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  1. Honestly I think that large moon thing is just perspective and a very cinematic focal length. I think (can't tell for sure of course) that the colony at the end of the cinematic trailer is on that moon. And from there it looks fine.
  2. That bring said, while I'm sure saves can't transfer over no matter what, given that the existing parts seem to be ported over into the new game, I wonder if .craft files could he converted to work with KSP2. Obviously not directly compatible, but with some program maybe possible to automatically reformat the file... Purely speculative, of course. And I suspect this would not be an official tool.
  3. IDK, remember the 1.0 trailer also just showed a crew of 3. Come to think of it, I've never seen all 4 together in any official stuff. Could be wrong on that, though. And yeah... you just can't have KSP without Jeb. He is staying, no doubt.
  4. Trailer appears to show VASIMIR, Nuclear Pulse Drives (AKA Project Orion), and Laser Driven Inertial Confinement Fusion Drives (from Project Daedelus). See Scott Manley twitter thread:
  5. No, not at all. Here are the screenshots from the Steam page: And, on the off-chance this *isn't* gameplay for some odd reason, here are some screenshots from some helpfully labelled clips in the Developer Story trailer: Frankly, that shot of what I assume to be Rask and Rusk is incredible! Why haven't they used that one more already?! EDIT 2: Apparently I missed the part on dismissing the pre-alpha builds. But surely the game would only get better after these builds? What's so bad about those- they look great!
  6. Looks like that's what they're aiming for, too, with all the original parts and solar system showing up.
  7. Direct quote from the website: Bold emphasis mine. Yeah, we're getting the original solar system, just with other solar systems around other stars. And the cinematic trailer and Steam store page clearly show existing planets and moons. This is clearly Jool and Vall:
  8. No, steam page is already up.
  9. EVE and possibly some Scatterer features are definitely in the footage we have so far. As for chatterer, I must say I haven't even heard that one in a while. Not sure that's as common, and we obviously can't tell if it's in the game using screenshots.
  10. Is... is that a Soyuz in the top left of the first picture? But yeah, judging by the trailer we can build all of these!
  11. The developer trailer contains actual "in-game alpha footage," so we do know some about what it looks like.
  12. I still can't think of anything to say here other than "what" and "wow," so I didn't post already... (That came out of completely nowhere, by the way!) (Also you may have killed the forum) (Still unsure on having a new developer and adding interstellar travel, but I will most definitely see for myself when this comes out!) Just... ...