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  1. Yep, looks like I forgot to include support for DSEV's engines in the patch. Will have it in the next release.
  2. Wow. Just a couple weeks ago, I was going to post my personal wish list for an imaginary KSP 2, but I never finished it. So, here are some things I hope KSP 2 will achieve (with no particular order): Improved graphics including realistic clouds and other atmospheric effects Scientific experiments that require some actual time to run Rockets that are not built instantly and in general more role of time in the game (e.g. having to pay wages or contract rewards that decline over time) Career mechanics that rewards interesting missions instead of grind Axial tilt and seasons At least 3-body physics with La Grange points (maybe) Somewhat autonomous kerbals (e.g. you can instruct the engineer to do a task while you are busy commanding the pilot or vice versa) More reasons to have multiple kerbals on the ship (I almost never use pilots, because adding a probe core is cheaper) Actual resource processing in the background Reasons to explore other celestial bodies by foot or with rovers; i.e. revised biome systems Life support systems Signal delay for probe cores (makes even more sense in an interstellar setting) Explosions that can damage/destroy nearby objects, so that you actually need a launch escape system Kerbals that have more individual, unique characteristics Capability for mods to change certain game systems and interfaces rather than just stay on top of them
  3. No. As long as rotation doesn't change the vessel's velocity (i.e. its center of mass), it doesn't create g-acceleration according to game rules.
  4. It's already there. You can adjust pretty much everything in Kerbal Health via difficulty settings, available in-game if you press Esc. Just open a Kerbal Health tab. You can disable radiation completely or lower its effects for example. The only thing I recommend you do for USI-LS is disable their Habitation mechanics. IIRC, you need to open their settings by clicking a button in the KSC screen. Then just disable all effects of habitation and you'll be good to go.
  5. I've begun developing a new feature for Kerbal Health: astronaut training. It's very early in the process, so many things may change. But here is how I see it for now. The most boring health factor called "Assigned" will be renamed "Stress" (or something like that) and it will work differently. It will drain different amount of health points per day depending on how well-trained the kerbal is for the current vessel. If your kerbal is completely untrained, they will lose the most health (e.g. 1 HP per day) to stress. The maximum level of training will depend on the upgrade level of the Astronaut Facility. For level 1, you can only reduce the stress factor by 25% (i.e. to 0.75 HP per day), for level 2 to 50%, and with the completely upgraded facility to 75%. You can train an astronaut in two ways: When designing the craft in the Editor, you can designate kerbals to train for the particular vessel. It will take some time, perhaps something like 30 days, for them to get to the maximum training level. Then you can put them in and launch the rocket. This is the preferred way. If you haven't trained your astronauts in advance, which may be the case when the vessel is already in orbit, they will have to learn by doing. So as long as the kerbal is inside the vessel and hasn't reached maximum training level, he or she will gradually become more familiar with it and get less stressed-out. It may take some time however and you want to make sure the kerbals won't break down before they master their surroundings. This feature, like most others, is optional and you'll be able to disable or fine-tune it in the Difficulty Settings to your liking. Tell me what you think about it.
  6. Any plans to list it on CKAN, so that lazy people like me could follow updates easier?
  7. Signal Delay 0.2.10 Compiled for KSP 1.7.3 Added: Support for Probes Before Crew Download here
  8. I haven't really played with RO/RP-0, so I can't tell for sure. But I don't see why there should be any problems. If some of the values seem off, e.g. if health drains too fast or too slow, you can always adjust it in the settings. Note that there are no custom configs for RSS planets, so all of them will have the same radiation characteristics.
  9. I submitted a PR that makes Signal Delay show correct power drain in the editor.
  10. Is it correct that the service bays from Universal Storage 2 have only 1000 K max temp? I thought they would somewhat protect their contents, but they burn up very quickly. I'm playing KSP 1.7.3 with JNSQ and latest DRE.
  11. In any case, I don't expect this issue to break the game, cause a freeze or seriously affect the mod's behavior. In this case, it can wait till the next update.
  12. No, this is due to some "improvement" I added in v1.1, which introduced a bug. I found it and it will be fixed in the next release. How disruptive is this issue?
  13. Actually, Soviet Luna 16, Luna 20 and Luna 24 missions returned lunar soil samples to Earth. But generally, it is a rare exception. Also, test flights of future manned vessels (from Vostok and Mercury to Orion) all take place in unmanned mode, so one could consider them probe missions.
  14. IIRC, this option is set in the KCT settings window, not in the config file. It's a button that says something like "Research Unlocks Upgrades" (not sure about the proper name).
  15. @CoriW Excellent idea; I'm just beginning a big career playthrough of JNSQ+PBC and this mod comes at the right now. I agree with the @JadeOfMaar's comment about preference of using MM patches to asking the user to delete files of another mod. This way you'll save yourself a lot of headache and time for dealing with various issues. Also, I couldn't download the mod from Spacedok; I get 401 Unauthorized error.