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  1. Managed to fix it myself , just had switch to the space centre and back. I also just did some testing and it appears to be to do with when you decouple a rover from a landing craft (specifically when the detached rover wasn't the original root part), resulting in the bon-voyage control menu not opening. The same also seems to happen (though not always) when constructing a rover with KIS/KAS (which is also fixable by going to the space centre, and then back to the rover) My Mods include: - KIS - KAS - Nearfuture (Everything from near future) - Mk2 Expansion - Mk3 Expansion - Universal Storage 1 - Scansat - Research & Development Hope this helps
  2. Currently my unmanned rovers cannot make use of a bon-voyage autopilot, clicking the "Bon Voyage Control Panel" button doesn't open the control panel. I have a full connection to the KSC and my unmanned rover is fully charged, with enough solar power to charge whilst moving. Anybody got any ideas as to whats up with it, or is this a known bug?
  3. RB101

    What did you do in KSP today?

    What mod are the landing legs, for the ship on the far right, from?
  4. RB101

    What did you do in KSP today?

    What mod is the front most cockpit (Left) from? Thanks in advance.
  5. Is there any way to turn this "Abort" function off? I'm getting kind sick of having to constantly check on my equatorial rovers, to set the next way-point.
  6. Is it normal for this mod to often be unable to calculate a route when clicking on the map? I've specifically noticed that longer routes have the tendency to be "un-calculable" , can anyone else clarify this?
  7. Is there any reason that the magnetometer ore-scanner function no longer works? (as in I cannot select it to activate in an action menu regardless of what scanner I pair it with) The function still appears in the action group menu as well, but it never activates when assigned to a key...
  8. RB101

    Universal Storage II

    Can you run both Universal Storage 1 and Universal Storage 2 together, or do they cause a conflict?
  9. It's a ground base constructed from parts on Minmus that I brought with me in a KIS container, specifically the surface experiment pack mod (and the ground base it contains). From the behaviour I've observed, the concrete ground bases either; - Don't get re-attached - Are moved (causing other connected parts to clip into the ground) and then re-attached This causes the Kerbal constructed base to shake/vibrate/glitch until either a part blows up, or it gets flung into orbit. (typically the first, though the second always results in the first as-well) I've tried multiple locations, and surprisingly any of the flats on Minmus are the worst for this, Gilly rarely has this problem, though i have had 3-4 cases in my play through (with surface bases making an unplanned areo-brakes around Eve all too often). Yeah, I know this is a feature, but i''m no coder, and the instructions are extremely vague (at least for me). So i'd need a visual example to follow to use this feature (which is a good feature).
  10. Discovered that this mod doesn't play nicely with the KIS/KAS mods. Especially with ground attached items such as ground bases (the surface experiments pack mod is also rendered un-usable, due to this mod) Could you put in a method to exclude vessels with surface attached parts from this mods effects completely please? Thanks
  11. Kas currently doesn't allow you to mount harpoon head the right way around when using a kerbal engineer in the field. This is a major pain, please can you fix it? thanks
  12. This mod continuously stops working when I play for any period around the time of 30 minutes + I've tested with other mods and without, and even a fresh install, i've got no idea why this happens and it is extremely annoying. does anyone have any suggestions? I have 16gb of system so this is unlikely to be a memory problem.