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  1. Like others have said, the game has deep issues that would be hard to fix, and improvements many players have wanted for a while. And they did do continuous support for this game, 8 years of it, and they aren't stopping. That's not "every few years" That's one new game almost a decade after the first. Really? You think only a 100 people will want to continue playing the original? Out of a 100k player base, I'm willing to bet that number is gonna be noticeably higher, and there's other reasons besides nostalgia that I mentioned.
  2. Some people are nostalgic Some people will hate/dislike it no matter what, and stick to the original Some people will want to go back to a simpler game/prefer the original There's overlap in this, but really, people will continue playing the game, and the devs will continue supporting it for the foreseeable future. Even if I end up preferring the 2nd one, I can see myself going back to play the 1st one. Having a sequel doesn't mean the first one is now dead. There are countless sequels for games out there, and many people have preferred the original ones to the newer ones, why will KSP be any different?
  3. The teams for KSP and KSP2 are different. And sure, you'll have people helping the KSP2 team, but it's not gonna be abandoned. KSP will still get updates and support. The game has also been out since 2011. That's 8 years before it got a sequel, and only a couple optional DLCs. Technical debt has built up, and now they're remaking the game with brand new code. I expect it to look and run better than stock KSP now, with the features of a moderately modded game - that's balanced with stock - and doesn't conflict with each other, as a modded game may. In short, I wouldn't say this is anywhere close of being a fraud, and I'm quite excited for it. The game is coming out in like 8 months or so anyway, if the spring release holds true, so that's plenty more time for new (and older players who put it on the backburner) players to enjoy the current game before the sequel comes around.
  4. No FTL or anything guys, they want to keep it grounded
  5. Colonies being split into developmental stages is a good idea, not it leading into terraforming. For a game that's has relatively ok scientific accuracy, terraforming would just throw it out the window, because at least the space program we have doesn't jump too far off the deep end, and the unrealistic aspects are for gameplay/headache reducing purposes. This is completely different.
  6. Something like that would need to be unrealistically dumbed down, simplified, and sped up to work within this game, and be bearable. I'd like to see better mechanics for Terraforming in a game like Stellaris for example. But in KSP, a few measly spacecraft doing the work of a Kardashev scale civilization is way too much, not just for the game, but probably for the computer itself. And if you have that, why not have megastructures like an O'Neil cylinder? Which would be worse. Interstellar travel and Colonization mechanics is enough I feel, sorry... I would like to see already habitable planets like Duna though, that would be cool, but it'd fit more in a mod.
  7. Nah, that learning curve would be too steep. But I hope modding support makes it easier for those who want it.
  8. This happened to dig a memory out of me Stumbled on it a few months ago, but it came up again But yes, I can't wait!
  9. Well you're gonna be ludicrously happy, because it looks like you'll be able to share SEVERAL solar systems with each other
  10. Should this be pinned? Maybe so the devs can see? I dunno Anyway a bit from my thoughts, and a bit from others I'd like to see on the announcement thread Life support is a thing for colonies You can build ships and launch them on colonies (Big one) You can "spawn" new Kerbals on colonies to grow them You have to worry about radiation, both from your nuclear powered ships, and space Plenty of robotic parts, expanded from the DLC of the first game New, interesting way to perform science New ways to build your space program/get new tech Some sort of story mode? Idk on this, but something that gives you a story, ancient aliens is the first thing that comes to mind, but maybe first contact. (This isn't high on my wishlist, and feels more like a bad DLC suggestion though...). More variety on major parts (why only one NTR, or one Ion drive, etc?). Doesn't need to apply to all, but at least some, you know?
  11. I understand this question may fall under that umbrella, but with Colonies being a thing in stock, will that extend only to proper parts, self sufficiency, and maybe life support/extraplanetary launchpad-esque mechanics? Or will you also be able to "spawn" new Kerbals on your Colonies? Metaphorical upvote to this, because I ran out.
  12. Yeah, it'd be cool if you had to care about radiation exposure, and invest in shielding. Not just from your drives, but from space itself. @UomoCapra Any word? Or at least any possibility post-release?
  13. KSP2 is $60, and imo, I highly doubt there will be microtransactions. That'd be a quick way to kill hype for people who have played with free updates for a long time.
  14. Copied over since the other was locked. Some other edits Oh my god.... This is amazing. And I wonder how modders would work with the new systems. Especially the solar system/advanced tech modders. And I really can't wait to see everything about how colonies will work. With a stock system for this, I imagine the modders will be able to branch off and expand in really cool ways with the new game. EDIT 1:42 Did I see a STOCK ORION DRIVE? EDIT 2: What improvements will there be to realism/physics? And UI on performing missions (Like a stock Kerbal Engineer of sorts) EDIT 3: Will there be any mystery/storyline/quest of any sort you can choose to do? Like finding ancient ruins and finding a story with them? And will the way you do science get an overhaul? That's weird, they merged. Whoops