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  1. Hate to be blunt. But this mod REALLY needs a tutorial video X.x it's scrambling my brain. ALSO, science bonuses aren't working with relays for some reason.
  2. Just a query? I see you've recompiled for 1.4.1: (Thanks btw ^_^) Will this be available on CKAN at some point? (It still shows 1.3.1) Thnx.
  3. So still no "official-creator" statement that it works with 1.4.1? (<-- i'm using this version) I'll wait for the moment. Too much uni work to look into any bugs atm anyways Can't wait to use the self-levelling-gear (really good idea) keep up the great modding OP!
  4. Does this mod work with 1.4.0/1.4.1?
  5. Does this mod work with 1.4.0/1.4.1?
  6. Could you elaborate a bit please? That description's a bit vague for me... thanks
  7. Does this mod work with 1.4?
  8. So any Purchase post April 2013 doesn't get free DLC?.... "Through April 2013" is American speak so it's very confusing.
  9. [1.4.1] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Sorry, wasn't intending it to be rude or anything, I just didn't want to put unnecessary guff that may cause anyone reading it to misinterpret what it was about
  10. [1.4.1] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Bug report: The "reconfigure storage" for the envelopes is retarded, the battery option always gets replace by inventory upon loading the ship into the world. please fix this.