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  1. I've been learning Kos for a couple days and have started on a docking autopilot but I cant get the target:facing:inverse function to work so I made it add 180 degrees to the targets pitch and yaw and then used mod to get the inverse but its like the program stops adding 180 to the angles idk why is this a bug or am I just stupid? My code looks like this Until false { Set pt to ((target:facing:pitch) + 180). Set yt to ((target:facing:yaw) + 180). Set pm to mod (pt,360). Set ym to mod(yt,360). Lock steering to r (pm,ym,0). } Edit: I am i
  2. its for all engines in the editor everything is totally normal and Mechjeb and KER Delta V calculations are correct. Unfortunately I kinda ran out of steam after spending the better half of my day searching for the problem idk what was causing it because at first I screwed up by not making a new save file every time I started the game meaning some of the mods werent really activated in the save file so all that searching was pointless so I kinda switched to realism overhaul for those configs instead. I could reinstall all the mods on one of my instances of KSP and give logs if that helps or ju
  3. Hi I'm having a problem with mod incompatibility with real fuels or this config not sure which I have about 130 mods and I went through each one almost individually and couldn't reproduce the problem I think it is a combination of 3 mods together including RF or RF config It shows manouver burn time as being days instead of minutes and mech Jeb and kerbal engineer show the DV as being 26000 days for example Still searching for problem I'll let you know once I've figured it out however if anyone knows of anything that may be causing this would be big help
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