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  1. Should I buy KSP Enhanced Edition?

    I have both the pc version and the xbox one x version. I've played kerbal for years with all the usual mods. Honestly I'm really enjoying the xbox version. Yes there are some game breaking bugs, but that's kerbal - the pc had its fair share too. However, I think they've done a great job with the controls. The radial menus work great; everything is organised well. I'd go as far as saying I prefer the console version. I just prefer controllers to keyboard and mouse. Sitting at my PC feels like I'm at work. But it' more so the convenience. On the Pc, I need to turn it on, log into windows, load steam, run the game, yadda yadda. On xbox i can play the game, shut off my xbox, turn on my xbox later and I'm instantly back in the game with no loading. Xbox suspends your game when you power off allowing you to resume later. So whilst i agree ksp on pc is the 'better' version, it may not be the preferable version.
  2. The Big Patch

    Try warping at top speed for a bit, then try to save or return to the space center. Or switch ships and the controls stop working. Or press the recover button during a mission. Seems part of the gameplay is to try play whilst avoiding game braking bugs.
  3. For those having the warp save bug (where you can no longer save, change ship, return to the space center or tracking station). It seems the bug is caused by time warping at the 7th and 8th notch; so avoid that and don't use 'warp to next maneuver'. This appears to have eliminated the issue for me. Can anyone else confirm that this works?
  4. I'm playing on Xbox One and do not get this issue with the engines above 75km. Record what happens and share the link on Check that you'e returned to 1x warp and pressed B to lose focus of the warp section. The UI and controls can be a little fiddly. I do get the warp issue where save, return to station etc stop working. That's just game breaking.
  5. Same thing happened to me last night. Was coming back from a touch and go on the Mun. It seems after time warping for a bit, the bug happens. Saving, returning to tracking center, switching vessel etc. all stop working. I reloaded my save and was able to recreate the issue several times and even loaded it on another Xbox and recreated the same issue. The only way I could resolve it was to make incremental quick saves at shorter intervals. Also, has anyone noticed that returning to the space center (or pressing recover in the pause menu) often recovers your ship even mid flight??? Not sure if it was a glitch - I'll have to do some more testing.
  6. Not gonna cover bugs here, just some feedback from someone who plays both the PC version and Enhanced version on console. I suppose some/all of these issues are present in vanilla KSP on the PC, but it's not much of a problem due to mods. Playing without Kerbal Engineer is hard. Not knowing the Delta V or TWR makes rocket design very hit and miss. Having to jump into the map to see the Ap and Pe is frustrating as you have to then toggle cursor mode and go select the node. Why can't this be displayed near the navball?? Collecting science is confusing and tedious. Trying to click on a thermometer using the cursor whilst there's a slight roll is a challenge. Also, knowing when science is available is obscure; I end up clicking through each experiment in turn each time I believe I could be in a new biome; not a lot of fun with a joystick controlled cursor. Can we have an option to hibernate (if available) during timewarp? Running out of juice while doing a Hohmann transfer makes me sad. In the quicksave screen, it always defaults "quicksave" and you can edit the name. Would be great if I could press up/down to cycle through previous quicksave names rather than having to retype it. There doesn't seem to be any buttons to delete a part or snap to center in the VAB. To delete, you have to drag back to the part list. Also, the navigation of the parts only works with the joystick; this needs to also work with the control pad. Zoom controller binding changes in map mode. Normally it's LB + Right JS, it changes to LT/RT. Why??
  7. Development Update for Consoles!

    I wonder if they'll wait for MS to enable keyboard and mouse before releasing. It's looking fairly certain that mouse and Keyboard is coming to Xbox in the very near future and would solve a lot of usability issues. I come back to the console version of KSP now and then and I just struggle with the controls. Even if all the bugs were fixed, I doubt it would be very playable on a controller unless significant changes were made to the UI and usability in general. I'd love to see some extended interface using Xbox Smartglass, but that's not very likely.
  8. This has been discussed to death in other places, but here's my 2 cents. I'd go for the simplest approach. Focus multiplayer on groups that know each other, not randoms online. Then you don't need to worry about machines handling huge part counts, what mods are being used, dealing with trolling etc. Let the players figure that out between themselves. As for time warp; everyone follows the host by confirming. You need to be at an 'on rails' location e.g. in orbit or landed somewhere. The host presses timewarp, everyone else confirms. Anyone can cancel time warp at any time. Maneuver nodes for any player would automatically stop any timewarp. Each player should have their own launch area; this will allow for career mode to be at different stages for each player.
  9. Power Blackouts

    Sorry I should have clarified that I'm early in the career mode and haven't unlocked the RTG or solar panels that rotate.
  10. Power Blackouts

    Hey Guys, I'm playing through career with a mix of mods including Mech Engineer. I'm only using the Smart A.S.S and the readout panels for orbit info, surface and Delta V. Whilst getting my satellite to the Mun, I accidentally left it on Retrograde and while warping it drained my batteries. I felt kinda cheated. So I've been having a look at what mods or solutions I could use to prevent this happening. Ultimately the problem is that the battery charge amount is hidden under the resources and without that visible it's easy to drain power completely in a short period of time. One solution that I thought was very clever was to always add one additional battery somewhere and disable it. So if you do run out of power, you can enable it as a backup reserve. I suppose I'd like something that could drop me out of warp if my battery goes below a certain percentage. Does anyone know of mod that could do this or have any better suggestions?
  11. This game is frustratingly amazing and I love it

    The science tech tree
  12. This game is frustratingly amazing and I love it

    I've been getting back into Kerbal after some time away. I've never managed to get further than the Mun but I'm determined this time to complete the career mode. I've been watching a lot of Scott Manley and Quill18 on YouTube which has really helped me understand the game, how to build better ships and how to fly better as well. I'd suggest taking a break now and then and watching their videos. Quill18 has a new series of the career mode for version 1.2 which I think is awesome.
  13. [1.3] kOS Scriptable Autopilot System v1.1.3.0

    I can't seem to get the Waypoints structure working. I've tried manually creating a waypoint using Kerbal Waypoint Manager, then doing this PRINT WAYPOINT("wp"):Name. I tried to list all waypoints... LIST ALLWAYPOINTS(). LIST Name IN ALLWAYPOINTS(). LIST Name FROM WAYPOINT IN ALLWAYPOINTS(). Nothing seems to work. Any tips would be appreciated.
  14. Pinpoint landing from takeoff

    Cheers guys. Some great suggestions. Here's some feedback. I'm not sure I'll get 700m/s with fuel needed (approx 19 mins) plus science payload. I'm sure I could build a plane of some sort, but I'm enjoying the challenge of being inventive. I can't build a bigger plane as I'm limited to 30 parts and I only have certain items unlocked. Cheers for the closer badlands biome, but I'm determined to get to the main biome area. Call me stubborn. Using a waypoint mod I've found the heading is 99.5 degrees from KSC. I've tried plugging that into the flight computer with various rockets and adjustments to pitch, thrust and delta v. No luck yet. What would Mark Watney do?
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm working my way through career mode and I have to collect science from the badlands (I've just started unlocking some of 4th tier of the tech tree; the ones that cost 90 science). Until now I've been using a small agile plane that I've fitted with parachutes to collect science data; I'd just fly to the spot, slow down and pull the chutes. This has worked well for nearby biomes, but the badlands are roughly 800+km away from KSC. So I was hoping some of you smart folk could help me get the science out of it. I see my options are as follows: Build a plane - My current plane can travel about 300m/s. 0.3*60 = 18Km/min. 800/18 = 44min travel time + deviation and cruising altitude would increase this. This would be slow and boring, even with time acceleration. Build a rocket - get into orbit, then deorbit over the badlands. This looks super hard and my manual flight skills suck. At this stage I don't have maneuver nodes, so it would be a lot of guess work. Also, drag from the atmosphere on re-entry would likely send me off course. Build a rocket and (somehow) use my remote tech flight computer to chart a suborbital trajectory to land at or near my destination. I like this idea but I'm stuck. There must be a way to calculate the Delta V required, pitch and heading. Is there a way to figure this out? Can it be done? Is there any good mods for calculating this kind of flight path? Any tips would be appreciated.