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  1. The new expansion (coming in May) is probably going to break a lot of mods. But its putting a lot of neat stuff into the game - so mods that expand Action Groups, and the infernal robotics stuff are likely not going to be needed anymore.
  2. Any hope of a 1.7? Or even a 1.6.1? I really miss this and Ship Manifest
  3. I have not tried this in 1.7. Is there any word of an "official" rebuild?
  4. @allistaWelcome back, hope the Fam is doing well.
  5. This just popped up (along with SpaceY and a ton of other NB mods) as compatible with 1.6.1, including my favorite ladder & legs mod, Lithobrake Exploration Technologies.
  6. Odd - CKAN just updated all of NB's mods to 1.6.1 compatibility. Is NB back or do we have a nice anonymous person to thank?
  7. @linuxgurugamer I know you're busy, so feel free to simply say "I dont have time to look", and that's fine. But the question I have is: How hard would it be to port this forward for a novice? And by novice, I mean me: I used to be a pretty decent C/Perl/Python/shell coder in Unix/Linux (back in the days of make files, etc) before I went into cardiology). I dont know the tool chain but can self teach with the right web tutorial. I would only want to make sure the big tanks work right with the 1.6.1+, and that the texture changers and other built-ins work, and it will use the fuel switch mods it has in the past (It allows for multiple ones so Im assuming thats an MM script), etc.
  8. Would this be properly handled by CRR making a KAC entry? No need to duplicate a feature that someone else has already done the work for.
  9. Read a few messages back in this thread - 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 are bugged and incomplete. 1.10 is the latest complete functioning version. And the developer apparently had RL take him away months ago, so consider this mod abandoned until you hear otherwise. 1.10 is all we have.
  10. For those looking for an update, check Allista's status - as of the date/time of this post, he last visited the forums Jan 10 and last posted in October 2018. I think RL got busy for him, so I wouldnt expect any updates until after he posts something.
  11. Is this working OK in 1.6.1? Does it work with Restock? I'm on 1.5.1, and trying to move to 1.6.1, and this is one of the mods that seems to have been abandoned a long time ago. I have craft that absolutely depend on the legs and ladders.
  12. @linuxgurugamer is this one ready for a thread bump? Last edit was a year ago. Imthinking of finally moving to 1.6.1 now that most of the mods I love are available. I assume this one works in 1.6.1?