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  1. Has anyone decoded the chutes for sekret messages?
  2. I very often kind of nod and then don't say anything when Elon / SpaceX talks about getting people to Mars. You know what I mean? Like when the person you haven't seen since highschool meets you at a party and within 30 seconds wants to tell you about this fabulous thing they heard from their Guru/therapist/priest? (or a ten-year-old say's she wants to be President or an NFL Quarterback when she grows up... like - I support the aspiration, but don't want to burst the bubble of hope/optimism). Then, here, I am reminded that they really are serious about Mars. Which - is kind of crazy. ...until you see how they are iterating Starship. So - in line with what you write above, if Elon / SpaceX are capable of pushing boundaries as you say - in a SUSTAINED way; continuing past the success of Starship and a reusable BFR... ...it's not crazy to think they might just pull it off
  3. Wasn't aware of that. Yeah - not having an eye in the sky does change the equation. I figured that they left an orbital observation sat up there when they landed
  4. In case you missed this: Jupiter wins again! Amateurs Spot New Impact Flash at Jupiter - Sky & Telescope - Sky & Telescope (skyandtelescope.org)
  5. A very interesting question - and given the mammoth egos and national-pride aspects of many of these 'firsts' I'm not sure there's going to be a definitive answer. Remember - folks with very limited computational power at their disposal built the Voyagers, landed on Venus and Mars and had dozens of other successes. Fabulous examples of hard math and determination. I'm interested to hear from those who've delved into this history more!
  6. ...showcase that China can do it, too. At current capabilities, a flying rover is realistically just a 'look what I can do' thing; it's cool, very hard to do, and aside from studying the science of flying on another planet... not good for much. Percy's drone was a first - and I commend the team for the accomplishment, but I'd rather see a mission that can set up a miner and get a 300' deep core sample, then analyze it and send data and pics back to home. So if China really wants to impress - really wants to contribute, rather than play 'me too'... it could choose to do something hard that no one else has done. Because frankly, scraping the few centimeters near the surface isn't telling us much. A million (to billion) years or more of thin atmosphere, bone dry, no magnetic field and bathed by sunlight & etc has scoured the surface of anything more interesting than what we've already seen. Thus - to my mind, anyone sending another drone to Mars is really just making a national pride ploy, rather than doing something particularly useful.* * The exception would be something that could stay aloft for months, get really detailed imaging of a much wider area and actually contribute to helping current rovers maximize their potential.
  7. Somebody snotted on it - so the nice guy used his sleeve to smear it around a bit.
  8. The combination of AA training and VIPs demising is unfortunate - unless it was merely convenient. One you get past twice... It starts to look a bit suspicious
  9. Well played, sir Won't lie - was worried there was an issue and they were keeping it closed for safety. Quite glad to see it's open - will make for a much better Netflix episode
  10. Suspect that means it may not open the whole trip.
  11. How come we are not seeing 'Inspiration'al videos of the tourists in spaaaaace?
  12. Well - there is this convenient atmosphere betwixt you and it. Up there all they have is the magnetic field
  13. Was surprised to learn that wolves are ranked below lions... but I did know that the apex predator of Africa is the African Wild Dog: Apex predators in the wild: which animals are the most dangerous? - Discover Wildlife Still, in the tundra areas - wolves are pretty efficient. Of course - if we change the tundra/taiga/steppe to include massive prey animals (veggie eaters)... something will adapt itself to take advantage of the new meat source. Not saying we will see a 'new' Sabertooth but a branch of tiger could increase in size or polar bears (which already hunt whales) could adapt itself to something like the short-faced bear and get big enough to prey more effectively on the new food source.
  14. I was thinking it would be more like a big (really big) triangle, and an array like that could provide relevant info. Clearly if they're aimed at something along the orbital plane (like any of the planets) it would be, effectively, linear. Short of doing what Kerbiloid suggests with gravitational lensing... I was thinking about what the EHT did, effectively making an 'earth-sized' telescope, and wondering if there was an effective way for us to increase the surface area and hopefully get good info at both a reasonable cost and within our current technological abilities. Edit - I haven't had enough coffee: using the same words and phrases too much this morning!
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