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  1. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Maybe Zuma already did launch
  2. ULA launch thread

  3. ULA launch thread

    Coverage has started Wow, 9 strap-on boosters... Edit: Its not launching today. They had apparently several problems, including something with the second stage engine...
  4. Aborted for today Would´ve been the first Antares launch thats not something like midnight for me
  5. I guess, wide buildings are easier to build (and probably cheaper) than tall ones. Probably also easier to scale...
  6. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    My birthday is on the 31st, so... would be nice if it wouldn´t be delayed too much
  7. Jool is big

    Took me longer than expected, but the preperations (designs) are mostly done. My (current) goal is to get it under a thousand tons, not that big (i´ve seen stock entries bigger than that. Mine probably was). One of my earlier designs for this mission had a 3,600 ton mothership. It was eaten by the Kraken, so....
  8. How to land a plane on the KSC runway?

    Landing on the runway is one of the problems where you cant just throw moar boosters at, guess that what makes it so hard to do. Took me a long time to do...
  10. Not sure if its a bug with this mod or something weird the stock game is doing, but from the log it appears its this mod. When trying to fill an external seat, which is covered by a fairing, the game crashes. The log ends with the lines [LOG 11:07:26.908] [TakeCommand] populating seat list [LOG 11:07:26.908] [TakeCommand] found 1 occupied seats [LOG 11:07:26.909] [TakeCommand] ejecting Rooly Kerman from -246810 [LOG 11:07:26.910] [TakeCommand] error ejecting Rooly Kerman Edit: Only happens with closed fairings, interstage fairings dont crash the game.
  11. I have a somewhat annoying problem with MechJeb/Smart A.S.S. With some of my vessel designs, if i tell it to point in a certain direction and fire the engines, it starts to oscillate on the yaw and pitch axis. The oscillation gets worse over time, and you can actually see in the bottom left corner how it tries to correct and 'overshoots'. The odd thing is that stock SAS has no problem with the design and doesn´t oscillate. Is this a known thing? I tried both the stable and dev versions, no change...
  12. KSP Weekly: The Neutron Star Merger

    Yay for engine update. I am really looking forward to that one. Thats big news, even if its likely we get it NET 2018...
  13. The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge!

    Mission report will be here: It may take me a while to do it though, so i´ll post again if i´m done!
  14. Jool is big

    A few days ago i had this excellent idea... to do a Jool-5 mission. Again. But this time a bit different. On a larger scale. Maybe 6.4x times larger? Why not? So here it is, my attempt to do a Jool-5 in a slightly bigger system. No ISRU, only stock parts. Let´s see what happens. These are the delta-V requirements: ( Not sure if its is a good idea to post this before i even started the mission. Updates will be added to this post as the mission progresses! Update 1: I now (finally) have designs for all the landers, transfer stages and all that stuff, and i hope they work. Took me quite some time to do. The hardest one was probably the Tylo lander: Not only does it require a lot of deltaV (13,000 m/s bare minimum, 6,500 per trip), it also needs that deltaV in engines capable of landing in Tylo´s high gravity! So no nuclear propulsion or ion engines for this one. My current design is about 110 tons and the fourth design iteration. The first design was something like a thousand tons, so i´d call that good. The next heavy (but not quite as heavy) lander is the Laythe one. Its about 20 tons and has somewhere between 6,500 and 7,000 m/s of deltaV, just enough to get to Laythe orbit. The map says 7,600, i guess it means 6,600. The plan for landing is to splashdown under parachutes, and for aerodynamic stability during reentry i found the best solution to be putting it in a fairing. The other landers are just small. The lander for Vall is about 3 tons, the landers for Bop and Pol are half a ton each (and still have way to much deltaV, even for a 6.4x Bop or Pol). All the landers (including the ones for Tylo and Laythe) are Command Seat landers, so they have actually a bit less deltaV, if a kerbal is in there. (Imgur embedding broken? I don´t know) Update 2: The ship is now in orbit (around Kerbin)! Just took about a dozen+1 launches. 4 for the actual ship, 8 to fill it up and one for the crew. Expect some big rockets (Unordered, because imgur mixed them and removed the feature to order by name. Does anyone know a better host than imgur? Not going to reorder the album by hand)
  15. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That landing was a bit scary, with the barge appearing from total darkness and short signal loss!But it looked pretty cool Also, how many LOX ports/valves does that strongback have? they are really spilling that stuff everywhere...