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  1. Currently, 1 RadShield unit capacity per 1 crew member is considered normal, but some parts may have less for certain reasons (they have too wide windows, are not intended for long-duration stays, very lightweight etc.) and very few parts may have more. Such exceptions are relatively rare, Gemini capsule being one of them (because historically, it was a very basic design only for short missions). I could remove the General.cfg patch and only give shielding resource to parts in supported mods, but then it would really upset those who use something different. The better solution is to add native support for more mods. Living space in parts is even more important here, because there is much more difference between the default 1 point per crew capacity and the actual calculated (or handpicked) values. As to radiation shielding provided by USI-LS resources, it is mostly to keep in line with Water and WasteWater resources (that are used by TAC-LS and some other mods, IIRC) that also provide shielding. It refers to real-life plans to use ship's water reserves to shield crew from radiation in interplanetary missions. Obviously, not all USI-LS Supplies are water, so it has a lower shielding efficiency than actual Water.
  2. garwel

    KSP Weekly: The Falcon

    For one, I'm most happy about the extra nodes on the RoveMat. At last, I'll be able to launch it without making the rocket mushroom-like.
  3. Then uncheck "Delay Enabled" option in the Settings or toggle it with the mod's button (in the sidebar or the toolbar). I'll think about it. Technically, it shouldn't be hard, but there may be 100s of commands in the queue for a probe + I wanted to keep UI minimal. Maybe I'll add some symbol showing that there are some commands to execute.
  4. Simply disable EC usage in the Settings if you don't want it. Don't understand what you mean by "signal is underway".
  5. Of course as the new maintainer, it's up to you to decide, but I'll still humbly share my thoughts. How exactly will "modularization" help? I mean, KCT as it is now looks pretty consistent and extremely flexible (if you use its formulas creatively). You can already disable any feature of it without having to install or uninstall anything. I'm afraid that some of this coherence will be lost if you have to cut the mod into separate parts. And the sheer amount of time needed to split the mod and to make sure each possible combination of its components works well is just huge. And most of this work will not even result in any significant improvement of functionality or performance. Are you sure you want to go there? Maybe I lack imagination, but I wish there were gradual, incremental improvement instead of an overhaul. It will save your time and ensure continuity and forward compatibility.
  6. TBH, I have only reached the very early engines in my career. I was looking at the config files to update Kerbal Health's patch and this is how I found these issues.
  7. The Discovery engine has its description and manufacturer fields mixed up. Timberwind's description calls it Neptune (and is in fact the description of Kerbal Atomics Neptune engine).
  8. Ok, I guess another player who owns MH can tell what their experience was. 'Onion' is one of the command pods added by the expansion, which corresponds roughly to Vostok capsule and has built-in decoupler and heat shield (with 20 units of Ablator). It's a sort of low-end one-man part. There are also 2- and 3-kerbal variants of it.
  9. So I see DRE was apparently fixed and I'm considering reinstalling it to my realistic career. But I wanted to ask about Making History parts (the Onion etc.). They are designed to be able to reentry without extra heat shields in stock. Does it work in DRE or do I still need to add heat shields to them to survive?
  10. Kerbal Health 1.3.0 NOTE: This release may be backward incompatible with 1.2.1, i.e. reverting back to an older version can be problematic. I recommend that you backup your persistent.sfs file before running the game. After updating, load every crewed vessel once to update data. Overhauled: Merged conditions and events systems. Health conditions can now appear, disappear or change based on chance and various factors Added: Conditions for injuries, food poisoning, panic attacks and more Added: Health environment sensors allow you to see amount of magnetosphere shielding and/or cosmic radiation level before sending kerbals. The sensors are built into corresponding parts in certain mods (currently DMOS and KSP-IE) or, if you don't have those, advanced probe cores Added: Location column in Health Monitor; kerbals can now be sorted either alphabetically or by their location (default) Added: Supplies and Mulch parts in USI-LS provide a small amount of radiation Shielding Added: Better support for Tantares, Extraplanetary Launchpads, Near Future Technologies, RLA Reborn Changed: Radiation settings rebalanced to more realistic values. Nominal levels of radiation significantly increased (especially in low orbit), but their health effect lowered 2.5 times. All artificial radiation provided by parts was updated too Changed: Crowded health factor renamed to Confinement; Sickness factor renamed to Conditions Changed: Conditions settings merged with Quirks settings Changed: SSPXR support patch is now included in Kerbal Health instead of being bundled with SSPXR Fixed: 'title' key for health modules didn't work for custom parts Performance improvements and fixes for potential issues Download here
  11. Signal Delay 0.2.7 Compiled for KSP 1.4.5 Added: Compatibility patches for RemoteTech Redev Antennas and Global Construction Download here
  12. Sick kerbals will heal on their own after some time (and will also become immune for a few days), but presence of scientists and/or medics makes it quicker. The lab affects severity of symptoms (i.e. HP/day), but not healing chances. As of 1.2.1, there are no degrees of sickness. In the upcoming 1.3 update sick kerbals can develop pneumonia if they are unlucky, and that's bad.
  13. I assume you are playing v1.2.1. Mk1 isn't intended for long-term habitation, but it shouldn't be that bad. I've just finished a mission where my kerbal went to the Mun, landed and returned home in the Onion capsule, and was quite healthy in the end. It could have been a lot of things in your mission. Normally, something like 9 HP/day should let a 0-star kerbal remain capable for about 8 days (remember that they become Tourists when health is 20%). However, they can have accidents or get sick, and it will take away a lot of HP. You are notified about these events via messages. If Jeb went on a long EVA, it also drains HP. Finally, before launching a mission make sure that the kerbal has recovered from the previous one and has 100% health.
  14. In theory, this should already be the case. Stock KSP supports so-called probe control points that are present in some parts (e.g. Mk1-3 Pod). If it is active, signal delay should be calculated from such closest point. I haven't tested it though.
  15. Yes, simply open up the settings and disable radiation on the Kerbal Health tab.