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  1. Ok, folks, I've almost finished the new version of Kerbal Health and I need your help testing it and finding any bugs I've missed yet. This release has three main parts: First, I've rewritten (almost) from scratch one of the oldest parts of the code, which is at the heart of the mod: health update system. It's become so complex and messy after so many incremental updates that I found it hard to debug it. Now it is much neater and maybe even faster. Some of the bugs that haunted the old system (e.g. some quirks didn't work as intended and so on) have been fixed for good. But I might have introduced new bugs, so I'll really appreciate any reports. You may encounter issues in the usual bottlenecks: processing kerbals that are loaded or unloaded during the scene, EVAs, deaths and generation of new kerbals, various edge cases. Second, I've finally rebalanced all the crewed parts, both stock and introduced by mods. There are tons of changes, but the main ones are: Command pods have slightly less living space than they used to. Basically, they are only good for LKO or short trips to the Mun and back. Most habs (i.e. parts whose main role is housing kerbals, e.g. Hitchhiker) now have two configurations for you to choose from: Living Quarters and Lounge. As you might've guessed, the former gives you more Living Space and the latter gives you a bonus to Confinement. You select the configuration in the Editor and it's permanent. Usually, you will need a combination of Living Quarters and Lounges for the best results. Lounges and Sick Bays no longer require Electric Charge. Labs no longer provide a bonus to Connected factor. Instead, this is done by certain fast antennas (stock HG-55 and 88-88 are examples). However, labs now provide bonuses to Conditions factor to all the crew, not only to those inside them, and they don't need EC for that. High Recuperation bonuses in some mods have been reduced. One thing I forgot to include in the pre-release is that Loneliness factor will be increased from -1 HP/day to -2. The patch that targets not explicitly supported mods was made much smarter. It creates much more balanced health modules now. Third, I introduced a much closer integration with Kerbalism. If Kerbal Health detects Kerbalism in your game, it now automatically disables some of Kerbalism's features (radiation damage, stress et al.). You can also activate a setting to use Kerbalism-provided radiation data instead of Kerbal Health's own. In this case, you'll have to deal with radiation belts, solar storms (sure, Kerbal Health has its own solar weather too, but that will be disabled), etc. I recommend this option for better realism and challenge, but be careful when activating on an existing save, so that you don't fry your kerbals in a radiation belt. TL;DR There are many changes in this pre-release, both obvious and under-the-hood. It can have nasty bugs, so make a backup. If you encounter issues, report them here or in Github. Download Kerbal Health v1.5 Pre-release here
  2. Thanks for clearing it up @blowfish. I was afraid there is something more to it than just me not using the proper methods or attributes, and it seems to be true. I guess this is why we have mods like B9 Part Switch that do stuff, which should've been trivial. In my case, I guess I'll do without the custom sub-nodes, though it won't be as neat.
  3. Well, I managed to modify stuff so that OnLoad works for populating GetInfo. But now I have a different problem. I load the sub-nodes into a List in the OnLoad method. But that list is empty when I actually use the part in the editor. It looks like OnLoad isn't called when the module is instantiated.
  4. I'm trying to design part modules that contain my custom sub-config nodes, so that they look like this in GameData: MODULE { name = MyModule CONFIG { name = config1 } CONFIG { name = config2 } } The sub-nodes should be loaded at KSP initialization (so that GetInfo() is processed properly). I tried using OnLoad in the PartModule, but it causes my entire assembly to load, which creates lots of problems, as the game isn't ready yet. Is there any simple way to make it work? Like, by using KSPField or something?
  5. It's mostly under-the-hood revamp, to make code more stable and maintanable and get rid of a few bugs. But there will also be an almost seamless integration with Kerbalism, for those who want to combine these two mods. If I come up with an idea how to rebalance parts in a more sensible way, I'll include it too.
  6. Well, bypassing this limit is possible, but only if your kerbal gains a quirk for discovering an anomaly.
  7. This thread is very much alive, and so is the mod. In fact, I'm just finishing a serious overhaul of it, so stay tuned. In your game, did you change default settings for quirks? By default, the kerbals aren't supposed to have more than two quirks, so this may actually be a bug.
  8. I hope you realize that you don't have to always use maximum shielding for your vessels. In fact, it will be overkill in most cases (unless you are constructing a low Solar orbit station, I guess). I usually choose the amount of shielding depending on two things: the expected radiation level (e.g. LKO needs much less than going to Moho) and planned mission duration. So stations need more shielding than normal two-way ships. You usually don't need any additional shielding (other than that provided by the heat shield and other parts) for your simple orbital ships or even for a lunar flyby, like 7K-L1. Kerbals can withstand a few K bananas with no problems at all. It is only when the accumulated doses start going into 100,000s and millions when you should start worrying. But also, yes, this mod does make the game more challenging and generally requires you to use more parts, and a greater variety of those. Especially so on hard difficulty.
  9. Space Age 1.3 Compiled for KSP 1.9.1. Should be compatible with KSP 1.8 - 1.10.1 Added: Ship Logs. You can now click Log button next to events in the Chronicle to open a log of events related to a specific vessel. You can switch time format for these between UT (calendar date + time) or MET (mission time) Added: Support for localization. Only English is available now, but submissions are welcome Added: Logging of burns (maneuvers) along with approximate duration and delta V. You can only see these in ship logs, so as not to spam the Chronicle. Only burns longer than 10 sec (adjustable in the settings) are logged Added: Logging of takeoffs, also shown only in Ship Logs. A "takeoff" is when a previously launched vessel leaves ground for more than 30 sec (adjustable in the settings) Added: Showing in the Chronicle, which vessel completed an achievement (doesn't apply to old achievements) Changed: Fractions of seconds are not stored any more (for slight performance/memory improvement) Changed: Better handling of short hops for Takeoff and Landing events Fixed: Launches were sometimes logged incorrectly (or not logged at all) Code refactoring for better maintainability Download here
  10. Ok, I think I got this one. The Type.GetType didn't work, because it only loads types from the executing assembly. To access a type from another assembly, you need to use Assembly.GetType. This is how I did it: kerbalismAssembly = AssemblyLoader.loadedAssemblies.FirstOrDefault(la => == "Kerbalism18").assembly; Type apiType = kerbalismAssembly.GetType("KERBALISM.API"); One problem here is that I have to specify the assembly name. So when Kerbalism is updated, this code will need to be changed as well.
  11. Hey, I'm trying again to marry Kerbalism and Kerbal Health, this time via C# API, but I have a problem. The examples in your technical guide don't seem to work for me. More specifically, this line returns 'null' even though Kerbalism is installed and found: Type apiType = Type.GetType("KERBALISM.API"); Any ideas?
  12. Actually, I found more bugs as I tested it, so here you go. Sorry about the bumpy release. Kerbal Health 1.4.6 Compiled for KSP 1.10.1 Fixed: Freezing the game when you had kerbals with quirks Fixed: Stress factor calculations could corrupt health level Fixed: Possible NRE for kerbals frozen with DeepFreeze Download here
  13. @steve_v, thanks for the feedback. I was being too hasty and missed two other places where the same issue arose. The bug only affected kerbals with quirks, so you wouldn't notice it until you had progressed into the game. I think I fixed it now, and will release a hot fix in a few minutes.
  14. Damn. Thanks, I'm looking at it. Ok, @steve_v, I think I fixed the bug; it was with calculating quirks' effects on max HP (or more specifically, on how I tried to optimize that calculation). Can I ask you to test it for me? You need to download the new DLL here (click the Download button), replace the one in your GameData\KerbalHealth folder and see if things are ok now.
  15. Kerbal Health 1.4.5 Compiled for KSP 1.10.1. Should be compatible with KSP 1.8+ Fixed: NRE on rollout of a new vessel Fixed: When launching kerbal in an external seat, he/she didn't count as being on EVA Fixed: NRE, game freezing and sometimes death of kerbals in some loading situations Fixed: Localized some missing strings Minor code improvement and optimization Download here