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  1. FWIW, I've been testing some 0.9375 scale configs for the Agena lately and am liking it. I've been meaning to mention it so now might be a good time to bring that up.
  2. 1.4kN! How long did that burn take? I've been running 25-50% of real thrust on the upper stages.
  3. Balance is probably the wrong word. The parts themselves were balanced. The fuel they contributed was minuscule, and the tanks tab was getting cluttered as the part count grew.
  4. Maybe they abandoned the project before getting around to uprating the first stage engine? I can't find any reference to it. Edit: The procedural interstage fairing worked out nice:
  5. That engine won't lift that rocket. It's got to be another engine. Something with about 750-800 SL thrust.
  6. This editor is giving me a headache. I can't delete the above. Here's too much information. So.. it's an s-3D engine? This is incomplete information, but working backwards go with these numbers: Isp Vac 275, SL 247. Thrust Vac 667. That gives you 599 SL thrust. Close enough. That engine get's a 1.2 TWR at 51 metric tons (112,436 lbs).
  7. TWR = Thrust in kn / (Gross Mass tons * 9.82) That's it, period, end of story. If that doesn't look right either your reference material is wrong, or you're missing something. Got a link to your reference?
  8. Well that was dumb of me. I was sitting here the whole time wishing someone would make a procedural interstage fairing. Forget I asked :-) I'm not filling the tanks as it is. The DM-18/19/21 (the Thor-Thor) holds less fuel than it's size would suggest.
  9. Any chance we can get the tankage removed from the structural adapters and leave them hollow? I'm trying to use the offset tool to make a poor man's interstage adapter but clipping is preventing it.
  10. Lol. You forgot Thorad Ablestar is looking like a nice standin for the pre delta k upper stages.
  11. On the Delta K yes. Intuitively you would expect the node orientation to control the direction the decoupler fires, but that doesn't appear to be the case. What I think is happening is a vector is created from the center (position 0,0,0) of the decoupler, to the center (0,0,0) of the part the decoupler is attached to. Then when the parts are separated, thrust equal to ejectionForce is applied to the decoupler along that vector. This is what it normally looks like: The oval is the engine or whatever, the rectangle the decoupler, and the arrow the direction of thrust. This is what it looks like with an interstage style decoupler: With the Delta K, simply making the ejectionForce negative gets it moving in the correct direction. With the Centaur interstages I haven't yet got a 100% reproducible test case. I have two theories on that. A: The center (0,0,0) of the decoupler and the center (0,0,0) of the centaur mount are at exactly the same place when attached resulting in a nonsense vector, and a little part clipping is going on between the decoupler and the mount. Or B: I'm outsmarting myself and the above is completely wrong.
  12. Thank you. I was using the link on Kerbal Stuff and getting the 0.3 files. Got the right ones now.
  13. Hyperedit is handy here. Try it without the fairing tank to get in the way (I attached it to an able tank to test). I can see the decoupler clearly going the wrong way. What I think is happening is the large offset of the attach node is throwing off the decoupler's pseudo thrust vector. I'm also seeing it with the Centaur decouplers. Try building a stack of Centaurs, hyperedit it up and start decoupling. They should clearly fly away with 400 force on the decoupler, but what I'm seeing can be best described as random behavior. I'm curious if anyone else see's the same thing.
  14. Maybe it's just an oddity of my setup, but I could never get a clean separation of the Daleth K from it's interstage decoupler. It always gets sucked back in. Changing ejectionForce to -175 (note the minus sign) on the bluedog_DeltaK_Interstage part fixed it. It pops right out now.
  15. Seconded. Could we please get an update to the source code files.
  16. Love the intakes on the Daleth II. Very sporty looking! Is the editor extensions mod what you are using to attach the 9 boosters in symmetry like that?
  17. Here's the long awaited Hullcam config for the science cameras. A procedural fairings config for the Delta K fairing/tank that I think works pretty nicely. The only gottcha is you must enable fuel crossfeed in the VAB or you won't get any fuel from the small tank that goes on top of this part. It's a procedural fairings thing that I can't override in the config. And an update to the Stockalike Realfuels files. Just some minor bug fixes and oversights corrected.
  18. I'm assuming he want's to light the main engine a few seconds before the boosters burn out. That's the Titan that works that way, isn't it? A sophisticated rocket builder might use something like the timer in Smart Parts to automate that. Funny you bring it up, I'm in the middle of playing with stretching the GEM 40's to burn 60 seconds. 30 is a little quick for my taste. Bottom attachment nodes on the engines are needed for the Redstone style launch clamps too.
  19. There's no voodoo. Are timing with a handheld stopwatch? You have to use the game clock. A second in the simulation isn't necessarily a second in the real world.
  20. @Perceptor87, without a list of mods you have installed we can only guess. Assuming you have smokescreen, but not realplumes, just delete the files in Gamedata\Bluedog_DB\Compatibility\RealPlumes and see if that works.
  21. They work fine here. Toss them in a dev release and see what happens. It's torture if you can't find a rhythm. Just one or two representatives from each family of rockets would be significant. You should probably setup a separate stock+bdb install so you don't accidentally include anymore parts from random mods. Personally I rarely bother to download craft files, but a collection of shots from Kronal Vessel Viewer I'd find very useful (hint).
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