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  1. ]1.3.1]Mk1 Prototype Cockpit UPDATE: Working window light!

    The new model/texture switching ability that is being added to the stock game in the next version might be a good method of doing this with just a single part.
  2. KSP Weekly: Deep Inside a Comet

    I'm a bit disappointed: there's a distinct lack of hand-crafted white vest in that success banner.
  3. Interesting. Could be a test for a new filter to stop (ab)use of the site for something other than its purpose - which would be fair, since KerbalX is for sharing craft files, not for a personal message/advertising board. Or it's an artifact of those non-craft uploads - the uploader may be manually editing a bogus version into the files, and kat's clever coding is just adding it to the filter list automatically. Either way, since there's an obvious repetitive pattern, I would say those pages are risking getting filtered out or even banned. Hopefully it won't need to come to that.
  4. [1.0.2] Menu Stabilizer

    The functionality of this mod was added to stock a few versions ago, afaik. Menus do no longer move with the parts, and can even be pinned individually now.
  5. Adding lights to a Command Pod/Cockpit?

    Well, seeing as all stock command modules have that internal antenna, I figured why not, that way it's up to date. Credit on the release page is fine, all I meant is I assert no rights whatsoever (to appease the forum mods). I noticed I left my name in the comments of the cfg file; that was meant to be temporary while editing, to quickly find back what I changed in the editor. Please remove those before publishing it (I didn't really create those sections anyway, they are straight copies out of the other Squad part files). Hmm, I just noticed a message at game load saying it can't find a texture... without specifying what texture it is trying to find. The model loads properly, the lights toggle on and off (even with my icky glow texture)... which means it loads both the part texture and the emissive one I made. Anyone know why it complains, or how I can figure out what other texture it is trying to find? Never mind, I already found the error: Blender (read: me fumbling about in Blender) added a third but empty texture entry into the model - due to it being empty, it doesn't show it's there unless you happen to click in the empty space below the second texture. Once deleted and re-exported, KSP no longer complains.
  6. Adding lights to a Command Pod/Cockpit?

    I was already on it, you can find my first (very messy) result on this dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/143dile5o305d9b/Mk1PrototypeCockpit.zip?dl=0 The texture can definitely be a lot better, but you mentioned you can do textures, so feel free to improve or redo it entirely. The zip also includes the Blender and Paint.NET source files, for what they are worth. Take, use, edit and share at will, I reserve zero rights whatsoever.
  7. Adding lights to a Command Pod/Cockpit?

    I found this on the cupola... it looks like this might work without requiring a compiled animation. I'll give it a try.
  8. Adding lights to a Command Pod/Cockpit?

    Disclaimer: I am talking from an almost zero experience position here. I have taken a stab at this in the 'stockiest' way I could think of - I imported the existing texture into paint.net, saved it with another name in paint's native format. I had to correct some artifacts from the lossy import (bunch of white pixels along edges), but could then relatively easily create a second layer to paint all black except for the parts that I want to glow. I then saved that new layer as a dds. I then fired up Blender (at this point you're thinking 'ok, he used Blender but not GIMP, what an idiot' but I prefer the dds results from paint.net - with a plugin - over those of GIMP) and used the Mu importer to open the model.mu of the cockpit. I also imported the current Mk1 standard cockpit so I could compare them and see what needed to be changed. The differences I've found: Editing the cfg is easy enough, I used the current standard Mk1 cockpit as a guide. The shader in the old cockpit is KSP/Diffuse. The current one uses KSP/Emissive/Specular. This can be edited in Blender. The shader has a bunch of color properties defined in the current one that sound related to the glow effect (eg. _EmissiveColor, etc). This too can be edited in Blender for the old cockpit. The current cockpit mu has an animation defined somewhere, which I presume is what causes the gradual transition from off to on and back when toggling the light. However, I have not found this in Blender yet. I don't know if that is because I'm not looking in the right place, or that it cannot be edited with Blender (seems unlikely), or maybe the import plugin doesn't import animations. I'm leaning towards me just not looking in the right place and hopefully someone can point me to it. If the cause is that the plugin doesn't do the animations, then I am stuck, because even if I could add such an animation with Blender itself, if the plugin cannot export it it won't be in the mu file. With the first steps done, and the mu exported, I loaded up the game, and it gave me an exception when trying to toggle the button (which only says 'Toggle') and no glow happened - obviously because the animation the button wants to trigger doesn't exist in the mu file. Long story short: I think it can be done 'stock' just by editing the cfg and editing the mu file in Blender, but someone would need to explain where/how to add the gradual glow animation. I get the feeling I am simply not looking in the right place to find it from the current cockpit, but it could also be that the Blender plugin simply does not 'do' animations, in which case it would require some other tool (Unity editor?).
  9. What do your Orbital Fuel Dumps look like?

    A fuel station I made back in 1.1.2. The fuel storage core is 14x Kerbodyne S3-14400 tanks in a star configuration, topped by habitation modules (14x30=420 max kerbal capacity). Total fuel capacity, including the pods = 156k units of LF, 149k Ox. The hab modules could all be decoupled in the event of an emergency, capable of independently performing deorbit, reentry and powered landing back on Kerbin. The staging shown in the editor was later changed, as decoupling all pods simultaneously was a guaranteed explosive event that damaged several pods beyond recovery. Keeping a single pod out of the mass abort event (and decoupling it by itself a second later) was enough to avert explosions. Somehow it seemed appropriate to let the captain's pod eject last, so I considered it an acceptable solution. I also uploaded some screenshots of my attempts at getting this thing into orbit fully fueled and in one piece. Proper 4am Kerbal engineering which I termed the 'Cathedral Method'. Lesson learned: skipping sleep to finish building a complex craft can have... well, less than optimal results. Part count of the final version -with a lab ring, ore tanks, tug, and the lifter- was around 1600 (860 without the lifter), with abysmal performance, so I never shared it. But the station itself was very stable in orbit, I never saw any undue oscillations or random explosions, and I had 4 of them in LKO at one point, although one was sacrificed in a test of the mass evac procedure and pod recovery. My OFDs in later careers were a lot smaller and more sensibly shaped, but always based on the largest Kerbodyne S3 tanks - it helps keeping the part count down.
  10. There's a forum thread detailing easter eggs: The one you mention is listed there too.
  11. Any mod or function that let me see the performance

    That is a function of the Steam overlay, or the screen recorder software. NVidia has it in Geforce Experience/ShadowPlay as well. Steam: Settings, In-Game, In-game FPS Counter (will let you select from four positions on the screen). NVidia: GeForce Experience panel, ShadowPlay, (enable ShadowPlay), Settings, Toggle FPS counter on/off.
  12. Any mod or function that let me see the performance

    In stock: Alt-F12 (the debug menu), Console, Performance, will show a real time graph of FPS, and the live memory usage as divided in several different heaps. Mods: you might want to check out the KerboKatz Small Utilities, specifically the FPSViewer and PhysicalTimeRatioViewer. There is also MemGraph.
  13. You have to configure the joystick axes in the settings first - it seems that by default they are not assigned, to prevent an unused joystick from causing unexpected steering input. From the main menu, go to Settings, Input, then for each of the Pitch/Roll/Yaw Axis on the right side of the screen, click the buttons behind 'Primary' (gray buttons marked with a '<'), then move the joystick axis you wish to assign to it. Then scroll down and do the same for Throttle.
  14. There isn't - it's hardcoded. HE remembers changes to those through a game session (even after going back to the main menu) but it doesn't save it anywhere, so the next time you restart the game it will be at defaults again.
  15. There isn't any. Best answer you will get: stop using a pre-release version of the game. Very few mod authors even compile mods for a pre-release, because they are very temporary builds that often include breaking changes, so authors tend to wait until a release version. There are even less that keep such a temporary version archived even if they compiled a test version, to minimize the risk of people coming back asking for support for them. I saw from one of your other posts requesting mods for 1.2.9 that you call it a 'free demo' - I'm pretty sure there was never a free or demo version of 1.2.9. If you like KSP enough to want to mod it, buy the game, and you can enjoy hundreds of mods on a stable version of the product. It's worth it and you know it.