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  1. In your save options, you did have Kerbals Respawn? set to Off, right? Also, did you check your PMs? Sometimes it takes a while for folks to get back to you on weighty matters such as this!
  2. Kottabos was in Sandbox, which zeroes out any science you would earn. In Science or Career modes, you should earn science normally.
  3. Yes, all you gotta do is remove all the tires from the wheels, lock the brakes, throttle up, take off. Sure, there may be a few sparks, and to "land" you'd have to either ditch into a body of water or be packing a 'chute, but it's entirely possible.
  4. Honestly, that would work too, as then the only matte parts in the Soyuz-a-like line would be the OD green, which are the old-model ones.
  5. @DMagic Sorry to be a nuisance, But when is Maneuver Node Evolved migrating to this thread?
  6. On a somewhat unrelated note, I would ask you to please adjust both of the deployment speeds of the HGR MK.18 Inline Chute (InLineChuteSmall), as my numerous failed tourist contracts were caused by crew blackouts in the Radish lower pod. I neither confirm nor deny editing the .cfg's deploymentSpeed and semiDeploymentSpeed to match those of the LOM-7 Inline Chute (InLineChute), as doing so would be violating the demand to not edit below the line. However, it would also keep all three chute families (SquadMains, SquadDrouges, and HGR) distinct with respect to each other, while keeping to a modicum of acceptable behaviour.
  7. Well, you were able to recover all but the most necessary parts, so I'd say you're most of the way there!
  8. The mod assumes an engine's vacuum performance by default, but you can change it in the menu, I think.
  9. You don't necessarily need to, just edit the one in NFSpacecraft... go into the cfg in notepad, click the edit tab, select replace, put ":FOR[TacLifeSupport]" in the top field, leave the bottom field blank, click replace all, exit out of notepad, and select yes when it asks if you want to save changes.
  10. And also reduce stress on the chute's lines, so as not to tear them from their mounts.