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  1. Space Race

    @herbal space program Long time no see! I stand corrected! 1,800 m/s is impressive, the number of gravity assists must have been terrifying 3,000 m/s puts you well in the realms of possibility for a return journey with the primitive tech available. World Firsts awards and the standard contracts give you enough cash to unlock manoeuvre nodes once you reach LKO on the second mission. Just switch back to Space Centre, unlock and you're all set!
  2. Space Race

    To compensate the Onion pods have no reaction wheels, this can introduce some extra challenges. I'll stick with stock, but you should try your MH design and we can work both angles, especially to try and reach the elusive Tylo! I've uploaded the save file with the extra science as a blank canvas (it will work with MH) Space Race save game 2 +1 from me, I think it's clearer. I always use this wonderful dv map. Moho is 5,000 m/s dV from Kerbin absolute best case (it's further than Eeloo in terms of dV) so it'll be tough be do-able. You'd probably have to dedicate a single mission to it though. You could certainly substitute Dres instead of Eeloo as it's only 3,300 m/s away. These folks would appreciate it!
  3. Space Race

    That might just work! Combining your ideas together, how about: Kerbal bus to Jool (possibly using K-E-K-K-J route of ~1,200 m/s dV) Jetpack landings on Bop & Pol Ballistic landing on Laythe of capsule and chute only Powered landing on Val That would give you a Jool-4 EDIT: I think it's possible to stretch the science obtained in the first mission to also unlock the "General Construction" node. This makes the Mk1 Crew Cabin available. Throwing together a rough craft gives 4 Kerbals in LKO with 3,725 m/s dV and a detachable capsule with chute.
  4. Space Race

    Let's do some sums! Using your picture above as a guide and assuming the fuel is evenly distributed in each tank (i.e. no tank priorities were tweaked) then you have: (762 + 623) / 200 = 6.925 tons of fuel total = 1.385 tons per tank The dry mass of each side craft is 0.1 + 0.8 + 0.25 + 0.5 = 1.65 tons The dry mass of the centre craft is 0.1 + 0.8 + 3 * 0.25 + 1.5 = 3.15 tons Vacuum ISPs of Swivel and Terrier are 320 and 345 respectively. dVside = 9.81 * 345 * ln( (1.65 + 1.385) / 1.65 ) = 2,063 m/s dVcentre = 9.81 * 320 * ln( (3.15 + 3 * 1.385) / 3.15 ) = 2,641 m/s Potentially you could go to Duna in one side craft, Eve in the centre craft (hopefully using the extra dV to slow down safely) and use the K-E-K-K-J gravity assist sequence to get to Laythe in the other side craft. That would be neat! Will do! Using your top stage it's possible to visit Duna, Eve and Eeloo one-way in a single mission. Total Missions 2 (as before) Lumal Kerman went to Duna. Propulsive assisted landing are much easier when the craft is symmetric. Valentina went to Eve. As she had not levelled up yet, I had to manually keep the craft to within a degree or two of retrograde during re-entry. Even peeking slightly out of the shadow cone of the heat shield would cause the pod to explode. Jeb went to Eeloo. Lesson learnt from last time, so a Jool-Tylo gravity assist cut down dV needed by a few hundred. There was even some fuel left over! @Kergarin Collaborative challenge success! Previous album updated with all mission pics
  5. Space Race

    That was me...
  6. Space Race

    Separate leaderboards for one-way vs return is a good idea as the strategies are completely different. Can I suggest you edit the OP to avoid future confusion. Just to clarify are Mun/Minimus included?
  7. Space Race

    Nice! What's the dV of the various craft? Given they all have chutes Eve, Duna and Laythe feel like good choices. I've also been iterating designs based on your payload. First iteration, very respectable performance - your girder decoupler idea works like a charm. Replacing the final Hammer with a Swivel gave better control, better dV and recharged the batteries. Some testing showed that Eve re-entry requires a heat shield, so the craft is now slightly asymmetric and I've added another tank to the centre craft at the cost of 2 boosters total. In LKO. Doing the dV calculations gives: Top craft 2,010 m/s Middle craft 3,960 m/s Bottom craft 2,190 m/s I started another fresh career game. To get the extra science to unlock the heat shield I had to use my un-trusty Caveman opener the Whatever you do, don't look down. Bob was sent to space with only a Goo canister acting as a step between him and certain doom. Manoeuvre nodes unlocked, 3rd pilot hired, craft in orbit ready to go. Mission album so far... @Kergarin Would you like to continue our joint mission? Eve, Duna and Eeloo are looking tempting... Space Race save file
  8. Space Race

    Good idea - a challenge collaboration to see how far we can push things! This looks very promising Could you post a link to the craft file? Let's strap it to the top of the Spartan 3 and see what we can do!
  9. Biggest Plane with a Juno

    Impressive! I thought for sure the 30-40 ton range would be the limit...that's just a distant dot in your rear view mirror.
  10. Space Race

    You're right, dV would be adequate (especially with free aerobraking) however part count is the limiting factor that makes this tricky. The craft is exactly at the 30 part limit, so each extra command pod, parachute or separator means sacrificing a fuel tank or booster. I also suspect a heat shield would be needed for Eve which is another part. (It would also require unlocking another node during the first mission, but that's not impossible) I'd love to see someone try it!
  11. Space Race

    Career mode golf - I'm in! Started new career game, normal difficulty, stock, no mods. 2 missions total. Valentina went to Duna... ..and Jeb went to Eeloo. First Mission Highlights Second Mission Highlights Complete Album link
  12. Biggest Plane with a Juno

    Goal: Design a streamlined and manoeuvrable craft with a sleek aesthetic. Result: Giant Tube Worm! Acceleration was...marginal. Just about airborne! At least it's easy to aim Made it to the Island Airfield... ...sort of! 31.76 tons (almost) to the Island Airfield Doesn't matter...I had a lot of fun! Full album here
  13. Multiple entries are totally fine, nay, even encouraged! Nice work on the Goddammit - I've added you to a well deserved first place
  14. Lovely landing! You made it look easy Congrats on a sleek and slender flying entry, you take the top slot.
  15. Awesome craft! I had no idea it was possible to build a ship that've set a high bar even for airborne entries. I've added you to the leaderboard straight to first place. A static rocket using propellant (or a large stack of decouplers) would count as a reaction engine and is against the rules. However you're on the right could build some sort of reaction wheel powered whirling device to fling unfortunate Kerbals towards the island. Even if they don't make it the results could be entertaining!