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  1. It will not work as GU has its own cloudpack. I also do not support using others so you'll try at your own risk.
  2. I made GU with 8 GB back in the day on an 11y old laptop. It's enough for GU and certainly for a minimal setup of GU_Core + 1 system.
  3. Did you install the GU stockclouds? They're under the Optional folder when installing GU. https://github.com/StarCrusher96/Galaxies-Unbound-A-Stellar-Odyssey/blob/main/README.md
  4. Seems to be a kopernicus problem. Gotten reports about it. -- edit Seems to be fixed in the latest kop release.
  5. Thanks, I am sadly too busy to make the maps. In-system maps might be interesting. Tho interstellar ones are useless as there are 9999 ways to get somewhere.
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