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  1. Spaceception

    Has anyone seen a launch?

    I saw a SpaceX launch a couple years ago. We went down to Kennedy, and it was delayed the first time, but we went the next evening and saw a sunset launch. I'm pretty sure it was a communications satellite launch.
  2. Spaceception

    Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    At the risk of bending/breaking rule 2.2h, I'm not getting into much detail here, but reading (certain) youtube comments gave me the idea for a thriller novel, that explores "what if the government did coverup space travel?" Not going to be a near-term book by any means, but my girlfriend and I had a brainstorm session recently, and it's definitely something interesting I'm thinking about. Anyway, something a little closer (Probably), I got the idea to write a book around an alien invasion, where they launch high-velocity pods of genetically engineered spores to begin changing the Earth's environment. We find out, and begin quarantining it, but it doesn't work, and keeps spreading. Meanwhile, they find out around the same time that a massive fleet of ships is coming to Earth, and it's arrival will be around the time Earth is uninhabitable for us. So we build massive battle stations around the Earth-Moon system and prepare for their arrival, also by setting up bases and military outposts around other moons/planets in case they try taking potshots at us (Which the aliens won't do, since they want Earth for its biosphere, but the humans aren't sure). That's all for details I suppose, I might explain further; I would like to talk about it during a playthrough of Stellaris with a species modeled after the alien race in the book(s?). We'll see.
  3. Spaceception

    [1.4.2] Heat Control - More radiators! (April 9)

    Pretty late reply, so you may already know they answer y now; but I tried it out, and they seem to work perfectly fine for me.
  4. I finally redownloaded this mod after forever. And I really like the new parts, I was so happy when I saw Nautilus-X parts were added I even played around with them a bit, took me awhile to find the tanks for fusion pellets, but the ship I built with your parts and others looked cool.
  5. Always enjoy reading these, Krownest would be really cool to study, and it'd be a treat to find another world with exotic oceans.
  6. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Does it say "42 days without explosive decompression"?
  7. Spaceception

    Would polluting other planets be unethical?

    If it doesn't have any forms of life, it may as well be free real estate. I mean, we've all heard of very far future projects like Dyson swarms, which require many planets of resources to construct; so unless you have a very stringent civilization that values having everything the way it is - for the most part anyway - that's going to be thrown out the window, burned to a crisp, and stomped on sooner or later. EDIT (I essentially had this mostly written, but the forums dumped on it and I had to redo it ): I was thinking about this a bit more while reheating food on the stove, and I can think of two main reasons for something to be distinguished as unethical (There's probably more though, and I know about the telescope complications in Hawaii, so there's exceptions and such, but this was the equivalent of shower thoughts ). And that is, if the thing in question has a cultural/societal value to the populace, or if there's a pragmatic reason for it being there (Or both). This was a quick and dirty analogy by the way. A rock at the base of a mountain doesn't view the mountain as culturally significant to itself, and its existence doesn't benefit it in some way, so it doesn't matter if we strip mine it or not. And we certainly don't hold value to it. Meanwhile, a forest or major ecosystem helps the biosphere, and in turn, us survive; so there's a pragmatic reason to keep it. And small tribes and such may place it in high regard. And, for example, the Himalayas hold a lot of cultural value to people believing in four major religions in the area (Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, and Animist), so defacing, and mining them is something we can't do. And if we colonize Mars, and decide we like its mountains, and some people start placing cultural significance to it? Well, then we should try and respect that.
  8. Spaceception

    For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread

    So sorry in advance if this is a stupid question, I've just not seen it addressed, and I'm wondering what the answer is. But we hear a lot regarding Interstellar travel as being dangerous because of the risk of hitting molecules and dust particles at even small fractions of c, and because of the kinetic energy in the ship, it can hit the speck with the force of an atomic bomb. So my question is, could you hit enough of these specks that your velocity would be significantly reduced (And, affect your travel time by a few years), or is it rare enough that they're basically mild hindrances? I got the idea for this question after thinking of Orion, and how it uses Nuclear bombs to propel it; and how these specks would behave in a similar way, but in reverse. I'm not sure how answerable this is though, considering we don't know a whole lot about the Interstellar medium.
  9. Spaceception

    Explain a film badly 2

    Dunno how the heck you break up quotes, but... Black Panther The Lorax (I'm 100% sure it's this, my siblings watched it so freaking often) Idk idk idk Here's a couple, A giant grape wants to solve overpopulation with his rock collection. Depressed billionaire terrorizes a mentally ill man.
  10. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    @sh1pman Now that's a nice shot.
  11. Spaceception

    Copenhagen Suborbitals: Umm...

    Best of luck to them. But that honestly sounds like a mistake waiting to happen. I've heard of people designing DIY spacesuits for fun, but not for actual spaceflight. I wonder how they will test and verify the safety of a suit like that.
  12. Spaceception

    My first Tesla Car I've ever seen.

    I've actually seen a number of Tesla's around. Really only enough to count on two hands I think, but I guess that's what happens when your family travels a lot.
  13. Spaceception

    Collaborative Novel Writing?

    I'm personally too busy to commit myself to this, but I'd be happy to leave suggestions, and answer questions (If I have an answer ), or share tips. One thing right off the bat though, 10-20k words would be a long short story, or novella in one go. My longest chapter was around 9k words, and that's way too long. So I'd suggest no longer than 5k words, maybe even less than 3-4k, just to keep it digestible. Good luck though! I hope someone else can help out with this. It sounds really cool.
  14. Spaceception

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Now that looks sleek.
  15. Spaceception

    Forum Memes

    I wonder what my meme would be. But anyway, whenever someone posts a topic that's already been discussed (I'm guilty of that ); And technical support;