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  1. I'm usually reserved about pinging anyone on forums, but in this case, I think it is warranted. @PulsarPixie, any way you could pass on the request for contact to Star Theory?
  2. A crashed Mk1-3 pod with open nose and windows, no hatch, and a single command seat in the center. It could be named 'Mk W'.
  3. Mostly 1.3.1, sporadically 1.2.2 when I feel like being all-inclusive (console players can load craft made in 1.2.2, but not anything newer). I have 1.6.1 and 1.7.3 installed for when I want to check out shared craft created in anything newer - backward compatibility for craft files seems to have broken horribly after 1.4.x, to where simply editing the version number no longer works without awful glitches even for parts common with 1.3.1, so I need the later versions simply to be able to see/test anything created after 1.3.1.
  4. So, is the extra Mono folder in the KSP base dir supposed to be there? And which one does the game use now - that one, or the one still in KSP_x64_Data? Or is this an oopsie?
  5. I've had a number of asteroids spawn in closed orbits around Kerbin, without any contracts, on pure stock installs. I think @5thHorseman has it right that it's a side-effect of the regular asteroid spawning code, it just happens to pop up within Kerbin SoI with a velocity that makes it an automatic capture. Rare, but possible. When the patch hit that introduced the new glimmeroids... I immediately had one spawn in closed orbit around Kerbin on the first game load. Stupid me, I reverted and restarted to test if it would change the colour, and since then it's never, not once anymore, been a glimmeroid.
  6. Fixed that for you. It has clearly nothing to do with stability, they just keep up the last minor revision/patch of each major version.
  7. Speaking from an almost total absence of knowledge on the subject: couldn't the API part upgrade mechanism be (ab)used to trigger KSP to re-read/adapt base values?
  8. <mumble> Filthy casuals. Come back when you stop counting KSP playtime by the hours played and have switched over to hours of sleep missed. <tweaks and launches craft "one more" time to try get a marginally better performance, while the birds chirp their morning greetings outside> (congrats on the milestone)
  9. Would they also help keep craft/bases from sliding over the ground?
  10. Any sensible developer: "Sure thing." <replaces KSP by tic tac toe> "There, all risk averted." KSP's entire paradigm is decidedly about NOT holding players' hands in anything they build or how they use it. Especially not how they use it. You want to build a rocket with the fiery end pointing up? Sure, have fun pushing the planet. Want to EVA while going Mach 11 through the upper atmosphere? Here, let me pop the hatch for you. I notice you have no chutes on your reentry capsule... but I'm sure you know exactly what you're doing - have a good launch! Heck, we'll even let you deploy your radiator or panel right into hypersonic airflow and watch them shred to a million shiny pieces. (Not antennae though, those need even more special precautions. On the other hand, why should scanners be protected. Deploy away!) But now wait a minute there, buster: what do you think you're doing trying to open that very same radiator inside a shielded cargo bay? Are you nuts?! Dost thou not understand the concept of 'stowed'? They don't prevent us from embedding and 'deploying' those very same parts right through anything solid. But put it in a hollow part that is explicitly coded to behave like a hollow shielded space, and suddenly we need to be forcibly protected from deploying things. And thrusters cannot be allowed to fire either. Because uhm... stowed air is clearly too dense to move through, or burn. Or... something. Anyway. Enough of a detour. OP's issue is a side-effect of a bug that sneaked into 1.7 (but ultimately the result of that fated dev meeting sever... oh bother.)
  11. So, seeing as in-vessel collisions are now being made possible, can we finally get rid of the CANNOT DEPLOY WHILE STOWED mechanic? Pretty please?
  12. A few years ago, during a Squad dev meeting: "KSP players clearly require protection and guidance, we can't leave important decisions to them. Let's instead have an algorithm decide when parts can perform their main functions or not. Let's also make this non-optional. I mean, what could possibly go wrong..." . . . . Present day, at the worst possible moments during play: CANNOT DEPLOY WHILE STOWED
  13. Travelers can no longer complain about lack of space between the seats...
  14. A few longer versions of the octagonal and cubic struts have always seemed like a logical addition. The heavy girders and I-beams make sense for ground construction, but are rather ridiculous for space and air craft design. And considering KSP's heavy penalty on high part counts, it's hardly ever practical to create lightweight structure out of the tiny struts.