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  1. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Don't Click This

  2. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Anyone playing KSP On a GeForce?

    *mumble mumble* Stallman was right.
  3. Mad Rocket Scientist

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    More importantly, I made a bigger dent in the real enemy: trees. The key for me with making train networks work is making a standard intersection blueprint, then using it everywhere, no matter where I'm trying to put tracks. This is only my second win, and the first after the science changes. It's a surprisingly hard game, especially considering it has no way to lose. The player dying is a minor inconvenience at best. I've started a few games between those though, this was the previous one: This is taken at maximum zoom out, the iron patch at the top left of the 2nd base is ~300M. I gave up on that one because I tried to build to megabase levels before I actually had the required resources, I was starting to run out of power, and the giant area I had cleared and walled off required a ridiculous amount of landfill for it to be usable. EDIT: The one before that died because of a nuclear death spiral, and I didn't have the time to try to fix it properly.
  4. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Science of the Spheres - development

    I think NovaSilisko is working on this now: And this:
  5. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Stainless steel fuel tanks

    I think that's what we already have, based on their mass ratio. Maybe what we really need is aluminum and carbon fiber tanks, as up- or side-grades. Carbon fiber could offer the best mass ratio, but be expensive and not heat resistant, aluminum could be right in the middle.
  6. Mad Rocket Scientist

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    Also done! Despite my base being larger than @Shpaget's, it took me 10 hours longer. It's working at a solid 30 science/min though, and everything after blue science is built to a 60 sci/min spec. It's also almost entirely yellow belts. This shot is from later: Only big difference is the 1.4 GW nuke plant, from someone else's blueprints since I'm not very good at designing nuclear. I'm only pulling like 250 MW, but there's no build like overbuild.
  7. Mad Rocket Scientist

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    The LEGO Movie 2 credits song, just for having lyrics like these: "And we’re back, and still loving the credits Can’t wait to see the one about the person who edits And even better than that Is who edits the credits I bet I’ll never forget it, cause once I read it, then I read it I drove to the theater about 90 minutes late Skip the whole dang movie cuz the credits are great Now if you’re gonna be featured on a movie song The credits is the part that you wanna be on!" There's also a hilarious bit about the voice actors, but that isn't available on the internet, not even the lyrics.
  8. Mad Rocket Scientist

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    The factory continues to grow: Sadly imgur won't upload even heavily compressed screenshots taken at this zoom with console commands. Still pretty spaghetti free. I started using spreadsheets to plan my base to 60 SPM or 1 science/s, but only after I built blue science into the bus. So my bus is starved, but all the other science is backed up. The big empty area on the right is for rocket production, I've only build the silo so far though. Also, a river of copper and iron: I should really upgrade from yellow belts soon.
  9. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Opportunity Eulogy

    Farewell, Opportunity.
  10. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    It's possible that he really was the original creator, there's some info about him on the wiki you linked: If any of that sounds right, then it seems more than likely that you just ran into the online presence of someone you know in real life. A good way to bring it up might be to mention that a friend (or you) recognized the spaceship design from Eyes Turned Skyward. USB B is my favorite: solid feeling, easy to tell which way it goes in, and satisfyingly clunky to use:
  11. Mad Rocket Scientist

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

  12. Mad Rocket Scientist

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Same as it ever was
  13. Mad Rocket Scientist

    So what is Serenity?

    Why not a soft-body engine? Also, the ability to design your own parts in game from the plumbing up, deformable terrain, bug-free moving actuators, and PBR rendering, uh... *checks latest graphics buzzwords* raytracing.
  14. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Does that just gently drift to the ground if you activate the airbrakes?
  15. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Do y'all think the Space-X Super heavy/Star ship would work out?

    The real WMDs were the friends we made along the way.