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  1. I've had problems with the 180 degree hinge pivotrons (the flat one and thick one). When I extend them fully in flight, and they have weight on the end, they seem to over-extend, and the angle seems to overflow to 360 degrees or something, the joint locks up, and stuff jumps around and tends to break. If I use two 0-90 degree pivotrons attached to each other instead, there's no problems. Using beta3 p5, and KJR 3.4.1 p1, on KSP 1.3.1 It seems to be to do with inverting the axis too. This setup reproduces it. Once you extend it, you can't move the joint anymore, and you can still activate the servo until it breaks itself. And speaking of inverted axis, when you pick up a robotic part with an inverted axis, it forgets the inverted axis state, so you need to select it again if you put it back down.
  2. Suggestion for a part I'd love - a shuttle bottom profile nosecone. Probably with RCS, maybe probe core, for making lifting body mk3 craft which don't use the stock cockpit? A very approximate example: Or instead of/as well as a nosecone, just an adapter from mk3 liftingbody profile to normal mk3 would be useful, like an end cap for the shuttle bottom
  3. I was having this problem too, and I fixed it by disabling the patch: GameData/RealPlume-Stock/Squad/nuclearEngine.cfg. Just change it from .cfg to .txt
  4. Found a small patch bug in the indicator lights cfg - the section for the ISRU is being applied to the roof fuelcell.
  5. Yeah I'm just after fixes, though when you have a FUR adapter I'll definitely be needing that!
  6. Is the parts folder from the 1.4 versions likely to be compatible with 1.3.1? So I could update for some of the bug fixes?
  7. Looks like I've fixed it by replacing some instances of 'gael' with 'kerbin' in my persistence file. Namely science results (I noticed I could do science I've done before around Gael again), and some contract params. Edit: another bug I've come across is SCANsat isn't displaying the low res height map for Iota, though it is getting the data for it (I can still mouse over the blank map and see the approx altitudes). The zoom map works too, showing the low res altitude map normally. The biome map also works correctly. Ceti's maps work properly too.
  8. Logs with KK and the cfg fix:
  9. Well I tried both the landing lights cfg fix, and then even uninstalling KK, and both times I was still getting the log spam. Possibly something in my save? Maybe old contracts, if they were done in the last version of GPP?
  10. I'm getting a lot of log spam, in my career save after updating GPP. In flight, the log shows "Couldn't find celestial body with name 'Gael'.", about 40 times a second... Using, deleted old GPP folder when I installed, and I've tried uninstalling scatterer to see if it was something to do with the scatterer updates in, but no luck logs (7 and 14 MB):
  11. I've made a patch to convert the texture switching to FS for use in KSP1.3.1: Just paste the above into a new .cfg file in your GameData, and make sure to install the FireSpitter plugin @benjee10 feel free to use any of this patch or include it for a 1.3.1 release if you want.
  12. Thanks @Bit Fiddler for picking up on this, I've been away from KSP for a bit so sorry for the delay in noticing this. Should be able to get the fix up soon. Also the @tags stuff is to add the search term 'stealth' to the end of the tags list, for the ingame part search.
  13. OMG the mass drivers are awesome, the models are so cool, and a perfect engine for the mod! And the mini claw is so cute! And I can't wait to munch up some ships with a Terravore hehehe
  14. Small mod to fix some stock biome errors in Eve and Tylo. Requires Kopernicus On Eve, Craters and Akatsuki Lake now actually exist! And on Tylo, Grissom Crater now exists, replacing a duplicated and messy version of Gagarin Crater. Download SCANsat map examples: License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 If you know of any other stock biome oddities, do let me know!