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  1. Can someone with a dalle account please prompt “Project Orion horse on roller skates “?
  2. Thanks! I definitely would need to randomize, unless there is a way to make the origin equal the current Kerbal Konstruct launch site. I need to see if this makes sense for my project.
  3. Haha, thanks. In the spirit of *kerballing* around and finding out, I’m going to try it anyway . Actual Sites currently adds 600 airports (just runways) with no noticeable performance issues, now that I have data for 30,000 real runways, I just have to try.
  4. It should work. You may need to provide more info.
  5. Hey @Caerfinon, I'm working on something similar, and have a question you might know. When making these missions do you have to hardcode ever origin/destination combo or does Contract Configurator have a way to create missions with arbitrary pairs?
  6. I think I had this issue as well with a Logitech Stick. Don't Think I found a solution. Sorry it's been a while.
  7. Sounds like you are up to something really cool! I can't answer your question but may a modding moderator like @Angel-125 or @Snark will opine.
  8. Very late reply - If the planet is called "Earth" (and not something like "KSR_Earth" or whatever, then it should work fine.
  9. Back after a long break to confirm that this does still work in 1.12.3. The SpaceDock entry has been updated to reflect this. I've been playing with a data set that does include real runways and I have plans to update to mod to support airports with multiple runways at their Actual(TM) orientation and Length (where this data is available).
  10. I have a script that will generate a Kerbal Konstructs runway config file for Real Solar System based on open source GIS data. Currently I'm just bringing in a few hundred sites which seems to be no problem, but I'm considering importing all like 50,000 airports in the world (with multiple runways, where data is available. This could mean over 100,000 -200,000 config files the way I have it organized. Is there a good/bad way to deal with large numbers of files, and folders? Is it better to combine more into each file? Currently I'm creating a folder for each airport with a couple of related config files inside. Is there any efficiency to be gained by not breaking things out this way? EDIT: Should mention this mod is ONLY configs, no models or anything, so file sizes are all very small.
  11. Ambitious! Look forward to seeing what you come up with!
  12. Check out Parallax for some cool looking stuff.
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