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  1. Haven't seen the thread yet, but I'm going to Idaho to see it! It's a $135 or so flight up to somewhere south of Idaho (forget the city, haha), then driving up north of Idaho Falls.
  2. I didn't draw the image, it's a years-old picture. I just edited it a bit. And now for stuck in my head, here's this.
  3. Oh no I started watching Initial D. Aaand the Kemono Friends OP. someone help me please
  4. Personally I would get the Ryzen because of how viable it would be in the long run compared to a current Intel chip. LGA 1151 is being phased out very soon, but AM4 is going to be used for multiple years, is cheaper, and destroys Intel in all ways except single core performance where it's just a little behind Intel.
  5. Nah. Maybe @Dres.
  6. It was all I listened to for a good six months three years ago. Just that song. I didn't listen to it for about a year and a half after that.
  7. Nope. First launch is supposed to be in April of 2018 if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Oh my god I was completely unaware Freeman's Mind 2 was a thing. Thank you for informing me of it's existence.
  9. This is a bit more expensive but much better, an extra two cores and the faster RAM.
  10. Yeah? @max_creative
  11. Has more cores as well, but needs the X299 motherboard which has the on-board "physical DLC" stuff on it, AFAIK, as well as having a relatively outrageous price compared to the cheapest 16c Threadripper, which is expected to be $849.
  12. Joke. Get a Ryzen Threadripper or EPYC instead.
  13. 8GB is a bare minimum, I would recommend 16GB if you can afford it.