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  1. what is the thing rotating in your avatar?

  2. Uh, are you really just assuming that they're working on a concept you just created? I'm not sure it works like that...
  3. Okay, I'm critiquing the Vapor's unique engine design because it's just darn hard to make in KSP.
  4. You know he's kind of busy with his current line-up, right? These suggestions look nice, but a little out of scope for a company that hasn't even lauched anything yet.
  5. I had that idea too... different design options in ksp mods never hurt anyone
  6. Isn't that what the Vapor is for?
  7. I've seen it, the parts look useful, but I prefer parts with custom models and textures. On a semi-related note, I've messed with modeling and texturing before, and while it's not great, it's ok. I'd be happy to help if you'd like any
  8. Just checked. It's not showing up...
  9. What's that flag next to the US flag on the first stage?
  10. I don't think I could actually join right now. Cloud (Kloud?) One Plus: That's all for now! I'll make the Vapor and at least one of the Luna rockets later. Blame Squad for the absence of black parts.
  11. aaaaAAAAAH TOO MANY KSP REPLICAS BE RIGHT BACK This is too awesome! I already wanted to do this, but now I really want to help somehow, even though I'm not sure what I could do!
  12. That's what I thought, just making sure... apparently I can't read. 16 tons...
  13. Is that the 3-core rocket design on twitter, or is this bigger?
  14. A real aerospace company CEO just liked my post... Glad you like it, it doesn't really fly very well at the moment. It's a WIP. KSP could use a hybrid SRB, it would work well... but first the "flea" needs to changed into a vacuum-optimised SRB. A few questions, what are the cloud one's dimensions? And what happened to that "official mod"?