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  1. Would it be possible to get a 1.8.1 build with the bugfix in for the disabled groundstations? I checked my logs, and that's the error I get with the version (1.5.4) available on CKAN for KSP 1.9.1 , or is the 1.5.5 runnable on 1.9.1 as well as 1.10?
  2. @R-T-B Update already propagated to CKAN, just saw it come up on my refresh as of 2020-09-18 00:59:51 UTC
  3. Thanks for the response. I guess I'll see this on my next restart in a couple years. Hopefully I'll manage to start on a version that has not been skipped. I wish there were a way to make it easier for backward compatibility, but I know that's probably a limitation of .NET and/or Unity and their build system. After all, if everything worked forward, I'd not be on an old version, which I am due to a bunch of mods being 1.8.x-1.9.1 (and one that's even 1.7.3!), especially Kopernicus (+OPM in my case) and many other things like EPL not officially being 1.10.1. Thanks for the mod, I did enjoy it. I'll be back
  4. FYI, Surface Attachable Controls show in CKAN as being compatible only up to 1.7.3, which is a couple of major revisions, and an API change or two ago. Do they still work in 1.9.x or 1.10.x?
  5. I'll be testing this in 1.9.1 this weekend. Hopefully, no worries. I'll edit this if nothing is found, or post a reply with logs (and a PR if neccesary) if I break something.
  6. @JPLRepo will this support 1.9.1? Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to go without this addon - I have already dropped several others, this and Kopernicus/OPM were the last 2 I was waiting on. Its not an insult or anything like that, please don't take it that way or as an attempt to hurry or change the development. I want to play and I have waited for many mods to catch up to 1.9.1. But its at the point where I want to play even missing as good an addon as this (and realistically, it needs to be there at the start). I'm getting the feeling that by the time everything I would like to have is ready to go in 1.10.n, everything else will probably be headed to 1.12.1 or else KSP2.0 and nothing will be supported. Kind of like the jump around 1.7.3, and any of the Unity changes. Anyway, I want to start a new career on 1.9.1 due to Kopernicus+OPM and other mods I like not yet being fully stable for 1.10.1. My hope is that installing all mods I want via CKAN into 1.9.1 will allow me to upgrade via CKAN instead of uninstalling/reinstalling for 1.10.1 and having my save broken. It does get tiresome needing to restart my career for the bazillionth time due to a key mod getting left behind. Bottom line: Can you support 1.9.1 as well as 1.10.1? If so, I will test the heck out of it. I have a clean retail install of 1.9.1 with all the purchased content included, and nothing else. I'll use CKAN to install ZeroAVC (to kill all the deprecated miniAVC installs), AVC main version, Kopernicus, OPM (and its dependencies), then CC and then manually install the beta, and do a basic go from there to discover Minmus (hard mode). I'll post any results I get, and file bugs on github, and a PR for them if I have one. After an official or supported release for 1.9.1, I'll be playing a long career game with a ton of addons, and be more than happy to bug track, report and help troubleshoot any issues. Otherwise, I'll revisit this in a couple of releases when there is enough reason for a career restart, even though I will miss having it in the interim.
  7. Will this work with Research Bodies once that gets updated (soon)?
  8. I realize this is a WIP, but will there be an actual release of this? Maybe consider just saying "1.0" and get rid of the 0.x eternal beta designation, and put a thread in the Release forum (while maintaining most of the effort here)... Also, for 1.9.1, which "pre=release" should I use for 1.9.1 or 1.10 if I want enough stability for a career game? Looking at the Diffs, the last pre-release was 12.something and is intended for 1.8.9max
  9. Read the previous messages: A) the author is aware of the "discovered planet" bug, and B) A new release is pending, apparently, soon™ FYI, for your future use, to do anything about a bug, the author needs to know what version KSP are you using, a copy of your log files, whats your gamedata directory look like, what addons have you installed, did you install manually or via CKAN, etc. What I'm saying is that you need to read and follow the referenced post below; its helpful for the authors and saves them the time repeating themselves for this same data every time. Its also pinned to the first page of this forum (hint hint :-) )
  10. I figured as much, since they tested OK so far in Sandbox mode. But it would be nice to not have to fool CKAN to get things to install. Once I get past 70 or so mods, CKAN almost becomes mandatory to upkeep and deconflict mods.
  11. I am unsure about "people" liking it, but per CKAN, its been Downloaded 1394 times. Its suits its purpose well. I *hate* having remnants of the decouplers screwing up my clean stages if I plan to re-use them. My stages look nicer without those ugly remnants attached to them. Plus separator rings can be so annoying cluttering up my ship list and generally being debris in the area, adding to the CPU load for objects in orbit. Its nice to have them destroy themselves so I dont have to hunt them down and manually do it, or else wait for a long time for them to finally deorbit. But the best part is just how useful seperators are if I am going to reuse a stage, especially tanks. This is a typical re-use-in-orbit stack of mine: Rocket-engine=>sep||dockingadapter:tank:dockingadapte||sep=>payload-stage-or-whatever. Instant tank farm component for my refuel station. I already paid to lift these up the gravity well to space, why not take advantage of it? Low Kerbin Orbit, or fling them to Minmus, or a station at Duna. Bonus is that if I want to, I can take the engine back to the planet on a later mission for re-use since I'm playing with Scrapyard mod. I used something like this to build my very first Jool main base to mine the moons. Eve station too. I once had a whole train of empties flying to where I had a tug catch them and dock them into a station frame. Handy to have a gas station any place I need one relatively cheaply.
  12. So that version (dated 2/2020) includes the proper config file, etc?
  13. Any particular reason why the plugin shows 1.10.1 KSP compatibility on CKAN, but the "Simple Adjustable Fairings - KW Rocketry Pack" shows 1.8.9 KSP?
  14. @Xyphos can you give this a version bump for 1.9.1 and 1.10.1, so CKAN will pick them up? Latest "high version" is marked at 1.8.0 with a release date of 10/25/2019