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  1. Well, if I click on the porkchop, and then press "create node", I get the same error... It appears that MJ is having trouble in the final stages of producing a node.
  2. @sarbian , after the last big update (2.7.0), I can't seem to get the Maneuver Planner - Advanced Transfer to Another Planet to work with targeted asteroids. The porkchop plots, the limited time option also seems to be working, but when I press "create node", it says "Ejection Optimization failed; try manual selection". Not sure what "manual selection" means here. Never had this problem with the previous Mechjeb version. Not including log, because I don't think it would be relevant in this case... Savegame is pretty heavily modded. Somehow I suspect you would be able to re-create it in vanilla too. But if you need anything from me, let me know.
  3. I have MemGraph. No, the stutters do not correlate with red lines. Red lines happen every 30 seconds or so, while stuttering happens every 2-3 seconds
  4. @Nhawks17 , I have a serious issue to report. It took me almost 4 full days to track down, but now I'm 100% sure that RealPlume (or SmokeScreen) causes lag spikes in the game, unrelated to Garbage Collection spikes. I removed all my mods and then added them one by one until I found out this. These spikes happen every 4-6 seconds, or sometimes randomly. Very noticeable during Kerbin ascent. Logs are clean, so there's really nothing I can give to go on...
  5. Finally, I found it!!! It was RealPlume (or it's dependency SmokeScreen). Just telling in case someone else might have this issue. I'm going to report this to the RealPlume maintainer.
  6. Thank you for your insight. If anyone else can give me some more advice on how to track down the problem, I would appreciate it very much.
  7. There must be something. I mean, every time KSP or any of the mods update, there's like 30% chance that there will be some issue. I can't spend days each time hunting for whatever is causing the problem. That's what logs and stuff are for.
  8. That is exactly what I did. But it is not so simple. Some of the mods are dependent on others, so removing or adding them without taking that into consideration causes missing the issue. Not to mention that the game sometimes doesn't load at all or gives performance issues because of missing dependencies. Besides, I have a hunch that it is somehow related to the savegame. Loading a savegame with only half the mods it was creating with deletes some part of the savegame, and when mod is added back later, the issue might seem to disappear for that moment, making it impossible to tie to a specific mod that you just added. In other words, I tried this for 3 days now, and it got me nowhere.
  9. I'm not sure anymore, but I think I might have been mistaken. Maybe these spikes are not due to Trajectories. I am now into my 4th day of hunting which mod causes these spikes, and I'm nowhere close to finding out. Logs now look clean (with Trajectories as well, no more "initializing cache" message), yet spikes are still there. I will inform you if I find the cause, but I'm in the dark here.
  10. Hi, guys. First of all, let me note that this ISN'T garbage collection issue. I have MemGraph to monitor GC, and the lag spikes I'm having are far more frequent than the rare GC spikes. The spikes I'm having are not even showing up on MemGraph. They happen every 3-4 seconds in flight, VAB, SPH, everywhere. I spent 3 days now, hunting for issue - removing and adding mods one by one, testing, testing, testing... And I can't narrow it down. It's as if it happens randomly due to some mod combination or something. I have more than 60 mods, so as you can imagine, finding the cause by trial-and-error is like finding a needle in a haystack. I tried my best, but it's just impossible. I have looked over the logs, and they are clean. Vanilla KSP runs without these lag spikes, so it's not my PC issue either. I'm not asking for someone to find the problem for me... I'm just asking what alternative ways there are to hunt down the cause for such a problem. Because I'm totally frustrated, wasted more than 20 hours by loading/unloading mods, and I'm still nowhere closer to finding the issue. Can someone please give some advice?
  11. Done!
  12. Thank you! If it's not too much to ask, please tag me when/if you find the cause of the stuttering.
  13. aluc24

    [1.3] Kerbal Wind (R13, 2017-08-14)

    @Azimech , wonderful mod! Please tell me, does it support random wind, like a part of background weather? If so, are all planets with atmosphere supported?
  14. Hey, @Kobymaru , I would like to report stuttering issue with Trajectories and FAR. It happens every ~2 seconds when I am descending on Kerbin in retrograde. I have latest KSP version, was well as FAR and Trajectories latest versions. And a ton of other mods, but I don't think any of them are related to this. While I'm descending, the log is giving off a message "Trajectories: Initializing cache" every ~2 seconds, which kind of coincides with the stuttering. That makes me suspect Trajectories is what's causing this. Here's the log: If you need anything else to narrow down the issue, please let me know.
  15. Hi guys, I'm sorry for a silly question, but how do I get FAR to show in blizzy's toolbar instead of stock? I checked the box in FAR settings in KSC view, but it still shows up in stock toolbar, even after the game restart. There is nothing in the config files. Both FAR and blizzy's toolbar are up to the latest versions.