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  1. Command decision to eliminate Multi-player? <ducks>
  2. Hmmm... There is a National Churro Day next year as well - but it's not "early 2023". Looks like I'm losing the office pool.
  3. I stayed up to watch it... ... Rain.
  4. 111 That's a lot of not wasted rockets/boosters.
  5. I'm wondering if it is about payload deployment. I don't know enough about airframes but I do know that sport convertibles lack the rigidity of sports cars with a full roof - so by extension - absent a deployment method that uses only the nose cone, deployment strategies that break the cylinder of the main part of the craft likely bring additional design challenges
  6. If you have a craft in orbit it's already traveling at Ludicrous Speed compared to the atmosphere... So no matter what you are going to get friction and thus, heat. Balloons, to fly, need to be exceptionally thin and flexible and light and not porus - anything that meets those criteria does not manage heat well enough to survive reentry. Plus other stuff mentioned above
  7. That's her! Some of her papers are quite interesting (okay, yeah, as I typed this I realized I'm talking about a Laureate... of course they are!)
  8. That's an interesting thing... We are right to be amazed at the rapidity of the launches that SX is delivering... But if they remain so manpower intensive w/r/t control teams - that right there is a price barrier. Perhaps in 10 years we see 5-person teams managing each launch?
  9. I'm surprised that they started with plants. I'd think they'd seed it with lichen and rock eating fungi and perhaps some bacteria to transform the regolith to soil... But then what do I know - I'm not a biologist
  10. Plants grown in Lunar Regolith: Germination readily occurred on all samples between 48 and 60 hours after planting, and all lunar seedlings exhibited normal stems and cotyledons (Fig. 2a), indicating that nothing derived from the full contact with the hydrated regolith interfered with the complex set of signaling events required for early aerial development Plants grown in Apollo lunar regolith present stress-associated transcriptomes that inform prospects for lunar exploration | Communications Biology (nature.com) however: by the sixth day, the plants in lunar soil began to grow differently than the control group of thale cress. Researchers found that the lunar regolith plants grew slower and displayed "stunted roots," NASA said. "Additionally, some had stunted leaves and sported reddish pigmentation." After 20 days, RNA sequencing of the plants revealed that those grown in lunar soil were under stress and reacted in ways the plant typically would in harsh environments, NASA said. "At the genetic level, the plants were pulling out the tools typically used to cope with stressors, such as salt and metals or oxidative stress, so we can infer that the plants perceive the lunar soil environment as stressful," Scientists grow plants in soil from the moon for the first time in history - CBS News
  11. That first reply, tho (Waiting for KSP2) Seeing as how Multiplayer is confirmed... I'm blaming that for all delays. (because, why not. Phhbbbbbtttt!) neener.
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