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  1. I didn’t realize that was a definitive model. It’s a new form factor for SpaceX but it looks much like every other CTS supply ship. Aside from some increases to fuel cap, And tougher electronics, it’s is a much simpler craft than Dragon 1/2.
  2. Maybe they couldn’t stomach flying on another rocket if omega doesn’t get off the ground soon. Haven’t heard much about that project lately.
  3. I think this is the first piece of the entire program that has a reasonable chance of being ready on time and on budget. I'm sure the dragon will need a few tweaks to get it to the moon and back, but probably not much.
  4. It depends on who is doing the presuming... don’t tell Bill Nye and his merry band of Lightsailors that photons gave no mass. On the other hand, in my line of work, geotechnical engineering, we assume air is massless for some calculations. Obviously this is false, but the mass of any air in the soil is so much less than the margin of error in the weights of solids or water, that it can be ignored. For most observations there are innumerable factors that are difficult to measure and calculate, but it isn’t always clear why. You are absolutely right to try figure out why things are calculated one way or another. But back to gravity...
  5. Crazy times! Dealing with KSP should be the least of your worries. I'll get a log together tonight.
  6. Some great video in there, but why does it sound like there is a laugh track?
  7. Yes, I switch to naval mode before opening the GUI.
  8. I have another comment, but could you first clarify why you expect different results in these cases?
  9. Does the orientation of the satellite have any consequence to it's following the curvature of space-time? I would argue that Figures 1 & 2 are exactly the same, if we are considering the sat to be a point mass. For a point mass, we can ignore gravity-gradient due to mass eccentricity and angular momentum. If we consider those things, then Fig 1 is just showing a sat rotating at 1 rev/orbit, and fig 2 is showing a sat rotating at 0 rev/orbit, how do these different angular momenta figure into a path through curved space? (I guess momenta is the plural of momentum, according to spellcheck - something they don't teach you in school!).
  10. Has anyone else been having trouble with the Naval Mode lately? I can't seem to engage it for ships, with an error like "Vessel Not Landed". If this is not a known issue I can provide more information. Thanks @maja!
  11. Yeah I don’t think those logs would last long, except in the softest ground.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. ---------- A question for all: Has anyone had luck synergizing Airships, AirPark, AND BonVoyage (unfocussed auto-rover mod)?. I keep trying to figure out ways to trick BonVoyage into thinking my blimp is a rover or a boat, but can't seem to do it.
  13. What is WBIModuleStaticLift? Is HLAirships still required?