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  1. This topic shouldn't even be debated, life support is a core element of manned spaceflight. The fact it is left out is an embarrassment to this game. This topic was edited without my input. Merely a factual statement, no feelings either way
  2. Always the toughest part of the game for me to deal with. Technically I could just time warp to my hearts content with my current way of playing careers, which is I don't have life-support installed, but I play by a set of 'rules' for off-world kerbals regardless. Guess you can put me in the juggling camp, overall I probably do more of that. 12Y 339D, 45 flights in progress none of which are debris.
  3. I forgot solar panels barely work at Eeloo. Did I mention I was going to capture using ion propulsion...
  4. I believe that is a composite view where the auroras are in the ultraviolet, much like Chandra took these of the aurora in the x-ray. Can be a bit deceiving but JunoCam's views from the visible spectrum should be different. Nevertheless exciting and totally awesome.
  5. Not too into sharing craft so never bothered with stock past the first couple months I had the game. I definitely agree if it's a priority then that person should for sure stay stock. I just wish stock would include a few more "realalike" parts so I could tick a few mods off my list. I do wonder about your specs/setup because that does seem like a rough time you are having with part mods. And to the OP, I would highly recommend starting to add mods in bunches of 2-3, even better if you add them one at a time. Generally mods are well maintained and sometimes depending on their function may even work well past their version number. That being said problems with mods happen all the time so adding them into the mix slowly better allows you to find those one or two that just seem not to want to work for you. I currently have exactly 40 mods all working quite well together! I am sure with a bit of time you'll be able to get all the one you want working sooner or later.
  6. Starting this month NASA will stop airing the daily SpaceStation Live program which follows the day to day activities of ISS. This is both good news and bad news, on one hand I absolutely loved the interviews and little details that were shared about the station, on the other it was starting to become a real bore-fest with the replaying of dull pre-packaged videos on "why the ISS matters". Of course it matters, we wouldn't be watching if we didn't already think it was cool...preaching to the choir folks. So in that regard I can respect the fact it is ending, but was very disappointed I wouldn't be able to see the downlinked video they would often play in the background. Luckily I saw this! Apparently this has been around but I never knew of it. The videos are pretty much audio free and cover activities aboard the station such as unloading the recent Dragon delivery or Kate Rubins working with the heart cells experiment. This stuff is great if you are interested in a particular visiting vehicle or experiment as it contains a lot of usually unseen video such as on orbit Soyuz thruster test firings. The files are rather large for what you get though, maybe somebody can explain that to me...
  7. @Scarecrow I feel your pain. I had this happen very recently to a station and used @Claw's stock bug fixes found here. Installed it will add the option to 'Force undock' in the click menu of the port if it detects that it failed to do anything. Not sure if they have nailed down the cause but it was mentioned that it's caused by certain staging events. I wonder if the sepratron thing is a clue?
  8. Funny, BBC just ran a piece about this airship the other day. Despite the lack of resemblance, this bot creeps me out...I hate spiders.
  9. I usually have a fair amount of part-hungry stations and always appreciated the "Disassemble" feature to clean up extra RCS thrusters, batteries, and such after docking. Now for memory purposes pre-1.1 and just to try other things since I had always built around the suite, I have had the USI mods uninstalled for quite a while now. Now, I believe I have narrowed down this feature to one of the USI mods and am desperate to find the most bare bones way of acquiring it again. Hope someone can help...
  10. The spreadsheet line, much akin to the Karman line for hobbies.
  11. @NecroBones small but huge quality of life request. Any chance of adding the meshes for the the 2.5m decoupler with solid fuel? I don't know if it's SpaceY regular or expanded that adds the 5m decoupler with solid fuel that has the different mesh options, but I find myself constantly scaling that part down purely for aesthetics. Stay frosty
  12. Just curious, in all my meanderings of the forums I have never seen RO address thermal management. That is, the making sure your electrical components are kept warm (generally, sometimes cool) enough to function. While the stock heat system does the job on a part to part basis, the sub-components of these parts are always magically within their thermal tolerance. It doesn't take much digging round to figure out either that this is a critical part of spaceflight. Heck, half the power requirements of the Juno mission are for thermal management, and by no means do they have power to spare. Has any mod tried to take this on?
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