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  1. A Thread for Writers to talk about Writing

    Hey everyone, have any of you done co-op writing with someone? Or know any tips for that? My girlfriend and I are planning a science fantasy/fiction (There's magic)? series, and we'll be planning each book out next month and begin writing in May. If you need details, we have close to 40k words in worldbuilding/background/characters/loose plot points already, and we can write on google docs at the same time. Thanks
  2. Help with Relationships Thread

    Yep. It's all good though. We'll figure it out Yeah I don't think I want to explicitly name her home country I mean -
  3. Help with Relationships Thread

    Opposite side of the world. She lives in southeast Asia (I'm not sure I want to get more specific than that). Round trip flights are about $1k Usually $1.1k at least.
  4. I've never played Spore before xD What's it like?
  5. Stellaris is fun to me. I'm in a guerrilla-ish war with the end-game crisis. Space Engine allows you to explore the universe from home - and it's free, and Universe sandbox 2 lets you create your own solar systems. I suppose you could create a mini star cluster, and simulate a setting for a small interstellar empire in sci-fi.
  6. Help with Relationships Thread

    My girlfriend and I (I SAID THAT CASUALLY!!!), have been talking about it for a couple weeks, and one of us may fly over to the other to meet up for at least a week. I'm both nervous and excited.
  7. Help with Relationships Thread

    Thanks I hope the best for you. You'll get there
  8. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Hey @DAL59 Making a thread for your story would be a great way to make sure others can see it, and you can organize it more easily
  9. Help with Relationships Thread

    And so - my best friend is now also my girlfriend It was kinda awkward, because I expected something else to happen, but it was actually pretty quick and casual. But she and I are really happy about it.
  10. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I wonder what kind of fine someone would have to pay if they damaged a rocket... are there any past examples?
  11. The new infinity war trailer has me shook

    1. Earthlinger


      Image result for panic gif
      Excitement Overload
    2. Atlas2342


      Haven’t seen Black Panther yet. :(

    3. Spaceception


      It's really good. Spotty CGI in some places admittedly, but still much better than Justice league's CGI. The story is great, soundtrack is really unique, and Wakanda is amazing.

  12. Boy Scouts of America - Compilation

    I'm....actually getting close to Eagle. I finished one merit badge (Personal Management), I have 1 req. left for Communications (That I'll be doing today), I have 1, 10 mile, and the 15/20 mile hikes for hiking (That we'll do before my birthday with time to spare), and I have 4 req. left for Emergency Prep. I'm almost done with my project I've nearly finished the last of the leadership role in my troop. But I have 42 days to finish
  13. Eagle project

    Oh crap, I forgot to update this... I actually finished most of it on Saturday!!! We weren't able to finish because the farmer was expecting us to be finished the following week, so he didn't bring the materials. My dad and I are going out this Saturday though. Also, I did a fence refurbishment instead (Same museum though), the process that it took to get there was ridiculous though. First it was 'build 25 brand new sections of fencing', then they figured I should just repair the one they already have, so now it was - replace a few posts/rails, then it changed again less than 2 weeks before we started to 'Okay, just remove 20 years worth of debris (It actually only took a day to clear, but it was a lot), put in a new post, re-nail the cross bars, and tighten the wire fencing'. But, it's almost complete, and my leaders say it's still valid.
  14. Stephen Hawking has passed away

    RIP Stephen Hawking... I'm glad he was able to live to a decent age, despite all the odds against him, he kept going. I didn't expect this though.
  15. Anyone here heard of Projectrho?

    It's actually my home page 'Cause I roll like that Great website though. I like reading it for Sci-fi research, or just for cool concepts.