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  1. That should be almost a thousand tiles so far (992). I wonder when we'll see tiles wrapping around the nosecone, also SN16?
  2. Either both, as a repeat of SN10 because it lands a bit too hard, or a good landing. I think they'll do everything they can to prevent it blowing up again or RUD-ing on impact
  3. Lift off, I just realized how the 3 raptors together have a really cool looking exhaust. EDIT: It didn't even make it to the pad. It blew up mid-air. Bad raptor relight?
  4. It's live. This is really early. T - 1 minute
  5. The first (tentative) orbital booster now has parts in production.
  6. Maybe 4th time's the charm for them? It was with Falcon 1
  7. They are planning a second pad. Maybe they'll use that one for practicing the catches without risking the main pad? Or they'll set up a landing pad with the major elements for the catching system until they're ready to land on the pad itself. It'll be interesting to see how they move forward with it.
  8. I'm almost more interested to see the completed pad over more ship prototypes to be honest. I wonder how they're planning for pad turnarounds.
  9. I didn't see that, I checked right after the static fire, I thought it was still there. Thanks for the update
  10. As early as tomorrow, or Wednesday/Thursday as backups.
  11. SN11 static fire attempt ongoing. It's currently on engine chill, but NSF thinks they heard a brief siren. Possibly around 2-4 minutes away
  12. He did say transport, presumably to the pads. Maybe they'll pressure test if they're able, and go on from there? MK1 was a Pathfinder iirc (that they originally wanted to fly but that's besides the point), and they still attempted to pressure test. BN1 has much better build quality. But if that doesn't work out, they'll try their chances with BN2.
  13. Guessing that there's a good chance that the first full stack will be for the intended orbital mission, and not a publicity shot.
  14. Not even a half hour since the SLS firing, and they're getting ready to stack their own Superheavy lift booster.
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