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  1. Pegasus going up on Sunday, no webcast and USSF is being secretive about the payload other than it's a "space domain awareness" satellite https://spaceflightnow.com/2021/06/12/hush-hush-military-satellite-ready-to-ride-pegasus-rocket-into-orbit/
  2. Given that starship pulls some Gs while horizontal on the belly flop it seems like holding it by the areo surfaces should be fine
  3. Looks like they sent up a GEO weathersat last night out of Xichang, wonder what the boosters are going to hit. https://spacenews.com/china-launches-fengyun-4b-meteorological-satellite/
  4. link with more info https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-selects-2-missions-to-study-lost-habitable-world-of-venus
  5. Launch has been pushed back a month due to issues with ariane 5 https://spacenews.com/jwst-launch-slips-to-november/
  6. they got footage from the booster all the way down
  7. Isnt that the DearMoon guy, wonder if he got tired of waiting, or if this is just a rehearsal for the moon mission
  8. The recent break between ariane 5 launches has been revealed to be related to an issue with vibrations from the faring separation mechanism, JWST may be delayed due to the backlog that occurs from this. https://spacenews.com/ariane-5-issue-could-delay-jwst/
  9. This is actually a relatively routine procedure on some 40k starships, assuming that they aren't fed back into the life support system, albeit with fusion heating instead of fission
  10. It looks like pirchal with the delivery progress still attached, and an airlock on the end, a far cry from what the article is describing, that must just be the core module
  11. Not to mention that measuring your capacity by volume is a waste of time with a heavily compressed gas like that
  12. Did anyone else notice how little space there is for luggage on his hypersonic passenger plane? Has this guy ever traveled anywhere? Also how do the baggage loaders get in there?
  13. Another MEV has docked to one of intelsats GEO birds https://spacenews.com/mev-2-servicer-successfully-docks-to-live-intelsat-satellite/
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