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  1. https://www.usgs.gov/media/images/geologic-map-mars For reference @Xd the great
  2. SpaceX's Starship rocket is set to splash-land into the ocean near Hawaii in its first flight around the Earth, FCC filings show (msn.com) Anyone know if SX is looking for someone with experience chilling out on Navy ships for their recovery efforts? I'd be happy to have them fly me out to Hawaii so I can stay well back out of the way on some weather-deck and watch them recover this thing!
  3. I think you're absolutely correct; going SS is 'their thing'. Still - a highly aspirational timeline. Edit: frankly, I love it. Their stark departure from the cautious pace of how things have been done for so long is one of the reasons I watch them with such interest
  4. That is what I was thinking. Dragon is a working space craft. Starship is a proof of concept with one successful landing. Admittedly, the pace of SX is such that they might be able to get one or more SS's to space in the time frame - and possibly try to dock those behemoths... But that might be pushing it a bit. I did not read the award and specifications - but were it me - I'd throw up two Dragon's with a fuel-transfer apparatus in each - test in orbit and pocket the cash for SS
  5. Contract to be completed by the end of '22? So - is this going to be a Starship demonstration, or two CargoDragon capsules with fuel inside?
  6. If you can work out how to do it in conjunction with nuclear energy production - as part of an efficient cooling process, let me know. I want in early.
  7. I asked a similar question quite a few pages back - and came away with the impression that it's just not feasible.
  8. Why not? From 1886 to 1908 automobiles were largely bespoke creations. To become a ubiquitous part of the economic and technological background noise of the world we must move past treating rockets as special, fragile one-offs, and make them nothing more than machines we use whenever we need them
  9. I'm not a rocket scientist - but I'm pretty sure one or two of the guys at Boca Chica are. On the other hand, I am a former Tanker and the Marine Corps let us swap turbine engines outside. Pretty sure turbines are intricate, even if they are not rocket engines. What's the difference?
  10. Given how much I pay for internet... ...times a whole bunch of people around the world... ... Three weeks?
  11. And outdoors, not in a clean room or treated like a fairy princess - it's a high tech beast of a machine... And that attitude is the only way to get space 'normalized' / routine.
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