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  1. MOAR Boosters... 2nd mission (first part of six): Checkout the original posts here and here, and the entire Kerpollo sequence of videos at my Vimeo account, set to some crackin' tunes.
  2. A single like just doesn't seem enough for this amazingly creative achievement! KSP will now need it's own version of the Oscars... Awesome work @Makc_Gordon
  3. Nice work and congrats! @Aazard
  4. The goal of this challenge is to play a community game of "reverse" pass the parcel. Players will take turns transporting a parcel back and forth between the KSC and the Island Airfield, using the EVA Construction Mode to add a part to the parcel each time it's shuttled between the KSC and Airfield. The last team to transport the parcel successfully is the victor. Rules: There are 2 notional teams: "Team KSC" and "Team Airfield" Players take turns sequentially. Players can submit entries for one or both teams. Players can enter more than once, the only restriction is t
  5. As always, a neat and efficient entry. Added you to the leaderboard. For anyone who is following this thread, the latest 1.11 version brings in some interesting changes. Kerbal's EVA packs and parachutes now add mass to the craft, which has the following implications: Podded entries are mildly more efficient (you can omit the jetpack and personal parachute) Command chair entries are potentially much more efficient (a 0.05 versus 0.09 ton Kerbal is a more significant change) A personal parachute vs a chute on the command chair entries is now more balanced (both add
  6. Hurray! I look forward to the reign of terror ...erm I mean benevolent dictatorship...no wait...stewardship of respected clan elder @JAFO I think one of the things that make the Caveman challenge such a success is the simplicity of the rules, basically: No building upgrades of any kind Just raw primal KSP with the ever present danger of the sabre-toothed Kraken To encourage innovation I would make 2 suggestions: Explicitly allow EVA construction to inspire creativity and add to the established repertoire of lawn-assembly and orbital assembly. Bring the Break
  7. Now that the 1.11 update is available, I'm curious what the clan thinks of the new EVA construction mode and how "compatible" it is with Caveman? My initial feeling after a short testing session is that it will be a nice addition that will spur further creativity and fun design patterns (which there is already plenty of in this thread ). The largest container available at Caveman tech levels is the SEQ-3 that can fit at most an Oscar fuel tank. It seems most useful for adding small science, batteries, antennas, solar panels, ladders and whatnot to craft after launch where part
  8. I threw a rock at Eeloo back in 1.1 days (a probe into low Eeloo orbit). However I don't think anyone has landed on it. With 9,000 m/s delta-v you could visit Eeloo and...Dres!
  9. Unfortunately with that glitch no-one can know what the actual fuel consumption was - so I can't accept that entry officially but I appreciate your honesty about it. However it's pretty clear that you go can lower than your current 1st place score, perhaps even lower than 160 funds by iterating on your current design. If you want to enter again with a tweaked version of your current 1st place entry, I'm happy to update your slot. (It's fine to do named quicksave regularly just in case that unexplained fuel glitch strikes again, so you could revert to a known good point without having t
  10. Apparently I did visit Moho! Found the album for the mission that delivered a probe into a low polar orbit of Moho. That's technically a little better than a flyby, but not by much. So looks the achievement of landing is still waiting to be claimed in both Kerballed and non-Kerballed categories. And since Commnet was introduced in 1.2 there's an extra challenge if someone would like to attempt another flyby with Commnet on.
  11. To the best of my knowledge, there's never been a Caveman landing on Moho...
  12. @camacju Added you to the leaderboard in first place. @camacju @jinnantonix I really like how you've taken different approaches on the spaceplane + launcher theme, constantly iterating, refining and improving with each attempt. Both designs are really ridiculously cheap! Loads of great ideas from you both on how to further reduce cost and I feel that both approaches still have scope for further reductions.
  13. Normally bargain basement space travel should be viewed with suspicion, but in this challenge it's a badge of honour! Question because I noticed many non-informational only MechJeb panels: Did you use MechJeb assistance (or any other mod) with any part of the mission? (for example manuever creation or execution, landing, ascent, circularisation)
  14. Great detail on the delta-v figures. It seems the convenience of reaction wheels is worth it for 99% of cases, especially regular day to day play. Only in the rare case where the absolute maximum margins of performance need to be eked out (for example, challenges) does the balance shift. Excellent entry, you take a well deserved top spot on the leaderboard in the renewable category. I laughed out loud at the Kerbal rolling the lander onto the runway. Your mission notes are great reading and full of tips and tricks for anyone interested in maximising cost efficiency. One suggesti
  15. Just when I thought I'd seen everything... Outstanding work @Makc_Gordon
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