned in height with my DCoM, mainly for engine placement purposes. I think it would be helpful to have some sort of indication of the CoM & DCoM's relative position, maybe using coordinates or arbitrary values for lateral and longitudinal position. I figured this would be rather easy as the mod is already calculating CoM & DCoM and displaying them as icons on screen. Thanks in advance!
  4. hypervelocity

    KSP engine's "Thrust Limiter" analog in real life

    Thanks for all the replies. For a bit of context: I am creating a spaceplane that is inspired in Boeing's Phantom Express. The thing is I want to make it a SSTO, hence using a Raptor engine instead of a RS-25. The Raptor produces roughly 3000 kN of thrust, which would yield a TWR of over 75 when the craft is dry. What I thought was I could use 2 engines instead of one, limiting their throttle using the (now declared) unrealisitic KSP feature, and furthermore using the engine's throttling capabilities to adjust thrust on the go. This plan is no longer pursued given what was discussed in this thread. I need to find a more suitable engine to avoid liquefying my payloads (I am fully aware some payloads can handle 100's or even 1000's of G-loads, but I ultimately want to rate the craft for crewed missions). Thanks everyone for the involvement in the discussion.
  5. hypervelocity

    KSP engine's "Thrust Limiter" analog in real life

    Thanks @ment18, that's what I thought - I noticed the throttling ability in the engines you mentioned (I have used the Apollo descent engine and a couple of Merlins). The game distinguishes between throttling and "thrust limiting" by whether it enables you to do it while in game or in the VAB only. Noticing how almost every engine is unthrottleable made me look wary at this thrust limiter option. Thanks for your answer.
  6. Hi there! It's me again with another of those uneducated questions of mine! My knowledge of rocket engines is nearly zero (I know they exist, and that's pretty much it), hence the question. I see KSP (at least under Realism Overhaul) allows you to limit the thrust on any engine - so let's say you are looking at a Russian RD-120 that produces 1500 kN by default; using this functionality you can arbitrarily reduce the engine's thrust to whatever you want. What would be the real life analog to this? Is this a concession the game makes oriented to better gameplay or would this actually be possible? I mean - I know thrust is a function of chamber pressure and propellants used (among other things but I'm guessing these 2 are the main items?) so my common sense tells me this "Thrust Limit" in-game functionality would have no place in real life without actually modifying the engine - is this the case? Many thanks in advance, as always I gloat in your knowledge of science and space related stuff
  7. hypervelocity

    Changing The Shape Of Parts?

    I usually build custom fuselages using B9's procedural wings. You can pretty much shape it the way you want.
  8. hypervelocity

    BFR by Alcentar V1.2

    I am getting only 1 ignition for the Raptor Vacuum under RO - is it my bad? EDIT: OK, I figured it out - it seems Realism Overhaul includes a default Raptor engine CFG hence there's a duplication of config files. I edited RO's config and fixed ignitions for the vacuum variant of the engine.
  9. hypervelocity

    [1.4.5] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (August 7)

    @Nertea, I have been a user of your part packs for a long while now, I want to thank you for your beautiful work, your designs are gorgeous and your part packs are most useful. Speaking of utility, one of the bits I love the most is the self-adjusting support legs. Is there a way to incorporate this technology to stock or other landing legs part packs? Reason for the ask is that I have several vessels already in flight that would hugely benefit from this technology - thing is I don't want to put them down and re-launch. Looking forward to your response! Thanks again!
  10. hypervelocity

    Venusian Atmospheric Density

    exactly what I needed, very much appreciated!
  11. hypervelocity

    Venusian Atmospheric Density

    Hey all - hope everyone's having a great day! I am running into a bit of a pickle here trying to find a venusian atmospheric chart and maybe someone here can be of help! I am trying to find a chart/table that displays atmospheric density by height. I am trying to send a balloon to Venus' upper atmosphere using KSP + RSS + RO and I would need this data to determine the volume and mass of my balloon. I am only finding the value at surface level, which is 67kg/m3. Thanks in advance!
  12. @eggrobin - I have never used a Planet Pack before with RSS - in regards of the mini-mod for TRAPPIST-1, what are the installation instructions? Should I install GregroxMun's mod and everything will work automagically? Thanks in advance, and thanks for the new release and all the work put into this mod, it is absolutely fantastic, total game-changer!
  13. hypervelocity

    [1.3] Procedural Wings

    you can see the details if you use FAR - I don't think you can in stock.
  14. hypervelocity

    RSS/RO issue

    delete everything - download KSP - download CKAN - select Realism Overhaul - install - select Real Solar System - install - done