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  1. Hello @Mandella, RSS for 1.3 ***might*** break certain parts of saves. We are adding Ceres and Vesta, as well as the 5 moons of Uranus. Ships that are in orbit, or on their way somewhere might not be where you expect them to be. If you do not have things interplanetary, it should not be a problem.
  2. RP-0 uses USD normalized to 1965 and then divided by 0. There are no tourist contracts available.
  3. So, i went ahead and created one. All credit goes to @meyerweb!
  4. No fixes have yet been released. I have taken on some other projects that are occupying my time. I will try to get to this soon.
  5. As an example. I have resized the SSTU-ST-GEN-DSP-ISS to rescaleFactor = 1.83.This gives me very accurate (almost exact) sizes of the ISS Solar Array Wings. I wanted to do the same thing for the SSTU-ST-MST-ISS and I rescaled that to 1.83 as well, but the solar array model ST-MST-ISS stays at the default scale.
  6. @Shadowmage Thank you for your continued help in answering my questions! I am now working inside the SSTU_MODEL in order to change the statistics of the Solar Panels, and it is working great! The one thing that I cannot figure out, is how do I change the scale of the 3D model to increase the sizes for the SSTU_MODEL configs? Thank You! Pap
  7. Hello @Steven Mading I just looked at the syntax of the contract and it is correct. I believe that you might have just come across an error that sometimes happens with Contract Configurator. Did you try transmitting the science to see if that checks off both boxes?
  8. Thank you @Shadowmage for the great response, as usual! What I was trying to do is to have less Solid Fuel available at the default scale. As it is right now, the Interstage Decoupler (without any modifications) fires for longer than I want it too (too much fuel available). I was trying to cut that in half. An off the wall question...and no is a perfectly acceptable answer, I want to work on creating FAR configs for the SSTU-SC-E Wings. However, with the Wings and the Strakes integrated as one piece that is not possible. Is there any chance you could provide me with them as separate parts and allow me to redistribute just them within the RO mod? Thanks, Pap
  9. Hey @Shadowmage, I am still loving everything about SSTU and I have modified almost all of the configs to make things RO compatible. I am trying to determine how I can change the amount of solar power that is generated from the Static Solar Panels that are integrated into models (currently, it is the SSTU-SC-A-SM) but I know it will be others down the road. MODULE { name = SSTUSolarPanelStatic suncatcherTransforms = SC-C-SM-Suncatcher1,SC-C-SM-Suncatcher2 resourceAmount = 1 } That is obviously the relevant code, but what is the resourceAmount = 1 signifying? Is that 1 EC per second? The other strange one I came across is the Interstage Decoupler. I figured out how to modify a lot of the values, but I cannot get the Fuel to scale correctly. Here is the relevant data from stock SSTU: RESOURCE { name = SolidFuel amount = 70 maxAmount = 70 } MODULE { name = SSTUInterstageDecoupler ... defaultModelScale = 5 resourceVolume = 1 engineMass = 0.15 engineThrust = 500 scaleThrust = true thrustScalePower = 3 useRF = false fuelPreset = Solid ... } I have changed the values to the following, and the thrust values and everything works right, but the amount of Solid Fuel is not scaling in a way that understand. @MODULE[SSTUInterstageDecoupler] { @resourceVolume = 0.1 @engineMass = 0.1 @engineThrust = 50 @thrustScalePower = 2 ... } Thanks again for your help and for the great mod!
  10. @NotTheRealRMS The issue is with the wings, elevons and tail for the SSTU Shuttle. FAR cannot have wings that are node attached, they must be surface attached in order to work. You should be able to accomplish that through the CFGs with MM.
  11. @Shadowmage Yep! That did the trick, now if I want to fine tune it a little bit, that will be easy enough to do. Thanks!
  12. Hi @Shadowmage, I am hoping you can help me understand the numbers I am seeing. I am trying to set sizes of the engines and to then determine what the Mount Sizes will be. Can you help me with the math and how it all works? Here are the modified numbers of the RD-0110: @engineScale = 1.5646 @engineSpacing = 2.3 @engineMountDiameter = 1.9 @diameterIncrement = 0.1 If I clear the mount to be nothing, the mount is still set to be 2.2. I cannot figure out why it defaults to this when none of those values are set above and the mountSizeMult = 1. Thanks for the help!
  13. Will that screw you guys up at all? @Galileo
  14. @Gleisix. Unfortunately, it might break when the new release happens. We are adding Ceres, Vesta and the 5 major moon ms ot Uranus. This may or may not effect the location of your crafts. That being said, there will most likely not be a release for quite a while.