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  1. Thanks for the update! Tylo is tricky to eject from without maneuver nodes. A couple m/s difference in ejection velocity can throw you into a very different orbit than intended. Once you're finished, I'm thinking of docking TANGO with that spare fuel then taking it on a adventure somewhere...
  2. I'd be happy to do VICTOR. It will be fun to actually land on a moon If you like I can leave Jeb in low Laythe orbit so you can choose the landing spot?
  3. Thanks for testing that out. I've updated the OP with a few notes for guidance. Specifically for Laythe: Only Jeb needs to make it to the surface Jeb should land near the shore as LIMA needs to take off and land from water Kerbin re-entry has also been updated with an extra step.
  4. Excellent! Congratulations on what is (to the best of my knowledge) both the very first Caveman Tylo landing and the very first Caveman Tylo Kerballed landing @dvader @IncongruousGoat @Jacke @Muetdhiver @Pds314 @Rakaydos This has truly taken a tremendous team effort to get this far, so please open a celebratory beverage and take a moment to savor your combined success. Everyone who has contributed so far deserves a share of the kudos, let's keep up the great work! back to business I've merged the changes and tagged them as "v22", everybody please pull the latest version. @Muetdhiver You have the mutex, enjoy! One minor suggestion: If you want to have some fun there's still 420 m/s remaining in the drop tank attached to the front of BRAVO. It may be possible to "push" Jeb using the flat front of the tank and use up that fuel. (BRAVO on its own has over 4,600 m/s of dV so this is only for kicks and not crucial for success) We need a valiant volunteer for a Vall landing mission. I don't believe that any Caveman has landed on either Vall or Laythe before so this is a chance to make some history. I'd love if other Caveman clan members would like to help out, however anyone is welcome to volunteer, fresh faces are always appreciated.
  5. Save file looks great and an impressively quick turnaround! Changes merged and tagged as "v21". Everybody please pull the latest version. @IncongruousGoat You have the mutex, have fun! We could use an intrepid volunteer for the Bop and Pol missions, if someone would like to take a shot at it... (This could be split into 2 missions, one each for Bop and Pol, if folks feel this is too large a chunk)
  6. Mission finished - that was a lot of fun! Jeb, TANGO and BRAVO are in a 32km x 32km equatorial orbit of Tylo There is still 284 m/s of extra fuel remaining to help rendezvous with Jeb before and after the Tylo landing. Jeb has 4.85 of 5.00 units of EVA monoprop left MIKE is in a "safe" parking orbit of Jool with PE above Tylo's SOI Inclination is almost perfectly flat (I had no problem getting a nice Tylo intercept) Plenty of fuel left in the Poodle fuel tanks - this could help with KILO and LIMA insertion. Some notes: @IncongruousGoat Your lander designs worked perfectly. I had no trouble assembling the craft, repeatedly catching Jeb and performing the various maneuvers. Be careful when physics time warping with Jeb on the ladder - he has a tendency to slip off the moment you look away. With all the World's First awards we'll probably make an accidental profit on this mission Some more screenshots in the spoiler and photos added to my Community Caveman album: Changes are merged to Github and tagged as "v20". Everybody please pull the latest changes. @dvader You have the mission mutex, enjoy!
  7. @dvader and @IncongruousGoat thanks for volunteering! I've updated the OP to reflect who has volunteered for each of the remaining mission segments. Quick reminder to all participants to make sure that your KSP version is 1.7.3 when contributing to the mission. This preserves compatibility amongst participants and prevents newly introduced game bugs or behavior changes affecting the mission. If you are on Steam and it has auto-updated your version to 1.8.1, you can revert to an older version by following these steps: Right click "Kerbal Space Program" to show context menu Select "Properties" menu item Select the "Betas" tab then choose the version of KSP (in this case 1.7.3 as shown below) Thankfully KSP has no copy protection so you keep a 1.7.3 version in addition to the latest version by simply copying the folder out of the default Steam location. (Some folks do this anyway to prevent Steam clobbering a working setup)
  8. Thanks for re-doing, new orbit looks great: Highly elliptical so that raising lander PE to above Tylo's orbit will be cheap Plentiful dV conserved, more than 300 m/s remaining in the tank! I've merged your changes and tagged them as "v19". Everybody pull the latest changes. @dvader Thanks for volunteering for Laythe! Now it's time for me to try the Tylo rendezvous...
  9. Here's an Eve gravity turn ascent video that might help (fun starts at 1:35). It's version 1.6 but I don't believe the atmosphere has changed since 1.3 10° at 3,000 20° at 9,000 30° at 16,000 45° at 25,000 60° at 38,000 (throttle back at this point to prevent melting)
  10. Ha, no worries! I'll attempt to keep going, we can revert to your save if necessary. UPDATE: @Muetdhiver I wasn't able to flip MIKE's orbit prograde without using up too much dV, could you re-do the Jool capture? I suggest that this time around we capture to a much higher AP (almost to the edge of the SOI). This would make it cheaper (in terms of dV) to implement your idea of raising the PE of the landers to a safe level higher than Tylo's orbit.
  11. Quick progress update: Docked TANGO and BRAVO together with fuel tank in the middle Rendezvoused with Jeb Raised PE of orbit to match Tylo Time warped and realised we are in a retrograde orbit around Jool Fortunately there is a Laythe encounter that ejects the craft on the current orbit. My plan to salvage the save is: Keep MIKE together Brake slightly during Laythe intercept so that MIKE is thrown into higher orbit instead of ejected Reverse orbit at AP where dV is cheap using the remaining 175 m/s dV in MIKE @Muetdhiver Could you hang onto whatever intermediate saves you have. I may not be able to salvage the save, in which case we would have to revert slightly to the Jool encounter and restart the save from that point. I see the problem. If it doesn't cost too much dV I will raise the PE of VICTOR and KILO+LIMA to a "safe" orbit outside of Tylo's influence.
  12. I will take the 1st lander rendezvous. Thinking of starting with Tylo. This should make subsequent rendezvouses easier when we don't have to worry about Jeb.
  13. ^^^ What @Muetdhiver said - the Vall and Laythe landers will fly ahead unmanned then wait in orbit of their respective moons until Jeb arrives. One minor clarification, the moon order is: Tylo -> Bop -> Pol -> Vall -> Laythe -> Kerbin Remaining mission plan copied from the OP: TANGO+BRAVO+Kerbal adjust Jool PE to match Tylo then capture into low Tylo orbit (burning as close to Tylo as possible to maximise Oberth effect) LIMA+KILO adjust Jool PE to match Laythe then capture into low Laythe orbit (aero-braking to conserve dV if possible) VICTOR adjust Jool PE to match Vall then capture into low Vall orbit TANGO land on Tylo then return to orbit TANGO rendevous in low Tylo orbit with BRAVO BRAVO lands on Bop and Pol BRAVO rendevouses with VICTOR in low Vall orbit VICTOR land on Vall then return to orbit VICTOR lands on Laythe, using propulsive braking to slow down in atmosphere enough LIMA rescue Kerbal then return to orbit KILO eject directly from low Laythe orbit (to maximise Oberth effect and Laythe's orbital velocity boost) KILO Fairing/decouple device used to protect valiant Kerbal from re-entry at interplanetary speeds Craft codenames: TANGO = Tylo lander BRAVO = Bop and Pol lander VICTOR = Vall lander LIMA = Laythe lander KILO = Kerbin return vehicle I agree that we run the risk of an unwanted Laythe/Tylo encounter and need to get the landers safely in their parking orbits. However the more craft in different orbits at the same time the greater the risk of an unwanted encounter. A few suggestions: Just accept the risk, rendevous the landers one at a time and F5/F9 if anything happens. A small tweak of MIKE's orbit will prevent a collision. Boost MIKE to just above Tylo orbit + SOI (68.5 Mm + 11mM = 79.5Mm) guaranteeing safety (well except for Bop & Pol but I think we can take the chance ) I'm happy to take the next mission if their are no volunteers in the next 24 hours.
  14. @Muetdhiver I've merged your changes and tagged them as "v18". Everyone please pull the latest changes. Excellent mission, orbit looks perfect and even more impressively you didn't even use any EVA propellant! Who would like to go next? You can choose any one of the 3 missions listed in my previous post. Anyone is welcome to throw their hat into the ring, even if they have not already contributed to this thread.
  15. Excellent work! I'm travelling at the moment but will aim to merge the PR this weekend. The "Mission Planning" spoiler of the OP has all the details. The next steps (that can run in any order) are: TANGO+BRAVO+Kerbal adjust Jool PE to match Tylo then capture into low Tylo orbit (burning as close to Tylo as possible to maximise Oberth effect) LIMA+KILO adjust Jool PE to match Laythe then capture into low Laythe orbit (aero-braking to conserve dV if possible) VICTOR adjust Jool PE to match Vall then capture into low Vall orbit