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  1. The sound should be self contained in the mod... Ah my bad fix incoming lol New version up now now actually includes the fixed configs!
  2. Sorry for the very late replies! I've looked into the sound issue and have fixed it on my end. Just need to fix the seperation issue, looks like some colliders are out of place since I updated the decoupler. *edit* V0.6 up now!
  3. Is this still an issue in stock? Just want to see if it’s worth updating *edit* looks like Tylo is fixed in stock now, but not Eve. Uploaded an update which just removes my Tylo map, since it's not needed anymore.
  4. If you want to try using just the blender addon, did you set up the "Mu Shader" section of the shader tab? This is a "semi tutorial" I wrote up for using the blender addon, might help a bit https://github.com/taniwha/io_object_mu/wiki/Rodger's-mostly-unedited-tips-for-making-new-KSP-parts-in-Blender,-without-Unity
  5. I got it working, and my testing seems to indicate there's some kind of hard cap of 177 degrees somewhere? So the model needs to be set up in a position where the full range of motion is less than 177 degrees away, to avoid hitting that 177 degree wall. I had my model set up in the closed position, with "modelInitialAngle = 0", but since that meant it'd need to move 180 degrees to fully open, it was hitting the hardcoded 177 degree limit. I adjusted the model so it was halfway open, with "modelInitialAngle = 90", and now it works. It also fixed the shown angle display not matching the target angle, and the differences in the VAB from flight.
  6. I'm trying to make a hinge part, but can't get it to work correctly. The main issue is it doesn't open fully, stopping 3 degrees short. Might be another symptom, but the current angle only goes up to 90, then back down once the part moves past 90 I've also noticed that when launching from the VAB, it always starts at 0deg, and then moves to the angle set in the VAB, instead of just starting at the set angle. The stock hinges don't do this, they launch at the angle set in the VAB. Any help would be appricated, otherwise I'm just going to have to drop support for BG and just go IR. The module in my cfg: MODULE { name = ModuleRoboticServoHinge allowFullRotation = false servoTransformName = TopJoint baseTransformName = Base servoAttachNodes = top servoSrfMeshNames = COL2 traverseVelocityLimits = 1, 30 hardMinMaxLimits = 0, 180 softMinMaxAngles = 0, 180 targetAngle = 0 modelInitialAngle = 0 inverted = false mirrorRotation = false maxMotorOutput = 50 driveSpringMutliplier = 100 driveDampingMutliplier = 20 motorizedMassPerKN = 0.0002 motorizedCostPerDriveUnit = 1 connectedMassScale = 1 efficiency = 0.75 baseResourceConsumptionRate = 0.02 referenceConsumptionVelocity = 180 jointParentRotation = 0,0,0,1 servoTransformRotation = 0,0,0,1 mainAxis = X useLimits = true } And the model hierarchy: (I have tried some other hierarchy layouts too, like another game object above the base mesh)
  7. I haven’t made any patches for RO, and I don’t use it myself so am unlikely to. If someone makes some I’d be happy to include them.
  8. It doesn't even have "PhysicsSignificance = 1" in the cfg, like the other small science parts, so it'll mess with the COM position so much.
  9. Looks like this breaks mods with fairings, until they edit the models to rename the base mesh to "Mesh". (and I'm guessing that'll be every mod with fairings... it's a weird name choice lol)
  10. Just updated to 0.5 with new 0.625 and 1.25m decoupler variants. Also tested in 1.10, and seems to work fine even with the same version of the dependencies.
  11. It seems to work well enough, at least mesh switching and node switching is working. My guess is the only possible issue would be drag cube stuff.
  12. Is Bepi Colombo MTM stage getting integrated RCS? It looks like there's something on the model where they RCS should go, but it doesn't really look like RCS... Is there going to be science you can do around asteroids now? so grappling a comet gives more science? The comets look great though! So does the planet revamps, be very interested to see how the animation for jool works! And re "and now you can fine tune the shape of your fairings better as well" does this mean we can make more curved fairings now?
  13. You could use a standard .625 decoupler on the inside, but a switchable size truss decoupler would be cool yeah, I’ll put that on the probably list.
  14. V0.4 "The Shiny Update" out now!
  15. Haha, yeah I discovered basically all the stuff you said after I first posted that. Thanks for the excellent wiki! If you do implement adding Vessel.ControlLevel to Parameterized Toggle, I can probably make some patches for stock and restock probe cores. Also, I have a little mesh for an LED with a built in glow I could PR if you want: Though it's a little more complicated for people to use, as it's actually two meshes and materials - one with "Emissive/Specular" for a base LED, and a 2nd one with "Alpha/Translucent Additive" for the glow, which uses tint colour. Also only really works on a flat surface.
  16. V0.3 with the Duna Rotor part is out, download in OP. Changelog: New dual rotor part for light probes in light atmospheres, based on the NASA Mars Helicopter. Also a long variant of the single truss for the Duna rotor. Added Surface Sample experiment to the landing skid part (requires the Bumblebee Probe core on the same craft to work) Minor fixes to other parts
  17. For all your Duna flight needs: Haven't made any other parts to go with it, like side mount trusses, or a mini probe core, but just need to balance it and it can go in the next release. Probably in the next couple of days.
  18. It will probably send the curve out of whack, but if you change the 2nd line in the "atmCurve" from key = 0.4 0.2 1 1.166 to key = 0.1 0.2 1 1.166 It will probably work. Make sure to get both engine modules in each part (the high and low power versions) Also, a preview of something related: 1.2m Duna-class prop
  19. That’s a nice idea, I was kind of thinking about adding DMOS experiments to it, like the X-ray or bio core sample ones, but didn’t think about a stock one lol
  20. There's a reason the first helicopter drone we're sending to mars is only 1.8kg, not 450kg!
  21. This update made it so the props do activate on Duna now... But they won't do you much good. I will probably make a Duna prop, but not sure it'll fit onto the bumblebee core/trusses, as it would need to be bigger
  22. Version 0.2 is up now - now the core has shiny LEDs!
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