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  1. I'm so excited to see this! Could you explain me how it works?
  2. But i decided you should see all stars while using GU. According to their stellar type they got the same light and flare curves as the GU stars. So if they're visual unlike before, it means they are meant to be visual irl.
  3. 'Normal' bug related to KSP not being built for these vast distances. Scene change or using buttons overcomes it. I'll add some bugs to the list on page 1.
  4. @Angel-125 Glad i could provide the 'perfect' setting
  5. Yeah sure! but if your craft orbits a planet you just disabled, it will be moved to another body (which sometimes might be at the surface of a star.) But you can as an example: Just load Alpha Centauri - do a whole exploration of the system, come back to Kerbin. Disable AC and enable Sirius, and just continue your exploration.
  6. Isn't that the whole point of GU? Check page 1 installtion is based on enabling and disabling things.
  7. Because GU has a stocksystem revamp coming and these clouds are just placeholders until then. If you want cityLight, just grab them from somewhere else and install it. (also my mod, my rules) Answer to the last question: yes, you need to grab a link to the picture and post it here. I do post my pics on discord and take their medialinks.
  8. Systems were tested for orbital stability and they should be stable - but the mod isn't built to support principia mechanics.
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