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  1. Mad Rocket Scientist

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I decided to learn how to program my TI-84+ today, and it turns out that in a addition to being able to do anything you want with programs, you can load custom OS's. And it's approved for use on standardized tests. Maybe they figure writing an OS and implementing symbolic computation is equivalent to just studying for the test.
  2. Mad Rocket Scientist

    The great forum test thread!

    testing testing of uf ef kf of SufabZk.jpg path pretty Path Pretty
  3. Mad Rocket Scientist

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I've noticed this a lot on the forums recently, for example, the "of" in the your post has a zero-width space. Possibly it's being inserted before all "f"'s? I'm going to test it some in the test thread.
  4. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Tsunami about to smash an airport... what would you do?

    I suspect the terminal building would be safer than a grounded airplane, since, while it's hard to overstate the power of even slowly moving water, tsunamis aren't really waves, just rising water. My understanding is that most structural damage to buildings comes from the earthquake, not the tidal wave. Even if the water should reach the windows of the terminal, most airports have 2 or more interior stories in addition to being built 1 story above the tarmac. Maybe an analogous question would be if you would rather be sitting in a tree rooted in the middle of a river, or on a log floating on its surface. EDIT: The real question though is: will an airplane take off from a treadmill while submerged in a tsunami?
  5. Mad Rocket Scientist

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Congrats! And check yo' staging.
  6. Mad Rocket Scientist

    SpaceX Discussion Thread
  7. Mad Rocket Scientist

    BFR concepts and ideas thread.

    My understanding was that this was always how it would work. You can practically just copy the Mars Direct logistics over to BFR, just replacing dedicated ships with payloads.
  8. Mad Rocket Scientist

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I'm not sure whether to be more worried that you typed umlats for that or that I completely failed to notice the first time I saw it. "So how much will it cost?" I was so happy to hear Tim Dodd asking about the vacuum engines, I was afraid no one was going to.
  9. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Boring company

    Or, at the very least, are willing to operate at a loss for an indefinite amount of time until the Boring Co network is large enough to support itself. Keep in mind that single pieces of transport infrastructure (a single road, one train line) are, on their own, not very useful. It's only at a certain size that the entire network starts to be worthwhile. Part of the reason it's so hard to justify building bike paths is that when a city is just starting with bike paths, they end up being roads to nowhere, dumping bicyclists right back onto busy streets after a mile or less of path.
  10. Mad Rocket Scientist

    Firefly Aerospace Discussion Thread

    What are they burning? That flame looks so bright and torch like, and there's no shock diamonds.
  11. Mad Rocket Scientist

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Also only 3 engines needed for landing. I was afraid no one was going to ask. Especially after two people in a row asking about how much it would cost. Was the raptor in that video throttling?
  12. Mad Rocket Scientist

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I would say the 2016 IAC was more like that, since it was the closest thing to an announcement of plans for manned travel to the moon and mars. Although many people already knew that that was SpaceX's plan, so there's nothing which really can compare. Also, will that be a hexaweb?
  13. Mad Rocket Scientist

    The Probe!

  14. Mad Rocket Scientist

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    You could try the forums: I don't have an account there, but they keep everything in separate threads. (For example, there's a thread for every launch with only news of that launch) There's probably still tons of speculation, but it's kept apart from news. is the other major fan site for SpaceX. It is larger, but suffers from the problems of reddit in general: threads aren't permanent, and what is popular and visible is not always what is interesting to you. There are some very high quality analyses of SpaceX stuff there every so often, but it's kind of quiet otherwise. The moderation there is in general of a higher quality than the rest of reddit too, although they seem to have been forced to back off from that slightly due to popular pressure, which is a bummer. Finally, you could start a new thread here just for existing SpaceX systems analysis, although there's no guarantee that it will stay on topic. A bunch of threads in the Science and Spacelight section actually were originally part of this thread before the moderators split them off.