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  1. insert_name


    Second braking manuver successful
  2. touchdown rehearsal today, actual thing delayed to next year
  3. insert_name

    Virgin Galactic, Branson's space venture

    Spaceship two will be going to space this year, ties with Saudis have been severed for reasons I'm not sure the mods want discussed
  4. This appears to have been drowned out by the news from Russia
  5. insert_name

    Arianespace launch thread seems like european soyuz is continuing as normal
  6. insert_name

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    The Orion spacecraft isnt currently designed for long duration flights, probably better to launch a soyuz on an american or international lv empty if it comes to that, not delta IVh, the next one being launched is at VAFB, it would be dangerous to send that rocket to the ISS from there
  7. insert_name

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    this site says separation occurred at 140km, which would put him over the Karman line
  8. insert_name

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Did anyone else see a bunch of objects at booster separation, it didn't look like a normal korolev's cross
  9. Summary of mascots now completed mission
  10. insert_name

    New Horizons

    Another TCM, most distant manuver ever counducted
  11. gif of mascot descending
  12. Mascot deployment underway
  13. insert_name


    1st braking manuver successful
  14. insert_name

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    What's the planned t-0?
  15. insert_name

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    A mig-31 has been spotted carrying an unusually large rocket analysts suspect it's an ASAT or orbital launch vehicle (or both)