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  1. Rocket In My Pocket

    What Career build are you most proud of?

    My first asteroid grabber; Ronin1. I really struggled with wrapping my head around asteroid interception at first, and made a thread here asking for help, which I received in abundance. Seeing my old pics of this ship always reminds me of how awesome the KSP community is, and makes me proud to be a part of it.
  2. Rocket In My Pocket

    Vanilla NO MOD maximum ship speed

    Neither KSP or Space Engineers is going to allow you to do what you are describing. KSP models one solar system, Space Engineers models like a few randomly generated planets and some asteroids. Neither game models anything past what you immediately see upon starting them. If you actually want to travel to Alpha Centauri in person the only game I know of where you can actually do that is Elite Dangerous, whose game world is basically a 1:1 recreation of the Milky Way Galaxy.
  3. Rocket In My Pocket

    So what is Serenity?

  4. Rocket In My Pocket

    Let pilots be able to land a ship.

    Yes, yes I know! Lol. I had to say it though.
  5. Rocket In My Pocket

    Let pilots be able to land a ship.

    *Cough, cough, cough, MECH-JEB! COUGH, COUGH* Sorry, must be coming down with something. Lol.
  6. Rocket In My Pocket

    Heavy rovers and gravity?

    If hill climbing is the specific problem, try mucking with the wheel options in the right click menu. Increasing friction and playing with traction control could help you crawl your way up the incline.
  7. Rocket In My Pocket

    Let pilots be able to land a ship.

    I mean...locking retrograde in surface mode basically is auto-landing on any vacuum body. All you have to do is run the throttle a bit. The only thing missing from stock is any info on when and for how long to do your landing burn; however you can just make a maneuver node, or feel it out on your way down, doesn't need to be a "perfect suicide burn." Rather then let the computer do it for the player, why not empower the player with the info he needs? The predicted suicide burn length + predicted time till suicide burn that KER gives is all the info you need to run the throttle accordingly. I'm sure a stock version of this could be done, now that we have stock Dv.
  8. Rocket In My Pocket


    I recently got into Elite Dangerous and so discovered the excellent "Sidewinder Radio." A mix of relaxing and upbeat space themed music. (Plus a few "in universe" ads and messages but they are rare.) Also, the Metroid Prime soundtrack obviously.
  9. Multiplayer would be a huge waste of limited development time and resources. KSP is a single player experience at heart, 90% of your playtime is spent in an editor or a map screen, or time warping to a maneuver node. Just because something would be nice to have, does not mean it's worth having.
  10. Great mod! Something I never knew I needed, and now I can't live without.
  11. Rocket In My Pocket

    When and why did you start WRITING mods for KSP?

    Mk1 Prototype Cockpit My first "mod." They took my favorite command pod out of the game, so I went back into my old install folder and grabbed the file, threw it into the newer versions part folder and went on my merry way. Later, I saw others complaining about the removal so I packaged it up a little neater, smoothed over some minor issues, tweaked the stats so it wasn't a carbon copy of it's newer replacement, moved it up the tech tree and re-branded it as a prototype, and released it as a mod. Even later on, I begin to feel like it was looking pretty outdated compared to the the other command pods and decided to update it, the first "real modding work" I actually had to do with it lol. (I got a lot of help from the community as well!) I honestly never thought it would get any notice, and really only did it for my own use; which I think is how most modders get started. It's got about 4.4k downloads so far, so not bad? Temporary Mk1-3 IVA Fix Then I made a small IVA fix to the newer Mk1-3 after it was updated and they forget to include the IVA. Using what I had learned while working on the Mk1 I swapped in the old Mk1-3 interior until it was fixed proper, which didn't take long at all, yet the mod managed to get just over a thousand downloads in that time. Time well spent I think! Wetter Wings My most popular mod, was the one that actually took the least amount of work lol. A pretty bog standard module manager patch that was inspired partly by my desire for fuel in wings as an aviation enthusiast in real life, but more so because I wanted to learn more about using module manager. It has about 6k downloads now, which absolutely shocks me to be honest lol. So all 11k downloads? I realize that's small peanuts compared to the bigger modders, but as someone who only very lightly dabbled in modding prior, is prolly the worlds worst "coder" (glorified copy-paster really), and only created the mods for himself in the first place; I would have been pretty pleased if they only got 11 downloads lol. I am very proud of how they have been received so far and am happy I could give at least a small something back to such a great community of gamers! (Links are in my signature if anyone was interested.)
  12. Rocket In My Pocket

    Can you set a key for a KerbCam action?

    You'd likely have better luck asking in the respective mods release pages.
  13. Rocket In My Pocket

    Terrain texture mods

  14. Might be a touch too far in the other direction lol, but yes; it is very clever!
  15. Lol, where's your sense of humor?