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  1. One interesting possibility here is stretching the tanks or payload bay as necessary for the mission, a la KSP procedural tanks. That seems to be undermined by full reusability though.
  2. Basically, risk of lightning strike. The rocket lowers the required potential for a lightning strike as it flies through the atmosphere.
  3. Hmm, there's a bit of a bug. A rotation input will change the rotation rate by 0.1 degrees/s whether you're in precise mode or not, so you can end up with incorrect rates if you rotate a bit in imprecise mode, then cancel it in precise mode.
  4. Just docked 170 tons of interplanetary transfer vehicle to a tumbling heatshield with zero monoprop left. That 0.1m/s used up the last drops.
  5. TWR of 1.5, following KSP design principles exactly.
  6. That's a pretty large impact, especially if other constellations like that are launched. I'm kind of surprised that there isn't some kind of international governing body for this kind of thing, since it affects so many things.
  7. This is a clever trick, maybe it should go on the KSP wiki too? @UmbralRaptor (the ping chain never ends) Thanks, I'll put a link to this thread over there.
  8. Reverse image search says it's the "Standard Model Lagrangian," and is an expanded version of everything known about particle physics.
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