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  1. Rocket In My Pocket

    "Junk" rocket part skins

    While I'm with you in wanting the old fashioned models to stay as an option, there are some technical reasons why that isn't wise. KSP loads everything into memory when it's started up, so you would really be bloating the RAM load, which is already considerable. That said, I'm also sad that Squad is moving away from the "cartoony mismatched junk-rockets" Kerbal vibe that makes KSP, well KSP. Updating the models didn't require throwing what little style/character/identity the game had out the window. The new models may be technically superior but they lack any kind of heart, passion, or imagination. To be honest, they look like they are from a completely different game to me, I mean; what was the design philosophy here? Realism? Why? I half expect to see the Kerbals themselves retconned to plain ol' humans as a minor patch note any update now.
  2. Rocket In My Pocket

    Impossible Parts Ideas

    Skyhooks. Willy Wonka style.
  3. Rocket In My Pocket

    Bugs and KSP

    Too late, I already watched your video. I'm sure making exaggerated, sweeping statements and over generalizing the issue works well for you over on YouTube though, so you keep on doing you. 1,000 bugs on the tracker? More like 100 or so bugs, and 900 something non issues/players who don't understand the game/hardware issues players don't understand/player misunderstandings about updates/old issues. Myself and plenty of others play KSP every single day just about and hardly ever run into a serious bug. Your video is not a fair representation of the current state of KSP, and I resent you sensationalizing it for your own purposes to be perfectly frank.
  4. Rocket In My Pocket

    A reverse switch for airbrakes

    I don't see why not, but at the same time; Airbrakes are really sub-optimal as control surfaces in the first place, you should avoid using them like that.
  5. Rocket In My Pocket

    Pizza Cutting Challenge

    Neat entry lol! Although I think it could be argued a separate craft is a requirement, depending on how literally you take the rules (there are several references to an assumed "craft"); but that'll be up to the OP.
  6. Rocket In My Pocket

    Pizza Cutting Challenge

    Let's get this pizza party rolling, I'll break the ice! Behold; the Mk1PizzaCutter in all her glory. You'll notice her sturdy boom arm, lovely heat shielded front end, convenient temperature reader for that perfectly done crust, and lower intake fan so Jeb can smell that delicious pizza! Apropos of nothing, I did the entire challenge in first person, with no HUD; is that worth any points lol? (I wasn't really trying for a high score, more so just wanted to kick the challenge off.) I actually tried to approach this as I would at my job, where I operate heavy equipment, was fun; great challenge! Let's see some more entries! Score: Time: 2:36-11:49 (9m13s) x1/2= +276.5 points. Fuel: I goofed a bit here and didn't actually check lol. I'll just take fuel out of the tanks in the SPH till the D/v numbers match to check. Starting: Lf(387.9) Ox(474.1) Ending: Lf(279.9) Ox(342.1) Difference: Lf(108) Ox(132) 108+132= +240 points. Parts: 52 = +52 points. Total: 568.5! (Yes, I know lower is better, this should be easy to beat lol.)
  7. The extra info is prolly from having advanced tweakables options enabled. I didn't muck with any settings though they are all default. Did you change the parachute settings to what they use in the tutorial? I didn't, may be the difference? The main difference I see watching the two vids is that I had SAS enabled and thus fell butt first while you didn't and ended up going nose first. Might be just enough extra speed to burn up the chute?
  8. For the purposes of an elevator, the airbrakes would work better most likely. Just use the max deployment slider to slowly raise them up and down.
  9. Rocket In My Pocket

    Pizza Cutting Challenge

    Definitely the most unique challenge I've ever seen!
  10. You can still do it just fine without mucking with the Flea, or adding arc to your trajectory; you just need to wait till you are going very slow at the apex of your ascent to activate the parachute.
  11. Rocket In My Pocket

    Stock transfer window planner

    Considering that this: Is made by a member of Squad staff, I don't see why it couldn't be added to the base game part and parcel.
  12. Rocket In My Pocket

    Bought myself a 4K monitor for KSP for xmas

    Nice! Yeah, I also love my 4k TV for KSP, even though I had to give up some mods that don't scale their text up. KSP is one of those games that really benefits from the increase; with it's sharp lines, and clear colors.
  13. Rocket In My Pocket

    Additional Sites as Unlockables

    I do like the idea of having to locate, find, and repair them. Making contracts require a certain launch site for launch or landing once acquired is also interesting, and could add some complexity to otherwise boring missions. Tourist missions back and forth to those sites would be fun as well, give more of a reason to use planes. Heck, while we're at it, let's have tourist missions to the anomalies once discovered, I'm sure some Kerbals would like to see the Sphinx, or the crashed UFO!
  14. Rocket In My Pocket

    Physics Feature - Ground Effect

    It's not that it's a bad idea, just maybe not the highest priority in a game primarily about space travel.