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  1. It is simulated by reducing the amount of radiation depending on how close you are to the celestial body. E.g., if you are on the surface, the planet will block 50% of cosmic radiation (including solar and GCR), and you only get 50% of those banana doses. The higher you go, the less part of the sky the planet will cover, and your radiation will increase. I don't want to include things that don't deal directly with health into this mod. You are free to create a patch for such a conversion; I'm sure quite a few people would appreciate.
  2. I haven't tested them together. You can try and see. If things go wrong, you can always disable Signal Delay; it shouldn't affect operation of Real Antennas.
  3. Score rewards are currently set in the settings on a per savegame basis. I may add an option to set them in the config file, but I want to avoid a situation where the user will be fighting configs over who controls which settings.
  4. You can temporarily disable the mod in the settings or by clicking its button if it's causing issues.
  5. Do you use any life support or similar mods that might mess with it? Can you share your save file?
  6. I noticed that the Steam store page for KSP2 shows release date as 2020. IIRC, it used to just say "soon" before.
  7. Can you enable Debug Mode in Kerbal Health settings and send me the log after you encounter this issue again? I can't really tell much from the log is it is now.
  8. Ok, now I see. It's just a display issue that I'll fix in the next release. The "TV set" is a module that boosts Connected factor, and the "Health Module" stands for the sick bay in the Lab. It only affects kerbals in the part itself and helps alleviate their health conditions' effects (e.g. sickness). You may disable the latter if you don't have any sick kerbals.
  9. By default, the editor Health Report shows the time for a trained kerbal unless you uncheck the "Trained" checkbox. So it should be right that, after you trained the kerbal, the actual time is indeed as advertised. Does it actually say "toggletvset"? If so, can you attach a screenshot? If the pod adds bonus to Connected factor and consumes resources for it, there will be an option called "Enable TV Set" or "Disable TV Set" (depending, of course, on its current state). I don't know why you'd want to remove it, but if you really, really need to, you'll have to either remove corresponding ModuleKerbalHealth from the part or making it consume no resources (i.e. EC). The modules are added by MM patches in KerbalHealth\Patches folder.
  10. What I've done so far in my own install is just edited the Default.cfg by removing all references to radiation, shielding and stress (+ making a couple edits in Settings.cfg). I know it's bad practice, but simply adding another profile to the Profiles folder messes things up (e.g. resources and modules disappear from parts, because they require default profile). So far I hesitate to create a completely new config, because it'll require more support in the future, which I'm not sure I can provide. Perhaps, as step 1 I will just publish the modified default profile and see if there is demand for something more.
  11. Actually, that recipe is bad; it creates lots of issues with parts and resources. Instead of adding a new profile, replace the Default.cfg in Profiles folder with the one you downloaded (i.e. rename the file). Also change name = KerbalHealth in the file with name = default. And return the line Profile = default in Settings.cfg. Then it should be ok.
  12. Moving the discussion form the Kerbal Health forum (as it has more to do with Kerbalism's system), I wanted to ask for some advice about adapting Kerbalism's settings. Basically, I want to disable two Kerbalism's features: radiation and stress + change or disable their associated mechanics (part modules, resources, processes). What is the best way to do it with minimum side effects (e.g. when Kerbalism updates and everything breaks)? A custom profile? Can I disable radiation from there (I think it's in the Settings.cfg)? Can I just put it in any folder inside GameData or does it have to be in Profiles folder? Is there any way to change the profile chosen in Settings.cfg from 'default' to another name? Also, I see in some Kerbalism patches references to tags like KerbalismDefault or FeatureComfort. Is there any explanation of what they mean and how to manipulate them?
  13. Thanks! I'm not sure a separate profile is the right thing to do in the long run. I'd have to keep up with Kerablism's pace of updates, which isn't easy. Perhaps it's better to discuss more technical questions in Kerbalism's forum.
  14. Actually, I've recently installed Kerbalism alongside Kerbal Health in my own main savegame. It looks good so far, but if you use the default Kerbalism profile, you need to change some configs. 1. In Settings.cfg, amend the following values: SpaceWeather = false ExternRadiation = 0 2. Download this config, rename it to Default.cfg and replace the file in the Profiles folder. Also, change name = KerbalHealth to name = default in the file. 3 (optional). Delete (or change extension of) these files inside System folder: Comfort.cfg Radiation.cfg Sickbay.cfg 4. Backup your savegame! 5. Play and let me know if you encounter any problems. Note that health modules won't be consuming EC in the background, in this sense they'll continue to work as in stock KSP.