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  1. Actually... you got a ship with parts that have been hand-edited with non-stock values. Technically, that's not only still 'cheating', it violates the 'All stock' requirement (rule nr. 1).
  2. No entiendo qué quieres decir, y así de memoria no me puedo figurar la causa del problema. Estoy bastante seguro de que lo que he explicado es (era?) la solución, pero quizás pueda responder alguién que tenga CKAN instalado y lo pueda verificar directamente.
  3. El diálogo que abre es para buscar el directorio del KSP que quieres añadir a la lista, en tu caso la instalación de KSP 1.2.2 que quieres usar. Lo identifica por el archivo buildID64.txt.
  4. CKAN.
  5. Hace tiempo que no uso CKAN, pero si no recuerdo mal, CKAN guarda en su configuración los directorios de las instalaciónes de KSP que has usado, y por defecto asigna una de ellas como la 'principal' para usar automáticamente cuando lanzas el CKAN. Si no quieres que haga eso (o si prefieres que te pregunte siempre al principio qué instalación usar), necesitas cambiar esa configuración. Lo puedes cambiar mediante 'File->Select KSP Install...'. La 1.2.2 quizás no la tienes en la lista todavía, tendrás que añadirla mediante 'Add new', y si quieres que inicie directamente con ella, asegúrate de seleccionar 'Set as default'.
  6. My guess: I think the order is set by the internal number it gives hangars when first created, similar to the numbers it assigns craft as they are first uploaded. Which would mean that changing the name won't reorder them, but you could delete and remake hangars in your newly desired order for it to 'take'.
  7. @katateochi While testing, I think I may have found a tiny bug/nuisance of the KerbalX Mod: Normally, once you have logged in with the mod once it will store the KerbaX.key and use that information to log in automatically next time the game is started. However, when switching back and forth between KSP versions 1.2.2 and 1.3.0, it forgets its cached credential information and forces me to login again at first game load. This only happens the first time after starting the different version: start 1.2.2 - KX Mod asks to log in start 1.2.2 - KX Mod uses cached info start 1.2.2 - KX Mod uses cached info start 1.3.0 - KX mod asks to log in (!) start 1.3.0 - KX Mod uses cached info start 1.2.2 - KX Mod asks to log in (!) It seems as if having logged in with one version immediately invalidates the cached credentials of the other. It's not a big issue, I only noticed it due to working on two projects that required me to use different KSP versions, which I don't really expect to happen all that much. But I figured I'd mention it to you, in case it was some easy fix.
  8. Have you tried reload on the page, directly after (auto)saving? Seriously, try it. The same with the bigger thumbnail on the craft page listings. You need to force a new request for the page, because otherwise it (not sure if the browser or the webserver) will think there is no change and the new thumbnail will not be fetched and shown.
  9. I just tried three separate times again... it works. You may need to reload the pages where the thumbnail shows for the image to update... but it does change.
  10. When you 'Edit Craft' on the page in question, the chosen thumbnail image is shown as a smal icon in the top, right next to the button to add a 'Description' container. Clicking on the icon will let you select one of the other images on the page (or of the albums) as a new thumbnail and listing image.
  11. Es posible que la intención sea de practicar el lenguaje, creo que vale la pena animar el esfuerzo. Además, añade vida al subforo.
  12. You already have the stock answer. Since you also asked about mods: Haystack Continued (last built for 1.2.1, but it's reported to work for 1.3.0) It doesn't hide, but it allows you to pick a ship to switch to from a list There is (was?) one other mod with similar functionality, VesselSwitcher I think the name is, but I can't find its thread.
  13. Es que en español las explosiones son más ruidosas, así que nos tenemos que concentrar!