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  1. Well yes, but that could be what they're aiming to do, even if it doesn't reflect what they're doing. And if they want to build this "road to space," they need to figure out how to at least get to pace with SpaceX eventually.
  2. I saw it more as flight cadence. On an individual flight level, FH and SLS can absolutely beat NG, but if NG has a higher potential cadence than F9/H, then they can beat them in that area. But it's also assuming Starship won't work/exist, so they could be including their own future vehicles in that statement.
  3. Neat little video, more of a promo though. We get some shots of New Glenn - either the pathfinder or actual vehicle. I'm not exactly sure if there's anything new shown, but they do talk about launching BO specific payloads, which at a minimum could be Kuiper? I know that's Amazon, but I imagine there could be some overlap, and possibly lunar missions adjacent to Artemis. They also talk about launching more payload to space than 'anybody else,' that can't be the case with only New Glenn though, unless Starship utterly fails, so 'New Armstrong' may be apart of that?
  4. Yeah, otherwise it should be ~95 million, ~40 million, and ~10 million. Kinda absurd unless they're not the same team. Is this separate from HLS, or a derivative?
  5. Nearly there! It looks so nice like that. How are they going to deal with tiles near those attachment points? Will they install those once its been stacked, or just saving them for last?
  6. Wait... what is that? My first thought is a heat-shell, but I don't know if that would be too complex. Or is it a tool of some sort? Also, those Tesla bots might be useful for the first Mars missions
  7. If you strip it down, how much could it send to TLI? Obviously, they wouldn't do that when refueling allows the vehicle to be returned, but is it more or less capable than the Saturn V?
  8. New Starship specific video. I just started, and there's an analysis of launch cost in the summary, but I haven't gotten there yet.
  9. I saw the engines on in another shot later, they're still on.
  10. Already? Are they going to finish tiling at the orbital site?
  11. No. They'll fill those in soon, probably after the nose is stacked. But they won't leave those gaps in. Afaik from others, they may also need access to those sections for now.
  12. First we have SN15 and 16 together, now we have BN3 and BN4 together It's pretty cool to think we could see a full stack vehicle getting ready just shy of Starhoppers 2 year anniversary.
  13. Rocket Cowboy SN20 is looking well covered so far
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