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  1. Rocket In My Pocket

    So, I run into a bug..

    I'm guessing modded game, never seen this bug personally in thousands of hours.
  2. Rocket In My Pocket

    Which mod adds the the info box near the NavBall.

    Ummm....not to put a damper on your "solution" but; There is a simple checkbox in the NavHud GUI that unlocks that text block so you can move it around. The color can be changed as well. "Lock HUD Text" Sometimes we jump to looking for zebras when we haven't even checked for horses.
  3. Rocket In My Pocket

    Logical tech tree

    Personally I have no issues with it, and being a habitual restarter; I've gone through it more times than I care to count. It seems to me the overall goal was to not dump too many new systems on a player at once; which is a sound enough concept. Then again I'm only guessing at what the intent was, who can say. You can't please everyone I guess? Luckily that's what mods are for. Plenty of alternative tech trees for those inclined.
  4. Rocket In My Pocket

    Logical tech tree

    Gameplay > Realism. Kerbals =/= Humans. The stock tech tree is more focused on being a tutorial that slowly drips new concepts to you. As far as the expansion stuff, idk. I already had most of it unlocked when I bought it so didn't pay much attention to where it was.
  5. Rocket In My Pocket

    Compatible Craft Versions List for Every Versions

    My current save was started back around 1.3 I think? All my crafts still work. The older the craft though, the more likely something has changed so much as to make it not work.
  6. This post pleases me. I also recommend retrograde hold when landing, but I'd add that you want to be in surface mode not orbital for best results. Welcome to the forums @A Random Lantern!
  7. Rocket In My Pocket

    Radial Symmetry Space Button not working

    I noticed this as well a few days ago but brushed it off as me being an idiot and not remembering how things worked. Would be interested to know if this is indeed a bug. Btw, very well documented with the pictures! You should have been a lawyer.
  8. Rocket In My Pocket

    Add hinges please

    Making stock hinges may be a bit tricky, but there is nothing more satisfying than making a "stock only" craft most people can only make with mods.
  9. Rocket In My Pocket

    Embed images

    Imgur is a bit tricky. I find the best solution is to right click the image and open it in a new tab, then copy paste the address of that tab to here by using the "insert other media" then "insert image from URL" button. Here's an example of an image I'm quite fond of lol.
  10. Rocket In My Pocket

    Change RoveMate Orientation

    Couldn't agree more! (Also, I'd like to just add here for anyone who isn't aware; that you can use a forward facing docking port as a control point as a sort of band aid fix to this issue.)
  11. Rocket In My Pocket

    the thermoelectric generator is too heavy, why?

    Weight being the only limiting factor when using them; don't you think that'd be a bit overpowered compared to the other forms of electrical production?
  12. It's a slider bar, it can be turned up or down as desired. It's a subtle effect and a bit like accelerating over time in an elevator; you may just not be noticing? It's not like some ridiculous "slow mo bullet-time" effect after all. If it's turned entirely off then I have to assume there was some reason particular to consoles that it was not able to be implemented? As far as an alternative solution, I suppose something like the welding mod could be implemented on console? I'm not sure I'd hold your breath for that though.
  13. Rocket In My Pocket

    [1.4.+] Kerbal Wind Tunnel 1.0.1

    Just wanted to add that I loaded it up in 1.4.5 and it seems to work fine for all intents and purposes. Didn't test it exhaustively or anything but, everything seemed to work on the few planes I checked out. Great mod btw, will definitely be using it from now on!
  14. Rocket In My Pocket

    Yet another "docking doesn't work" question

    "A man is great not because he hasn't failed; a man is great because failure hasn't stopped him." -Confucius
  15. Rocket In My Pocket

    Save file sharing on the steamworkshop?

    Save sharing is already possible, I'm not sure Steam workshop support is warranted? What's the use case here? Trouble shooting? Community save games?