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  1. This Solution is not possible if you run the trajectories mod as well. Commnet manager is required to be able to use it without immediately encountering a bug that will soft lock you inside any of the buildings in the KSC, requiring a restart of the entire game. Guess i'm going to have to uninstall this mod shame... Given it's not had an updated in like 2 years, I wonder if someone wants to take it over? (Like @linuxgurugamer for example?)
  2. I'm getting this in my Console, and am stuck with the constellation frequency menu open (cannot close it) Log:
  3. @Nertea Is there any chance we could have a feature added that allows us to control the recharge rate of capacitors, the same way we can control their discharge rate please? The static recharge rate is often enough to overwhelm smaller craft power generation, making capacitors un-suitable on small sized craft
  4. Hi @Gotmachine I'm having an issue where I get stuck in the VAB/SPH and am unable to launch new craft or exit to the KSC (I can still load, edit, and save craft though) I've read through the log file, and it does mention "community fixes" , but I have no idea what it's actually referring to? I says something about the "scenario" not being set? Here's a link to my log file: https://we.tl/t-SlzlQZ6c5a UPDATE: This is DEFINETLY being caused by community fixes as removing the mod solves this issue. However the performance gains this mod gives are required for me to be able to play modded KSP in the first place... Here is my log entry specifically listing Community Fixes under the null reference for scenario:
  5. Does anyone know of any mods that add in more surface features that the scanning arms can analyse? The limited number in the base games makes scanning arms seem a little pointless as they can only be used once...
  6. Bug 01 Report: Rover brain display goes blank when a science spot is found, only clears when said spot is driven into. Bug 02 Report: Using hyper edit to place a craft on a planet sets rover brain as in a science spot. This spot cannot be reset, and if analysed yields no science, and driving away from it doesn't get rid of it (tested up to 3KM away) In addition this generated spot takes up the experiment slot in the rover brain, which means no more science can be done with that rover brain ever.
  7. @linuxgurugamerHere's the log file: https://we.tl/t-2iQEC5L8bZ Bug Summary: Upon loading a craft, the right click trajectories menu is stuck open (menu is still functional) After this, if you change instance, either by switching craft, going to the tracking station/ VAB or SPHm you will be stuck in that location and be unable to exit, you cannot launch new craft either, You can still save, load and edit craft, but nothing else until you close the game, which has to be done via a tabbing out method EDIT: PERSISTS BETWEEN SAVES IF I EXIT TO MAIN MENU AFTER LOADING THE INITIAL CRAFT.
  8. Currently trying to replicate the issue, i'll supply a log file after I'm certain it's saved to my KSP.log
  9. Is this mod Dead? I'm currently having an issue where the Trajectories menu that is accessed when right clicking it in Blizzy's toolbar is stuck open (only mod with a menu stuck open)
  10. Would it be possible for you to add a config file that we can add a list of part names to disable KRnDModule interactions? I think it would go a long way to improving this mods compatibility
  11. I can confirm this fixes the issue when placed into the Bumblebee patches folder! Would you mind making the above .cfg file a permanent edition to this mod please?
  12. @linuxgurugamer Is there any way to purposefully exclude specific parts from this mod? I've got a few problem child parts from various mods that don't interact nicely with KRnD, and would like to restrict their use of the KRnDModule, Would this below config file (if placed within a patches folder within KRnD) work? @PART[bb_Prop|bb_PropSingle]:AFTER[KRnD] { !MODULE[KRnDModule] {} }
  13. Thanks for the clarification Coding hurts my brain , glad I could be of some use though!
  14. @OrbitalManeuvers I've confirmed "Research and Development" as the Primary and only cause for this issue. I'm not going to uninstall RnD because it is just too important to my playthroughs... NOTE: I suspect the dual high/low power modes might be the cause of the conflict? (as stock mode switch engines only have a single air breathing mode) RnD is known for handling engines with multiple modes that use exactly the same fuels very poorly. Here's my log file for when the mod is installed: https://we.tl/t-aQXed6soSK
  15. @OrbitalManeuvers Possible culprit mods found, I'm going to test more before 100% confirming Current suspects are: CommNet Antennas Extension CommNet Antennas Consumptor CommNet Antennas Info CommNet Constellation Remote Tech Redev Antenna Current culprits cleared, rechecking previous set of mods
  16. Just finished testing RnD, The mod correctly recognises the part stats and applies upgrades correctly within the VAB/SPH, but the thrust is still overridden to 0.9KN even if I apply a 200% thrust increase upgrade using RnD The problem persists without RnD anyway, so it's not the cause Re-testing RnD currently to confirm as it permanently overrides values within craft files whilst installed
  17. I've tested without airpark, and the issue remains unfortunately I've actually removed airpark permanently from my install as it's broken currently Modules Remaining (Will update as tests proceed):
  18. Can confirm issue is fixed! I can't quite understand the change log... What ended up being the cause?
  19. Something is reducing the thrust produced then Could you post your mod list so I can look it over and rule out any mutually installed ones please? (will help make trouble shooting faster) Also, thanks!
  20. I'll give it a try now FYI: I'll be out in 30mins so I won't be able to test again until later
  21. Can you reverse the thrust so that the craft remains stationary on the launchpad please? A lot of engines gain thrust as a craft moves faster
  22. right click on one of the propeller engines on the craft, max the throttle and read what it says the engine "Thrust" is if it's more than 0.9KN then there's a mod reducing engine power, if it says 0.9KN then there's a mod messing with the engines in another way
  23. Won't take off at all, What thrust values are the engines providing you with? (they only give 0.9Kn for me)
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