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  1. I never said you could drive around with a bomb in the car!
  2. They just asked "How much stuff can you blow up in South Texas, before people start getting grumpy about it" ... Ummm... Have you been to Texas? (You can blow stuff up there for fun!)
  3. Just saw this recently - and it's beautiful: . Wondering if the purples and greens and other surprisingly interesting 'structures' of this or other reentry images are informing the Art Department's work?
  4. There's a bunch of photos like this - all cool: Has me wondering if this and others like it sent the KSP2 art team back to the drawing board?
  5. I get it - having the US as an 'adversary' shores up support for the respective governments and saber rattling makes the patriots feel all chest thumpy. <Deleted > Again - hoping wiser minds prevail.
  6. I get it. First cup'a Joe. -- Thing is, I'd really, really like to see the US move on from being 'adversaries' or 'enemies' of either State (and them, us). I get (and support) national competitiveness, but as someone who's seen some of the ugly stuff we can do to one another first hand... there really is no reason for any of us to push into brinksmanship Thumbs up on the memes!
  7. If SF is seeking relevancy in the eyes of a skeptical public, stories like this are required. There is a point to the 'overly secret' aspect mentioned above. If even acknowledging the existence of a satellite is classified (despite those that view themselves* as the enemy of the United States already knowing about and attacking the satellite) then the only people in the dark are those that the satellite serves. While the 'Cold War' may be considered by some to be over... This is all very much Cold War stuff. *China and Russia - some might handwave and say 'we're not enemies, merely competitors' - but you generally don't attack / try to harm other's stuff unless you want to be seen as hostile. OTOH, there is also a very good possibility that the US is doing the same to their stuff: and one point of the article should be, 'if the US isn't... it should".
  8. Animations are getting sick (good) these days. Of course... they should have had some stuff still on fire after engine shut off (at catch).
  9. You realize that this is basically a 'new' engineering problem that will be solved at some point... Followed by the next doomsday weapon... Followed by the next solution... I'm an old hat at watching (among others things) US weapon development in relation to Soviet / Russian armor & warhead defeating tech (followed by the next new boom toy...). So it's pretty easy to analogize that to what's going on here. I think the only thing 'new' is where the challenge is coming from. Frankly it wasn't all that long ago that China finally figured out how to manufacture DU penetrators for tanks (and there was consternation then, too). Even their 'copycat' aircraft weren't considered high end until recently. And yet the consensus is that the latest stuff is good. So for a novel weapon to arise from China isn't /shouldn't be all that surprising for those 'in the industry'... There is certainly an element of Euro-centrism / Western bias in the handwringing and neck fluttering from certain sectors - but my take (from the professionals I know) is the response has been a lot more pragmatic within their sphere. Mind you - my people are from the ground side. Perhaps the Chair Force and Space Farce folks really are aflutter?
  10. Yeah - the headline and quote don't match up at all. . Unfortunately such nonsense isn't 'news' to us here in the West. We are just often more blatant about it. I recall an article 30 paragraphs long saying how bad the USMC was (but the 28th and 29th explained that the complaints they aired were uncommon and limited to one or two people's experiences)
  11. There are pluses and minuses for every system. In any system by the people and for the people - you get a variety of talents and problems in leadership. In a system by the party and for the party, you get a different variety of talents and problems. Is a technique for getting people energized and selling ad space - and perhaps shifting /acquiring funding as you write. Not entirely limited to the West ('Pinks' have their own hype, n'est cie pas?) Is that worse than or better than demonstrating ultimate loyalty to the party and bosses thereof (to gain funding /relevancy) ? Shrug
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