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  1. If you are playing with full RO (and not just RSS), or otherwise have RealFuels installed.... the RealFuels system overrides the SSTU fuel container handling system. If that is the case, you'll have to look into how to use RealFuels to configure for those resources, or otherwise find a way to disable RealFuels patches for those parts (it may even be a patch in the SSTU/ModIntegration folder). And as you mention 1.2.2 -- are you sure you have the proper SSTU version for that version of KSP?
  2. Why does KSP need to be extremely expensive

    Fairly relevant to the OP (at least temporarily) -- steam has just put KSP on sale for 50% off.... So now, it is 50% less 'extremely expensive'.
  3. Either something has not been installed correctly, or you are using linux with an unsupported openGL version (try running with the options to force GL core if on linux). At the very least, please provide the KSP.log file -- it will likely have pertinent information to help diagnose your problem. (really, that should be included with every support request)
  4. I know Still its a reminder of the sad state that the textures are currently in.... so.. much... work... Heh, thats just the first leg. Still at least two more variants to create before any of them will be available. Plus texturing time. I might export some un-textured prototypes in the interim (to allow for starting on the config files and in-game testing), but will likely be at least a few weeks before they will be available in public releases in non-dev-prototype form. Doing them all simultaneously/consecutively to help with consistency between them, and hopefully allow for some texture re-use and/or shared texture sheets. Not sure if these parts will be recolorable, or what kind of texture(s) they will have (standard, gold foil, etc).
  5. Not on this one Actually... here you go, fuel tank removed for clarity: Those little hanging latch pieces actually latch closed during the last frames of the animation... (and aren't hanging in mid-air when it is properly attached to a fuel tank).
  6. Try posting a bit more information -- Log files (the KSP.log file) List of mods in use? What mods did you update before the problem started? Have you tried to removing -all- visual mods, including Scatterer, TextureReplacer, TexturesUnlimited, Kopernicus, SVE, SVT, etc? Have you tried a fully clean install (no mods)?
  7. When it is doing the black-screen thing, try hitting 'alt+Enter' -- this should toggle between full-screen and windowed mode. Hit it one more time to switch back to full-screen. (I used to have to do that workaround all the time; should only be necessary right after launching KSP... from there it should work fine) The actual solution involves some registry editing -- there are registry keys that specify the resolution, refresh, and fullscreen mode, and these can (somehow...) become set incorrectly. Sadly I don't remember the exact keys, its been a year or so since I've dealt with it.
  8. Not much different than it did from the bottom (the top three struts aren't animated)
  9. 'Light' landing leg, from the top, showing the internal bracing setup a bit better.
  10. I saw it, but I'm still awaiting screenshots as to what kind of craft you are designing where you need longer legs, as well as what specific part you are looking for. You've given neither screenshots, nor part-names, or model paths, or anything that could be used to uniquely identify the part.
  11. Glad you got it figured out. None of us were born modders (at least I wasn't...). We all had to start somewhere. Configs are a great place to start; they require no coding knowledge, no modeling or texturing knowledge, the tools are readily and freely available (text editor), and they can be done entirely with just a little bit of logic (and using existing configs as examples to learn from).
  12. Nearly finished... need to clean up the lower struts and footpad geometry, and rig the suspension/wheel collider. As can be seen, the leg tightly integrates with the existing framework on the fuel tanks. The other struts that go towards the interior also connect with the interior framework on the tank (not visible from angle shown). The struts at the top connect to the tops of the fuel tanks (or clip into the sides of the tanks on longer tank variants). (just noticed I'm going to have to adjust things slightly to let it work in 4-way symmetry... but shouldn't be take too much to clean that up)
  13. That is quite impressive looking. (yes, engines are still on the PBR conversion list... but as they are using unique textures rather than the recoloring system... it takes a substantial amount of effort to redo each one)
  14. Not directly. But there will be a 'single leg' version in addition to the quads. So, yes, but with increased part count as you'll have to use multiples of the single leg (KSPWheel isn't setup to support dynamic part manipulation like that). The single leg version will not feature the 'bottom' attach node setup either, so it will require some manual offset positioning to line it up appropriately (but you'll also be able to use arbitrary scales for the legs). So if you want a 'perfect fit' of 4 legs on the LV tanks -- choose the leg quad(s). If you want 'something else', use the stand alone leg and set it up however you want (position, scale, rotation, symmetry count).
  15. @Cheesecake I've given you plenty of information that you should be able to figure it out ( @Electrocutor had no problem figuring it out from far less documentation ). I don't have the time (or motivation, or patience) to do the work for you, especially on a mod that I don't use and have no knowledge of. Now, if you have a specific problem that you need help figuring out, please let me know. I would suggest taking that config example I posted earlier and start playing with it. Put in the model name for the model you want to adjust. Put in the mesh names from that config snippet you posted. See what happens (or doesn't happen) when you load it in game. Compare it to the stock patches (the simple ones, not the texture-switch ones), and see how those are put together; see what is different between them, and learn what the functions do by examination and experimentation. That is not something that I can fix. And not really related to SSTU either -- if a mod author doesn't update configs.... nothing I can do about it. He will need to update his configs to keep up with the changes in SSTU -- that is the downside of having a dependency on an 'in-development' mod -- you have to keep up with it as it is developed.