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  1. Exactly. To be honest, I don't think lots of maneuverability is needed in a shuttle - quite the contrary. The only thing that is handy to have is pitch authority - and a lot of people use canards clipped into the cockpit for that (or lots of elevons on the rear end). Too much roll authority can prove to be... difficult... during reentry, in my experience.
  2. You can go straight to STS-2a, the "b" missions are optional, bonus missions and are not required to complete before progressing further. Nice demonstration mission of your first shuttle - good job! The reentry was quite precise, with a bit of training you'll be landing at the KSC in no time So, here's the first badge for you: Congratulations! Michal.don
  3. Finally got to checking the videos - sorry for the delay (again). There is nothing fishy going on indeed, great series of missions, nice pinpoint landings, so no complaints on my part - here is your badge: Congrats! No, there is not any size limit, but I encourage people to go crazy - it's real fun trying to land stuff like this one: Screenshot reports are fine, too Nice mission, though I have to wonder - why did you aim for the "pilot" level only? Nothing wrong with that, I'm just used to people going for the "commander" level most of the time. Abou
  4. I don't expect anything fishy, I'd just like to have a look.... Thanks! I'll have a look at it when it's done then.
  5. Alright, I've got a bit of time to finally look at all the stuff you guys did, let's get to it: And you are very right to be proud - this is some proper engineering! Very smooth entry, descent and landing, this is how it should be done. I'm curious though - how adaptible is the script for cases when you are bringing some payload down (STS-2b for example), doesn't the mass change mess it up too much? In any case, a very, very well deserved badge for you: Congratulations! That's a pretty neat shuttle design you have here - I really like it! Great to hear tha
  6. I just want to let you know that I haven't forgotten about y'all, but the last week or two have just been crazy and I did not have time to check your missions. The busy time should be over soon though, so, please, just give me a little more time to catch up. Sorry for the delays on my part and thank you for your patience, Michal.don
  7. Someone apparently took your Kraken trilogy as a manual instead of a novel...
  8. Very nice station design, and a pretty advanced orbital assembly - great mission! The orbiter must be quite toasted though from the "separotrons".... A new badge for you: good luck with your school stuff and looking forward to hear from you here when you are finished And one of the "monstrosity kind" here, too Great looking station, especially the rings. I guess their inflatability comes in handy, even if you have this large cargo bay. Very good mission, so a badge for you as well: Congratulations! Michal.don
  9. So, my first entry: I used the following mods: And I think my score should be as follows: Launch vehicles +10 Ares I +5 Ares V +5 Stage recovery I and II +7 Orion +6 Crew safety and mobility +5 Larger than life +5+3.2 CommNet +10 =56 Objective +20 KOR +8 Accurate Altair +7 Fuel cells +2 Descent module +4 KDS +3 AOI +3 Mun rover +3 =50 It was fun flying, I should go asteroid hunting soon Michal.don
  10. Last mission so far I know I don't produce the new missions as fast as some of you would like, but some new missions are definitely coming...
  11. Yes, the mission is difficult. And it's supposed to be But despite the video issues, you tackled it succesfully - good job! So another badge for you, congratulations: Yes, real life has a tendency of interfering with KSP, that's the way it unfortunately is... Welcome back! Nice rescue mission! Your reentries are indeed getting very precise, I think that once you manage to hit the KSC from inclined obit, you pretty much don't need the jets anymore, because you can land the thing from wherever it might be, so very good job on your part! About the resour
  12. Wow. That sucks, big time... So you lost all the recordings and screenshot material from the whole mission?
  13. Oh, now that you asked, I realised that there are no specific rules about CommNet So you might do just fine without local control after all
  14. As long as you aerobrake on the second pass of Eve, yes. Welcome to the challenge! Yes, FAR is allowed, if you want to make your life hard, you can go for it And no - the shuttle doesn't have to be piloted by a kerbal, but from my experience, I would strongly reccomend it to be able to be controlled localy - signal blackouts can complicate your life a lot Michal.don
  15. Yes, I meant that specifically for the Mun mission, the lander requires signal to operate. The SRB (with thrust curve, yay ) comes from this one: That's where the Orion capsule is from, too. I'll share the full modlist when the first mission is submited, it might grow a bit until then Thanks for the reply, Michal.don
  16. Alright, I decided to give this another shot, and do it properly this time. I'm going to play this in a modded, 3.2x rescaled 1.6.1 install, with focus on hopefully good looking spacecraft What I have so far: Orion and Altair lander, WIP Ares I A question though - with CommNet turned on, is it possible to send a few commsats in advance, or is it required to struggle with signal blackouts? Thanks, Michal.don
  17. It does? That should take care of my rescaling needs, thank you!
  18. Hello there, I'm setting up my 1.6.1 install, and I'm wondering whether there are any rescaling mods compatible? I'd like to give a 3.2x rescaled system a spin again, but the mod I used in older versions does not seem to be updated anymore. Thanks, Michal.don
  19. I agree, the 1.25 m habs do not look as good as the 2.5 m. I generally do not use, or like tweakscale very much (I prefer procedural parts for more diameter variability), but since the station doesn't have any size requirements, I do not see any reason to ban it. Or, there's a possibility to tweascale the shuttle so the 2.5 m parts fit in That's correct. Michal.don
  20. (The video is not working - at least for me - it's the video of the STS-2b mission. But I can see enough in the screenshots) It seems you have quite an affection for cargo bays packed to the limit Very nice telescope design and good job on the orbital assembly part of the mission! I can't help but wonder how the spacestation from STS-5 ti STS-8 will look like, but I think it's going to be quite special! Here's your badge, congratulations! Michal.don
  21. Up to you - you can leave them in orbit, let them burn in the atmosphere, or bring them back. I brought mine home, too, felt wasteful to do otherwise Michal.don
  22. A method that I use, if I'm not in a mood to do much of previous planning, is like this: 1) Get the satellite to LKO 2) Raise the Ap to keostationary height (2 863 330 m) 3) When at Ap, raise the Pe so that your orbital period is a bit less than a Kerbin day, let's say 5,5 hours 4) Wait for the KSC to be roughly underneath when you are at Ap 5) Burn at Ap to circularize and correct the orbital period to 1 day It's not 100% precise, but doesn't require any maths or much planning and is more than sufficient for most purposes. Hope that helps,
  23. Well, if you're a fan of payload designs on the more compact size, I think that every mission is doable with one of the long, stock Mk3 cargo bays. BUte some of the folks around here just love to build monstrosities, so if you're rather in that camp, I think the Mk4 stuff will be the prefered option In that case it's not a problem Good luck in the future missions
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