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  1. Noting a lack of internal footage, when will we see the 0-g indicator?
  2. The last part is because at certain speeds there is a danger of the boosters recontacting the core
  3. Cosmos 2555 is dead, destructive reentry imminent https://techartica.com/cosmos-2555-is-set-to-burn-cosmos-2555-will-be-burned/
  4. New exoplanets 32 ly away https://phys.org/news/2022-04-rocky-exoplanets-nearby-star.html
  5. Mission extension confirmed, going to Apophis in 2029! https://www.nasa.gov/feature/nasa-extends-exploration-for-8-planetary-science-missions
  6. Ax-1 just separated from the ISS https://youtu.be/GBFZghqrI_4
  7. CSNA has announced plans for a kinetic impactor asteroid deflection test https://spacenews.com/china-to-conduct-asteroid-deflection-test-around-2025/
  8. They seem to be operating under the assumption that the propellants are fully combusted, though the variable flames coming out of the rocket and their first test suggest otherwise.
  9. here's there recording of the zoom call, they seemed like they had answers to all the safety related questions they chose to answer. They claimed that the reason they were afraid of the cloud was because of the dust, that they were raising the rocket by hand, while it was empty. Still, this seems pretty sketchy. Also I'm not sure they get how the meme they posted below is supposed to work. https://www.pythom.space/updates/the-call-of-the-wild-pythom-zoom-event-taped
  10. https://blogs.nasa.gov/lucy/2022/04/21/nasas-lucy-mission-is-go-for-solar-array-deployment-attempt/ The solar array that did not latch after launch will go through with another attempt in about a month
  11. looks like parts of a long march 3 hit India last April https://spacenews.com/india-examining-crashed-space-debris-suspected-to-be-parts-of-chinas-long-march-rocket/
  12. to be fair the B-29s were interred during wartime as the USSR was neutral for most of the pacific war, so they were required to hold on to them for a bit
  13. heres a video of one of their test firings in a "mobile test stand" read: wooden trailer. You can clearly see that large portions of the propellants are unmixed and unburned, with some sort of liquid being sprayed across the ground while a cloud of nitric acid rises into the air
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