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  1. Didn't the Air Force give them some dev $? Could they use it for another project?
  2. You guys should work for NASA, with this level of effort you could make the SLS make sense!
  3. Nah, I saw Ad Astra, real astronauts are emotionally stunted sociopaths with suppressed daddy issues.
  4. What's the up/down down count on starlinks these days?I can't keep up!
  5. 2 sensors I would find very useful to be part of my day-to-day tricorder: - Laser tape measure - infrared thermometer
  6. Sorry to hear that @Errol. The difficulties of rocketry can be a great metaphor for relationships. To get it right you may have to try many times, and when it goes wrong, you have to look at what happened and try to fix it before the next flight. But metaphors only get you so far. Relationships are their own kind of hard work, both to get started and to maintain. But as someone who has been there, I'd say it was worth the effort to get through it and make it work. Better luck next time, eh?
  7. @tater , has this thing flown over your house yet?
  8. ok, which one of you knuckleheads...?