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  1. I know it probably doesn't work like this, or isn't compatible, but you could ask InfinityDice about how he did it.
  2. Hey, on the subject of different weapons, would a napalm/incendiary bomb type thing work? The explosion effect would be a normal explosion, then a fire-type effect that lasts for a bit. Then it would generate heat in the blast radius.
  3. Is there any possible way to make a napalm, or incendiaries in general, work? I was thinking it could explode, and the explosion effect would stick around for a bit. It would also generate heat in the blast radius, softening targets for other weapons.
  4. I completely agree, its only fun if you get to create the shape and such.
  5. Holy crap, yes!!! May i ask the name of the YJ-18 Will be?
  6. How about a Chinese YJ-18 anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM).
  7. I know there used to be a tutorial video for making turrets, but can we have a new one, or can anyone explain it clearly to me? I'm interested in making a sci-fi weapons pack.
  8. Yeah, now that you say that, it would just be basically a re-textured gun with special sounds =p. Could do that myself..........
  9. I was just wondering, are directed energy weapons possible in this mod? Not like the ABL's constant beam, but more of a pulsing beam, like that of Star Wars' lasers.
  10. Hello, I see a lack of Soviet Russian Nuclear artillery, may I suggest a 2A3 Kondensator 2P, or a newer 2B1 Oka. Yes, I realize we have the Nuclear Valentina, but I really LOVE Russian weaponry for some reason..............
  11. Whether you like it or not, this mod killed IDSkillful. That mod hasn't seen an update since 0.90 i think.......