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  1. All Nertea's mods, Rovrdude's mods, and KSPIE will fill the CTT out.
  2. To New Beginnings!
  3. Look to the OP.
  4. Not really, although there are modules that will recycle some waste products but you will not ever be 100% efficient. Question is: if you want 100% sustainably, why not just uninstall TAC?
  5. I wasn't paying attention when 1.2 came out with the autostrut and Rigid Attach features so I don't know much about it. 1. Are there any disadvantages to using Autostrut or Rigid Attach? 2. If there are no major disadvantages, can I get it to default to on without having to push the button on each part? 3. What is the difference in gameplay among the various Autostrut modes?
  6. Check this out. One of its goals is to integrate MKS colonization parts into Realism overhaul.
  7. Thank you @blowfish!
  8. @Physics Student, Are you at orbital velocity or still suborbital ?
  9. @Bottle Rocketeer 500, the diameter is 2.5 m I'm not sure if the height offhand, but you can easily find out in the Engineers Report in the VAB. @harrisjosh2711, KSP scales parts to about 5/8th actual size so the ~2 meter mercury capsule is represented by the Mk1 pod at 1.25 meters and the ~4 meter apollo is the 2.5 mk1-2 pod.
  10. @OswaldiusB, realplume is the only graphics mod I permit myself because of hardware limitations. It is possible to improve performance but there will probably be limitations. It seems that some plumes take more resources than others, such as SRBs. I set the smokescreen config to 300. Right at launch I get a yellow clock, but after the boosters burn out I get a green clock (as long as the camera is pointing away from the planet. @Aviator17, do you have KSP 1.2.2 installed?
  11. And add weight to the part to represent a battery of that capacity. Good idea @Kerbal101
  12. Glad you are in one piece @Drew Kerman!
  13. @blowfish, I thought so but I don't have such an install at the moment. Maybe it was in RP-0? Real fuels will most likely overwrite the SSTU resource switching, but it should have its own way of carrying additional resources.
  14. Do you have Community Resource Pants Pack installed?
  15. Big Like to all of the above. An extra small (non-passable) DP might be best for Gemini, it doesn't need to transfer crew right?