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  1. Finding I'm not getting any engine failures (other parts seem to be failing properly) with the latest version of KSP. Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. Can anyone confirm if One Window is working in the current version of KSP? Installed it but not seeing it in-game anywhere
  3. Woof! That's some seriously impressive mod support you've done there. Have pilfered a whole pile of patches. Very tempted to try out your tech tree now (is it safe to switch trees mid-career?)
  4. Thanks very much! Should save me a lot of hassle. Does it only cover experiments, or does it cover e.g. probe core HDD capacity as well? If anyone has a similar patch for Tantares Space Probes do let me know!
  5. Looking at compatibility with the science parts in @akron's CoatlAerospace/ProbesPlus and @DMagic's Orbital Science: ProbesPlus includes a patch which converts many of its experiments into their Orbital Science equivalent, and Kerbalism then has a patch which converts Orbital Science experiments into Kerbalism ones. Most of that seems to work fine (although I wonder, should the dust collector be converted to the solar particle collector? don't know whether they're modelling the same thing), except for the orbital telescope. The parts ca_telescope_a, ca_sciBoom, mer_rsp & ca_argo-mk4-cam
  6. Roadmap looks fantastic. How much of it ever got finished? Are there any other up-to-date contract packs with a similar structure? Been struggling to find anything that feels adequate
  7. These are gorgeous! And can't wait to try out the new Zenit. Minor bit of feedback: the Venera/Amethyst solar panels seem very delicate at the moment. I'm quite regularly having them stripped off completely when they just get brushed by staged fairings
  8. I'm getting a repeated freeze with contract configurator-related logspam. Will try and do some testing see i fI can work out what's triggering it. EDIT: Seems to be being triggered by completing the orbit criteria for the Elektron 1 satellite contract in the History of Spaceflight contract pack. Can't see anything about it that's different to other criteria (and e.g. the Elektron 2 criteria in the same contract works fine)
  9. Did anyone ever get to the bottom of this? Am having exactly the same issue with rockets based on the Tantares R-7. Will have a go experimenting with different variations of it to see if I can work out what it's having trouble with specifically. EDIT: Okay done some testing and it seems to be having an issue with the engines specifically. Using the same rocket with different engines & it flies smoothly. Same engines on a different rocket and the stability problems come back. Sticking loads of control surfaces on does seem to help it out a lot but in many cases doesn't come close to fi
  10. Very minor useability question/request: every time I return to the space center, the KCT window defaults to being closed and I have to manually open it again from the toolbar. Since using KCT is the main thing I do from the space center view besides visiting VAB or R&D, it gets a bit inconvenient. Is there any way to make it default to being open?
  11. Can't believe I've only just found out about this - been looking for an autopilot that models it like this for ages. Integration with MechJeb's node execution for circularisation is really handy too, and so far seems much more reliably efficient than the Mechjeb ascent guidance.
  12. Sorry there were two separate issues referenced above. There's: 1. the problem of accidentally dropping a folder inside another folder last time I looked into it, there was no way of rearranging this, but as you say - nuking the .dat file and starting over is a workaround in the worst-case. 2. the problem of folder icons resetting for those who don't know, when you create a folder in the toolbar, by default it has an icon of a folder, but if you right-click and hit "edit folder settings" you can change the icon (I think to any icon it can find in the game's data folders). however
  13. Sorry to double-post, but it's been a few months now. Does anyone have any ideas why this happens or how to fix it? Issue seems to have been around for a couple of years at least (I'm guessing not that many people use the folder icon settings lol)
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