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  1. insert_name

    ISRO Thread

    Considering that most of the potential targets for an Indian nuclear strike are fairly nearby to them, I really don't see much of a point for them to develop ICBMs
  2. the main lander has a russian RTG to provide some power during the night
  3. insert_name

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    speaking of space junk monitoring, how many defunct Briz-Ms are crossing GEO right now?
  4. insert_name

    ULA launch and discussion thread

    New launch date for nrol 71
  5. insert_name

    Concept for a Jupiter-Saturn-Haumea flyby probe

    Getting a video from Saturn would be hard because of bandwidth, not mass, it would take a long time to transmit, and time is not something an atmospheric probe has a lot of
  6. insert_name

    Akatsuki Venus Orbital Insertion

    This seems like the right place for this, Atasuki found some streaks within the atmosphere of Venus
  7. insert_name

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Packing of Dragon complete except for time sensitive experiments
  8. Gravity map of ryugu has been produced
  9. insert_name

    Top 3 Rocket Launches/Missions of 2018

    For launches it would be Insight, Icesat 2 and SSO-A
  10. insert_name

    New Horizons

    Have the earliest images been published yet? I didn't think we would see anything till tomorrow?
  11. insert_name

    InSight launching in 2018

    looks like the seismometer is on the ground
  12. insert_name

    Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser thread

    rockets are a type of propulsion, spaceplanes are a type of reentry vehicle, the two are not mutually exclusive. in this case, the space plane design helps reduce recovery time and g loads during reentry, while it launches on an atlas V, a regular old rocket.
  13. insert_name

    Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser thread

    SNC has been cleared to start production
  14. insert_name

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Looks like BFR is going to use the same heat shield as the X-37
  15. Not to mention the fact that the civilian populace will be inside colonies on the surface most likely designed to facilitate her regime.