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  1. 0.7 will be as 'optimized' as possible for 1.3. Guess you're using the 1.2.2 version on 1.2.2?
  2. @JadeOfMaar, fancy! how fast is it?
  3. It seems we found something on Duna ?!
  4. Updated Hetoo *completely retextured*
  5. KSS 0.7 Teaser: Taythe
  6. B type? Not really the star I'd put GPO around. We agreed on an early K type star (orange) Name was not decided yet. Is that okay for you or do you want the same star as in Galactic? Haha not really what i intended.
  7. Great thx! You're okay with the type of star I once told you?
  8. Already planned stars for these packs
  9. I'll test it for KSS tomorrow
  10. The K.S.S. Kolony (2.0 here): biggest ship ever built by kermanity. 108.9 m long, capable of carrying 75 kerbals to distant worlds. *This vessel is part of the upcoming K.S.S. lore. // Jool and Voon visible.
  11. Naith transformed into a Haumea analogue: Hal (and it's little moon Ud) Naith will get new textures!
  12. It's a known bug Should be fixed in 0.7 as I'm having some sats in the Kerbin - Mun region.
  13. Forbidding contracts for stars? I'd like to keep having those. But i can't remove the values because the order of the celestials and thus the contracts would be messed up.