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  1. Here's a hint: try reading the first page, then reading at least the last 2 pages in the forum thread. Chances are you may find the answer. Also, this has been pinned to the front page of the forum for a few years, give it a read.
  2. Using means you add it, and play your game. Testing means you have a set of things you need to do to make sure it works like it should. Informally, using is playing, testing is deliberate and (hopefully) systematic.
  3. This is a mod that makes other mods possible. Try installing Outer Planets Mod, its one of the more widely used, and is a bit less complex at what it does - I use it, its just enough, mainly by adding a bunch of planets to the outer part of the Kerbol system (Like a Saturn-alike with rings and moons, Neptune-alike, moons, etc). After you try that then there are a lot of other mods out there that do all kinds of things, even adding whole new solar systems to the game
  4. I think you may need to uninstall MFI and then install K-BE which will provide the proper version of MFI that it nees. But I'm still not clear about the base MFI stand-alone versus the MFI that is included with BE.
  5. We miss you, hope you're doing well.

  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of KSP+Mods! I'll save R-T-B at least a part of this answer: I hate to break it to you, but that's simply not possible. Sometime Unity (the underlying software engine) changes, and the base KSP program or APIs change, and those changes do things that frequently break or interfere with addons, or induce unexpected behavior (bugs), especially for addons that do such fundamental changes to the game at the lowest levels, like this one. Software in general does not function that way, its simply how things are done in modern software architectures, software eng
  7. Any consideration to calling this "Final" for any versions yet? Final meaning "no further enhancements, bug fixes only"? It seems like 1.9.1 current release should maybe be considered Final. If so, mark it as such, only bug fixes. And at the same time, designate a specific build as "Stable" release for 1.10.1 -- meaning no new enhancement requests, the only work will be to complete current accepted enhancements, and bug fixes. That would make the 1.10.1 release to "official" highest stable release (change the thread title). Then eventually a 1.10.1 "FINAL"? This way these become just
  8. Just so I am straight on this, I got lost in the threads: Does the current released stand-alone version of MFI work with the latest 1.11.0 that you posted? If not, do I need to use your patched version? And if the latter, is it included with the latest BE 62 or is there a patched stand-alone version of MFI from you? I'm hoping the MFI stand-alone is the proper one, makes things a bit less complex since I can easily use CKAN for that.
  9. Advice to the wise: Do not mock the evil frog god. He will eat you.
  10. I was speaking to the revamp of the Konstruction system. From what I gather, it instantly builds (like stock VAB) on orbit , and its being revised to work into WOLF eventually. I can see the reason for that - the time harvest/ship the raw materiel, turn them to kits/specialized-parts, etc, and move those to the orbital build facility can be seen as a "construction delay" sufficiently to have the same effect as KCT. That mod basically takes the build system and applies their own delay and build queue, and If I recall correctly, some of the old orbital build systems did the construction over t
  11. I have a feeling that if it comes to it, I'll end up losing KCT, because the USI Constellation brings so much more to the table - Ive had to part ways with build systems before, EPL, GC, and a number of one that simply died off (I go back to beta, so Its been a while). I like Nertea's stuff, and Kopernicus+OPM, USI, and a few others (mostly from linuxgurugamer's ever expanding orphanage for abandoned mods). I consider the game not worth the bother unless I can run those; I get bored in a hurry without them. Maybe I can find another complexity mod to take its place Just be assured you
  12. Fair enough. I disagree it making it less of a game and more simulator, but as a way of adding a fun level of complexity by adding that delay and thereby rewarding good strategy and advanced planning. Having an additional "oops" factor when you plan poorly at a strategic level is very Kerbal - example using USI-LS, if I strand a Kerbal did I plan well enough and have a in-process build to rescue them, or fly the next mission if not needed as a rescue? Or do I have to build the rescue from scratch, and if so do I have the parts and tech to make a design that can be built quickly? Also this
  13. How will this interact with something time oriented like KCT?
  14. What are the main differences between this and Roverdude's Sounding Rockets mod, in the context of stock scale. Where will these fit in CTT )semi stock tech tree) and in KTT (probes first approach)?
  15. FYI, here is the best way to report possible bugs (Its stickied on the front page of the forum):
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