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  1. @linuxgurugamer They are untested as far as I know, but there is no reason that most of them should not be.
  2. pap1723

    [1.5.1+] Malah's Quick Mods

    @linuxgurugamer I created a PR for Quick Search. It allows you to right click in the Search bar to delete all of the text. This is a feature that is very popular in Modded Minecraft with the JEI mod and is a nice QoL thing to have.
  3. Hey @Shadowmage I have been working on some more textures and applying them to Procedural Parts. Here is a request I have for TU: Can you make it so the Texture Sets can be created (to a degree) in the editor menu? What I am really looking for is the ability to choose a NRM, DIFF and MASK as selectable options. The base MET, SMOOTH and AO would all stay static, but the rest could be built on demand. This is what I am trying to accomplish, you might have a better way to do it... So I have a MASK that I call Checkers. It is a simple 2x2 grid that has a checkered pattern similar to the early V-2 rockets. With the way procedural parts works, I would love if these could be combined with other options. So I want to have the checkered available with a Smooth (no bump) Normal, a Stringers Normal, a Foam Normal, etc. If TU already has this functionality (and can build the texture sets somewhat on demand) then can you point me to the spot in the code I should look at to call externally so I could build this on demand into Procedural Parts? THANKS! Pap
  4. Great! Thank you, this will save a lot of memory and work.
  5. Probably a strange question @Shadowmage but will TU get angry if I have a normal map that is a different size (different dimensions) from a DIFF and a MASK?
  6. Hi @Alioth81 I have been working on creating TU support for Proc Parts as well. I have a repo but will be resuming work on it soon. See here:
  7. Hi Shadow, I have started to look at this again as we near release for 1.4.5+ and I was hoping I could still get your help. I have attached the files I want to use to make up one of the texture sets we will have. Can you let me know how to organize them to work best with TU? I have access to GIMP and Photoshop and I can see the different channels, but as a graphics idiot, I am not positive how to manipulate them properly. For example anytime I put textures into an Alpha channel, it just changes the transparency. Thanks! These are all based on the SSTU ones. I want to essentially simulate what you have with SSTU where the textures do not have any color, the color is all dictated by the Color Switching GUI setup. Mask: Metallic: Normal: Texture:
  8. @Kerbas_ad_astra Would it be okay if we fork your 1.4.4(5) version into the Realism Overhaul repo in order to properly release it on CKAN so users can install easier?
  9. Thank You!! And NathanKell says hello!
  10. 1.27.0 works like a charm on 1.4.5 with no warnings or errors in the log
  11. Let me test it out and I will let you know!
  12. Thanks @nightingale What are your thoughts on us backporting one of your releases to 1.4.5? We are trying to get it listed on CKAN so we can release RP-1 for that version.
  13. We are looking to add some "downrange" missions to the setup we have. Essentially, we want to have the player reach a distance AWAY horizontally from the launch site. My thought was that we could use the Waypoint Generator, but since we have many different launch sites, just setting it as a distance from the KSC would not work great. Ideally I could use the current location to then set a waypoint from that. Is that possible? Or is there a better way to accomplish my goal? Thanks!