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  1. Hello all! I am looking for a solution to the following situation. I want to pay an amount of funds based on how much of a resource was delivered to a specific orbit. This isn't something that can be set in the contract beforehand, it all depends on what the player does. Basically it works as a BONUS payout. So there will be the regular reward in the contract, and then based on how much resources there are, it is paid out in addition. I am almost positive I have made contracts with bonus payouts before, but cannot remember the syntax on it. Thanks!
  2. Yes, in regular KSP, there is very little to gain from having an actual space station. The main thing that it can provide is a refueling spot for crafts heading to Duna and beyond.
  3. Sorry, I understand the situation now. OK, the contract they will have to complete will be the most Payload they would have to carry. So do not worry about the payloads. It will be handled with a proper contract design.
  4. Payload is just a requirement of the contract. It is essentially a resource that needs to get to a specific orbit.
  5. No worry, I had to run. Once the specific craft proves that it can accomplish the mission, then, once it is built again, the player can choose to automatically accomplish the same contract.
  6. Essentially yes. This is what we would want: Contract A is offered. It has requirements of X amount of Payload to Y Orbit Player launches a craft that achieves the contract The player can now build that same craft (using KCT of course) and the contract would be simulated Profit
  7. Hey @linuxgurugamer Over at Realism Overhaul / RP-1 we are looking to use this to automate some of the repeatable contracts that exist. From what it looks like, my guess is that it would not interface (as it is currently written) with Contract Configurator to recognize a New Vessel and then give credit for a completed contract? If it does not, would that be something that could be added? If yes to the above, would you be willing to have it supported for 1.7.3 as well (since no Kopernicus still)? THANKS! Pap
  8. I think I prefer having the buttons on the screen. I don't care about the clutter and I think it is more straightforward for the player. Whichever one "wins", I think it is an AWESOME addition and thanks to @todi for the initial PR!
  9. RP-1 Realistic Progression One Welcome to Realistic Progression One (RP-1), one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences available in KSP. RP-1 provides a well-developed and carefully balanced career mode for use in conjunction with Real Solar System (RSS) and Realism Overhaul (RO). As the sequel to RP-0, realism, features, and gameplay experience are improved and deepened. We used to say that it was a lightweight career addon, but it has become a lot more in the recent years. RP-1 is the ultimate community effort. There have been contributions from 76 different co
  10. Hey @whale_2! I am wondering if you would be alright if I took the code for your runway fix and integrated it directly into the RSS.dll? As you mention, it fixed a LONG, LONG, LONG time issue that has plagued us for a long time!
  11. I don't have a starting build to go with, but I am interested in building a new computer. I want to keep it to less than $1500 USD and if I can be significantly less than that, it would be ideal. I mainly play KSP, KSP2, Minecraft (heavily modded), and some Paradox stuff. I would like to be able to play KSP2 with some decent graphics, but I don't need FPS 4K gaming. My last upgrade was 6 years ago and I would assume my next one would be at least as far away. I REALLY do not care what this thing looks like, I need no pretty colors and no pretty cases. Thanks for the help!
  12. Don't know if you have your answer already, but I was told that the dirty Window call has been changed so you have to approach it differently to get an update.
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