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  1. Hmm, I saw somewhere that the ratio of dog years to human years was dependent on the weight of the dog. If I'm reading this chart right, an old, large dog could, in theory, travel backwards through time by losing weight.
  2. Don’t be to hard on PETA, they’re just trying to protect us all from AM Godzillas
  3. It has its own thread, which I mentioned. However, I thought that discussion of Boeing’s shift in focus away from engineering and safety was relevant here as well.
  4. Would it also be undetectable by other autonomous vehicles?
  5. Cross posting from here: A couple of interesting articles about how changes to Boeing's corporate structure led to the disastrous design of the 737 Max and it's MCAS system. What are people's thoughts about how these changes affected the space side of the company?
  6. Ooh, what if they build them with scrap from the starship prototypes! (Although they will have some serious flattening to do.)
  7. I'm reviving this thread after reading 2 fascinating articles this week about how Boeing's shift over the last couple decades from a company that valued it's engineers and had a world renowned culture of innovation and safety became one that appears to be driven by greed alone. Although the victims of the 737 Max planes operated by Lion Air and Ethiopian paid the price, Boeing's focus on money over good product also has ramifications for their spaceflight projects as well. And, not specifically related to Boeing or the 737 Max, but an interesting take on how adding complicated safety features to complex systems can have disastrous consequences.
  8. What do you think about the CYBERTRUCK?
  9. My thinking is that the F9 system would lose too much payload capacity after adding all the new shielding and landing hardware.
  10. Well this sixth planet is crossed off, so we know its not that one. Also, the antenna is pointing at Earth. What are the gray line/dashes? ------------------------------------------ Best scam ever?