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  1. Upgraded to the latest version and the HDD upgrades have stopped working. Figured it might be a bug in changing versions within a save, so tested a new career and cheated in a load of science points, but the HDD upgrades didn't work there either. Am also running UnKerballedStart, which I understand compatibility has just been added for - so wonder if the issue is there? EDIT: Huh. Just looked at the UnKerballedStart compatibility patch, and if I'm reading it right it seems like it just completely nerfs all HDDs and leaves only about three command pods capable of receiving upgrades?? Some of them seem to have had their capacity reduced literally by a factor of a hundred
  2. Some really great parts in this, but is there no unmanned Mk3 nose-cone that fits cleanly with the lifting body underside?
  3. Did a bit of googling and couldn't find very much on this. Has anyone else had a problem with excessive autostruts causing rockets to fall apart on the launchpad? When the kraken hits, I'll hear (and sometimes even see) crashing effects during the loading screen when the screen's still black, and then when I get to the launchpad there'll be various parts knocked out of alignment, sometimes fully disconnected or even destroyed. Sometimes the vessel will then just sit there in whatever state of disrepair, sometimes it then falls apart and destroys the entire landing pad. Sometimes it seems to only affect parts in one half of the mirrored symmetry. I've not narrowed down the exact cause, but it's only occurred so far on relatively large vessels (or large based on my current relatively low performance combo of mods and hardware - 60 - 120 parts maybe) with lots of autostruts, and seems to be fixed by removing some or all of those autostruts. It's possible that this is just caused by the sheer number of autostruts, it could be to do with overall partcount, it might be a glitch to do with autostruts on different subassemblies (all of the craft have been assembled from separate payload and launcher subassemblies), it could relate to part clipping, it might be something about autostruts crossing fairings or cargo bays. Or it could just be some kind of mod conflict. Has anyone had similar problems before and does anyone have any ideas as to precisely the cause and potential workarounds?
  4. this is a pretty minor aside, but can i just say i absolutely love how the gimballing animations look on the four-engine version of the Proton first-stage when it's manoeuvring. something really cool, really elegant about it
  5. I wouldn't necessarily rush to fix it. It's possible that your mod's actually reduced the severity of the bug by leaving the parts merely deformed when they might otherwise get destroyed!
  6. Does the beta version on GitHub with the reroot fix not include the fix for the attachment node problem described above in the thread?
  7. Has anyone had any issues with this mod and part clipping? I'm occasionally getting weird kraken attacks on the launchpad, which seem to be specific to particular saved vessels, and the only common features I can identify is that seems to only happen where there are clipping parts, and it seems to cause KKS damage (seems like sometimes enough to destroy entire parts) immediately on loading a new launch - in fact, the damage seems to occur while the game is still loading, with the sound effect and sometimes a puff of smoke happening while the rest of the screen is still black. Have disabled the mod - which is a shame since it's a fantastic mod! - it looks as if the problem's gone away now. Or at least the most recent craft to have the issue is no longer having it - admittedly it's very slow and difficult to conclusively trace bugs in heavily modded KSP. EDIT: FOR love'S SAKE. Turns out (as I kind of suspected) that the KKS stuff was just a symptom and not the underlying problem. The Kraken has re-emerged. I hate this game sometimes. EDIT2: Huh, looks like it's an autostrut Kraken - turns out there is such a thing as too much autostrut! Hopefully I should be able to reinstall KKS safely
  8. What's the current level of integration between this and Scrapyard? Particularly e.g. when using the Plans or Duplicate features to build things directly from the KCT menu without visiting the VAB? I'm guessing it doesn't respect Scrapyard's override funds option?
  9. That's a pain - any ideas of combinations of settings/config hacks/etc to leave it a bit more playable? Am already quite far into this career game. Btw, what exactly is the logic behind how sample storage works currently? A surface sample from a Kerbal on EVA takes up one slot and weighs 25kg, whereas each of the surface experiments from DMagic's orbital science mod seem to take up about 11 separate slots, despite the total mass of samples being significantly lower than that of the vanilla surface sample. Is it intended behaviour that I need to attach two to four dedicated sample storage containers to each of my landers?
  10. Have tested running the same vessel and it can't be a hard drive space issue (unless that's not working in background simulation) - going at high timewarp, it never even used up 5% of its disk space. And running it at high timewarp, the experiments run and transmit just fine (there seems to be a bit of instability with energy production, but once it interrupts timewarp it recharges quickly enough not to interrupt the experiments). Incidentally, running that craft at high time warp I just had the game freeze for fully five minutes with a whole bunch of Kerbalism/RemoteTech related logspam: EDIT: Okay, it looks like the problem is not to do with background simulation, it's that the transmission rate sometimes just completely collapses, and it seems to be totally unrelated to the antennas used, relays, etc. Seems completely random.
  11. Try MechJeb - there's options for displaying centres of mass, lift, etc - think it's in the Attitude Adjustment window?
  12. Which mods are you using? I get the same logspam pretty regularly
  13. Some mod I've got installed is causing this orbit information display to pop up, and I can't for the life of me work out what it's from or how to get rid of it. Didn't mind it when it first appeared but ages later I've completely forgotten where it came from It seems to be using the stock messaging system, printing a new set of info every frame - which I'm pretty sure cannot be good for the framerate, makes it harder to keep track of other messages, and absolutely breaks DMagic's One Window mod. Anyone have any idea where it's from and how to get rid of it? I've been desparately searching through my mod list and and the mod settings window, and can't figure it out. CKAN exported mods list is:
  14. Couple of thoughts for the Scrapyard UI in the editor: Would be handy if the part list displayed the generation of each item as well as number and uses. Think it would also be useful to have a 'sell all' button. Btw I saw that the 'override funds' feature is listed as WIP - is there a list of the known issues for it somewhere? Have noticed some really odd irregularities in the values of sold parts, and I think there's a bug that means it can end up leaving you on negative funds upon recovering a vessel, but need to test it some more.
  15. Cheers for the answers. How is transmission rate calculated when using the mod alongside RemoteTech?