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  1. how hard is it to recompile this mod for a newer game version?
  2. please update this mod, i love it so much
  3. yeah, it would be awesome, you should create your own variation of deuterium because MOST players are using mods like KSP Interstellar Extended and other mods with deuterium. //Edit my modlist: IMGUR
  4. I got a bug of too fast fuel depletion with X8 3.75m 2x deuterium tanks and a fusion engine which have 1600kN of thrust and near 500000 deuterium depletion per second lol, help?
  5. You can use radialy mounted comms on your docked rockets to the ship which you control as main, it should improve your signal and transfer rates as well at any distance, but remember to mount more energy suppliers
  6. I have version of this mod and most likely the mechanics used in your mod are not compatible with the new KSP 1.2 fuel system, i have many other mods and i was using this mod as well with them together on 1.1.3
  7. do i have to take EM Drive to the Space first? and which reactor and generator is the best for this engine?
  8. i've detected a bug which depletes whole deuterium just after 1 second from start in every fusion engine
  9. I forgot to tell you that i have unticked the Run 64bit player in advanced options. Maybe its caused by mod collisions? I hope that other users have more experience with mods and they are able to recommend me which mod/s i should remove but there are some exceptions like: alcubierre drive, kspie, far, markiv.
  10. There is: http://www./download/gyo8epf8np88ozr/output_log.zip
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