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  1. There is a high probability that Trump will nominate Oklahoma representative Jim Bridenstine as NASA administrator
  2. I would say the science and spaceflight forum gets its fair share of overly optimistic kids who plan to build an orbital rocket in their backyard and the occasional conspiracy theorist.
  3. Only solar sail to go interplanetary
  4. a story on the internet about a person who is clearly delusional going missing implies the exsistence of aliens. There are whole websites full of this garbage its not bizarre at all.
  5. More news on 2014mu69 it could be a binary or contact binary
  6. I was under the impression that the TPS was ablative, and would be trashed anyways.
  7. pretty sure something similar already exists
  8. I'm going to invade the fire nation while they can't firebend.
  9. SES 11 will use a flight-proven booster!
  10. NASA has confirmed that wasp 121b has stratosphere made of extremely hot steam!
  11. Successful stage separation Faring separation and 3rd stage ignition 3rd stage separation 4th stage ignition
  12. according to Wikipedia it was caused by water erosion
  13. Yep, let's go with @obney kerman
  14. Maybe we should wait until the object, and it's parent body are confirmed before we jump to conclusions about conditions on the surface.