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  1. Many are. I think some can be fairly calm... for a red dwarf at least. Regardless, I think it's a good idea to look for life in places we don't expect it. If it can survive there, it can survive almost anywhere. Then the immediate problem after that is around the Fermi paradox, and perhaps the great filters.
  2. Actually... I think I fixed it. When I tried reinstalling it, I didn't delete it first. So I did that just now, reinstalled my games, and it seemed to have worked. And I'll keep that in mind next time.
  3. I don't have reddit or any other place to go to, so I figured I would just ask here. While I was searching for a savegame for Stellaris in the steam and steamapps files, I accidentally merged the two (stupid touchpad). Now steamapps is in steam, and I don't know how to fix it. Is it fine that way, or did I break something? Do I look for every single file in steamapps, and move it out? Which files are those? I tried reinstalling it, but that didn't do anything either.
  4. How should it be portrayed? I think scientific accuracy is something that more science fiction needs. But another important aspect is the portrayal of people who make those discoveries. And how it happens. So what are some glaring problems with it, and how should it be remedied? Are there examples of acceptable simplification, to avoid boredom? And a question directly related: If nothing else, what do you wish would absolutely just die in common portrayals? I hope that this thread is okay here.
  5. Yeah. To be honest, I'm really hoping sooner rather than later, SpaceX finds problems with life support, and go off to develop specialized systems (and we get a proper presentation for it). Like what food will be grown on Mars, and how will it be grown? How much energy and mass will the food/air/water/waste systems require? How are habitats going to be built? How will you protect people from radiation? What will the spacesuits look like? How are you going to maintain and repair the interiors/spacesuits/filters of martian dust? I just want to know how SpaceX themselves will address these. The fact he likes the idea of bringing Boring machines to Mars for underground colonies is promising at least.
  6. Ion/Plasma drives, and solar/magnetic sails are too weak to be considered sublight engines. They would help speed up interplanetary travel by potentially a good amount, but you won't be getting to another star anytime soon. The Halo drive is only good if you have a black hole nearby already (which we don't), so for our intents, is useless. Em drive, and other similar engines are dubious at best. Beamed sails, and Orion are good for more near-term interstellar travel if we really want it, but it would still take up to a century or more to reach another star. And in the beamed sails case, unless you have another drive, or some other way to slow the sail down on the other end, it better be a one-way probe. I would say fusion is one of the best methods (and one we could have within a century or so), after antimatter. Beamed sails are good as well once you can get an interstellar network set up.
  7. Hmm, when the devs show themselves here and (hopefully!) take more questions, you should ask if that could be planned for the future (could definitely enhance progression mode) or can be at least moddable. I had no idea how much I wanted to see that until I did. What was that Henry Ford quote again?
  8. I remember making this poll a long time ago, and I'm considering just deleting it. Feel it turns it too much into a popularity contest rather than discussion of, well, potentially habitable exoplanets. Thoughts? Also, that news about K2-18b is incredible! I can't wait for when this starts getting as commonplace as finding exoplanets, and (more near-term I hope) when we get JWST to take a look at TRAPPIST-1 PHL also updated the list earlier this month with 2 planets fairly close to the size of Earth in the same system, and a super Earth. GJ 1061 c/d, and GJ 357 d Planets around Teegarden's Star were also added since the last post here in January, and are also fairly close to the size of Earth. All good targets for direct imaging telescopes in the future.
  9. Eh, I wouldn't mind if that's the case. I'd just build a refinery station there, and ship the fuel back to wherever needed. But is there any confirmation on where you can get "He-3", or even if it's even in the game for Daedalus? There's some He-3 on the Moon, sure, but you're all talking about it like there's deposits on the Mun or Minmus too.
  10. Oooh. If we're talking about real-world planetary systems, GJ 581 doesn't have many confirmed planets unfortunately. The outer three, g, d, and f are unconfirmed, but I guess that doesn't matter for a mod. GJ 1061 has 3 though, 2 in the HZ. Teegarden's star has only 2 planets, but they're both in the HZ. However, what I'd really like to see is GJ 876. It has 4 planets, 1 super Earth, the rest are gas giants. And two of those gas giants are in the habitable zone, orbiting every 30 and 60 days. Don't think this is possible in real life exactly, due to the tight nature of the system, but imagine a small water world moon (like Europa but thawed out), around the closer in gas giant, and a somewhat larger moon with small continents, archipelagos, and large ice caps around the farther out gas giant.
  11. I'd like to make a Cis-Munar and maybe Cis-Minmi(?) route, where you have a large LKO station with refueling capability, and habitation. Then a station around the Mun and Minmus meant for ship assembly. The Mun station would be meant for Interplanetary missions, and be supported by at least one colony. The Minmus one would be meant for Interstellar missions, and also be supported by at least one colony. I think I may put a station/colony in some other locations, like Duna, Laythe, and some planet in another system; but given my patience for docking, I don't think I'll make many stations outside of that. At least, that's what I'm thinking right now.
  12. I really like SCIF I actually like a lot of suggestions here, but right now, I'm liking this.
  13. So I heard somewhere here that there was supposed to be a new trailer shown at PAX west, any idea when that's supposed to drop?
  14. We need to go up there, so we can collect enough science to move up the tech tree.
  15. 49, wow. Good luck! I hope the majority will be able to be asked and answered.