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  1. Thanks for the reply like I said no hurry. I think if Texture Unlimited could be used for visor reflections it would be fantastic. I have been using TU as a replacement for Window-Shine and Planet-Shine for some time now. I really cant comment as to how it works under windows for Direct X users but with Open-GL under Linux I have not noticed any performance impact from using it. I know using TR shaders for window and visor reflections can have a noticeable performance impact depending on how they are set up and how many you have on the screen at one time. Switching to TU seems like it would take a pretty big rewrite? I have been using the Linux shader from the newest version of TR with TRR and it seems to be working fine for me. Take your time and do what you need to do. Something else will probably break when 1.5 comes out anyway so no rush. And thanks for all the work you put into this.
  2. So I am finally ready to move away from my 1.3.1 Save and try and start a 1.4.5 career game. I know that there is no official 1.4 support. and I don’t expect any. "No demands here" But I would like to know if I should just use regular TextureReplacer or Hold out on TRR? I have all my suits and sky-boxes set up to run on TRR. I have a working Linux shader and the only thing keeping my OCD from letting me use TRR is this. I haven’t seen anyone mention this on the forum and I wondered if there was some sort of ConfigFile solution I could fix on my own? Thanks in advance If no one knows no worries just thought it couldn’t hurt to ask?
  3. That looks awesome and matches the old Porkjet style perfectly. I would be very interested in just that one texture if you would be so inclined to release it ? I have been trying to bundle together my own low part count patchwork revamp . Your the first person besides myself I’ve seen comment on the lack of heating emissive's on all of the new DLC engine's. It has been driving my OCD nuts. the Porkjet engines came with a full emissive DDS sheet but sadly they appear to have never been finished. I always wondered why no one has fixed that ? I have seen several release’s with the MU reworked in Unity to combine the plain and boat-tail models for part switching. Anyway texture looks really good.
  4. Thanks I was just throwing the idea out there for making the mod more balanced by itself. I have been using the Ven's service engine as a drop in poodle model replacement for a long time. It looks just as good as the Wolfhound has a working heat emissive and the thrust is aligned straight. I haven’t tested 1.4.5 yet but the thrust of the wolfhound was still off centre in 1.4.4 . I am good with tweaking my MM configs myself but thanks I really appreciate the offer. I will be setting up a new careerer play thru in 1.4.5 and will be using these engine configs for sure.
  5. Like what you have done with the balance this patch makes the game much better with the new engines. I would vote for leaving the poodle named as is but making it the missing heavy monoprop engine Squad never gave us. Leave its good ISP but cut the thrust in half that should keep it viable as a lander engine.
  6. Really nice good looking and very stock-alike Great IVA's . This may be the first mod that might be able to replace HGR for some of my soviet style spacecraft needs. Still love HGR and its actually being kept up to date it aged incredibly well all on it's own. But with many of the part's being repeated in stock now I could maybe use a lighter weight pack to replace it. I always need to try and prune back the mod part creep. Good job !
  7. I don't think it's just the fact that the tree is not historical. I think most people object to the random ridiculousness of the order that the parts are unlocked in. And the fact that You do seem to unlock the whole tree to quickly making many of the parts that should be used to build early rockets redundant and unused in carrier mode. I see you haven't played career mode much.
  8. The DDS / DXT problem has been a issue for awhile for people loading suits and custom textures with TRR. Squad went to the texture compression at 1.0 to help with the lower end marginal PC setup and speed up game loading DDS quality has been pretty horrible. And I think the consensus over on the TRR thread has been for Texture&Suit authors to mostly just eat the extra overhead and use PNG's instead. So I can see what your doing sounds like the only solution that makes sense. I know you could never release a mod that does this but I'm curious. have you tried or do you know if the Squad textures can be replaced with a different texture format and still load properly ? Either way this is looking good so far and squads stock textures are pretty rough and pixelated anyway. So what people get is what they get. Wish I had something constructive to say but I don't Know? Good luck.
  9. Yeah I think this is something I have been seeing on my VEN solar panels and maybe a couple of times with the stock ones? Problem is I spend too much time working on these configs and need to play more to really test this stuff. Cant tell if this is a bug or not cant reproduce it regularly? And it seems most of us working on these configurations are far from professionals at it? At least I know "I'm Sure Not".
  10. So I posted this comment last Friday and missed you reopened this thread I’m going to re-paste it and delete the old one. Glad to hear this is being updated. I always liked using this mod " And the new SM from MH is not really so great" I was messing around with the old SDHI heat shield with the Klockheed Martin air-bags to see if I could get the animation working with the stock ModuleAnimateGeneric ? Got it on my second guess inflate with lower case i . Knowing that the animation still worked I started with a clean config file and was going to respec the heat shield using the new stock shields as a copy past example. On splashdown I was getting all sorts of strange weirdness and bouncing like the heat shield was repelled by the water ? So I restored your original config file with KMbuoyancy and added ModuleAnimateGeneric . Don't know what version of Unity fixed it but as of 1.3+ KMbuoyancy is working perfectly. I went back and checked the old Klockheed Martin bags and shields they all work fine after adding the stock animation module. No need for the old KM.dll file. So just thought you would like to know you might want to add back some Airbag love to the new release. If you don't mind my complete butchery of your original file this is what my configuration looks like. I have not fixed the sound yet I need to figure out how to play the sound clips with Inflate and deflate animation?
  11. I would say on a part like that no one would notice. But that would totally be dependent on the part. And frankly I don't think messing with colliders would be a simple fix. Trust me I know the temptation Squads new texture switch looked sweet when I first saw it. But it's turned into a huge pain in my A$$. Plus messing with colliders on a part like a nose cone could end up having a huge impact on aero forces in the game. Squad broke a bunch of aero stuff with their update. And one would assume they should know what their doing? I think I saw someone report a bug where changing just the colour on a tank with the new switcher had a 7% change in drag. "That's some thick paint " I am really tired of messing with Squads new switchers. I'm going to apply TU to what base things I can. All the ComPods don't have switching "Cheep Window Shine" And the base metal stuff and FoilTanks & such. Then we will have to wait and see what happens? Good luck.
  12. I was having problems with my Porkjet and Ven configs. Stock was fine but I was just using the Electrocutors base config with no tex switching. I need to go back and check what Porkjet I was using I may have used the new version with the stock texture switching. But I don't know why any of the Ven parts would not work or the PJ command POD? I'll have to go back and go through the files. If I still need help I'll post my configs they were just the reg Electrocutors Porkjet and Ven configs I converted to work in 1.4+? Thanks I hate to take all your time for my unimportant personal stuff. Even if I missed something the stock part switch is on a huge number of stock parts and a lot of Mods are updating to use it. So I still see things getting kind of "Sucky" with 1.4+ going forward. Thanks again for all your hard work.
  13. No complaints at all about SSTU Not being ready no problem there. Sorry if you misunderstood that please no hurry on that. It was more me being frustrated with getting KSPTextureSwitch working right under 1.4+. Maybe I am just doing something wrong I'M no expert but under 1.4+ None of the KSPTextureSwitch settings get saved with craft files or outside the VAB . I was under the impression everyone was having this issue? That would be cool I think I might have the old files on a backup drive somewhere. Thanks
  14. Thanks this will help speed up the work on my personal config file. I was about to start on doing MunarIndusties myself. I'll do a shameless copy paste . Is that a file reference to Bavaria tubes mod I see ? Haven’t seen that in a long time that Mod was cool. You have a working version of that ? If not no biggie Thanks for sharing your configuration with everyone. I'm kind of stuck between finishing my full KSPTextureSwitch version for 1.3.1 or a basic TU config for 1.4.3? Because at this point it's not looking good for SSTU and KSPtexSwitch in 1.4+ any time soon and that just sucks because most of the other mods are moving forward with their versions.
  15. Not so Eagleeyed if those are stock? I recognized the mainsail retex but those side stage motors look kinda like a retexured Ven LTV ? Yeah I almost always just replace my parts straight into the Squad folder. I'm older than dirt and used to doing it that way. Back in the days before ModualManger when you still had to dump everything into the parts folder. Thanks
  16. Well I would say yes stick with 1.3.1. But speaking as someone who has been around since .22 that only works for so long then all the Mods change and are not backwards compatible. Then your pretty much Screwed because well MODS that’s really what makes this game worth coming back to. The Mods I've seen come and go because the authors got tired of updating stuff. Half of the stuff we see is just remaking the same wheel "Literally " over and over again. Most Problems have or could be fixed by Mod authors by now but its hard to hit a moving target. If Squad never does version complete we are all stuck in perpetual Alpha test . I have my working 1.3.1 save it was the only thing I could play until this last update. Good luck.
  17. So just how bad has this broken SSTU? I know that I converted my Porkjet and Ven Config's to work with 1.4+. And they seem to work fine in the VAB? I can select and switch all the textures correctly but as soon as I launch or save a craft the game looses the settings? Squads switcher seems to be a real buggy pain in the A#@$ to work with. I just wonder if Squads programmers have some sort of masochistic streak in them? I mean have you even seen any reason why they needed to update Unity " Again " Just to write a mission script-er and ad a couple of new parts? Thanks again for all the hard work! Really appreciate what you guys do the game would not be where it is without all the moders. Thanks
  18. Thanks I have used SSTU but I don't remember those engines? I just started playing again after taking a bit of a break from the game. I'll have to try the pack out again in 1.3.1. hopefully it will get updated to 1.4+ soon I could not play 1.4+ because of all the Linux problems. Looks like 1.4.3 fixed most of them? Now if they just get rid of those Ugly aero effects and fix the joystick I would be set. But I'M guessing doing that will break about a million other things.
  19. Hey I'll match that. Oh and those tanks look Porkjet but what side motors and mainsail model are those? And yeah "THANKS GUYS" !
  20. So do you maybe plan on hosting some of these files on a Github page or something? I would love to check out that SSPXR file or whatever else is updated? But I feel bad having to pester you for files. feels kind of dirty like I'M asking are we there yet every five seconds or bugging the Mod author for the latest update. If you had a Github page someone could (ask once, bookmark it, and check for updates,) without having to pester you. Seems like you would get really tired of people asking for files? Just a suggestion no problem whatever you decide. Thanks!
  21. Thank you Squad Nice work ! I can now change my resolutions and save settings. Most of the really bad graphical bugs and Z fighting under Linux seem to be cured. Now I can actually play the DLC. Bravo have a gold star. You get a extra star and maybe some cookies if I can use my joystick and turn back on aero effects again without having a seizure. I will have to see how missions are now that I can actually play the game? This patch looks really good so far. Thank you for all the hard work!
  22. So how is the frame rate hit with those ? If you made one long chain from those and scaled it down small? HMM might make a good EVA tether if it's not a big physics hit? Will this work with saves? or will the game break the rings on save as separate parts?