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  1. Erm, I'm not sure how much g-tolerance would affect the challenge. I'd say keep it off for now.
  2. The main goal of this challenge is to try to slow down enough to land as large of a vessel as possible from a vertical trajectory downwards towards Kerbin. Steps: 1. Launch/Hyperedit/Alt-F12 your spacecraft into space over Kerbin. 2. Accelerate towards Kerbin. 3. Reenter the atmosphere. 4. Land safely. Rules: -No modded parts. -No mods that change the physics of the game (Ferram Aerospace or similar) -You must come down perpendicular to the atmosphere. -The 10m heat shield isn't allowed. (I'm afraid people will exploit it because It doesn't use ablator.) -The root part must be a manned command capsule. -The kerbal(s) in the capsule may not be destroyed during re-entry or landing. -Part clipping is not allowed. Scoring: Total Score = [Speed right before hitting atmosphere - (Ablator used * 10) - (Number of SAS modules used * 100) - (Number of Airbrakes used * 300) - (Number of Parachutes used * 70] * (Mass of spaceship / 100) * Fraction of parts remaining Leaderboard: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Note: This is my first challenge, so please tell me if I'm doing something wrong. Constructive criticism will be appreciated.
  3. Are we counting the funds returned upon recovery?
  4. Are MechJeb modules allowed, if we're using them for readout purposes?
  5. Here's my attempt of the challenge: Score: 32519 / 21 = 1548.52380952
  6. When you have to wear double lensed, thick glasses, and have done a transfer to Duna without maneuver nodes.
  7. I throw your rotten food away into the trash bin and buy some new food. I fire my homemade magnetic rifle at the next entity that posts on this thread in this KSP forum.
  8. Erm, the patch of ceiling above you is looking a bit dusty, take that seat instead. Waiter! The soup seems to be developing some kind of primordial life, and I ordered soup without any bacteria in it!
  9. Launches missiles that are targeted at itself. The Farm...
  10. The remaining kerbals at the space centers, not having much snacks, slowly died out. Only one space center survived. The remaining engineers, scientists, and pilots would later name this space center the KSC, or Kerbal Space Center. _______ exploded violently, right above the ______, creating __________ amounts of damage that would most likely cost at least ________ to repair.
  11. Huh. Does it just not shoot, even in close-range combat? You might need to adjust the gun range in the weapon manager's settings.