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  1. As DSEV is already supported, I guess it mean Buffalo, MOLE and/or Pathfinder? I haven't played with them but I'll take a look when I have time. Meanwhile, the smart patches that come with Kerbal Health should provide basic compatibility.
  2. Kerbal Health 1.5.5 Added: Nuclear engines now emit radiation in proportion to their thrust. It can get really high (e.g. more than 15M banana doses per day for the NERV engine) but it's fortunately short lived Changed: All health modules now show "Health Module" in Editor's part info instead of their type to hopefully reduce confusion Fixed: NRE for kerbals in loaded but inactive vessels when Connected Living Space integration is active Fixed: Non-stock antennas didn't apply health effects and spammed log with Connected Living Space integration Download here
  3. Can you enable Debug Logging in the mod's settings and, when you next experience this issue, share the full KSP log ?
  4. I don't want to impose hard restrictions like these. Instead, it's your call if you are willing to risk sending a not-yet-recovered crew member to a mission. Actually, on second thought, I may try to do something about area effects. But no promises or ETAs, and it may be quite buggy. Looks like KPBS has been updated and I haven't caught up with that. Thanks for flagging it. I'll take a look at next release.
  5. The reason why shielding from all parts in a vessel counts is that cosmic rays travel from all directions, and they hit and can be stopped by al sorts of things on their way. So if you attach, say, a shielding panel to your vessel, it will still help protect your kerbals even if located far from them. For technical reasons, the mod doesn't check actual relative location and orientation of parts, so it assumes they cover the vessel more or less uniformly. Oh, and to be honest, I didn't make the CLS update in a few hours. I'd been working on it for a few weeks and was about to release it wh
  6. Here you go! Kerbal Health 1.5.4 Added: Integration with Connected Living Space. When enabled, your kerbals will only benefit from the parts they have access to (e.g. living space and bonuses). Shielding and part-emitted radiation are an exception (as well as some special parts like broadband antennas): they are affect the whole vessel. It may make your game a bit harder and will force you to think better how to connect your parts together. You can disable this feature in the settings. Added: Kerbals now have a chance (100% by default) to have their lifetime radiation dose com
  7. Nice idea. I use kOS for launches, but this looks like a simple alternative for the early sounding rockets and such.
  8. Nice idea, I tried to do a similar thing on my own but never made it to work. Too bad that you have to start a new game; I'm not yet ready to give up my 1.5 years of playing in the current save.
  9. Space Age 1.3.5 Added: New achievement for Total Science Collected (for relevant game modes, of course) and the related ScienceAdded event (not displayed in the Chronicle but can be used in achievements) Added: Search feature now recognizes phrase search and looks for whole words only. E.g., when you search for "Eve", it will only include the entries related to the planet, not everything with "eve" inside (such as "achievement"). Put phrases in quotation marks to search for them (for instance "Apollo 11" will find all entries with this exact phrase while Apollo 11 will find anythin
  10. Space Age 1.3.4 Added: Setting to use default (stock or mod-provided) date & time format instead of Space Age's own Changed: Unwarp time on Chronicle events when notifications are enabled; removed redundant setting Changed: Vessels are now marked as destroyed at a celestial body if they are destroyed in the atmosphere, regardless of altitude Fixed: Incorrect messages in Chronicle for achievement-related events Download here
  11. I had an Apollo 13-like situation recently. I'm playing a career game with a rather challenging set of mods (JNSQ, Kerbalism, KCT, Kerbal Health, Signal Delay, OhScrap, no reloads etc.) and I was sending a mission of two kerbals to land on Minmus. They reached LKO without issues, but during an inclination correction burn there was an out-of-plan staging (a.k.a. OOPS). As a result, the two astronauts were left stranded in a tin can 300 km above Kerbin with no thrusters (only monoprop, but too little of it) and no solar panels. They were going to run out of power in two hours and then freeze/suf
  12. Space Age 1.3.3 Changed: Asteroids and comets are no longer included in vessel's mass for achievements Fixed: Issues with tracking of flag plant event (they weren't added to the Chronicle; achievements didn't record the kerbal's name) Fixed: When switching to a vessel's log, the page number wasn't reset to 1 Fixed: NRE when loading invalid or corrupted (e.g. empty) achievements Various small UI and localization improvements Code improvement for better performance, maintainability and compatibility Download here
  13. Thanks. I had a quick look and apparently your your save contains some corrupted SpaceAge data, which results in the mod not loading correctly. I don't know how it happened in the first place, but I can fix this issue. If you also share your persistent.sfs, I'll be able to take a closer look at what happened there.
  14. Can you please enable debug mode in Space Age's setting, leave the game (exit to main menu or, better, to desktop) and load it again?
  15. Yes, I will need the entire log. You can upload it to a file sharing platform (Google Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, whatever). What I can see from these parts is that something is seriously wrong with the way Space Age is initialized in your game, but I don't know why. It may be a version mismatch, a mod conflict or something else.
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