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  1. TWR of 1.5, following KSP design principles exactly.
  2. That's a pretty large impact, especially if other constellations like that are launched. I'm kind of surprised that there isn't some kind of international governing body for this kind of thing, since it affects so many things.
  3. This is a clever trick, maybe it should go on the KSP wiki too? @UmbralRaptor (the ping chain never ends) Thanks, I'll put a link to this thread over there.
  4. Reverse image search says it's the "Standard Model Lagrangian," and is an expanded version of everything known about particle physics.
  5. I recall the reason previously given for not having stock moving parts was instability with intra-vessel docking/collisions. (And possibly inter-vessel docking if the docking port is connected to a moving part). Has this been resolved? Or will this use the IR system of ignoring collisions entirely? And how will autostruts interact with this? I'm excited no matter how it works, and can't wait to play with it.
  6. Magnetic tape is probably a better solution in terms of cost. The latest advances are around 25 GB/in^2. Really not a ton more space, maybe 20m^3, but also cheaper and more resistant to radiation.
  7. Got a new laptop as a graduation gift, installed linux on my old one. I installed linux mint with Xfce, which seemed to strike a good balance between being easy to get started with and being fairly lightweight. It's definitely a performance improvement over windows 10.
  8. Thanks to @Cydonian Monk, Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic. It's not the most friendly city-building game, but it's pretty satisfying. It's great how large the map is too. EDIT: My primary export is fuel and bitumen, but as soon as the rail line is completed I can start exporting prefab panels, concrete, cement, and asphalt. Then I can start a steel mill and export steel too. Currently I import most of the oil for fuel, steel, and all the miscellaneous stuff for building cities and supporting people.
  9. Bumping this thread since I saw there was a new update: This has convinced me to buy the game.