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  1. Fine, but it would be a very different game. KSP is mostly about constructing and controlling rockets and various space missions. Even with all the attention to colony building in KSP2, I doubt they are going to turn it into a city sim.
  2. I will need the persistent.sfs and, preferably, KSP.log files to see what's wrong.
  3. No, this must be a glitch. Are you sure he was made Tourist by KH? Do you also use other life support mods? Care to share the persistent file?
  4. One relatively minor thing that can make life easier for modders and mod users as well as for realism junkies (like myself): use of standardized real-life units in the game. In particular, switch to liters (or cubic meters?) for measuring volume of liquids and, as far as possible, gases and solids, and to joules or kilowatt hours for Electric Charge. It would help balancing parts mods.
  5. I'll think about it, but note that KH is not supposed to replace life support mods, but to augment them. So if a certain part is made specifically with life support mods in mind and you don't use any, you may not need these parts at all. In turn, Kerbal Health makes use of many parts that life support mods ignore (e.g. Hitchhiker or the Cupola).
  6. Well, relatively speaking. It will be a minor-version update (i.e. 1.4 instead of 1.3.9) and will introduce kerbals training as well as some other changes. Stay tuned.
  7. The likely explanation is that your kerbals level up at KSC and you have a setting not to bother you with messages about events at KSC. Obviously, acquisition of quirks should be an exception. I'll check it and fix for the next release (which is going to be a big one). Thanks for the report.
  8. Same here. The problem is I like the challenge (using mods and settings), so my progress is very slow. After 2.5 years playing an OPM career, I only sent a probe or two to Sarnus' SOI, and that's it. I'm afraid I'll switch to KSP2 before I manage to see more of OPM or JNSQ planets, which is really a pity.
  9. I'm pretty sure at this point that no such effects will make it into the stock game. It's supposed to serve a wide audience, and even basic orbital mechanics is already hard enough for most. Just look at the number of guides that explain how to do a Hoffman transfer or synchronize orbits.
  10. I've never checked. You can try it out and share your experience. But I don't see why it shouldn't be compatible, unless they try to do the same thing, in particular intercept user control.
  11. Perhaps, it's true for most (DLL-based) mods. References and .NET platform changed for all plugins in KSP 1.8, so don't expect them to load in 1.7.3 and earlier (and vice versa).
  12. No. Kerbal Health has a simpler radiation model; radiation is getting lower the closer you come to the planet. You can only define how strong the planet's magnetosphere is (the stronger, the less radiation) and whether the planet itself is radioactive.
  13. I recommend that you disable USI-LS habitation, because KH basically does the same thing but in a much more detailed way. Otherwise you will have to track both health and habitation values. The only conflict that may arise is if both mods start simultaneously turning the kerbal into a tourist and back.