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  1. Don't remember when, but I'm quite sure I said something about this in relation about a past article
  2. What were the questions like? Was it stressful going through it, or was it relatively calm?
  3. @Gargamel I actually fell behind in math, by almost 2 years, because I could never really wrap my head around it, and when I did, it took a little bit to fully click (Don't know why), and books did Jack to help in that area. Plus I have to catch up on a grade I haven't even started. And I am homeschooled, we moved around a lot, so we were always busy I have no idea why they did that. I think they overestimated me, I mean, maybe 6 months to a year advance would be better, but I really just need help passing, and when I do I'll sit down, and study it a hell of a lot more closely, since I want to be an Astrobiologist. And yeah, I want to be a published author, and I do understand I'll need a better paying job for awhile
  4. @Codraroll Well, like what Mark Watney said (paraphrasing) NASA is full of worrywarts. I'm sure that they could've opened it after confirming the dock. At least most of the time anyway, not counting when something is actually wrong.
  5. So do any of you have study tips for quickly learning math and science? Like rules of thumb, basic equations that do the same as more complex ones, etc. I'm starting to lag behind
  6. Cool! Alpha centauri, or Proxina centauri?
  7. So who's writing what so I can update the OP? @NSEP @The Raging SandwichI know at least you 2 have some stuff. It's definitely a good place to start.
  8. Sounds like fan works to me
  9. Anything with Kerbals goes in the fan works section The sci-fi I'm talking about has to have people and or aliens.
  10. No!! I missed it! All because I nearly got locked out of my phone for doing the pattern backwards
  11. Well, when you're ready, please share!
  12. Ok, now able to quote, and yeah, that would count Are you doing the art yourself?
  13. Something horrible is happening right now, I'm not sure if I'm able to explicitly talk about it, but it makes me angry and sad. This shouldn't be what America is like, and yet, it's been here likely since we gained independence. We're better than this. And it's horrible that people like that still be belive the things they believe.

    They're cowards, plain and simple.

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      Okay, I don't know what you guys are talking about :/

    4. ProtoJeb21


      Oh good grief. Here's the big issue with it:

      We are all the SAME SPECIES! There are NO human subspecies that would even justify such stupid, violent acts.

  14. I have stuff to do as of late, and it takes awhile to do anything, so I haven't been playing much, besides, I'm more of a 2 anyway
  15. I don't, but I want to someday, they'd be really fun to mess with.