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  1. Kerbal Alarm Clock (for KSP v1.7.9) just worked for me in KSP v1.8.0.
  2. Gravity Turn just worked for me in v1.8.0; I launched the KerbalX rocket into orbit in sandbox mode. Note: I'm also using MechJeb-Dev.
  3. Playing with KSP 1.8, with Contract Configuratgor being the only mod installed, I am unable to click on KSP's start-menu items... they highlight, but are un-clickable.
  4. Space Telescope. Mun Lander. Launch!
  5. At least the landing gear made it! Pushing Rock. Star Gazing. Reentry Plume. Kerpollo Staging. Jool System Probe. Slow Fall. Out the Window. Improper Staging. Explore Other Worlds (Jool Probe v2) Duna Probe. Reentry. Chutes!
  6. Will Asteroid impacts on celestial body surfaces be a bit more realistic? I mean, seriously... an asteroid larger than a U-Haul is not going to slow down and reach a slow terminal velocity, and then bounce off Kerbin's surface and roll to a stop.
  7. Will KSP2 have native VR support, or allow for VR via a mod?
  8. I rescued a Kerbal from orbit of Kerbin, then sent him to the Mun; after orbiting the Mun, landing and planting a flag, his character does not show any XP gain. Running both DLC and several mods. Screen shot of unleveled Kerbal
  9. As it is sinking, it is considered "in motion." Recover vessel does not work.
  10. How do I prevent a sounding rocket payload from sinking when landing in the ocean? Payload includes: Nosecone parachute 0.35m Payload truss Avionics package 2 mini battery pack Aeronomy Package 2HOT Thermometer Mods: MechJeb2 MechJebForAll ModuleManager Chatterer SCANsat DockingPortSoundFX ReentryParticleEffect RoverWheelSounds RCSSounds SafeChute GravityTurnContinued IndicatorLights DMagicOrbitalScience EngineLightRelit ManeuverNodeEvolved ZeroMiniAVC SoundingRockets USITools
  11. worked GREAT on all the craft I tried it on! Thanks for the fix!
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