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  1. That sounds like good news. Hopefully it won't take too long to set up another static fire
  2. So what do you guys make of this? Will SN12-14 be skipped, or are they preparing for a more ambitious test flight ahead of time? I'm hoping we see SN50+ Raptors soon. I wonder when that written presentation will be out. After SN9's flight?
  3. It looks like the vehicles are leaving now. EDIT Scratch that, venting!
  4. Getting "The Expanse" vibes from the music honestly.
  5. It's scared of the landing. The clock is paused, they're looking for a new T-0. So not scrubbed for good today.
  6. Since it's supposed to be launching around 3 or so, if they abort, will they have time to recycle and try again before 5?
  7. I'm finishing up some soup right now, and it looks like SN8 might beat it by a few minutes
  8. Back to back 15 km hops not unlike Sn5 and 6? That'd be a cool way to end the year.
  9. If they happen to go forward with SN8, how many more tests would they need to do? Just another WDR, and static fire, then flight? Or more tests than that?
  10. Stacking has begun. That means SN8 is on the pad, SN9 has its wings and it getting ready for pre-flight preps in the high bay, SN10 has its tank section finishing up, and SN11 has started stacking as well now that SN9 is out. By the end of the month, could we see SN12 begin stacking too?
  11. If we have any space age future in orbit, ground based observatories would be hard pressed to exist, there would be too much clutter for them. They would be out in deep space, and astronomers would be working with databanks and computers on the ground like they do with current space observatories. And the thing about SpaceX is that they're not just building a constellation, they're building a vehicle that will have a large volume for payloads, and be potentially cheap enough to massively increase the number of in-space telescopes. But as we increase our activity in space, this issue is g
  12. You can see those flaps on the right of the Mid-Bay, looking forward to seeing them attached.
  13. Yep, it was water. But on the sunlit side!
  14. That was my thought when I saw the headline. I didn't think of lava tubes, but it'd be cool if they found water there.
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