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  1. Spaceception

    The children between worlds <Revived>

    And, I'm done! It was kinda rushed, and I don't think anyone wants to see it now, but it's a rough template of a novel. I got some ideas on how to explain time in the series. Maybe not a great system, but it has to be better than using human units. But yeah, in the last few chapters or so, I shoehorned in ideas I wanted to do, so it's a mess. Then a couple of characters, and their POV chapters are useless, so I'll cut that out, and then I need to reshuffle the chapters into where they should be, tear stuff out, and rewrite it. For now though, I'm going to focus on worldbuilding, and plot revisions.
  2. Spaceception

    The children between worlds <Revived>

    So that "Update every week" didn't exactly work out. But I've got good news, neutral news, and semi-bad news. The good news is, I'm working on the last chapter. I have a lot of ideas on the worldbuilding, plot, and character aspects, and I'll be spending the rest of the month polishing that. And possibly some of March as well. Neutral news, I've really underwritten. Not really a bad thing, but I need to write a lot to really flesh it out. It'll probably be less than 35k words when the last chapter is finished, and I'll need to cut 11k off the bat because the plotlines involved aren't needed at all in my new ideas. Semi-bad news is that it'll probably take a while to write the 2nd draft, due to how much it'll need to be expanded. Or it could take until the end of March, who knows. But my writing is pretty sporadic. For two weeks it's like I could write a novel with the snap of my fingers; but then after that, I lose all that steam. So we'll see. I did put together a playlist of videos I'll be watching for ideas, and tips too. To show progress, after I finish the 2nd draft's 1st page, I'll post that, and my 1st draft's 1st page to compare, and show progress. As well with the 3rd, 4th, etc (Hopefully not too many) drafts. Finally, I'm short of ideas. How would aliens communicate/show time passing? They can't use minutes, hours, weeks, etc. A friend gave suggestions and ideas, like mentioning about how if they're nocturnal, their concept of "day" and "night" is different. And orbital resonance's with the Moons could add to how they explain time passing, etc. But I'm not sure how that'll all work out yet. But I do need more ideas, plus names. It gets really repetitive saying "a few moments passed" or "some time later" all the time
  3. Spaceception

    Mars One: Now valued in pocket change

    I've been gone for a couple days. You would think I'd have gotten better suggestions for the title. (Changed, I think I'm trying too hard with it) jk jk
  4. Feel like this fits better in this thread. I came across it in the SpaceX facebook group - I only started reading it, fyi.
  5. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    HOT CHOCOLATE. Wait. That picture looks really nice. It for some reason reminded me of an aurora surrounding the engine. I hope we get another video.
  6. Not really. In five of those cases, they never left LEO, in two they can go out to the Moon (or Mars in Orion's case), but at that point, the LES has already been detached. Plus they're all significantly smaller than Starship, and don't double as the second stage. How would you design an LES for Starship that doesn't cut too much in the payload on ascent, and can be detached to avoid dead weight for the rest of the journey? Or is useful enough to keep the whole journey? Such as what @magnemoe suggested with making it a usable room. But that may only work when the crews are small. The interior is already somewhat larger than the ISS, you don't want to cut that down too much. And it's supposed to eventually carry a lot of people. While that may be reason enough to want an LES, it may just make it harder to have one in the first place. I think @sh1pman's points are something to consider. Is a stripped down Dragon with extra Draco's or SRMs even enough to carry the starship away from an exploding superheavy fast enough? Fuel and all? I suppose launching the crew separately on crewed Dragons may be a good idea for the first missions, but it becomes infeasible if they get to the point of launching many of them to Mars at once.
  7. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I honestly didn't notice that until after I posted it. I can't wait for an update on that test fire though.
  8. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Don't have anything useful to add, so here (Not mine, from the KSP facebook)
  9. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I wonder what the burn duration will be. And I hope he or SpaceX shares it.
  10. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Maybe only the core engines at first? It's a grasshopper-esque rocket too, right? And then they could have placeholder engines to simulate the rest of the weight.
  11. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    And aren't they going to start Superheavy booster construction within the next few months? Updates, updates, updates. But now I really can't wait to see interior shots of the Starship (CG shots are okay), and that presentation that will happen when the hopper flies. Ooh, you're right. It made sense in the back of my head, but yeah. They'll never need to expend the booster, or land on a droneship.
  12. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Did they redesign the engine to be more rugged? It looks dusty, and awfully close to the ground. It could make sense, in line with another pretty recent tweet from Elon.
  13. Spaceception

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    How long does it take to get from Moon to Moon in a gas giant system? à la Cassini?
  14. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yes. I'm assuming you will need to clean it, but I'm making sure.
  15. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That's cool, by the time it can form those products, it's not an issue anymore. What about on the return trip, will you need to clean it off, or will it do the same thing?