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  1. @Starhelperdude, @IsuckatKSP The system is based on the real Sirius stars. Although the system probably is planetless irl because of its violent past. Tried adding at least something that could make sense.
  2. Gradually putting systems out, so i guess we're somewhere in the grey area between test - release. Sirius is also a totally new system.
  3. Added Sirius. - redownload and installation of all parts are required. https://github.com/StarCrusher96/Galaxies-Unbound-A-Stellar-Odyssey/releases/tag/1.1
  4. Public Test Version - GU 1.1 https://github.com/StarCrusher96/Galaxies-Unbound-A-Stellar-Odyssey/releases/tag/1.1
  5. Oh that would be nice! I'd like to be involved ofc. I just got so little time to figure ckan out and i've been thinking about restructuring the mod for ckan use. Please contact me.
  6. ScattererCelestialBody Infurus not found by name, or transformName. Effects for this body won't be available. Can you disable the betelgeuse planet and try running the game again.
  7. 100 % sure it is not broken, GU doesn't touch Kerbin or Laythe's oceans, so it must be something else. I know water issues or shader issues happen when there are files not in the right place so i'd like to take a look. Could you provide logs, a screen of your GameData and GU folder? I need to redirect you to the blueshift page for issues with it. You cannot land on the all as it is an exotic object, not a planet. The point of anything in the vicinity of the All and Kax A* is that you are not in control because you ventured too close.
  8. @falcoon You don't have 2 homeswitches in GameData right? Because that situation does conflict.
  9. General rule is to disable them. But i made sure they won't conflict so it shouldn't matter
  10. Looks like GU scatterer wasn't installed correctly or you'll need to check if you have the normal epsilon eridani disabled in the gu general settings.
  11. If you want you can link me to your logs, i can check them for errors. logs can be found in the KSP folder 'logs', i need the compressed file there.
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