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  1. Created what must be the world's first Battletech dance video...
  2. SpaceSheepOne mixed-propulsion aircraft prototype returning to KSC after a Mach 2 test flight at 54,000ft.
  3. A (slightly) larger flying wing, now with two seats and rudder control! P202 Micro Flying Wing The P202 is a low cost high performance flying wing designed for flight training and light survey purposes. Its unique open-cockpit design allows pilot to enjoy fresh air when safety is not No. 1 priority. It has a modest top speed but high service ceiling of 12,000m.
  4. An impressive tour! Thanks for posting these!
  5. @esinohio made some beautiful renders! Thanks very much for these!
  6. I am quite (in)famous as carmenara on the BattleTech forums and would like this name here too :3
  7. @esinohio Looking great! You did the X-Kom transport for me way way back
  8. Not performing an unmanned test for a BACC booster with a Mk1 capsule on top. The thing had no steerable fins so went up very high like the recent North Korean missile tests. Well, it came down just as steeply, and the chutes were ripped off.
  9. In Mother Russia...
  10. Make cute little planes!
  11. P-101 Boomerang Stock KSP 1.3 Personal Flying Wing Download Craft File @ KerbalX! Inspired by early flying wings such as the Gotha Go229, the P-101 brings back the pioneering spirit with its radical, yet simple flying wing design. Featuring just 22 parts, the pint-sized Boomerang is powered by two Size 0 turbojets making it one of the simplest aircraft capable of controlled flight at subsonic speeds.
  12. Very nice pics - I love looking at old ships especially the engineering systems, very pretty and streamlined hydrofoil, too!
  13. National Day, August 9th in Singapore Watched the fireworks from a 2nd storey bar and spent the night on the dance floors nearby.
  14. My BattleTech character which everyone says is not related to BattleTech. Little do they know House Marik has a large fraction of Arabian / Central Asian descenants thus an Arabian fantasy/western theme fits perfectly. Oh, here's the full pic and an action pose rendered against a backdrop from the BattleTech (2017) beta. My very random art page is
  15. Redesign of the Leopard dropship with functional aerodynamics from Classic Battletech.