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  1. That looks perfectly normal tbh. You can clearly see the spirals. From your screens. This is what GU looks like without the Galaxy mode. Add this mod to your modlist. To dim the background.
  2. I really need evidence or proof of the issues. Picasso/Cubism KSC deformation and frustum error logspam is caused by the fact Kerbin is no longer orbiting the body that represents Sun. Which in galaxy mode is the black hole. This is just KSP acting up and cannot be fixed. KSP was never intented for interstellar stuff. However the buttons on the left in the KSC menu will always work. Scene switches work as well.
  3. You need stellar adventures and all systems enabled to get the spiral galaxy like shape from the poster. Instantiator and singularity are required for visual support as mentioned in the installationguide. can you show screens or link logs?
  4. @Lijazos thanks! on page 1 there's a list under the poster. * Blueshift was made for GU.
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