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  1. I mean, you can manually take out the volumetrics etc ... I only make what looks good on my pc and share it.
  2. Might be the shadows? Idk all i did is keeping gu graphics rather simple. Idk if EVE textures are being loaded all the time or ondemand.
  3. New Duna: a mixture of features of Mars, Luna, Mun and handdrawn stuff. The idea was to make the 2 different hemispheres more obvious and add the famous martian landmarks.
  4. @Rocket Science42 If you enable gu's outerworlds you chose them above the other outerplanets. So the outerplanets will be moved to another location around another star.
  5. These are outer planets that will compatible with a stock 'revamp'. Making the kerbol system a little bit more interesting and in tune with the other exoplanets.
  6. You mean, the new homesystem being compatible with a 'real solar system'? Or that it'll resemble the real one?
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