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  1. Wow, open cfg in editor and MM patch history sounds so good! I was literally just thinking the other day how I wished "open cfg in editor" existed
  2. Nice, if a bit weird! lol I'll also recommend removing ModuleManagerWatchDog, _LOCAL, and 666_ModuleManagerWatchDog.dll from GameData too, which are just other things that come with the other TS version, just to make sure the uninstallation is complete. This goes for anyone using TweakScale, I can only recommend using TweakScale Rescaled with BDB, having the older version (plus KSP Recall) will mean I can't look into any issues/logs. You can change version to Rescaled mid-game without major issue.
  3. Yeah, that's why zipping them is a good idea haha The main reason for the log size is you're missing this which provides shaders for some parts, and the missing shader causes error spam. You'll also get nice translucent parachutes and blanket solar panels! Might need to update RealChute too Then there's a couple of installation mistakes, BD_Extras (No Warranty) should have a Bluedog_DB_Extras folder within it which is the one that goes in GameData, with the individual patch folders inside that folder. But that should only really matter for the Methalox patches which use file paths. And the version of Tweakscale/KSP Recall isn't supported and has been known to cause various random issues. I recommend replacing it (and Companion/Recall) with Tweakscale Rescaled. If you can add Shaddy, and update RC and VesselVeiwer, and restart the game and reupload the log, it will be easier to search through. modulemanager.configcache from GameData and maybe MMLog (from main dir/Logs/ModuleManager) would also be handy.
  4. The main bell should move yes. If you can upload zipped copies of your KSP.log file (from KSP's main folder), and maybe modulemanager.configcache (from GameData), I can check what might be doing it.
  5. There does seem to be some slight instability with drag, and if you stage while lower in the atmosphere the stage will want to wander off prograde... Not quite full tumbling though, and the engine gimbal should be plenty to control it. And shouldn't be an issue high in the atmosphere. PVG will possibly exacerbate the issue with how it tends to fly at higher AOAs after a while, but if you've also just tried holding prograde with SAS, it really should be fine. And your pic is while in vacuum too, so it seems like perhaps some other mod/patch has broken the engine's gimbal? Would need your KSP.log to see more. You could try activating the RCS (via right-click menu) on the nose of Gemini, on the 'Reentry Reaction Thrusters', and see if that is enough to regain control.
  6. Do you have SIMPLEX installed? Make sure it's up to date. Otherwise will need a copy of your KSP.log file
  7. Next release will remove parts that have previously been "soft" depreciated, meaning parts that were already hidden from normal use, but still existed. Any new depreciations will be "soft" too, so won't break any craft. The main ones being soft depreciated this round are old atlas/atlasV parts, the old BigG cylindrical SM (replaced by two separate parts), Agena Resupply Container, old Gemini parts (ResupplyCapsule (already replaced with new part), RotationRCS/TranslationRCS, SmallShortAdapter), and some old antennas (mariner4Antenna, scimatarAntenna, solarAntenna) And this should be all of the "hard" depreciated parts though (all of which should have already been hidden for some time already): https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/tree/depreciation/Depreciated in 1.14
  8. Seems like it's a known issue with CCK-No duplicates: Basically the CCK-No duplicates patch is hiding the parts as far as the search is concerned.
  9. This is just for storing the parts inside inventories, so that doesn't matter, just the outer bounds, which is what KSP Part Volumes calculates. A lot of inventory spaces aren't even very realistic in terms of volume either lol. But just having the part volume specified allows EVA construction to function, so that mod will allow parts to be manipulated by EVA construction where they'd normally not be able to. Great design on squads part there...
  10. It's something I could maybe look into, but for now you could install this Let it run once, then you can uninstall it, and keep the cfg file it generates in GameData. It should add volumes to (all, unless they have one already, or some other user-definable rules) parts based on their real sizes. It's also probably what I'd be using to generate part volumes for parts anyway lol
  11. Well I've already finished: Redstone, Vanguard, Thor, Titan/LDC, Delta/IV, Atlas/V, Saturn, Able/star, Agena, Centaur, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, LEM, Skylab, SRMs, Fairing bases, and Decouplers. Only really the probes left!
  12. Yep. Speaking of: I've been adding customized colour swatches for all the other paint switches over the last week or so, so look forward to that next update too (or just on dev now)
  13. Even some smaller rockets have a decent excess of dv in 2.5x. The higher dv requirements for orbit might hit Saturn 1B pretty hard though lol
  14. All good, please do report issues to me! I've fixed the antenna (the VHF one I think you meant, the EVA one seemed fine), but it's up to cobalt for the drogue chute. But I've made an issue so he can get to it when he can. For the EC, that's going to be incompatibility with Interstellar Extended, and we don't provide support for that on our side. If they provide patches for BDB, they may need to be updated, so you could report it to them. The right click will be due to some other mod, and I'm immediately suspect of KSP Recall. I'd recommend uninstalling that version of tweakscale and it's dependencies, and install Tweakscale Rescaled instead.
  15. I’m also personally not super keen on making a nerf patch for 1300+ parts to suit 1/10th scale systems lol You could maybe try installing Tweakscale Rescaled and shrink all your rockets in-game. Or like is recommended in the thread OP, try installing the JNSQ planet pack which is a 2.5x (or 2.66) scale pack by default, still based on the stock system. KSRSS is another 2.5x option with real life planets. Or just a rescale patch for kopernicus+sigma dimensions.
  16. I've just found AnyRes was causing windows snipping tool to stop working in-game (on windows 11). When I pressed the shortcut Win-Shift-S, the UI for snipping tool would appear and the cursor would change, but only for like a frame and then it would close again. Removing AnyRes would fix the issue, and it was happening as far back as It sounds similar to the above alt-tabbing issue, with the interface showing for a split second then disappearing again. Removing AnyRes would keep the resolution I'd set, but not the window position, which got set to be x0 y3, and it doesn't seem to be a setting in KSP's settings file. It's a decent enough workaround though, at least allowing snipping tool, but there's a 3px y offset now, and no idea how to fix this otherwise. Edit: the 3px offset was due to windows force-centering the window, since my custom resolution was just full width but slightly short. I've mostly worked around it now without AnyRes but setting my game resolution height to be just one pixel short, allowing the taskbar to work, while not being so short that windows moves the window down from y=0. I can't find any way to force the window to y=0 besides AnyRes. (windows seems to have removed functionality here from previous versions, typical)
  17. I was actually just playing with this part, it seemed fine to me - do you have KSP Comminuty Fixes installed? I'd highly recommend it if not. Just retested it in a similar setup to your pic, and it still works fine for me. If you already have KSPCF, might need logs or a craft file to look into it more.
  18. Kind of a bug report, but more a warning to not keep Node Helper in your install if you don't need it, in particular if you want to use EVA construction. Having NH installed will break EVA construction, mainly when trying to detach parts. Given this is a modding tool, it might not be worth fixing, but worth people keeping in mind if they install.
  19. This is just from the Apollo LES, and is due to RSMP. Not sure how they'd not see those errors on RSMP's side... For use with RSMP you can probably just delete the BDB_Apollo.cfg file in question. I'll see about maybe adding some safeguards on our side too though. While you may not have issues (other than with that particular plume), having errors will prevent your MM cache from saving causing longer game loading time each launch, so I would recommend the above fix at least.
  20. The heavy decoupler will fully work with surface attachment too, theres special invisible colliders so surface attaching a radial core will correctly attach to the decouplers. Your plans are already technically feasible, though the decoupler struts will probably clip. And anyway the node is positioned so the posts at the bottom of the decoupler align with the SRB mounting holes on the radial core engine mount too, so more nodes in any other position won’t be suitable anyway. It is on the to-do, though maybe only the tankage, may be keeping the current engine mount.
  21. The toggle only toggles a single node, which is used for attaching the radial cores to the decouplers. The decouplers are surface attached to the central core with no nodes. You can also surface attach the radial boosters to the decoupler, there's invisible attachment colliders on the decoupler which provide the correct distance from the core stage. Generic engine mount is already planned afaik
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