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  1. I rescued a Kerbal from orbit of Kerbin, then sent him to the Mun; after orbiting the Mun, landing and planting a flag, his character does not show any XP gain. Running both DLC and several mods. Screen shot of unleveled Kerbal
  2. As it is sinking, it is considered "in motion." Recover vessel does not work.
  3. How do I prevent a sounding rocket payload from sinking when landing in the ocean? Payload includes: Nosecone parachute 0.35m Payload truss Avionics package 2 mini battery pack Aeronomy Package 2HOT Thermometer Mods: MechJeb2 MechJebForAll ModuleManager Chatterer SCANsat DockingPortSoundFX ReentryParticleEffect RoverWheelSounds RCSSounds SafeChute GravityTurnContinued IndicatorLights DMagicOrbitalScience EngineLightRelit ManeuverNodeEvolved ZeroMiniAVC SoundingRockets USITools
  4. worked GREAT on all the craft I tried it on! Thanks for the fix!
  5. They are both TD-12 Decouplers; The launcher stage is not splitting in KVV - the upper decoupler, heat shield, and command pod are all split. The parachute is NOT split from the top of the command pod.
  6. I have a piloted orbiter with 2 decouplers; the decoupler on the lowest stage is not offsetting. Screenshot on OneDrive:!Arsr627QSkD0h1hG70yh5LtB-GsK
  7. I LOVE the quality of the models! I saw from the first page that several of the models are credited to NASA/JPL. WHERE do you get that data from NASA? I'm a volunteer NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador, and (as of last week) a volunteer Ambassador for the OSIRIS-REx asteroid Sample Return mission. I'd LOVE to see a model of OSIRIS-REx in-game, as well as accurate Parker Solar Probe, and InSight mission models. YOU seem like the person to ask about it! if you'd prefer to take this conversation off-line, that's fine. My wife and I are running an after-school astronomy and space science club, where we'll be using KSP to teach about some historic missions - I'll be including the US Probes Pack!
  8. What is the purpose of the "deploy parachute cords" function on the Huygens probe? I'm at a loss as to what that does - having the Huygens Lander Parachute on top of the lander seems to work just fine.
  9. The YF-1 Circular Solar Array is the closest thing I can find to what the InSight lander is using, but I'm having trouble with it: the long arm, and way it folds. Suggestions * Can you add a toggle for long/short arm? * Can you add an additional way to fold, so it does not stick WAY out of the bottom of my HECS2 lander? - However InSight is doing it
  10. I had about 8 elementary school students, who were KSP first-timers, run the first three KSP tutorials today. Short story: With the instructions up in front of them, the students kept asking me what to do next, because they were lost. Long story: The tutorial dialogs are way too verbose - or in the case of my students: TLDR. WHAT TO DO should be highly visible, and easily distinguished from descriptive or ancillary text. I found having to set the parachute parameters on the first rocket you build to be unnecessary and confusing; my students couldn't figure it out at all. I experienced this with both middle school students in the Endeavour Space Academy last year, and elementary students today.
  11. Interesting note: those things hanging off the bottom of the LEM foot pads were actually made of bamboo! (They look like metal in the mod). I had a chat with the fellow who DESIGNED the LEM landing legs last year; he's my daughter's neighbor. The Apollo 11 LEM legs had contact sensors on the end of the sticks that were meant to break away - just in case the lunar surface was only covered in a few inches of dust, rather than many feet. The Surveyor landings pretty much proved that the surface was solid, but there was one vocal fellow in the program that stirred the sh*t, and the first LEM had them installed - just in case. None of the other LEMs had them.
  12. I'm curious why the Apollo 11 missions require an orbital inclination of 91°? I asked the volunteer NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador group on Facebook, and someone responded with the following: Lunar orbital inclination: Apollo 11 1.3 Apollo 12 14.4 Apollo 14 14 Apollo 15 28.72 Apollo 16 10.7 Apollo 17 20.1
  13. Working for me: Achievements, BetterBurnTime, Chatterer, GravityTurn, ReentryParticleEffect, SmokeScreen, Module Manager 2.7.5 NOT Working: MechJeb 2 (release or dev) - game crashes, Engine Lighting (does nothing), Scatterer - ground breaks away in chunks, and floats around, Texture Replacer - crash on EVA, SpaceY Heavy Lifters - all the VAB part sub-sections are gone; all the parts are shown.
  14. Kerbin Space Station construction Hmmmm indeed... I pasted a photo, it showed before I hit submit, then it was gone... This post editor is a little confusing when it comes to posting images....
  15. I build this a couple of versions of KSP ago; I had stations around Kerbin, the Mun, and Minmus, and a shuttle service going between them.