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  1. Hmm now it looks like there are plans for starlink based weather sats
  2. The ISS uses hypergolic fuel which is easier to store, but more difficult to manufacture in space. these contracts are for cryogenic fuel (LH2 or LCH4)
  3. looks like the USSF will be getting some OPIR satellites using the starlink bus
  4. yep, bad weather on the east coast combined with already finnicky rockets
  5. the real antithesis to a flying wing is a lifting body
  6. Aviation week has been putting out a lot of articles about hydrogen propulsion, mostly for short haul regional turboprops that will be converted to fuel cell electric. For the ones that use gaseous H2, they tend to have it stored at ~300 bar, from what I understand about Hydrogen its not a matter of preventing leaks at that pressure, its about managing them. Is there any way to have that safely and still allow for the general public to board it?
  7. why have ramjets and scramjets not seen much use on manned aircraft?
  8. Looks like parts of vesta are on bennu
  9. Not entirely sure, the contract award in the article that I swore I linked in there made it sound like a refueling and repair shop
  10. Per Scott Manley, it was a propellant dump from the upper stage
  11. USSF is interested in using shooting star as a space station
  12. See the last launch
  13. If everyone is evacuated, who keeps filming the boosters hitting the ground?