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  1. New thread or continuing on this one?
  2. @linuxgurugamer Would BLSG-renewed addon conflict with S.A.V.E addon?
  3. Since you're manually installing, you might want to actually check to see if the versions of all your addons are all up to date for the version of KSP you're running, and clear out the multiple instances of MM, and install that as a stand alone. Same goes for a lot of other mods. And just because its embedded in another addon doesn't mean the included one is compatible. Thats the one advantage of CKAN installs, it does that for you, grabs the latest from the repo, and de-conflicts and de-duplicates them. Once you get to a large amount of addons, its probably best to use an automated system. This isnt 2014 and 0.25 or 0.90 anymore.
  4. Like many here (yourself included) I go back to the end of 0.25 and started really playing with 0.90, so I've heard those kind of things said before. Been there done than, and have the holes burned into my t-shirts to prove it. KSP has taught me that Hopeful statements are Kraken bait. (but in all seriousness, you're right).
  5. @linuxgurugamer Dude, you are too much! I didn't intend to pull you into this - I figured the guy who said he had built it on his own could just fork and go. I only named you as a template for him to copy and learn from and possibly ask questions to - he said he was an experienced addon developer IIRC (too lazy to check right now). Wow. You are amazing.
  6. @Atlas Gaming Any chance you might be convinced to do a fork on github, and do a complete package build for 1.8.1 and/or 1.9.1 and throw that to CKAN, just as a stopgap "official" release for those of us without the skills? @AndyMt pretty much said someone could take it over, even if its just to maintain via build only. Kind of like the care-taker role that @linuxgurugamer does for some of his mods - no real addition to functionality or code changes, just turn the crank when a new KSP version comes out, and nothing more than a bug fix now and then.
  7. Or will it work on 1.8.1 given the Unity change?
  8. Hmm. I like this, but I also like the Davon approach from long ago. I like to "roleplay" that I'm hiring SpaceX to fly refueling missions to my fueler stations. Thanks for picking them both up! Simple bulk traffic I will use Davon, and for more specific repeatable items, I'll add in this. Spend my time playing rocket man instead of Logistics Manager.
  9. Yes I do have an idea - sorry, it wasn't meant in the spirit of bugging you. Could you use some help with the administrative side of things, like posting the "This works with 1.X.y per LGG"? Id rather help you with this than simply point it out. You have more important things to do than post such stuff to old threads.
  10. Somehow marked as compatible with 1.9.1 per CKAN. Radial tanks still causing a crash? I really like the max length ruel tanks for building fuel stations for interplanetary missions. I used to use Davon supply modules, but that's apparently long gone by the wayside. Anyone know of a replacement?