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  1. I'd have to log into game to check, but there are two types of R&D. One place to spend points will increase the ammount of 'free' science you get from building rockets. The other, will speed up how fast a new technology is unlocked. Try it out on a new game, start a new game with some free starting science, and start researching one of the first nodes. Then, spend some points and see how the timer changes.
  2. So, I just had a bit of a surprise. I had my controls fighting me on a simple rescue mission and it took me a while to figure out that it was FAR AoA flight assist toggle 'helping me out' by preventing me from pointing my rescue capsule retrograde. Now that I know what was causing it, I should be able to avoid the issue, but it did get me thinking. Are the Flight assistance toggles supposed to be influencing control when in orbit? Seems like FAR should go into some sort of sleep mode when outside of an atmosphere. I'd hate to know what kind of drag FAR may be trying to calculate on my space station. I also have a suggestion. Perhaps there could be some sort of notification that the Flight Assistance is kicking in. Blink an icon, show a message. Something perhaps on by default but could be turned off. So that others who haven't been using FAR very long are not caught by surprise. Love the mod, but I think it could be smoothed out for beginners a bit more.
  3. No worries at all, been a fun learning experience. Blasting several dozen JebClones off the launching platform when I blast off was quite fun. The modding community of this game has made it from a good/fun game to an amazing game. I'm sure it will work out.
  4. Looks like KKS will break every time KIS updates. Perhaps you can implement some sort of version check? (more info in the KIS thread)
  5. To actually give details...It appears the 'gamepaused' window when within the sim does not render any of the buttons. Therefore, we cannot end the sim early.
  6. This would be great, except I am having issues figuring out how to "Turn flight computer off" with a delay. If I could actually add this after a burn then I think it would be all set. I'll try poking around with it a bit more more, but I just wasn't seeing a way to turn it off without direct control. This is really only an issue when I do a burn on the far side of a planet/moon and want to make sure those solar panels are oriented the correct direction when I come back around into signal range.
  7. Hello, I am looking for a bit of advice. I'm not sure if this will end up being a request, or a but, or just something I'm missing. I am trying to find the best way to use persistent rotation with remote tech. It seems that persistent rotation needs to have SAS turned on in order to keep proper alignment. I use this for my early game satellites so they will stay oriented to KERBOL correctly. After any maneuver using remote tech the default followup mode seems to be "KILL" using the remote tech's control for killing any rotation. This is great for many many use cases, but it is not the same as enabling SAS mode. My issue becomes: I can not seem to actually enable SAS mode if the remote tech control is in any mode besides 'OFF' I can not seem to turn the remote tech control mode to 'OFF' via any delayed instruction. I would like to be able to give an instruction command to have remote tech manually orient to XX YY ZZ after a burn maneuver, then after a short delay for alignment tell it to enable SAS so persistent rotation will keep it pointed at Kerbol.
  8. So, this mod should "Highlight critical part - highlights measured part", can someone show me what this highlight should look like? I don't seem to see it in my modded game...and I'd just like to know what to look for before i poke around too much with the other mods.
  9. Currently, whenever a Flight Computer maneuver is complete, my satellites go into 'Kill Rotation' mode. I think this is the intended result. I would prefer it to go into SAS. When queueing SAS to trigger in the flight computer it does NOT go into SAS. (It flashes for a moment..but stays off) I must manually click the X on 'kill rotation' and then I can enable SAS. Is this normal, or do I have mod conflicting somewhere? I'd love a 'do nothing' option to queue up as I think that may solve the issue.
  10. Is there a Kerbal dev tracker somewhere. I'd just like something I can easily keep track of official posts from the devs as they come out.
  11. I'd just like to comment that the tier 2 launchpad still seems to get my rockets caught in stock if I don't use supports to keep it off the ground. "Thumper" SRB and LV-T engines were of note. So I'd say the fix is still needed. Thanks, btw.
  12. In this mod (which I totally love) you add a feature to the maps to quickly warp with a single press. Is there any chance of this feature getting added to the settings menu so it can be disabled. I have clicked it a few too many times and ended up warping forward when I didn't plan on it.