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  1. baldamundo

    [1.5.1+] Dang It! Continued

    Been getting a lot of log-spam of 'Adding leak: [none]' and 'FailureModule.OnLoad". Any tips what sort of issues/conflicts I should be looking for here? Is it possible it's related either to KCT or switchable tank modules?
  2. Started getting some incomprehensible log-spam that seems to be having a fairly significant impact on performance. Think it started in the VAB, but persisted in the space center. If nothing else, I'm curious as to what it even says: (and so on and so on and so on) EDIT: Had a better look at the logs. There's also And some ScrapYard spam of
  3. Really excited to see this! Couple of questions, though. What happens to a failed part once it's recovered? Does it get added back to your inventory? If so, does its reliability get reset? Does that mean you intend the mod to be compatible with DangIt? And how safe would this be to install mid-save?
  4. Huh. Strangely enough it seems to have been Ship Sections that was at the root of the problem...Or at least, disabling Ship Sections stops me from getting any errors that are obviously similar or related, either with or without KCT/Scrapyard.
  5. Oooh! Didn't realise KRE had the booster wings - cheers for the tip. What with procedural wings, I guess the main thing really I'm missing now is just a 5m cargo bay for the core stage. Oh yeah. Somehow I always forget this obvious fact
  6. Okay, looks like your hunch was right about there being something deeper the matter, with ScrapYard just making it more noticeable. Getting similar but less severe errors with those mods removed. Guess I should move this to a separate thread in Modded Support. Sorry to have bothered you about this, and thanks very much for the help!
  7. Strangely enough, as far as I can tell, everything else is working basically fine besides the lag - certainly KCT seems to be working perfectly, and launches and simulations are mostly fine. Like, I've always had the occasional crash on this install, but nothing excessive for KSP. Lag and loading times have really been the only serious and persistent issues - at least off the top of my head. And it happens even if I create a new vessel from scratch, so it doesn't look vessel or part specific. Log here - just contains brief mucking about in the VAB and the SPH in two saves, one launch (via KCT) and immediate recovery, and one KRASH simulation. Will have a go removing the three aforementioned mods shortly.
  8. Why is it that the rear RCS pods are done as a single part combining both pods, rather than a single pod attached with symmetry? It seems like it makes the part much less versatile as well as way fiddlier to attach. BTW, do you ever (presumably in the distant future) plan to make parts for the planned fully reuseable version of Energia? P.S. This mod is fantastic - goes perfectly with the Energia from AB Launchers.
  9. baldamundo

    [1.1] AB Launchers 1.2 - 5m Energia parts [22 Apr]

    The parts do currently work perfectly well in 1.2, like @PocketBrotector says above. I believe @Beale has said elsewhere that he plans eventually to redo the Zenit/Energia parts in line with the revamp of TantaresLV, and specifically will be collaborating with @Pak to have them complement the Buran parts from Cormorant Aeronology. Afaik, Beale's already finished revamping most of the parts that were in the old TantaresLV, so it could well be that Energia's next.
  10. Getting a lot of errors with this in the VAB on my excessively modded install. It was causing me enough lag that I tried uninstalling ScrapYard, but then I was getting similar errors just from KCT which I was stupid/lazy enough not to record. Tried upgrading ScrapYard to the latest version, and the problem persisted, and the new Part Inventory window seemed broken as well. Opened by default in the VAB, can't be closed, and all the part names are missing. Picking a part off the menu still seems to work though and I think recovered parts are correctly being added to the inventory, although I should probably test this properly. Unless you have better ideas as to what sort of mod conflicts could be causing errors like this, I guess I'll start by trying it with KRASH and KCT disabled since they're the only two other mods explicitly mentioned in those error messages. Should also double-check if it's happening on all my different saves. Obviously I don't expect real support for an install as cluttered as mine, so am mainly posting for reference in case the info's useful to anyone else, but I can get you a log as well if you want a closer look at it.
  11. baldamundo

    [1.4.5] Configurable Containers

    Has anyone else had an issue running this with Procedural Parts where fuel tanks switched to Monopropellant get the liquid fuel/oxidiser added back to the container on vessel launch? I think it might be an issue with the PP default tank switcher either not being disabled or not interacting with Configurable Containers correctly (it works fine if you change the tanks using the CC menu rather than the Procedural Parts tweakable). Running a heavily modded install and not yet had a chance to test on a cleaner install, so it could be some other conflict at work.
  12. Anyone else having an issue where procedural tanks switched to mono-propellant end up with liquid fuel/oxidiser as well as the mono-propellant? It looks fine in the VAB, but the extra propellants are there once you launch. I'm running a lot of other mods and the most obvious possible cause is Configurable Containers, but I've not yet had a chance to do any tests on a cleaner install.
  13. FWIW, I've been running Anomaly Surveyor on my latest SETI career mode playthrough, and have gotten as far as the Minmus monolith and it all seems to work fine still.
  14. baldamundo

    Reentry Questions

    Thanks for the detailed replies, everyone - a lot of useful info! I think the real difficulty that I'm having is that I lose huge amounts of ablator in the upper atmosphere, but it barely seems to slow me down at all. You say that 20km periapsis is best for simple craft like a pod with heatshield, is that regardless of what apoapsis you're returning from? And does that imply it's not ideal for larger or heavier craft? Wasn't the SR71's top speed more affected by the limitations of jet engines than atmospheric heating? The rocket powered X-15 reached almost Mach 7 iirc. Would you agree with DStaal's advice that you shouldn't be going faster than around Mach 4 below 30km? And am I right in understanding that the difference with spaceplanes compared to heatshields, is that since they aren't ablating, they can survive being heated for longer, but are more vulnerable to rapid heating, which is why they use a shallow reentry? And is the pitch angle a balance between trying to maximise drag but without overly compromising stability? What sort of apoapsis would that be a return from? Doing some testing with a 2.5t probe (not including the heatshield) coming in from a very low orbit, and there's no way I can survive a 40km periapsis without stacking multiple heatshields. With a 1.875m heatshield, all 300 ablator is used up by 70km, and with a 2.5m heatshield, all 800 is gone by 63km. My real problem seems to be that I start losing significant amounts of ablator from about 85km, but my velocity is barely affected before I hit 60km. Only using up 25% of your ablator?? Clearly I'm doing something horribly wrong in that case. BTW, what sort of pitch angles are sensible if you're trying to reduce g-forces on a capsule with a lifting re-entry? EDIT: Done some more tests with the Eve lander. With 0km and -90km periapses, I still get through an entire 2.5m heatshield, but with a -150km periapsis, it survives with 75/800 ablator remaining.
  15. Oooh. Didn't realise this already had its own release thread! Probably a stupid question, but which versions of KCT, MagiCore and StageRecovery is it compatible with? Haven't quite kept up with the development of them lately - am I best off just grabbing the latest dev versions of each from the Jenkins page? And should it be safe to install on an existing career save? EDIT: Whoops, didn't see this;