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  1. Yep go for it, it seems like that patch is working well on my end
  2. I wonder if you can use a B9PS module to switch the data in another B9PS module's subtypes... Yeah, at some point it's just a lot simpler to do a +PART instead lol
  3. Looks like that was due to not having a default subtype in the modules, before the subtypes got patched in separately. Should be resolved, see Buffalo2 thread.
  4. @Caerfinonand @Angel-125, it looks like it happens when you have Sandcastle but not WildBlueTools installed, which seems to imply something wrong with the patches in buffalo2/patches/B9PS.cfg, where the b9ps modules get added. So you can avoid it by installing WBT and using it's omni-storage feature. The "BEFORE[Sandcastle]" means it requires Sandcastle, not just 'run before sandcastle if it's installed', which seems like it might be the intended behavior? Otherwise you won't ever get the B9PS modules if you don't happen to have Sandcastle, so the ModuleInventoryPart patches might need to be separated out into patches with "BEFORE[Sandcastle]", and remove the "BEFORE[Sandcastle]" from the B9PS patches. And the actual error might just because there's no default subtype applied before patching in other mod's resources. Try this version of the patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-i-LzPPmONzqotFppdDx0V-E0tW0Ksca/view?usp=sharing Place it here, replacing the old one: GameData/WildBlueIndustries/Buffalo2/Patches/B9PS.cfg
  5. It's very important to "familiarize yourself with the model" ...right? I'll just keep telling myself that lol Should be fixed now, thanks. I'm also soft-depreciating the methalox RL10-b-2 and a-4-1n separate part variants in favor of a subtype on the main engine parts. If any craft had them they will still work, but now you'll just be able to switch fuel types on the extendable RL10s. (I can't do the same for the main non-extending RL10, since it has multiple engine variants already, so that one's methalox version will stay as a separate part)
  6. I still can't reproduce it, with BDB (dev or master branch), RealChute, KSPCF 1.22.2, Kerbalism, SkyhawkScienceSystem, SkyhawkKerbalism, and even RSS. My ksp.log with it loading fully: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-VVxAyKQwZ5G6ExApJt665BzgsHgxbbn/view?usp=sharing The fact the version change of KSPCF triggered it for you is probably a good clue still, but even with 1.22.2 I can't get it to happen.
  7. I've just launched my BDB testing install, with KSPCF, and RC both installed, and it launched fine... Some other people have had similar issues loading with realchute and BDB though, and we're not sure why yet. Everyone who's reported it had kerbalism installed too though, but unsure if it does anything to do with drag cube generation/parachutes?
  8. That’s just an optional patch in BDB, not the default setting
  9. We can't really give proper support for RO installs, maybe try the RO discord? But you could try this patch first: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-OiSO4lwoEVtndGBZO3XDcqj4FfTCay7/view?usp=sharing Just place it somewhere in GameData. It may not do anything though, especially if there's a deeper cause for drag cube generation failing.
  10. If you make your +PART patch run in in the FINAL pass, it will have the restock models. eg: +PART[restocked-part]:FINAL { @name = new-part-name etc } If it isn't run in the FINAL pass, it's possible to copy the part before the models are swapped. Though I think restock swaps models in the "000_ReStock" pass, so just as long as your patch is after that alphabetically it should work too. It's generally best to use FINAL for personal patches anyway.
  11. It's not pulled into the main branch yet, but I have an updated version of BellaTU with fixes for the GLV decoupler, Titan I tank ends, a panel on the Transtage, the truss structure on the Centaur avionics, and a new simple set of textures for the Atlas CELV Skirt so it mostly matches the rest of the Atlas parts: https://github.com/Rodg88/Bella_TU/archive/refs/heads/dev.zip
  12. Disable the "Temporal antialiasing" setting in the scatterer settings window (the blue circle button on the toolbar when in the KSC view)
  13. Pretty much, we don’t have any active coders on the team. The bdb module was based on deployable engines anyway, and it’s more up to date this way. With this change, you’ll now be able to retract deployed engines in the vab instead of needing to replace it with a new copy of the part, and in flight they will retract when you shut down a deployed engine.
  14. Just a heads-up for people using the dev branch, the current version of it has a new dependency - DeployableEngines. A copy is included in the dev branch's GameData, or get it here: https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/DeployableEngines/releases (you might already have it if you use Nerta's CryoEngines or KerbalAtomics)
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