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  1. the engineer's report can give a pretty accurate readout for a craft size, within 10cm at least. The small one shows 4.4m and the large one shows 4.6m
  2. Well I've tried png now too, still no luck. Tried the full path and just the img name, and no obvious errors in player.log (it says the images load correctly). Any other ideas? Maybe some cfg error? Neither of these work:
  3. The mesh itself will be split into sections corresponding to the uv islands, which is why you’ll get the duplicated verts
  4. Reimporting will cut the mesh up into uv islands iirc. So that can make working on stuff a pain, compared to having access to the original. Reimporting can be a decent check to see if everything exported correctly. If you want to clear your blend file of old stuff, there’s ways to do that in the object browser, or in drastic cases copy the original meshes into a fresh blend, would be better than a reimport.
  5. Just in case you haven't seen it, I put some random tips in the wiki section of the github page for the plugin: https://github.com/taniwha/io_object_mu/wiki/Rodger's-mostly-unedited-tips-for-making-new-KSP-parts-in-Blender,-without-Unity and https://github.com/taniwha/io_object_mu/wiki/Animating-for-KSP May be somewhat out of date (from 9/2020), but should be mostly good still.
  6. I'm having trouble getting custom icons to work. I have dxt5 40px square icons, with "_selected" variants, in the 000_FilterExtensions/Icons/Autoloaded_Icons_Mods, and the subcategory references the unselected icon just by file name, but no icons are showing in-game. Do the icons need file paths, or a different format? Or should they go somewhere else?
  7. Ah apparently those classes are stock comets, just appearing as asteroids as kopernicus hasn’t implemented them yet, or something like that.
  8. Well there's class F though I asteroids showing up for me in my (2.5x) GPP game, though they're technically just E class in therms of mass. And I remembered seeing "Deleted MyRocksAreBiggerThanYours plugin (now part of Kopernicus)." in the last GPP patchnotes, so thought that might've meant they should be bigger. If they're not actually meant to be bigger than normal, can probably just ignore the naming issue lol
  9. Playing GPP, and it has asteroids that are meant to be bigger than E-class, but they don't seem to be any bigger. Like an I-class was still about 1000T. Known issue? (amongst the other probably more important asteroid issues lol)
  10. You can also use hyperedit to remove excess asteroids if you want more to spawn. Go to the tracking station, track the unwanted asteroid, then in hyperedit in misc tools, go to delete vessel and pick the correct asteroid.
  11. In the VAB, what's the max temp on the advanced heat shield? if it's 2500 not 3300, the bug is still there and will be fixed next release.
  12. Speaking of scatterer, I've had this issue around Gael (haven't tested other atmospheric bodies yet), not sure if it's on GPP or scatterer's side, but in case it's GPP: https://github.com/LGhassen/Scatterer/issues/160
  13. Does this mod do anything like reduce the input magnitude of yaw vs pitch? I've noticed all spacecraft really don't like yawing compared to pitching when using my joystick with this. Edit: it was caused by mandatory RCS, I swapped it for a manual reaction wheel nerf MM patch, and now I can yaw again
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