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  1. According to the calculator here; the potentially habitable world K2-18b has a surface gravity of 14.9 m/s^2, or 1.52x the gravity of Earth. Not bad in all honesty; considering it's almost 2.3x the radius of Earth. But it's probably a super water-world. Could be fun for JWST to check out :)

  2. Ohhh, yes. If you or someone better at math/physics than me can explain this at some point on another thread, that would be awesome
  3. Isaac Arthur Videos Discussion(HIVE MINDS)

    Thanks Back on topic, I can't wait for the intergalactic travel episode in a couple weeks, sci-fi research
  4. Isaac Arthur Videos Discussion(HIVE MINDS)

    Hey, @DAL59, could you edit the title of this from "Isaic" to "Isaac"? The misspelled name is kinda bugging me.
  5. Interstellar Interloper (A/2017 U1)

    True, but it would need to get beyond 25 km/s or it'll just end up trailing behind it. VASIMR seems promising. Aside from NERVA (And ion), it's the only advanced engine that's been tested, and additionally, could get us the thrust needed. Use large solar panels for initial acceleration, jettisoning them; and wait to catch up using an ion drive to slow to a stop next to it? Idk, that seems too complicated actually. It could also launch on a cargo BFS (Or, a Falcon heavy, if we go small), that may go faster, and carry a large enough payload for a spacecraft like that. But the timeframe is ridiculously tight.
  6. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That's his thing. It is tedious trying to find stuff though. But separating it better would be quote hard I think Thanks!
  7. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    What the name of it? Is it on project rho?
  8. Wow... So much is happening with this system, I wonder if once James Webb, and the VLT come online, it will become the most comprehensively studied solar system second to our own. Or among the few prime targets good enough for that. How much more Earthlike is TRAPPIST-1 e now? Higher chance of water? And yeah. We could very well be looking at a hot Oceania, that'll be cool. Sorry, no, limited number of options I can add.
  9. With the release of "The Hacksmith's" video about his lightsaber, I decided to make this post Here's the first one; And here's an old livestream; Yes, yes, I know Star Wars is more akin to science fantasy, but someone actually built a functioning lightsaber! Or a protosaber anyway. Just have some fun
  10. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Beat me to it I'd love to see some friendly twitter beef between everyone planning to launch to Mars honestly. The world needs that kind of drama.
  11. @ProtoJeb21 Could TRAPPIST-1b be a hot Oceania? I see a ton of those in Space Engine, life imitates art? The possibility of life is cool. Thanks @ProtoJeb21 for the update, hadn't been able to get around it But here's a pretty picture by the guys at PHL That Kepler data tho.
  12. Isaac Arthur Videos Discussion(HIVE MINDS)

    And I can't wait.
  13. Boy Scouts of America - Compilation

    I haven't posted here a lot, but -