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  1. Nightside

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    All tests and no flights make RS25 a dull boy.
  2. It works great, no need to update.
  3. Nightside

    Hyper Drive Mod!

    Could you post a link or some pictures? It sounds cool!
  4. Nightside

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    So basically they need to be giant stand-up paddle boards.
  5. So, I've been daydreaming of a mod to create stick-on greebles. It would work more or less like the sticker mods out there, but the models would also have normal maps. These parts would be physicsless and non-functional, just cool looking little details such as tank raceways and other little pipes and bumps. Ideally these would be able to be attached to parts of various sizes and shapes. Can anyone with more knowledge say whether or not this idea is actually possible in KSP?
  6. @Xyphos this still seems to be working great in 1.5.1, thanks for your work!
  7. Nightside

    ISS Discussion Thread

    That’s incredible. Is the ISS on the barnstorming circuit now?
  8. Can the decals have normal maps?
  9. What decal/ sticker mods are available? Do they support normal maps?
  10. Nightside

    can i make a biome map with only 1 biome 144p?

    Probably, why though? Just for small file size?
  11. Well you don't actually need to make your own 3D models, you can just mashup existing models in the configs.
  12. Nightside

    Constructing Remote Space Center(s)

    Alien Space Program would require a new game though. it sounds like Kerbal Konstructs might be more what you want.
  13. Does the entire plane need to be larger or just the engine? couldnt you just combine the engine model with the hollow fuselage to form a new part representing the turbine and exhaust parts of the engine?