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  1. In stock, the generic maxTemp for low tech parts is 1200, medium tech 2000, and advanced/high tech 2500/2700. Going by the looks alone, I'd classify the IFI parts in advanced/high tech, but they miss the specific reentry-minded details of Mk2/Mk3 parts, setting a high limit of say 2400. At the same time, they look better designed than the stock medium tech parts, which would set the lower limit to 2000. 2200 seem like a good compromise?
  2. Usando minería para reabastecerse

    El sistema usa las mismas reglas para el flujo de combustible, solo que en reverso. Dicho de otra manera: si el 'ISRU' fuese un motor, todos los tanques desde los cuales podría usar combustible pueden ser reabastecidos también, sin necesidad de mods o transferencias manuales. Un consejo: hazte un rover minero y plántalo en la pista en el CEK, y practica el uso del taladro y el procesador ahí mismo. Es la manera más eficaz de aprender los mecanismos, y puedes recuperarlo sin perder fondos.
  3. [1.3.1] Easy Vessel Switch (EVS) - v1.4

    F toggles the mode of the rotate/offset gizmos between absolute/local. I would be in serious trouble if that one gets conflicted with other functions.
  4. [1.3.1] Kerbal Konstructs - 1.3.1 - 07.10.2017

    Please tell me you're making it so kerbals can climb that radio mast. We need a good basejumping spot to uhm... test jetpacks and erh parachutes and stuff. For science. That's probably the best course of action; then no one needs to feel guilty for more (awesome) pics of this work.
  5. [1.3] Throttle Controlled Avionics

  6. The PartMapper is not a mod... it's a standalone command-line executable that runs completely outside the game. As such, I'm not sure that it should be indexed by CKAN to begin with. That aside, the functionality of the PartMapper is now included in the KerbalX mod, in a more user-friendly way. PartMapper has also not been updated in over a year now. Safe to say at this point it should probably not be advertised to the general public - they should be pointed to the KerbalX mod. From the KerbalX mod page:
  7. An 'Update Craft' button was added in the 1.2.0 update of the website; it's at the bottom of the edit craft page, under the craft options. See if that works for you until kat gets a chance to look at this. I tested going to my own hangars by different routes, it all works. I also tried going to your hangars and it seems to work as well. This is on Windows and Firefox. Whatever the fault is, it's not universal.
  8. Literally a carbon copy, yes. I'd advise doing it with a clean, unmodded copy so you have a clear starting point (you can zip up your current install as a backup to return to). CKAN allows you to administer several different instances of KSP with each their own mod set (I know, because I used to do this myself), but it's been a while so for exact instructions on that you would need to ask in the CKAN thread. If you have other KSP questions that are not directly about the Toolbar mod, feel free to PM me or (better, helpful for others too) create a new thread in either the Gameplay Questions or Technical Support sections of this forum.
  9. [1.3] Mk2 Expansion v1.8.04 [update 10/10/2017]

    Remember that KSP allows us to use engines under water (or other liquids, outside Kerbin/Laythe/Earth). 90 bar (~900m) when deep-diving in a planet's ocean can be reached even before getting to the bottom of Kerbin's water masses. As a wise person said not too long ago:
  10. [1.3.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.9.0

    This seems like a self-created problem: nothing forces us to constantly update a mod, especially if it is not viable for one to have to redo work to compensate for changes. If a mod version you install works as is, stick with it until you have your current career/project 'finished' to a point where possibly breaking changes can be accommodated.
  11. Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 is live!

    Stock doesn't have a 'parachute' tab in the default/simple mode (in stock they are in the utility tab, and just checked - still there in 1.3.1), so you are likely using a mod that changes the tabs/filters. It so happens that 1.3.1 makes some changes that require such mods to be adapted/recompiled to work. This may explain. Btw, in stock as well: under Advanced mode, filter by module, there is a separate entry called 'Parachute' with a distinctive icon. Just checked, and it is there and contains the stock chutes. It is rather down the list (on a 1920x1200 screen it goes on beyond the bottom of the screen), so you may need to scroll it up - hover over the icons and use the mouse wheel.
  12. [1.3.1] Contract Configurator [v1.23.3] [2017-10-05]

    The cause may not be CC - you might want to check the release thread of the planet/realism mod you use that adds a planet called 'Earth'. One of the changes made in 1.3.1 that affects such mods has to do with the body names, and they may not have updated/recompiled to deal with that change.
  13. Why force a choice? Why not both? Since it's completely possible and permitted to make a copy of your game folder, and the game doesn't care from what folder it starts, you can have a 1.2.2 *and* a 1.3 folder and play them side by side (literally even, if your hardware permits). This allows you to continue your current career without fear of breakage until such time you are confident enough of the new version to move entirely.
  14. Noob Tip nr 1 (it can't be highlighted enough): if a patch 'coming along' manages to break anything, you are playing the game from the wrong folder (Steam, I presume?). Copy a clean game folder to a different place on your harddisk, and only ever mod and play the game from that copy - your games will never again be bothered by updates, and it will be a lot easier to exercise patience while modders catch up (because the 'old' game will still work as normal, letting you leisurely finish your running careers/projects).
  15. KSP Weekly: The Martian Race

    Someone tell SQUAD's video makers there's this nifty new (well, relatively) feature in KSP: right-clicking on the orbit markers will leave them visible... without having to follow them around with your mouse cursor!