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  1. Because cockpits are supposed to be used in the atmosphere and cupolas are covered with glass. So generally, they are not suitable for radiation protection. But you can override this when needed.
  2. Check that you have enough disk space on the kOS CPU volume. If you don't, it just silently skips copying.
  3. I removed the MandatoryRCS DLL, but I still have the oscillation. I think the problem arises when you have no or very weak reaction wheels: kOS can't stabilize the vessel only using RCS and the engine. Strangely, it worked reasonably well in the past (although sometimes it used too much monoprop for preventing roll). I noticed that it gets better when I manually turn off RCS about halfway between towards the target orientation at every oscillation. Then I manage to reduce the amplitude and have the (more or less) needed orientation. So my idea is that the PID just keeps firing RCS thruste
  4. Hi, there is a compatilibity issue between MandatoryRCS and kOS (since its last update). Below is a description by kOS' author. Do you think it's something you could address on your side?
  5. Personally, I never felt the need to return a value from a script (and I could do it with global variables anyway). I also encounter the same problem as @JebIsDeadBaby: RCS keeps firing for too long, and the ship "swings" back and forth for a long time. In one case, when my vessel's CoM was a bit off, it used all the monopropellant (which was supposed to be enough for a long journey) and still failed to orient itself correctly. I also use MandatoryRCS, and KSP is 1.11.
  6. As a big fan of kOS, I try to automate nearly everything in my vessels. But there is one little thing that keeps bothering me: exiting the program. I still can't find a simple way to tell kOS to stop the script. RETURN doesn't seem to do the trick, for example. So I have to either write long IF statements or keep temporary variables to check in the main loop. So if I can make a feature request, I want to ask for a command that stops executing the current script. Oh, and I have a question. What is the "Script Trigger" action in the Editor for kOS parts? I think it's new, but I didn't
  7. I doubt you can do that on existing vessels, but if you remove RealChute the game should (in theory) you'll be able to design ships with stock chutes and your kerbals will obtain those too. However, your existing designs may become unavailable (because some of the parts come from a removed mod). You may, of course, roll back the game to 1.10, replace all RealChutes with stock chutes, save, then download 1.11 and continue playing. Or you can just wait for @stupid_chris to update this mod whenever he has time for that.
  8. There is no direct cooperation between Kerbal Health and KCT, but they work fine together. Depending on your KCT preset, you may need to adjust training time to make it sensible.
  9. TBH, I don't remember exactly what I had in mind but it may be polyethilene or another H-rich plastic, because it's very efficient compared to other resources. E.g., 1 ton of KH Radiation Shielding provides 10 half-thicknesses (for a one-person vessel) compared to 2 for water and 5 for lead.
  10. ModManager reports an error in SystemHeatConverters/genericConverters.cfg. I don't see any more details in the log. I'm using KSP 1.11. Here is my mod list:
  11. Space Age 1.3.1 Recompiled for KSP 1.11 (but may be backwards compatible with older versions) Added: Tracking of staging events (only visible in Ship Log mode) Fixed: Incorrect metadata in .version file Download here
  12. Well, after a lot of tries, I'm back to square one: I managed to reinstall MFI and Kopernicus via CKAN, but it only allowed Release 55. The problem might have something to do with JNSQ (there were some warnings related to it in the process), but frankly I don't know what happened. I think I'll wait for MFI to update normal way. Hopefully, it should fix the issues, right?
  13. Ok, I uninstalled MFI and Kopernicus and tried to reinstall the latter. Now, Release 57 is marked as available, but when I try to actually install it, I get these messages: The following inconsistencies were found: * Kopernicus-BE UBEE_1101_57 conflicts with Kopernicus * Kopernicus-BE UBEE_1101_57 conflicts with Kopernicus * Kopernicus-BE UBEE_1101_57 conflicts with Kopernicus Error during installation! If the above message indicates a download error, please try again. Otherwise, please open an issue for us to investigate. If you suspect a metadata problem: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetK
  14. Just to let you know that if you've done something to the CKAN repository recently, it didn't seem to fix all the issues. With my KSP 1.10.1 install, CKAN is telling me the best compatible version is release 55. Releases 56 and 57 are displayed, but I can't install them. It looks like something is wrong with their metadata.
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