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  1. insert_name

    ISRO Thread

    Isro going for a manned launch by 22
  2. insert_name

    ULA launch thread

    this just went up on the ULA youtube channel
  3. insert_name

    Green Propellant to Replace Hydrazine

    neither of those are all electric, dawn has a hydrazine rcs, and there is no way that the rtgs for new horizons could provide enough power for an ion engine
  4. insert_name

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Falcon Heavy considered for international lopg launches
  5. insert_name

    Forgotten Space Program

    so what is copper's destination?
  6. insert_name

    ULA launch thread

  7. insert_name

    ULA launch thread

  8. More launches, also Curie is able to host instruments on it.
  9. 1km descent complete
  10. insert_name

    Accelating a Planet

    if you want to accelerate a planet, i would reccomend A LOT of gravity tractors
  11. insert_name

    ALIEN SKIES: A 6.4-scale playthrough of GPP/Rald

    Just don't let Triti shave for a day or two and the bears will think she is one of them
  12. maybe, but air compressors take up space and tend to be heavy, also they wouldnt help in this case because the dust blocks out most of the sunlight
  13. Another descent to 5km, next one will go to 1km
  14. What did they drop the boosters on this time?
  15. Launch occurred, conflicting reports on wether it was successful but the spaceport exec said they were satisfied with the test and no damages to the spaceport