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  1. Is there any chance Squad and Blitworks could expedite the 1.6 DeltaV tools? The game is not really playable to any great depth without this.
  2. Thanks for the correction. I used to play the PC version some time ago and blindly trusted mods to calculate the TWR and deltaV; so this exercise has certainly made me understand the maths a little more. I tried building some ships last night using this 'eyeball maths' and found the TWR was easy to calculate but deltaV gets complicated real fast by staging and fuel lines.
  3. Being a console player, I don't have access to DeltaV or TWR stats which makes it difficult to build ships without using external tools. What I'm trying to do is come up with some rough approximations that I can do to get places. The idea is 'eyeball maths'; being able to quickly look at a ship stage and roughly know if it's up to the job. For any newer players, here's a really basic and overly simplified explanation of the terms (but it's enough to be dangerous). TWR - Thrust to weight ratio; it's how fast you're gonna accelerate off the launchpad. 1 or less and you're not flying. About 1.5 is 'good'. Anymore and you're wasting fuel and probably gonna blow up. DeltaV - Think of it like the fuel needed to get to places. Use a DeltaV map to see how much DeltaV is required to get somewhere (and hopefully back!) ***If you think my maths is wrong or your have an easier way to eyeball, please comment below. TWR = Multiply the total mass by 10 (for gravity) then divide by the sum of the Kn of the engines. e.g. Mass:14t Engine: (1 * LV-T45 "Swivel") 167Kn 167/140 = About 1.2 - Woot, it flies! DeltaV = Multiply Isp * 10. Then multiply by ratio of fuel divided by roughly 3 (Natural Log) DeltaV = (Isp*10) * ((ratio)/3) Ratio of fuel = Total mass of stage divided by total mass of stage with empty fuel tanks. Isp = look at the engine Isp and multiply by gravity (10). So, if a rocket is 20t, and 10t without fuel, then the fuel ratio is 2. Then divide this by 3 (natural log) = 0.66. Then multiply this by the Isp of the LV-T45 "Swivel" (350 *10) 3500. 3500*0.66 is roughly 2300m/s.
  4. Yeah totally fixed for me. Not had one crash and I was plagued with this bug. The one good thing to come of it is that I'm now more regimented when it comes to saving. I used to just quicksave at random or before trying something stupid. Now I have a system for saving; I name each savefile accordingly with one letter or number - I use one letter or number because it's really fast to do. So when I'm on a mission, I create these quicksaves... s = (start) on the launch pad - handy if a mission is a complete failure, e.g. I forget solar panels or some mission critical thing. I can just reload and recover. o = (Orbit) self explanitory a = (aligned) Orbit aligned to target t = (transfer) After I've completed a transfer burn. Handy if I timewarp and forget to deploy solar or comms. i =(intercept) When I intercept a planet, moon or target. d= (docking) When I'm about 100m from docking with a target l = (landing) When I'm about to do a landing retro burn t = (touchdown) 1,2,3... = I use numbers when I complete an objective. 1 for the first, 2 for the second etc. Obviously I don't use all for every mission. But I found it really handy to get into rhythm of doing this and this god awful bug drilled it into me.
  5. Not sure what you mean. If you want to see all the controls, it's in the game. There's a little icon with a joystick (next to the contracts icon, the fuel icon etc.) at the side of the screen. It lists all the controls.
  6. On Xbox you hold RB then press the axis to change translation; so for forward/back that would be RB + LT (forward). Or change to docking mode, an make sure you're in LIN mode (it's A on Xbox to toggle LIN/ROT), then use LT/RT for forward/back. I'm sure the controls are very similar for PS4.
  7. I'm not getting the time warp bug; it's gone. I also have Advanced Tweakables enabled. I've honestly not come across any game breaking bugs yet. The only 2 issues I've found are: 1) Some dips in framerate when setting maneuvers. 2) Occasionally the Warp increase button will not work (RB) until you press LB first. This seems to happen when the warp loses focus, then you return. Great work guys!!
  8. Things are looking good. I've not had the timewarp big yet. Usually 1 day of warping would stop you from being able to save, change ship or return to base.
  9. The game is certainly playable on console. It does have a game breaking bug where you cannot save if you warp for too long in game time - so avoid the high speed warp and quicksave often. I've not experienced any other major issues and I wouldn't say to wait.
  10. I wonder if they'll bring that control scheme to PC. And yeah, I agree. Oddly for such a complicated game, controlling via the controller is easier than keyboard and mouse for some (if not most) tasks. I feel that statement could cause a war.
  11. I have both the pc version and the xbox one x version. I've played kerbal for years with all the usual mods. Honestly I'm really enjoying the xbox version. Yes there are some game breaking bugs, but that's kerbal - the pc had its fair share too. However, I think they've done a great job with the controls. The radial menus work great; everything is organised well. I'd go as far as saying I prefer the console version. I just prefer controllers to keyboard and mouse. Sitting at my PC feels like I'm at work. But it' more so the convenience. On the Pc, I need to turn it on, log into windows, load steam, run the game, yadda yadda. On xbox i can play the game, shut off my xbox, turn on my xbox later and I'm instantly back in the game with no loading. Xbox suspends your game when you power off allowing you to resume later. So whilst i agree ksp on pc is the 'better' version, it may not be the preferable version.
  12. Try warping at top speed for a bit, then try to save or return to the space center. Or switch ships and the controls stop working. Or press the recover button during a mission. Seems part of the gameplay is to try play whilst avoiding game braking bugs.
  13. For those having the warp save bug (where you can no longer save, change ship, return to the space center or tracking station). It seems the bug is caused by time warping at the 7th and 8th notch; so avoid that and don't use 'warp to next maneuver'. This appears to have eliminated the issue for me. Can anyone else confirm that this works?
  14. I'm playing on Xbox One and do not get this issue with the engines above 75km. Record what happens and share the link on Check that you'e returned to 1x warp and pressed B to lose focus of the warp section. The UI and controls can be a little fiddly. I do get the warp issue where save, return to station etc stop working. That's just game breaking.
  15. Same thing happened to me last night. Was coming back from a touch and go on the Mun. It seems after time warping for a bit, the bug happens. Saving, returning to tracking center, switching vessel etc. all stop working. I reloaded my save and was able to recreate the issue several times and even loaded it on another Xbox and recreated the same issue. The only way I could resolve it was to make incremental quick saves at shorter intervals. Also, has anyone noticed that returning to the space center (or pressing recover in the pause menu) often recovers your ship even mid flight??? Not sure if it was a glitch - I'll have to do some more testing.