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  1. There were grid fins on this booster, wonder if it got filmed coming down
  2. whoops, forgot the link, just edited the last post
  3. Launcher one will have a optional 3rd stage for interplanetary missions
  4. what the others said, or a launch failing to reach orbit, or unable to deploy the spacecraft because the faring was not jettisoned (OCO, glory, IRNSS-1H, and one of the gemini target vehicles
  5. Space news said they have switched to single core for beta
  6. It sort of makes sense, why develop an engine of your own when someone else has already started and will give you a spot on Shelby's gravy train
  7. and abort has been called, sounds like they are going to go around for another run
  8. 20 new moons of Saturn have been found, bringing the total up to 82, more than Jupiter
  9. Might be worthwhile, but only if you can use the parts of asteroid as your reaction mass and go to great lengths to reinforce it, seeing as most rock contains a significant amount of oxygen and you can refine the rock to get spare parts and oxygen over a long period of time, while only having one tank for both, and rocks are less likely to leak
  10. SpaceX has been contracted to launch a commercial lunar lander. Interesting that they will be supplying metholox to the lander until shortly before launch
  11. Think of the ISS as a research ship and BFR as a ferry, I am expecting that the 100 figure is for the point to point version. Also ISS crew size is limited by the vehicles flying to it, not the volume
  12. We don't know much about the interior structure of Venus, and the surface is relatively new so it would be difficult to determine what has impacted it, also it does have continental platforms in the form of Ishtar and Aphrodite terra