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  1. With the next patch you wont need IC to switch homeworlds. It was, but this is not Eve just a world that will resemble Eve in certain ways.
  2. I'm not really investing in lore this time as it can simply be ignored and it's irrelevant for 90%, who just want planets to play. However i do plan for some alien things to return.
  3. If the system is released, no new celestials will be added. Only improvements to the existing ones. @Jup the stockchanges are not planned for a while. So I can not answer questions i've even myself not figured out.
  4. A few pages ago there was a mention about a kopernicusbug. One that will be solved soon. Only if that was possible :s
  5. Probably one of the other planet mods that doesn't use OnDemandLoading properly. Too many mods to go look for the issue. I'd suggest you remove the other planetmods. Test with a new save if they cause it.