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  1. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    It depends on how far in the future the war is. For near future, something like Children of a Dead Earth, the fleets will probably be a bit further apart, but not much since nukes are so weak in a vacuum. Plus, nukes are relatively cheap enough that barrages of them of would be launched.
  2. Mad Rocket Scientist

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    On that note:
  3. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Twitter tweet embedding issue

    They are meant to look like this: However sometimes they show up like that for me too. Are you using any browser extensions (such as disconnect or an ad blocker) that might block embedded twitter trackers? And what browser are you using? EDIT: Blocking or a few others will break the embeds so they look like that. EDIT2: The iframe that is the tweet when it looks like that has its style defined inline, including the height, which is always the same amount too small (~7px).
  4. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Orbex thread

    Thanks, and thanks for scouring twitter for updates on all these threads.
  5. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Blue Origin thread. (New, replacing lost thread.)

    I thought the LES motor doubled as the soft landing motor, but I suppose that doesn't make sense since the LES would have have to have a higher TWR.
  6. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Mini Star Wars

    Congratulations on not only getting those to look great, but also to fly. I've always had to cheat to make Star Wars replicas fly.
  7. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Launch Provider Live Coverage Index

    I just made a post about Orbex. I understand if you don't want to include it though, they aren't really launch providers yet.
  8. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Orbex thread

    Orbex is a British aerospace startup. We didn't have a thread for it yet, so I thought I'd make one. They appear to have a fancy website, $40 million, and a plan to build a commercial spaceport in Scotland, along with Lockheed Martin and the U.K. Space Agency. They are targeting 2021 for their first flight, and seem to be aiming for polar and SSOs. Their first launch vehicle is called the Prime, and appears to fit into the Falcon 1/Vector-R/Electron category. They claim that Prime will be up to 30% and 20% more efficient that other smallsat launchers. They say that they will use bio-propane as a fuel, and I think LOX is the most likely oxidizer. They claim to have developed a new staging and payload seperation system called "Magic" which is "zero-shock" and leaves no orbital debris. They say "It also features a novel reusability concept, with an innovative new low mass recovery and reflight system." Their ignition system "no moving parts or electrics" which sounds like a polite way to say pyrotechnics. It looks like they are using carbon fiber in their rockets, since they're hiring composite production engineers. I know my tone is bit snarky about their lack of meaningful info, but I really do wish them all the best. And I believe this would be the first time a British rocket left the ground since the 70's. Twitter LinkedIn Instagram
  9. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Mass of Exhaust Products, Exhaust Velocity, and Efficiency

    To make sure I understood what people were saying, I plugged the formulas into fxSolver, and got this: Clearly, two particles of 0.5n mass given the same initial push have more momentum than one particle of n mass, given the same push. So ignoring everything else, lighter exhaust products are better. Thanks for the help.
  10. Mad Rocket Scientist

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I really hope we get drone footage of a fairing landing on that.
  11. Mad Rocket Scientist

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    That's a great song, although I prefer Leonard Cohen's version for the vocals and for having all the lyrics.
  12. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Boring company

    So they confirmed that the bricks were made out of tunnel mud: And now they have colored tunnels: Seems slightly pointless, but exactly the kind of fun and silly idea that makes me love Elon Musk projects.
  13. Mad Rocket Scientist

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if they try to recover it anyway, just to see whether it's possible. After all, the abort will be over the ocean, and they can always blow it up if it goes wrong.
  14. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Mass of Exhaust Products, Exhaust Velocity, and Efficiency

    That makes sense to me too, I was imagining a situation where momentum stayed constant with the same "push" as mass varied, but I think my mistake was in how momentum worked. I think it has to do with assuming that impulse = energy, but I'm not sure.
  15. Mad Rocket Scientist

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    That reminds me of the Children of a Dead Earth soundtrack: