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  1. Don't know if you have your answer already, but I was told that the dirty Window call has been changed so you have to approach it differently to get an update.
  2. The fork of CustomBarnKit for RO does have the ability to gate building levels behind tech tree unlocks. I haven't looked at the code, but maybe by looking at it and reverse engineering it, you can accomplish your goal.
  3. It is absolutely possible to do and there has been a lot of work on it by some people (namely @ferram4): Also @soundnfury has made a different style, but much simplified version: What it really boils down to is that the mathematics behind it, and everything that affects it, and the limitations based on materials and technologies, and the fact that it is ACTUAL rocket science is the reason it is such a high barrier of entry to get one completed.
  4. When they are below about 0.23m, they have a negative decoupler power and KSP does not like that.
  5. If I have to guess, you have an SSTU procedural decoupler on there that is smaller than 0.25m, make it at least 0.25m and the problem will be fixed.
  6. Why not just create a procedural part with Lead Ballast in it? After I posted I realized that my answer comes from a place of Realism Overhaul and Real Fuels where the tanks are easily configured like that.
  7. We have talked to the KSP devs about this. It has to do with how the struts are handled and an event not firing. It should be fixed with the next KSP bug fix patch and then we can look at what we need to do to get it working.
  8. If you look here: I give instructions on how to show the hidden parts using Patch Manager. I apologize as I thought I included these instructions before. SSTU is very broken in RO 1.6.1 due to some massive changes from SSTU side of things.
  9. How can you use the Launch Camera on the pad? I am assuming I am missing something, but in order to use it, doesn't that mean it needs to be attached to the craft you are launching?
  10. Final TF update for 1.3.1 is out:
  11. Nice @fitiales! Did you add all of those for your game?
  12. So Procedural Fairings is the one that implements all of these shapes. So yes, these presets work inside there. It will remember it each time, but only for the part. So once you get a shape you like, save it and the base as a Subassembly and then you can just pick from there.
  13. Wow, because I messed up! Lol, it is the correct thing, I just messed up the .ZIP name. It is fixed now.
  14. @Felger originally created this mod a long time ago, and it became part of the KSP-RO group of mods. Here is the original forum post: Procedural Fairings For Everything! Procedural Fairings For Everything (PFFE) replaces / adds to fairings and fairing bases in mods to use Procedural Fairings instead of the stock fairings, or the various other means that mods have come up with to add fairings to their packs. The more recent versions support the stock part variants as well as coloring from Textures Unlimited. Features Fairing bases upgraded to use Procedural Fairings Interstage bases upgraded to use Procedural Interstages Decouplers used as Interstage Bases when not available Many fairing textures from blackheart612, Ravenchant, MeCripp, and pap1723 Full colorization using texture masks supported by Textures Unlimited Texture Switching using the Part Variant system in stock Supported Mods Stock Ven's Stock Revamp KW Rocketry NovaPunch Realism Overhaul Requirements & Installation These required mods are not included with the download so you will need to get them on your own. We highly reccomend CKAN to install PFFE. Procedural Fairings: Module Manager (should just be included in stock installs from now on!): DOWNLOAD Download v.0.3.0 from GitHub! Also available from CKAN Licensed under CC-BY-4.0 Contributors @Felger @blackheart612 @Ravenchant @Mecripp @ferram4 @Phineas Freak @NathanKell Fairing Shape Reference With the newest release of Procedural Fairings, you can now completely design your own fairing shape. We have decided to remove all of the individual fairing shapes that were previously released as parts. This cleans up the very cluttered VAB, but with the drawback of not having the pre-built shapes you may have used before. Here is a reference to the settings you should have in order to make the fairing shapes the same as previous parts. In order to be able to edit the shape of the fairing: Right click on the fairing side Click Base Auto-shape to OFF Click Nose Auto-shape to OFF Input the numbers here Here are the different shapes: Changelog v0.3.0 Removed the dependency on Firespitter => Using stock part variant system now Added full support for Textures Unlimited, if installed, it creates recolorable versions of the included textures Added a new style of Fairing called "Procedural Fairing Logos" NASA Angara ISS Angara Roscosmos Falcon 9 Falcon Heavy GLONASS GPS Iridium Next KSLO KerbalX Landsat Long March CLEP Long March Chinese Flag NASA Seal NASA Worm NOAA NRO SpaceX SpaceX Vertical TDRS USAF Removed the different fairing sides that were created as separate parts Removed the base decoupler patch as it is included in Procedural Fairings now Removed the Invisible Wall patch as it is included in Procedural Fairings now Completely restructured all of the folders to maintain consistency with how most mods organize them now