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  1. The problem went away when i deleted The rcs sounds part of the mod specifically.
  2. In the VAB. I deleted some mods since. I'm having issues with the rcs thrusters also. The animation for the thrusters is constantly firing in all directions in VAB and when launched.
  3. Found a bug... As I cycled through the different propellants available for the light bulb engine, when I got to water, it hit some kind of loop and crashed the game, Thank's for maintaining the mod as well as you do!
  4. Maybe, I use mkiv in conjunction with interstellar so I'll be waiting till that gets updated also. I don't mind waiting, so long as the performance boost remains.
  5. That's cool no rush or anything, I can tell you're quite prolific. OPT experimantal's out so I have that to play around with while I wait... MkIV is still far superior to OPT though IMO. If the okay IVA's looked a little better, the mod would be perfect!
  6. Right... Well there are plenty of active mod makers that have made updates for their prerelease, but I wasn't demanding anything to be ready, I was just asking whether it was being worked on or not. Mk4 is probably one of my favorite mods.
  7. Is someone working on updating the mod to 1.1 yet?
  8. How far along in development is this mod? Is the Fischer-Tropsch process for Kerosene working?
  9. So I finally finished the "Daedalus" today, a warp capable 450 ton cargo ssto. With around 100 or so ton payloads. So I as you might have guessed, I used a lot of mods.
  10. I think they could be separate reactors in sandbox... I was able to find separate non-upgraded parts playing around with the manufacturer's tab in vab or sph... I'm just speculating though because I don't play sandbox very often.
  11. Cool, I'm starting to get it, how exactly does the alcubierre drive work with my space plane? First I couldn't even get the thing to charge, because my warp mass was too heavy. After I fixed that problem, and I'm fully charged, it only does anything warp at 1.00c, while saying max is .015c, setting the warp to .015 says I don't have enough power... So what I'm asking is what's the power requirements for a 500 tonne warp mass craft? Should I have multiple antimatter reactors, or is just 1 have antimatter reactor the same size as the alcubierre enough?
  12. Yeah thank's for the help, I was using the charged particle generator instead of the thermal... Is there a difference between the ISP and thrust for the magnetic nozzle using different reactors? Is the antimatter reactor the best, or is that overkill, and something like the omega reactor good enough?