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  1. Can you share a game log or at least the exact steps to reproduce?
  2. This was actually a very silly error on my part: the effects on health factors were prepared for saving but never actually written into the file. I simply forgot to add one line of code. But it took me quite a while to realize it.
  3. Kerbal Health 1.5.6 Compiled for KSP 1.12.2 Changed: Updated SSPX config Fixed: Factor multipliers (e.g. artificial gravity effects) weren't saved and therefore didn't apply if the vessel wasn't loaded Fixed: Error in KSP 1.12.2 when another mod (such as Ship Manifest) uses CLSInterfaces.dll Fixed: Some edge cases for loaded but packed vessels (hopefully) A bit of optimization of the health update loop Download here
  4. If you use Windows, just open the game's Steam folder and take KSP.log after enabling debug mode in the Kerbal Health's settings, jumping to the vessel and back to KSC. This file logs everything that happened from the moment you run the game.
  5. It will be in the next release. If you don't want to wait, you can download the new SSPX patch now and replace the one in your KerbalHealth\Patches folder. Can you enable debug logging in Kerbal Health settings and share a log (when inside the station and when at KSC)?
  6. You mean putting the interfaces DLL into GameData\ConnectedLivingSpace\Plugins and distribute it with my mod? Sounds interesting unless it causes issues with CKAN or MM.
  7. Well, for Kerbal Health, CLS is a soft dependency and I definitely don't want to make it mandatory. I will rather have to drop CLS compatibility altogether, even though I spent a lot of time coding it and personally I love CLS. Having a standalone mod for API (that will then become a hard dependency but at least won't change gameplay for those users who don't want CLS features) can probably do the trick. Still, the perfectionist in me is scared to think of what will become of GameData folders and CKAN lists if all the modders implement their API as separate mods.
  8. Having a separate CLSInterface mod is still a breaking change: all mods that use it will have to add that mod as a hard requirement. Unfortunately, I don't see any clean options here unless someone finds a way to fix KSP's new behavior.
  9. Indeed, this problem popped up with Kerbal Health, which ships with the CLSInterfaces DLL: an error message during loading notifying of multiple DLL files with the same name (also from ShipManifest in my case). If you delete all the extra DLLs, it goes away. I could remove the DLL from the Kerbal Health install, but then CLS would become a hard dependency (because I'm referencing the DLL). The only solution I can come up with is to replace the DLL with a wrapper class that we can include directly in the source code. It's the way things are done with Blizzy's Toolbar, for example.
  10. Hey @JadeOfMaar, great to see a big update for RR. I'm wondering about RationalResourcesNuclearFamily and KerbalAtomics-NTRModSupport: what is the difference between these two options? Do they support the same mods? Will switching from the latter to the former cause any issues?
  11. I'm playing with JNSQ too and, while the deadlines I for ScanSat get there are challenging, they are not impossible. But if you could share a screenshot + a list of mods you use, I'd take a look. You can also tweak some numbers in the settings.
  12. Yes, it should work fine with planet packs. Can you tell me more: which contracts and what deadlines do they have?
  13. Training doesn't care about ship names. Instead, it relies on KSP's internal id for parts. This id is generated whenever you put a new part in the editor. It also only takes into account parts with non-zero training complexity (which is usually 100% for crewable parts but may be different for some parts like airlocks). So if you add or remove parts that have no training complexity (you can check it in the part tool tip in the editor), it doesn't impact training of your kerbals, no matter how you name the crafts and how many times you launch them. But if you rebuild the same vessel from scratch, the parts will have different ids and the kerbals will have to train for them again (although it will be faster as they are now "familiar" with these parts). I know it's not exactly the simplest and most intuitive system, and maybe I'll change it in the future. You can mod some of its elements now. For instance, if you want your kerbals to have to train for new engines/solar panels/whatever, you can add KerbalHealth modules to these parts with some positive complexity values. I will need a more detailed description what went wrong and a log (with debug mode enabled).
  14. It looks like the setting not to show notifications for solar weather events doesn't work. At least, in my game it's off, but I still get notifications (and, what's much more annoying, time unwarp) every couple of days about a detected CME and then again when it hits Kerbin. I'm playing KSP 1.12.2 and Kerbalism 3.14 with JNSQ 0.9.0.
  15. I also have the issue when I switch to the Actions tab in the Editor, buttons to switch to other tabs become disabled. IIRC, this problem was there several versions ago but was then fixed.
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