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  1. @RCgothic Ninja'd But they're testing soon! Looking forward to seeing the forward flaps installed on the nosecone soon.
  2. SN8 is getting fins SN1 of Superheavy spotted! Wonder if we'll get some news regarding Raptor before the end of the month. SN50 should be around the corner.
  3. Yep. That, and it would fuel unrealistic portrayals of spaceflight and Astroanuts even more. Aren't those criticisms with Neflix's current and recent space shows? Away, and another life?
  4. Hopefully the people running the show get that memo, especially since they're working with NASA too
  5. My initial reaction wasn't, well, positive, but I have to say (cautiously) it could turn out well. If they can get people who are genuine about spaceflight, and don't turn to drama for the sake of it to pad runtime, it could turn into a really interesting show to let people in on how hard it is to be an Astronaut, and how cool spaceflight can be.
  6. Funnily enough, I was able to do exactly that yesterday. I'm a few chapters in now.
  7. You know, I realized after I saw that trailer that I probably had the chance to get Dune at the bookstore just the other day. It wasn't on my mind then, but it is now.
  8. What kind of payload to orbit would that allow? And why would they want it? Their SRB config can match or exceed the thrust of a 3 core Vulcan. Is there another advantage I'm missing? EDIT: Is it the longer burn times compared to the SRBs? And they mentioned ACES, that's interesting.
  9. Do any of you think that the October presentation will lay out some expected milestones for Superheavy, and further ones for Starship? I've had some ideas lately, and they're going off on what we're seeing now with Starship testing, where they do low-altitude hops with min. engines (Starshopper, SN5, SN6), mid-altitude hops with the core engines (SN8? I heard there was something like a NOTAM which would imply a hop of several kilometers first, is that right?), and high-altitude hops that will prove out the landing profile (SN8? SN9+). We could also see have a series of dress rehearsal flights while Superheavy is testing, with the full heatshield, mass sims (at the least) for VacRap, and upgraded hardware in the flaps, legs, etc. So based on that, we know Superheavy is also going for a low altitude hop with min. engines for the first prototype. Afterward, they could go for a mid-altitude hop with the second prototype using the core cluster of 8 engines, so they can test that part of the thrust dome in-flight. And then a high-altitude hop, with at least several engines on the outer ring so they can get in-flight expectations on some of the stresses. This could possibly a sub-scale flight that goes through Max-Q (with a nosecone at least), heads downrange, shuts off its engines, and performs a boostback burn before landing on the pad. After that, BP4 of Superheavy could be the earliest expected booster to perform an orbital flight next year, assuming no catastrophic failure like SN1 or 4. I think any failure will come from the flights or landing though. They seem to be getting a good handle on the tanks since SN4, and Superheavy uses the same ones, albeit stretched and slightly thicker.
  10. That'll be awesome to see for the 20 km hop.
  11. Fair enough, I can't watch it for hours either though. I just turn on the livestream once in a while to see if anything is happening. But I think it's also the front row seat aspect to it. When we see launch vehicles in progress, it's usually just some pictures of mostly completed tanks intended for flight, maybe an engine, maybe a mostly completed vehicle, sometimes an engine test. Here, we're seeing a lot more of their process as they go along, so there's that too.
  12. To me, at least, it's that they're in the process of crossing over just from tank testing, to more flight testing, and doing hops to prove out their early launch process. There was almost a year in-between Starhopper and SN5, but there was less than a month between SN5 and SN6. So I guess it's the promise for an increasing amount of fight testing that's exciting. And either way, it's better than watching tanks just frost up
  13. Could SN5 take another leap this month, followed by SN8?
  14. As far as we know, yes. It's contracted for Cargo delivery, and until NASA accepts Starship for Gateway operations, D-XL will be the intended vehicle. If they get the next contract for their Lunar variant, that would point to a higher confidence in Starship from NASA, and D-XL may have a short lifespan.
  15. I've asked this on the NSF forums, but with this tweet about the 28 Raptors And past renders of a 7 engine core, that leaves one engine out. But Elon said recently that they would be testing a SH with 2 engines. So my thoughts are, could SH now have 2 central engines? But I also saw that someone suggested just 8 engines without a central engine.