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  1. insert_name

    InSight launching in 2018

    TCM 1 successful
  2. insert_name

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Given the russian's record regarding the internet as of late, I doubt many people would want to hand them greater control of the internet.
  3. insert_name

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    faring missed Mr. Steven according to webcast
  4. insert_name

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    couldnt see it, but i could hear something a while ago and again just now that felt like a sonic boom
  5. insert_name

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    the stream has a view of mr steven
  6. insert_name

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    NASA TV may air it since it is carrying a nasa mission
  7. insert_name

    When We Left kerbin - Prologue

    that saucer certianly has a lot of "Science return vehicles" wonder what they are going to be used for
  8. This. Remember that the magic boulder showed us the "city" at its north pole at one point.
  9. insert_name

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Looks like another delay for EM-1
  10. insert_name

    NASA's IMAGE satellite may have come back to life

    partially deaf, acknowledges some commands but not very reliably
  11. insert_name

    NASA's IMAGE satellite may have come back to life

    Spacecraft has not switched to omnidirectional antenna, does not acknowledge most commands, still transmitting though
  12. insert_name

    InSight launching in 2018

    Pic of Earth from Marco b
  13. insert_name

    TESS Thread

    3rd perigee manuver complete, now on to the flyby
  14. insert_name

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Iridium next/grace FO scheduled for the 21st
  15. insert_name

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    there is a bit of a difference in the level of infastructure for LC-40 and a boat out in the middle of the ocean, this doesnt sound practical.