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  1. Which rocket is this, they have proposed so many desings recently it's hard to keep track
  2. One of TESS's earlier discoveries atmosphere (or more accurately lack thereof) and albedo have been characterized
  3. Will landing gear be fixed? The trailer has me worried about never being able to land
  4. postponed again, no new launch date
  5. trivial solution: make your ship 3km long, then just turn it with reaction wheels
  6. Dragonfly has been selected as the next new frontiers mission
  7. I wonder how the webcast is going to handle the length of this mission, it should be around 7 hrs long, though I doubt they will be doing much for the full duration
  8. Liftoff, they have good ground footage this time so the broadcast is worth watching
  9. was the forward section with the checkered fuselages inspired by the missing texture in minecraft?
  10. Not quite, still have a coast phase and engine relight, followed by satellite deployment
  11. they did say that it would have an electrically driven turbopump, and that it was designed to be reusable
  12. An optionally manned lunar lander is being developed for the gateway to land on the moon and collect samples, and return to the gateway, with a reusable ascent stage and potential for manned missions