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  1. The technically correct answer is that infinite resources on earth would have enough mass to bring the entire universe into Earth, and probably destroy the space time continuum
  2. deobit burn finished, closing nosecone now
  3. Rozgin has now blamed the US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya on Berger
  4. apparently there was a commsat launch out of Xichang last Saturday, wonder if we will get to see what the booster hit with the aforementioned space forum purge https://spacenews.com/china-launches-chinasat-9b-broadcast-satellite/
  5. Read ignition, it goes into the development of most liquid rocket fuels, they tried a metholox gel at one point, it ended up needing only a slight agitation such as a bit of light for the whole thing to go off. Also as a bit of a cautionary tale regarding the pursuit of high propellant density, at one point he was assigned to experiment with a dimethyl mercury propellant because someone thought it would be ideal based on its high density. Turns out that the danger of handling that stuff was not worth the boost in performance, as shown by the chemical companies he called to ask hanging up on him after he asked for a decent amount of the stuff.
  6. SpaceX has purchased Swarm technologies. Somewhat strange considering spaceX has a much higher quality product already with starlink, albeit at a much higher price https://spacenews.com/spacex-to-acquire-swarm-technologies/
  7. You might also be able to use wind turbines for some power, or just go for a more direct approach and use a sail
  8. stream is live, they arent going to recover this one
  9. looks like they are putting their shooting star module on the front of that, wonder what it will be used for besides as a tech demo
  10. Pegasus going up on Sunday, no webcast and USSF is being secretive about the payload other than it's a "space domain awareness" satellite https://spaceflightnow.com/2021/06/12/hush-hush-military-satellite-ready-to-ride-pegasus-rocket-into-orbit/
  11. Given that starship pulls some Gs while horizontal on the belly flop it seems like holding it by the areo surfaces should be fine
  12. Looks like they sent up a GEO weathersat last night out of Xichang, wonder what the boosters are going to hit. https://spacenews.com/china-launches-fengyun-4b-meteorological-satellite/
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