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  1. I certainly hope there's some kind of public servers because frankly I have no gaming friends. They will have to deal with griefing and I'm not sure how prepared for it they will be. People will intentionally blow up large projects representing hundreds of hours of work spread across many people if they're allowed to, just because they can. Frankly I'm not sure how you allow people to screw up while also not allowing people to intentionally wreck someone's work. I personally don't care that much about MP in KSP, though I'm not opposed to online games in any sense. I've done my thousands of hours in MMOs. I will just say this; KSP online will probably turn into an MMO, whether the devs are prepared for it or not. I'm concerned that it will dominate post-release dev time and attention because people don't behave. So I would like to see something fun but I'm cautiously pessimistic that MP will hurt the SP experience due to developer resources.
  2. I'm not trying to be mean. I understand the situation you're in. It's just, this is not the way it works for pretty much any game.
  3. I pretty much only have two wishes. That I can install many mods without frequent and noticeable garbage collection. That landing and driving on the surface of bodies feels more natural.
  4. Just wanted to chime in and say that I still haven't really played with the mod much, but it will be one of the core mods if I ever start up another save. I tend to play KSP in spurts and I haven't had one in a while. And to be honest, the last couple of times I've started a save, I didn't play for very long. A couple thousand hours of playing, every time I start something up I'm reminded of the limitations of Unity for what I'd like the game to be. There's a lot of things I always "plan" on doing in KSP, setting up bases and stations all over the solar system, but I never seem to get past Mun/Minmus exploration before I don't feel like putting in the engineering to design the missions anymore. I do appreciate all the work you've put into the mod and I read all of the updates and posts as I'm subscribed to the thread. Hopefully I'll give it a try one day.
  5. I'm not sure I have the time to do this, but with module manager you (or someone) could: - take one of the small 1.25m stock tanks. Make it into a new part in your mod's GameData folder (like I think you already have with some other parts). - add the B9 module to it (I think you can do this?) - patch it to include your resources like you already do then you'll have a 1.25m tank available for snacks early in the tech tree.
  6. From what I can tell, the mod patches any part with a B9 part switch module to include its resources. This includes many of the parts in Station Parts Expansion Redux. It and KPBS are dependencies
  7. Just wanted to give some encouraging words to keep you going in development.... this looks really interesting and if I start playing again after this long break, I'll definitely be trying it out. Kinda hoping to wait for some more resource integration as teased in the OP.
  8. I'm an experimental astrophysicist myself (supernova cosmology to be exact) though at the moment I work on HST and JWST data from a technical standpoint rather than mostly research. Once I learned python back in graduate school I found that solving a problem quickly with a monte carlo or empirical approach was usually good enough for me outside of work I like a low TWR for liftoff because it "feels" the least "wasteful". I haven't optimized that this is true, but it seems like it's the right combination of engine cost with necessary fuel; too much TWR and you're probably overspending on the engine, and a cheaper option should be available. That's only true if the engines in your save are well balanced in terms of ISP, thrust, and cost though. I also like the low TWR because it works well with mods like GravityTurn for the ascent profile; typically my launchers are SSTO (occasionally requiring SRBs) and the circularization burn is less than 100 m/s. I feel like a low TWR and a small circularization burn is more "realistic". Since I've been playing with SSTU, I've noticed I frequently don't need SRBs for typical launches, but as you're going through the tech tree, the annealing frequently picks SRBs to punch up that initial TWR while using a more efficient engine once they come off. I don't simulate the ISP atmospheric curve in my procedure, but I do keep track of how long the burns are and the rate of fuel consumption, so the code knows how much sea level TWR will be there when the SRBs come off. I require it to be > 1, which in practice means it's a bit higher than that since usually the SRBs burn for 30-45 seconds and the ISP and thrust have come up a bit. My philosophy for this particular code was "don't let perfect be the enemy of good enough" With SSTU and my code I can build a launcher for any payload in < 10 minutes and I don't have to build a collection of payload-rated subassemblies. I did that once and it took me weeks. And then I wanted to change mods for my next career and most of my launchers didn't work. So I wrote this to be flexible about the options available in any particular save and so that I could build the most cost-efficient launcher for any payload super fast.
  9. "This source code has been transcribed or otherwise adapted from digitized images of a hardcopy from the MIT Museum. The digitization was performed by Paul Fjeld, and arranged for by Deborah Douglas of the Museum. Many thanks to both." Also: https://www.ibiblio.org/apollo/assembly_language_manual.html
  10. As is typical for me, I went for the Monte Carlo like approach. The discrete nature of rocket building makes it a little harder so I had to learn something new to do it. I have tables of engines and fuel tank properties (mostly for SSTU), including SRBs, and I use simulated annealing to minimize the cost that will successfully launch a payload of a given mass. I have grown to love simulated annealing as an algorithm in place of brute force combinatorics in a large discrete parameter space. Launch vehicle is considered valid if dV > 3600 and sea-level TWR is between 1.2 and 1.3. I commend you for the work in your post, but I'm a better empiricist than theorist
  11. I thought some of you software folks might find this interesting: https://github.com/chrislgarry/Apollo-11
  12. Yeah, I figured out the ratio by looking at the volume and units in the SSTU GUI. I went a step further though and used the MM arithmetic; I need to change a fair number of parts and some of them will have different multipliers (edit: guess pretty much everything has a multiplier of 5?) so I didn't want to have to write everything down and calculate it somewhere else! Here's what it looks like (this version confirmed working): MMCONFIG { vol_liter_per_LFO_unit = 5.0 } @PART[KKAOSS_Rocket_Fuel_Tank]:NEEDS[PlanetaryBaseInc]:AFTER[PlanetaryBaseInc] { MODULE { name = SSTUVolumeContainer enableContainerEdit = true enableFuelTypeChange = true subtractMass = false subtractCost = false baseContainerIndex = 0 CONTAINER { name = Main Tank conversion = #$@MMCONFIG/vol_liter_per_LFO_unit$ LF = 0 OX = 0 @LF += #$../../RESOURCE[LiquidFuel]/amount$ @OX += #$../../RESOURCE[Oxidizer]/amount$ @LF *= #$conversion$ @OX *= #$conversion$ volume = 0 @volume += #$LF$ @volume += #$OX$ -conversion = DELETE -LF = DELETE -OX = DELETE useStaticVolume = true tankageVolume = 0 tankageMass = 0 defaultModifier = standard defaultFuelPreset = LFO resource = LiquidFuel resource = LqdHydrogen resource = Oxidizer resource = MonoPropellant resource = Aerozine50 resource = NTO resource = ElectricCharge resource = RocketParts resource = XenonGas resource = Ore modifier = standard } } -RESOURCE,* { } }
  13. @Shadowmage Sincere thanks for spending your valuable time helping debug my messed up MM patch. Sorry that it was a simple miss. I confirm it's working now. There's more LFO in the part than there is without SSTU, so now I've got to figure out conversion rates for all of the parts and whatnot to keep the intended balance. But I'll figure that out now that it works. Thanks again!