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  1. How do they define astronomers in that context
  2. The gravitational wave was produced during the merger, the X Ray's were produced by the jets of material
  3. Is that the case, I can't watch the stream right now?
  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    A week in a spacesuit with minimal suppliers on a spacecraft that isn't man rated without an abort system? I'm sure you're going to be overwhelmed with volunteers.
  5. Haumea has rings

    thanks, fixed it
  6. Haumea has rings

    the paper said that the inhomogenous ring hypothesis was unlikely on page 4
  7. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Liftoff! Stage separation Landed
  8. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Webcast has started
  9. Haumea has rings

    The dwarf planet Haumea has been found to have a ring system
  10. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I use %c as of late
  11. Do I see an exoatmospheric kill vehicle as the second stage of that rocket under the plane?
  12. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I have no idea what those are but there are now three of them, falcon heavy confirmed?
  13. NASA SLS/Orion/DSG/DST

    and launch outer solar system probes in a more reasonable timescale, Europa clipper is probably going up on one, and Nasa's Ice giant study recommends the use of SLS as a launch Vehicle
  14. Colonization Discussion Thread (split from SpaceX)

    Many of the American Colonies were founded to escape religious or political persecution, I suspect that many would be willing to pay to escape persecution, real or perceived.