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  1. If the 'pre-alpha' footage is what they have now, then spring 2020 seems unlikely.
  2. Loosely inspired by this i´ve built an catapult launched electric airplane. Launch works surprisingly well. Now to get it safely back down without landing gear...
  3. Won´t they need the SuperHeavy to archieve orbit with enough fuel to land?
  4. Keyframe based editor? Thats nice and allows for great flexibility... Does this only work on the new robotic parts or also on existing parts with animations/actions?
  5. Are engines bound to these axis groups or are they hard coded? Is it possible to rebind engines to another axis group than 'main throttle'?
  6. Not sure if it was mentioned before... but whats with the lighting in the menu scene? It looks like there are two light sources
  7. I don´t see a conspiracy. I see a bunch of people who invented something, which they don´t understand, so they are concerned about it. Is that concern justified?
  8. Could´ve used that a couple years ago when i learned all about state machines at university This is a great example. Also makes the mission builder a lot more versatile The more i play with it the more i like it
  9. Windows Defender (built in Win10) tells me the same. Seems like false positive. The file in question is the Assembly-CSharp.dll
  10. I am a bit disappointed by the mission builder. I expected issues, just like every release of KSP had some issues. But not that many, and some of them seem like really obvious oversights. That said, i still expect to have some fun with it. It just could have been so much better Edit: Just tried to do the first stock mission. Game crashed, so far twice. Of to a good start!
  11. Yesterday i was testing a new plane i´ve built, when i noticed something odd... So i changed the design a bit to exploit make good use of it Here it is on KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/rudi1291/Speeding-Tank Should i even report it is a bug? This is great, like the ladder bug How this works:
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