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  1. I was very busy for the past few months. Never got my dieselpunk SSTOs into orbit. My news feeds are now filled with SpaceX stuff after the Falcon Heavy launch, and now the successful fairing recovery test. Who knew, a great big rocket fairing could float like a leaf in the wind? Anyway, I asked for a joke commission about SpaceX and Tesla on Mars a few decades from now... and this arrived in my mailbox today:
  2. Not mine, but something I asked for as a joke commission about waking up a few decades from now in a SpaceX dominated future. "Mars 2070" by Victor Hegger (his page is https://www.facebook.com/verbeeldkunst/)
  3. Here's a simple cruise missile / drone. Download: https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/D-10C-RPV
  4. The only black stain in the KSP community is the kind of treatment I got from the so called "Official" KSP reddit discord.
  5. Finished my 11th Bollywood dance session and found the studio quite receptive of my turning up in traditional wear. I wandered around the more ethic parts of town and was invited to this lovely North Indian restaurant where the service and food was fit for royalty. Soon after the meal a couple messages came in from a community of musicians inviting me to a concert and for a lady offering to bring me to watch some live performances tomorrow. It's nice to have a culture to call home, even if it's not my own. The openness and hospitality I experience from mingling with other cultures,
  6. I've been writing Arabian science fiction for a now-dead indie title and as Battletech fanfic. Adding a little authentic cultural diversity never hurts.
  7. The chin radome reminds me more of the Tu-142 ======== Here's a simple cruise missile / drone. Stick it on a truck or make a modern containerized antiship missile out of it. Download : https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/D-10C-RPV
  8. Hi @GarrisonChisholm long time no see The Kerbin Cruiser is ready for flight. It has the wings of a 787, engines from an Ilyushin 62, canards off a Devastator mated to the nose of a steam locomotive. What could possibly go wrong? Craft thread: Inspired by the Boeing Sonic Cruiser with a generous dose of "how hard can it be?"
  9. Squid plane hammerhead eagle i-thrust thingie with tartar sauce. Kerbin Cruiser transonic business jet Also known as the product of looking at too many Boeing concepts and going "How hard can it be?" It has the wings of a 787, engines from an Ilyushin 62, canards off a Devastator mated to the nose of a steam locomotive. What could possibly go wrong? KSP 1.3.1 stock, get it from https://kerbalx.com/pandoraskitten/Kerbincruiser Naming credits: Lewis MacRae from KSP Facebook Group
  10. Same "dieselpunk" fuselage as SS-3 but with an open wing design. Will it fly?
  11. Made a Predator drone that rolls only one way and not the other. Reason: KSP doesn't like V-tails. Phantom forces. I'm seeing odd behavior on a Dreamliner style curved wing setup too.
  12. I had a blonde moment and launched the S.S. Oscar Mayer to the north pole without a proper preflight inspection, only discovering there was no chute after fairing separation. There was no heatshield either and parts were nearly cooking off and I decided to use the landing rockets to slow the vehicle down. Lithobraking went "as planned"; I decided not to bother adding the chute after seeing how perfect the stayputnik worked as a crumple zone...
  13. Atmospheric lithobraking probe over the north pole
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