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  1. ThatGuyWithALongUsername


    And the next logical question: How much would people pay for dishes made from Bennu? We're gonna need a bigger TAGSAM, people! Actually, more seriously, could you make bricks out of this stuff for some kind of base construction? Hmm...
  2. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    ULA launch thread

    Scrub for the night.
  3. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    ULA launch thread

    The stream has been live for a few minutes now, btw. Just hit 10-min planned hold.
  4. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Elon time or not, that is one friggin exciting tweet! I don't know if I can handle the pictures, that's just too much... might pass out from excitement.
  5. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, composites and aluminum are out... there were discussions about just steel a bit earlier?
  6. ThatGuyWithALongUsername


    Just to be clear, I never said I was in the first group...
  7. ThatGuyWithALongUsername


    The fact that there are a bunch of these things turning up either makes it more likely or less likely to be a Dyson sphere... we should probably investigate at least one of them a bit more closely just to settle the issue a bit.
  8. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    Which Method of FTL Travel is the Most Believable?

    To be honest, none of them are really plausible yet until we find a way to make negative mass, assuming that exists. It may not be possible, but we don't really know yet. Hopefully it is! There's a whole cosmological model focused on trying to make sure it's possible... but sadly, there's little evidence for it (it fits the data just as well as other models) and may suffer from a bit of "ad hominem" as the guy who made it is... a bit crazy... But hey, I'm still hopeful. One day...
  9. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Fixed. I'm sure I just confused the heck out of a lot of people, but if you aren't keeping up with the latest Wintergatan Wednesdays, that's your problem, not mine.
  10. IDK, I wasn't watching them either. I've only heard this somewhere. It wasn't on every launch, either, just slightly more notable ones, I think.
  11. I think they're afraid of broadcasting a failure. Sure, broadcasting a success would be great, but these rockets might fail, and they don't want the publicity that comes with live video of a failure (see the ongoing discussion in the SpaceX thread as an example). Announcing quietly that "oh, it failed" is a much less captivating way to announce a failure, and if the launch is a success we often get a launch video later on. They were actually starting to livestream just a bit more a few years ago, but then the second flight of the Long March 5 failed live on camera and they haven't done anything like it since.
  12. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    InSight launching in 2018

    Haha, yeah, the view from the surface would be stunning. Really the whole journey would be, too. And the surface itself- Valles Marineris would be an epic tourist destination. I also note the optimistic "when" instead of "if." I hope so, too.
  13. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    InSight launching in 2018

    Nah, it seems inside the atmosphere and not lit by the sun properly. It's probably just dust.
  14. Not an official one, no, but...
  15. ThatGuyWithALongUsername

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I see your YouTube video and raise to you a tweet: