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  1. The primitive Jool 5 started here, continues with Tylo and Laythe missions. To maximize science collected while obeying the Kerpollo challenge restrictions, the crafts launch into polar orbits, allowing collection of EVA reports from above every biome. Jeb lands on Tylo in a craft with no ladders, no landing legs, a single Reliant and the bare minimum of snacks. Descent begins at 1:20 Creative substitute for ladder at 4:00 Valentina visits Laythe with a minimalist craft propelled only by a single Swivel. Descent begins at 1:30 Practical application of science at 3:00
  2. Get from Kerbin to Jool from around 1,100 to 1,200 m/s dV (depending on how precise you are) rather than the usual ~2,000 m/s. Works for any size craft. Video assumes you are familiar with basic gravity assist technique. This tutorial uses stock KSP - you can make life easier by using a mod such a Precise Maneuver for maneuver node editing.
  3. I look forward to seeing your entry (or possibly entries)!
  4. ManEatingApe

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    What! You mean this whole time that I've been swaggering around taunting Johnny Law, twirling my mustachio, laughing maniacally - I've actually been a law-abiding citizen I'm not sure if this old con can ever be rehabilitated...ah what the heck, it'd be a shame to leave a challenge behind. When I'm done with video editing, I'll tackle the remaining missions - on one condition. That you leave me in the Rogue's Gallery - I kinda like it.
  5. You're spot on - it's much tougher! Only having half the science experiments available doesn't help things either.
  6. ManEatingApe

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    I did some research into the minimum possible number of launches to complete the tech tree Kerpollo style in the Jool 5 thread. Let's just say the total number is low
  7. Playing Science mode, normal difficulty, pure stock. A Jool 5 is a nice way to complete my tech the moment it's a little sparse . Prepare for a primitive entry! Only Reliant, Swivel and Thumper engines 1 ton FL-T200 is the largest fuel tank (of 2 available) No luxuries such as ladders No struts (this is Science mode) I'm attempting 3 challenges in 1: Jool 5 @ Level 3 (Jebediah's Level) @5thHorseman's Kerpollo rules (especially no more than 1 ground Biome per planet/moon) A personal goal to unlock the tech tree in the fewest launches. This is the 2nd launch. First launch here. Some unorthodox approaches were necessary. For example the craft is held together mostly by hope and also a horizontal spar made of 4 empty Thumpers (used as structural elements). The part count was...well let's just say the craft was named Destroyer of Framerate. (craft file here) At launch it took 30 seconds of real time for each 1 second of a game time. Active control was out of the question until later in the ascent. By draining fuel tanks on one side slightly, a reasonably respectable gravity turn was passively induced. To get to Jool, I used the tried and tested K-E-K-K-J multiple gravity assist route. I turned this journey into it's own tutorial video to hopefully assist any budding Kerbonauts. I'll post the Tylo, Laythe, Val, Bop, Pol and Kerbin return mission grouped into a few videos over the next few days, as soon as I get time to edit several hours of rambling recordings into a coherent narrative.
  8. Landing a caveman Kerbal on Minimus is tricky enough...doing it on hard mode, bravo!
  9. ManEatingApe

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    May I suggest "Rogues' Gallery" for the list name Speaking of which my own rogue attempt is still on my to-do list! Running the math (if I have the figures right) it should be possible to unlock the entire tech tree in 2 missions total with a Joolpollo. It would require a craft with only Reliants and Swivels, no crossfeed, no autostruts and hitting every single low orbit EVA report over Laythe, Val, Tylo, Pol & Pol. In short it's a little crazy to attempt. A Dunpollo/Joolollo or Eelollo/Joolollo mision sequence would be much simpler and complete the tech tree in 3 missions total, but feels like the non-Kerbal way out.
  10. ManEatingApe

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    No worries, thought it might be a little cheeky! I like your rule restrictions so I'll probably continue the save trying to do it in the fewest launches possible (off my own bat of course in order to not derail this thread). A kind of "inspired by Kerpollo" non-official outlaw renegade attempt
  11. ManEatingApe

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    Why grind KSC science when there's the MOAR boosters approach... (Normal science career, stock only) @5thHorseman Would it violate the spirit of the challenge completing the tech tree using fewer than 9 launches?
  12. ManEatingApe

    Santa's Little Helper

    Good work, the air drop is a nice touch! The elves are enjoying their new science kit... Added you to the leaderboard.
  13. ManEatingApe

    Eve 3000

    Thanks! This is an engaging challenge and a great way to push the boundaries of Eve lander design. The variety in the various entries is interesting and should provide inspiration for future missions. I feel everyone who participated so far has conclusively shown that an Eve ore contract is not just possible* but actually profitable! * Having seen some of the inspired lunacy that happens on these forums perhaps I should say probable instead ;-)
  14. ManEatingApe

    Jool 5 tips?

    A Tylo or Laythe gravity assist to capture at the Jool system saves a bunch of dV You can use the same lander design for Vall, Bop and Pol In fact, with a little refuelling, you can use the same lander for Vall, Bop and Pol For maximum mass reduction and part re-use the ascent stage of the Tylo lander can also be used as the Vall, Bop, and Pol lander
  15. ManEatingApe

    Santa's Little Helper

    Deliver the priciest "present" possible to the North Pole. Most expensive present wins. A present consists of any number and type of parts joined together, the more expensive the better! Be creative Due to spending all our money on the present we can't afford to upgrade the KSC facilities so your craft must fit within the Level 1 Launchpad and Runway restrictions by weighing 18 tons or less. Rules: Submit photos or a video of your entry, showing the present in the VAB or Hangar for cost purposes and then delivered at the North Pole Stock and MH parts only. I'm not aware of any drastic price changes between recent versions, so feel free to use anything from 1.3 to 1.6. The craft must weight 18 tons or less Mods that are purely informational (e.g KER), visual (e.g. EVE, Scatterer) or audio (e.g. Chatterer) are allowed. Mechjeb assistance is also fine. You must start from either the KSC Launchpad or Runway (any level VAB or Runway is acceptable) Finish by detaching or decoupling the present anywhere in either Kerbin's "Ice Caps" or "Northern Ice Shelf" biome. The present must be inert and not contribute any fuel, thrust, control authority or more than incidental lift during the trip. (however EC generation is ok) No more than very minor part clipping or offsetting when making the present - excessive clipping (e.g multiple fuel tanks in the space of one) will ruin it! Any excessive part clipping, Kraken drives or debug menu shenanigans earns you a place on the naughty list. This is a lighthearted challenge and the rules can't cover every possible edge case, so try to stick to the spirit and most importantly, have fun! The coveted and prestigious "Award of the Reindeer" shall be bestowed on any entry that goes the extra mile and fulfills any of the categories below. Notes: Each AotR category is a separate award Each AotR category is awarded *once* only to the first entry that successfully meets the criteria A single entry can obtain multiple awards Watching the movie(s) of your award is not required AotR Categories: The Polar Express Deliver your present in less than 10 minutes Die Hard Blow up the VAB during delivery Gremlins Deliver the present despite something going wrong during the mission e.g staging mishap, forgetting parachute, functional part breaking Home Alone Bring all your Kerbals except one on the trip Planes, Trains and Automobiles Deliver the present without leaving the atmosphere The Grinch Deliver your present to the South Pole Scrooged Bring the present back with you to the KSC after delivery (present must still be capable of detaching) While you were Sleeping Have a Kerbal on board pass out from G-force during the mission Trading Places Swap 2 Kerbals using EVA while flying in the atmosphere Leaderboard: Player Cost AotR @dire 89,132 Planes, Trains and Automobiles