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  1. Not sure if it was mentioned before... but whats with the lighting in the menu scene? It looks like there are two light sources
  2. I don´t see a conspiracy. I see a bunch of people who invented something, which they don´t understand, so they are concerned about it. Is that concern justified?
  3. rudi1291

    "Interesting" new re-entry effects

    Interesting indeed...
  4. rudi1291

    Joining the dots... The Mission System

    Could´ve used that a couple years ago when i learned all about state machines at university This is a great example. Also makes the mission builder a lot more versatile The more i play with it the more i like it
  5. Windows Defender (built in Win10) tells me the same. Seems like false positive. The file in question is the Assembly-CSharp.dll
  6. I am a bit disappointed by the mission builder. I expected issues, just like every release of KSP had some issues. But not that many, and some of them seem like really obvious oversights. That said, i still expect to have some fun with it. It just could have been so much better Edit: Just tried to do the first stock mission. Game crashed, so far twice. Of to a good start!
  7. Yesterday i was testing a new plane i´ve built, when i noticed something odd... So i changed the design a bit to exploit make good use of it Here it is on KerbalX: Should i even report it is a bug? This is great, like the ladder bug How this works:
  8. rudi1291

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Pretty shapes
  9. So, i just found this on the PAW of parachutes: Anyone know what "Canopy Max Rotation Rate" does? It can be set between 60 and 720, but i couldn´t figure out what it does...
  10. rudi1291

    KSP Weekly: The Alexandrian Astronomer

    Every major release since (and including) 1.0 required at least one hotfix. 1.4.1 has already been announced, but since thats required for MH and needs to be released at the same time anyway, its questionable whether that will have many bugfixes. A 1.4.2 is very likely, but i don´t think its necessary because Take Two wanted 1.4 released before the end of their fiscal year (although that might have played a role). And to be honest, compared to some other releases, 1.4 doesn´t feel that bad to me
  11. rudi1291

    Whats in a Vessel Name?

    Also one of my favorites from 1.4. This, and the fast switching between SPH/VAB Thanks for bringing that to the base game
  12. rudi1291

    Does KSP v1.4 really have spyware in it?

    The only "problem" i´ve found with blocking KSP from accessing the internet is that redshell shows a warning about it in the log.
  13. rudi1291

    Does KSP v1.4 really have spyware in it?

    Take Two is not active under the EU-US Privacy Shield, so they probably don´t care about it.
  14. What a pleasant surprise this morning Edit: So far i really like it. Some nice new features. Even the jet engine sounds (Yes, i really think they are pretty good)
  15. The release notes mention a particle system upgrade. And when 1.4 was first announced, there was speculation, that they might use it for engine plumes. Maybe thats that in effect?