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  1. Aren´t most software EULA´s (especially for games) biased towards the company? Its just common practice, altough probably not the nicest thing to do
  2. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    Glad to hear @SQUAD is fine. I live in Germany. The only 'earthquake' i ever experienced was caused by an old mining tunnel collapsing. I didn´t even realize that it was an 'earthquake' (Because i hardly felt it), but the local media still went all apocalypse now... So, my best wishes to those that are dealing with real earthquakes
  3. Copenhagen Suborbitals Nexø II mission

    They launch from the southern part of the baltic sea. Lots of waterways there. They cant really move that far without getting in the way of bigger ships.
  4. KSP Weekly: Cassini’s Grand Finale

    This could indeed be very useful since at least some of the command parts included in MH dont have integrated reaction wheels
  5. Cassini's last year at Saturn

    Cassini-Huygens was the mission that got me interested in spaceflight & astronomy. So, thanks for that!
  6. Didn't now they had a 3 stage version planned... I guess thats for GTO?
  7. KSP 1.3.1 will go into "pre-release" soon.

    Better they take their time and deliver a solid patch than rush it... Although i would expect the pre-release to end soon... For me it is/was bad timing. I did a bit of testing on the first weekend and still check the tracker from time to time, but thats it...
  8. KSP Weekly: The Galilean Telescope

    That looks super weird. So does it work like a decoupler or seperator? or more like fairing panels, that go away on reload? And what happens to the previously attached parts? I believe they are the new ones designed for the Vostok (about half the size of the current monoprop balls). They were shown a few weeks/months back.
  9. Minotaur IV/ORS-5 Launch Thread

    Ignition looked like an explosion Also, thats fast
  10. KSP Weekly: The Galilean Telescope

    So the new service bay is a 4-way decoupler for surface-attachable parts with aerodynamically shielded internal storage space? Thats cool
  11. KSP Challenge: The Atari Challenge!

    One drill is still more than enough for at least one, maybe even two converters. I had two big drills on my ship, thats unnecessary fast. The bug with the wasted ressources seems to be gone:
  12. KSP Challenge: The Atari Challenge!

    Not the 10 asteroid i intended to do, "only" 7 for a base score of 4,776 and a total score of 28,656
  13. i have 2 question

    If you use Steam, right click on the KSP entry in your library, go to properties. There should be a "Language"-Tab. Not sure about the other platforms
  14. KSP Challenge: The Atari Challenge!

    Some time next weekend i´ll add that. Still planning to add more asteroids to it...