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  1. I would expect that the kids will find a way to hit each other with these
  2. 3 way contest between this, James Webb, and SLS for most delayed space project?
  3. sounds like the PRC is censoring research into the coronavirus
  4. Rocketlab recently conducted a test of the recovery setup
  5. Tell that to Crimea, Donbass and Georgia
  6. A lot of the initial predictions were based on Chinese data, which has been modified by the government to improve the perception of their handling of the situation so its no surprise that the death toll will be higher than initially expected source:
  7. I mean regular lunar impactors would probably be a scientific boon if we can get a seismometer network up on the moon again, and maybe something to monitor the dust
  8. There are launches that go up with just one, and even the two srb and three srb launches are ayssemitrical
  9. Liftoff, also Tory Bruno had a Kerbal in the background when he made his speech
  10. Won't be launching soon by the sounds of things
  11. In Soviet-ish Russia, lion tames you
  12. For the long march 7 there have only been 3 flights including this one, the first 2 were successful, though the recent failure was the first flight of a long march 7A with a new cryogenic upper stage so that variant has a failure rate of 100%
  13. And they have confirmed that it will be postponed till 22, not that surprising considering how close to the deadline they were getting with the chute tests
  14. If I remember correctly, 100 is for short leo/suborbital p2p flights, looking at the dear moon flight there are only 8, I cant imagine them sending much more on a long mission like a mars landing.
  15. The lidar altimeter bugged out and the images from the flyover of the backup landing site are likely out of focus