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  1. @Kevin4D please come back to us, those teaser photos haunt me lol.
  2. I second this. Having things expand after launch/landing is a very realistic and useful thing that is both a present and future technology they will be researching for years.
  3. Are you still working on this? Those spacecraft parts look pretty awesome and would be great for the future part of the community tech tree.
  4. I figured with its date of last edit and seemed like it was missing parts. Glad to hear it will be updated, do you have a forum post for it? Once the guidelines are out I'm willing to help or at least maybe give you configs for mods I might use but you do not.
  5. Maybe something is broken in mine, but the mk2 crew cabin and mk3 crew cabin have zero hab months. I could put 20 mk3 crew cabins with only 1 kerbal and he will still run out of hab time in 2 weeks. The hitchhiker on the other hand has hab months. I found this old set of patches I was looking at using for guidance but not sure if I should use the whole part mass for hab months. Is this your patch? https://github.com/LouisB3/USILS-Patches
  6. Is there already a patch out there to add hab months and/or multipliers to more stock stuff, or anyone have guidance on the numbers I should add for my own patch. Don't like that the big capsule, mk3 crew, mk2 crew have no hab months at all. I also started using the OPT space plane and wanted to add them to their crew and cockpits, plus recycler on the lab. Thanks.
  7. Here is the peer reviewed paper if anyone is interested. http://arc.aiaa.org/doi/full/10.2514/1.B36120
  8. You could also just leave on auto stage and go into setup and limit the autostage so it never actually does anything. I have not experienced the issue though.
  9. I can't wait for this one to be updated, well I can of course. Could this also be used if you end up scheduling burns on 2 different craft overlapping like using a solar sail or ion thruster on LONG burns.
  10. Since you said it was based on the resource converter module I looked into those. Not sure if this is what you tried, and not sure the best way for me to test if it actually works but I THINK this could work for adding a scientist bonus. Though from looking at how the drill works the wiki says you only get bonus from 1, so it might not scale with more. Though the wiki doesn't exactly seem to be updated entirely. Not sure if it is true but the wiki says the ISRU does not actually receive the bonus but it has the exact same code as the drill that I have bolded above.
  11. Thanks a bunch for the help. If i manage to make a working MM config I'll let you know incase anyone else is interested in using the MKS academy with this.
  12. Yeah I was thinking around there, but I might play with increasing the rate it produces and the weight some as it seems like it would be a more advanced science lab that should be able to produce more than a single standard one. And sorry about the first code section, it didn't look at crazy like that before i submitted lol. Would I just increase the ec and eureka ratio in order to increase to production speed of eurekas? Like could I just multiply those ratios by the amounts of science labs I wanted it to be equal to, like 1.5 for ... 1.5 labs lol. Thanks Now to learn how to make the MM config rather than just editing the parts lol.
  13. @ethernet So I'm trying to figure out how to add your science lab functionality to the usi academy. Is this the code I would need to apply to the part for it to be able to act as your science lab? And would you know if this is all the code for the stock science lab? As in if i remove this code there is no way I could accidently use the standard super easy science lab? Also does the number of scientist in the lab effect the amount of Eurekas produced? I'd like to try and balance the weight since the academy can hold 12 crew but only weighs 6.5, though it costs a lot more and I believe it requires a higher tech in CTT but 6.5 is way too low. Any help would be appreciated. This mod looks like it will really seal the deal with cool functional stations. And thanks for your work on this, I know I haven't actually used it yet, but this feels like what they should have done when they reworked the stock science lab.
  14. Hi @sarbian @severedsolo said I should post here and ask you to take a look. He thinks there might be a MM bug involved in this issue. So it seems that when we have the bases and stations contract pack with automatedsciencesampler we run into a problem where it seems to think station science is installed so it ends up causing an error and some of the contract pack gets disabled. At first he thought it was because automatedsciencesampler has a add on dll called stationscience.dll which Severedsolo thought was causing MM to think station science is installed. I had removed that dll and still had the problem. Once I removed the stationscience.cfg in the contract pack, contract config no longer showed the contracts as disabled. The stationscience.dll I deleted was the only one in my gamedata folder. I have 2 logs from contract config if they do you any good Stationcore.loghttp://pastebin.com/1LRUXWtFSurfacesample.loghttp://pastebin.com/3p0SVXEr As well as the output_log http://www.filedropper.com/outputlog_4 Hopefully I described the situation well enough for you. If you need anymore logs or information let me know. I do have a whole bunch of mods installed, I'm pretty sure when i made these logs I had all of these mods installed.
  15. Hi @nightingale So I added your mod after I already got a bunch of science using contracts and the money to science thing. So at this point running around kerbin for science isn't exactly worth it, is there a way I can tell field science that I have collected all the science on Kerbin or just not offer me contracts on Kerbin. I might just start a new game, I kinda cheesed it by doing a huge amount of suborbital tourism contracts lol. Thanks