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  1. Are there any known glitches that would cause a landed ship to spontaneously tip over and start spinning around madly (destroying both the chute and egine in collision with the Minmus surface) before settling into a 45° tilt from vertical and merrily skittering off across Minmus faster than my kerbal could chase it. I switched to tracking, but my pilot who was EVA at the time shows as the only trackable object on Minmus. I'd gone EVA to plant the flag. The menu let me report and take a sample, but theflag button was gone. Then the shipnado hit. Switching back to Minmus, I was indeed the sole occupant of Minmus. No ship... not even debris. If it helps, this was after a quicksave reload. My first landing attempt resulted in Megumi Kermin on EVA started sliding down a slope out of control erupted into a glitch of kaliedascopic lines and shapes and disintegrated into a small puff of Minmus dust. I can still reload again, but so far I haven't. I'more fascinated and amused than annoyed, and thought reporting the phenomenon was more constructive, and more in the spirit of exploration and scientific inquiry that's so much a part of 'The BEST Space Simulator EVER'! (IMHO anyway...) BTW I'm playing the Enhanced game on a 3 month old Xbox One S. This incident is now part of my game lore; How Megumi Kermin, the furthest out of all her race so far was marooned on Minmus by the theft of her ship by unknown and wholly mysterious forces. I'd love to include the screen and vid caps, but I don't know how from an Xbox to the internet yet, or indeed if it's possible.
  2. Do you remember an old SF movie that may have been called something like 'Six Million Miles to Earth'? I remember it terrified me as a child (which is the same as saying I LOVED IT!) Stand out bits I remember were 2 alien scouts male and female unnaturally pale wearing all black with black glasses/goggles, the female dying by contracting rabies, the male killing an earthman with a kind of flying remote black rubber hood that closed over his head and smothered him. I've found no references anywhere. I'm sure it's right up there with classics like "The Robot Monster"!
  3. "I'm not stupid, I'm not expendable, and I'm NOT GOING!" -Vila, late (literally) of 'Blake's 7'
  4. I was actually referring to the manatee in the taco sweatshirt, but that was BEFORE I saw Ferbal.... Yes, I'm playing catchup again...don't want people to think I wasn't really back after all...I just fell down the rabbithole that is 'XBox Live'. I've created a KSP Club there (Kerbin Mission Control) under the 'gamertag' RangerLaine, admin 2 others, and participate in the others, including the one CNES which is "en français". It's not as busy as it sounds as there's no widely available multi-player for KSP. Most of my club consists of being interrupted with frantic messages that say "I don't know how to do ANYTHING in this game yet! HELP! I'm trying to get to Mün...". I am back close to where I was before my laptop died. Got my space station 'Evening Star' fully operational and back upstairs, and Jeb established the first permanent Mün Base. (Translation: He ran out fuel after touchdown.) So time to catch up on my reading!
  5. "Well...I have some M80s from the last fireworks party..." "WE'LL TAKE THEM!" I suspect 'This Island Kerbin' is on for movie night. (Popping enough corn to boggle the mind of the late Orville Reddenbacher!)
  6. I wondered why I've been so moved..... The sf books I grew up reading...the ones I liked most were about aliens, (often children as in my favourite. Alexander Key's book "The Forgotten Door") lost on Earth, befriending special humans who are able to look beyond the differences... Later these were supplemented by Zenna Henderson's two books collecting her stories of "The People". Reading about Emiko on Earth takes me back to those.
  7. Return to Index I I'm picturing the much smaller cuter one from 'Finding Dory'...
  8. Hope to be! Not so fun posting with a gaming controller, but there you are...
  9. My laptop's been comatose for MONTHS...but I've got a new Xbox 1 with a KSP port due as Werner and the boys say, "I will get there...EVENTUALLY!" o/~ "But I think it's gonna be a long, long time..." o/~ (hope not!)
  10. [Maybe the question of "Why do Kerbals wear suits all time time?" will be solved? } What question? What I want to know is why everyone else in the universe DOESN'T wear spacesuits all the time? I mean *I* would. Cause you never know. Am I right?
  11. I've been pondering for months....and all I could come up with was this: "In the crater, the deep dark crater, "The Kraken creeps tonight....(repeat) "Weeeee--ee-ee-ee-ee-we must run away! (repeat)" (Continue as long as your audience will let you get away with) I know, I know....very minimalist lyrics.....
  12. Posted August 21 (edited) · Report post Chapter 62 All Roads Lead to Emiko It was growing late in the day, and after hearing the truth behind the covert Zaltonic Electronic space program, Gene and his companions stood quietly, trying to absorb all they had heard. Many of the pieces were starting to fall into place, but some still doubted what had been said so far, especially Captain Kuzzter. "Surely you can't be suggesting..." but just then he was cut off by his first mate Geo. "Stop... just stop!" Geschosskopf growled. "What?" Kuzz asked, trying to sound as innocent as he could. "That time you did it on purpose... Shirley!" Near them Emiko giggled, "Shirley." What *I* want to know is this......where's Shirley Kerman in all this taking of her name in vain?? I'm way behind and slooooowly catching up.....:D
  13. Wow...I didn't know there was such great scenery on Kerbin itself! I love the camper! I need to get back into this game and do some Homeworld exploration! I suspected Kerbals could survive reentry, but that was amazing! That was a great two-seater rocket too....I must try some of your 'early days' designs, or at least come up with my own.....I tend to be more of a flyer than a builder.... You could rename this chapter "At the Mountain of Madness" with what went on there....though a return to the site might be a follow-up eventually. Great intros of the Original three, plus Gene! This was an over all great chapter and congrats on reaching novel length! Sorry you got sick.....hope you feel better soon.......