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  1. Rocket Cowboy SN20 is looking well covered so far
  2. Are they moving into the highbay as soon as BN4 leaves then?
  3. There's a road closure this afternoon, possibly for BN4, at 3-7PM https://www.cameroncounty.us/spacex/ We might get a picture of Superheavy's underside relatively soon
  4. BN4 is almost stacked. So at this point, I suppose they'll roll the booster out in the next day or two (would it need to be rolled to the pad now, or could it sit outside until the OLP is ready?) so they can stack SN20 in the high bay, and finish the GSE tanks in the midbay. This week is going to be busy. EDIT: I don't know if anyone has noticed, but SpaceX updated the images at the bottom of the Starship page https://www.spacex.com/vehicles/starship/
  5. Orbital launch table, and GSE tank rollout, and launch tower stacking in the same day?
  6. So this static fire mostly verifies the thrust puck/fuel feeds unique to Superheavy? Otherwise, there's not a lot different from a similar Starship static fire?
  7. July and August are going to be busy months. Looking forward to seeing the launch pad/tower ready.
  8. Well.. At least it has nothing to do with the telescope itself. I really want to see this launch, I want to start seeing headlines about JWST discoveries, like we were getting with Kepler all the time.
  9. Latest tweet from NSF, but stacked on stream. Will they stack one more section on it before extending the crane? It looks like it could handle one more.
  10. I didn't know that, thanks But it looks like the last launch isn't until 2024, so Vulcan should be flying before it retires.
  11. That would require a complete redesign of Vulcan, and at that point it's a brand new rocket. Or at least brand new first stage. Vulcan as is is nearing completion afair. And by the time they have a compatible rocket stage for AR-1, BE-4 should be more than ready anyway. If they have to wait on the engines, they will. Delta and Atlas isn't going anywhere.
  12. Since you're probably not just talking about a Starship that can reach orbit (which is right now), sometime before/by BN7/SN24 would be my guess. Which I'm think would be operational for LEO payload releases, seeing as it's supposed to be a major upgrade. The first tanker variant would have to be ready late this year or sometime next year, since they have have a contract for it, but it's like an extended fuel tank, so I don't imagine it'll be much more difficult once they're over the hump of orbit and payload release. The first ones for crew, probably a couple years, though there might be ground crew cabin mockups as they test the important systems of flight and landing on Starship's operational missions.
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