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  1. You joke, but it is worth mentioning that NASA requires approval from congress before doing ANYTHING with China, including these photos. This happens very rarely. Also, here are the pictures for anyone who can't access twitter:
  2. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    ISRO Discussion Thread

    I think the Minotaur V is technically operational, as in if the US military wanted, they could probably buy a launch on it, but it's not especially useful and probably won't ever launch again (It flew once).
  3. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (Orbital ATK) thread

    Aww yeah, a daylight launch. If it wasn't on a Wednesday, I'd probably go to Wallops to see it- it wouldn't be entirely unheard of if it got delayed to Sayurday, would it? Even if it still launches on a weekday, I *might* be able to see SOMEthing...
  4. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That's not a ship. But two can play at this game... This is, uh, getting *slightly* off topic, isn't it... One could say the thread is getting...
  5. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    While it's not anything like the starship, it is important to note that the space shuttle SRB's were carried by rail all the way from promontory to the Cape. NASA even has it's own shortline for handling them. Apparently the SLS SRB's will travel the same way. And then there's the Russians...
  6. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, we ARE getting 4014 this year, although obviously not from SpaceX...
  7. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    Starship Hopper mega-album

    ...actually wait, no, that would be F9R. So this is actually Grasshopper Episode III: The Revenge of the Wind.
  8. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    Starship Hopper mega-album

    Basically Grasshopper 2: The Revenge
  9. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    The first Electron has arrived at the launch site

    Next launch is for DARPA.
  10. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    ULA launch and discussion thread

    I'm sure it depends on the vehicle, but that is kinda surprising.
  11. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    ULA launch and discussion thread

  12. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I misread, sorry. But I do remember at least 1 VTVL STS concept.
  13. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    What's the point when there's no payload? They actually got to the Grasshopper stage before this got canceled.
  14. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    JAXA Launch Thread

    ...not sure why nobody has said anything, but the launch was a success. All payloads deployed like 13 hours ago.