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  1. Would it be in the scope of this mod to add a line in the part info window to display an experiment part’s transmission %? DMagic experiments do it, and stock can show total science available, but there doesn’t seem to be an option in the stock module to show transmission. I also asked about this here which might explain it better:
  2. Quick question, is the transmission % listed in the part info on DMagic experiments an extension of the stock experiment module, or a custom part of the DMagic module? I’m wondering because I found this option for the stock module: showScienceValueRatio = false Should the science value ratio be displayed in the part extended information in the VAB/SPH? But not an option to display the transmission % in the VAB, like DMagic module parts do, and I’d love to be able to patch stock module experiments to see each ones transmission.
  3. I've found it does work in rescaled systems with other day lengths, you just need to use nodes to set the desired times, instead of just manually inputting the times. Eg in JNSQ with 12 hour days, typing in 200 days will only show positions at 100 days due to the day length difference, but if you place a node 200 days in the future, the positions will be correct at the time of the node.
  4. I think an all blue one with maybe some small white highlights would be nice. Or maybe some shiny grey highlights, then it can really be “blue steel”? lol
  5. The electron's Rutherford Vacuum could be a nice .625 vac engine? And not sure if you've already done one or not, but an RD-861K could work for 2.5 sustainer?
  6. Is it possible to have excess products of a converter be dumped automatically? I was running a hydrates splitter pre 1.2 for water for TAC LS, but now it’s making oxygen and metal ore, they gum up the system when they fill up
  7. I think the mini isru converter’s core heat module doesn’t have the capability to use enough cooling to run 100%, just like the stock 1.25m isru converter. If you see on the part info in the VAB, it will say in the core heat module info how much W of cooling it requires (for a single converter to run), and how much W of cooling it was use. Iirc the 3.75m converter from this mod can use enough cooling to run two converters at once. So I guess it’s just based on the fact the stock small converter can’t run full time. I don’t know why the stock converter is made that way though... maybe if it runs without an engineer on board the slower speed lets it run full time?
  8. That would indeed be a cool mod, but for now I’ve found a better way to toggle rcs thruster activations is the mod Part Commander. It can toggle options on all rcs ports in symmetry at once, to at least save you searching for each port individually by eye and changing the settings on each one. btw, I’m really loving internal rcs! Especially the use of the depth mask
  9. Yeah just kinda surprised that the stock action for tank locking was broken by fuel switch. I found the mod TankLock that you maintain instead though, and it works fine, so I’ll just use that instead!
  10. Yeah it is, though there is a bug with duplicate nonfunctional resource listings being at the top of the sorting list, so the order of resources in the list will look funny unless you find the actual entries and move those ones to the top and reorder them how you like.
  11. Just got this mod to be able to lock/unlock fuel tanks, but the Lock Resource option isn't showing up on any of the tanks. I'm only seeing the stock autostrut options show up. Is it incompatible with b9 fuel switching? log:
  12. A couple of issues I’ve experienced: Stackable extendatrons having their limit set lower then I set, once I launch the vessel. Eg I set one (scaled to medium-) to .8, the max, but after launch it says the limit is 0.31. On revert to VAB the changed limit value is kept. Also on revert to VAB the robotics app launcher button doesn’t show up, until I place a new robotic part, and even then it doesn’t list the pre-existing parts in the ir editor window.
  13. Is your target orbit past kerbin? I had a sentinal contract that wanted asteroids intercepting kerbin, but it said the orbit should be past kerbin. I edited my save file to change the SMA of the target orbit (from 42-something to 32-something to be between eve and kerbin), and it worked, scanning all the asteroids within 1-2 years.
  14. I’m loving the wings, will be using them on other stuff too for sure! I just noticed the medium and large winglets are set to have 100% control surface area, was that needed to be able to fly them properly?
  15. The airbrake is disabled now as it breaks the chute. It would need to be made into a seperate part to work again.