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  1. Rocket In My Pocket

    !!!! I Need Help With Something !!!!

  2. Rocket In My Pocket

    Multiplayer in KSP 1.6

    No news, is good news!
  3. "Dry craft pitch/yaw vs. fueled craft pitch/yaw." If both those are green it'll fly fine full or empty. You are correct about RCS build aid though, it shows an actual dry mass COM ball for visual comparison if that's what you prefer.
  4. I think he wants a global slider for all the combined fuel tanks on the craft. I think anyways, he wasn't entirely clear.
  5. Rocket In My Pocket

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    Bugs can be affected by all sorts of other things, from drivers, to hardware, all the way to playstyle. They don't always affect everyone universally. No one is being incredulous about the existence of the bug, we're just reporting that some of us haven't experienced it; which is valuable information as it points to some other contributing factors possibly being the cause of the bug. My attempts to replicate the bug on my end weren't to "disprove" anyone, they were so I could hopefully actually see said bug "in the flesh" so I could understand it myself. I'd encourage you to go back and re-read the thread, I don't think anyone was trying to be anything but helpful.
  6. I can't believe no one has mentioned CorrectCOL yet? Provides a handy graph showing your planes stability and control authority as the fuel drains, and gives you a pass or fail score at dry stability/control. That said, I'm all for some sort of stock "Drain all fuel tanks/Fill all fuel tanks" button.
  7. Rocket In My Pocket

    Rescue multiple kerbals at once

    Not a bad idea at all! To avoid it being over powered they should tend to be in more complicated orbits, that are either polar, or highly elliptical, etc... Something more challenging to rendezvous with. Rescuing tourists could also be fun? It wouldn't add to your roster but it might be a nice change of pace to add to the contracts.
  8. Rocket In My Pocket

    How do I build a submarine

    Could be right? I've never tried. Afaik the ore distribution per biome is always random per save, but it's entirely possible any "ocean" biomes aren't included in the distribution at all.
  9. Rocket In My Pocket

    How do I build a submarine

    Not a bad idea, but it might prove difficult if your sub wants to constantly float away from it. In that case you may actually want to make it on the heavy side so you can "land" on the sea floor and do your drilling. (Landing legs may help with that too, keep the sub upright and give room for the drill to operate.) Although you're going to have to dump ore to surface anyways so...let us know how it works out! I'm curious.
  10. Rocket In My Pocket

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    I didn't hand wave anything, it's a bug; a bug in the stock game. However like many bugs it seems to affect some players worse than others, and as I've already explained I'm just here to help investigate the cause of the issue. On my own time I might add, when I could be doing other things besides trying to trouble shoot a bug I've never even encountered.
  11. Rocket In My Pocket

    The Landing Legs & Gears Is Killing Me!

    I only use visual and UI mods, nothing game play altering, and no parts. (I don't use KJR either, whatever that is.) So yeah, as far as physics and craft are concerned, it's 100% stock. (We won't even get into the fact that most of the people claiming the bug affects them are likely playing saves that are actually heavily modded with parts and gameplay affecting mods.) I'd be happy to test any craft any one wants, on a completely fresh, stock install. Despite the somewhat ..sarcastic responses I keep getting; I was only here to help pin down the cause of the bug so it could be fixed. (Despite it not ever affecting me.) Kind of a moot point now though with 1.5 claiming to have solved it. I guess we'll wait and see.
  12. Rocket In My Pocket

    Space station length limit?

    Interestingly enough I didn't need HangerExtended, I just kept sliding it out the SPH door and adding on to it. Although it was starting to get really laggy by the end. I might try to make it longer at some point, this whole thread has piqued my interest on the subject!
  13. Rocket In My Pocket

    Space station length limit?

    I made a 1000 meter long object once as a test. (Took forever to load due to part count and with no autostuts it was a bit more like a rope than a rod lol. Other than that though it worked fine.) What's the physics bubble in space? 2.5km? So it'd have to be 2 and half times longer than that. Use long parts lol, just going 1km was pretty rough on the FPS. (534 parts.)
  14. Rocket In My Pocket

    a new idea on the expense of heating

    I'm not against a stock-alike compromise. The radiators are fairly under used to be honest. What about a very, very slow build up of heat when in space? We don't need excessive heating that would affect your average trip to like the Mun or Minmus, but vessels in space for extended periods or space stations for instance might need a few radiators to combat the eventual, slow build up of heat. (I'm talking more on the scale of months/years than hours or days.)
  15. Rocket In My Pocket

    Limited crew control why?

    No pilot, huh. Never even occurred to me lol. I didn't know people sent manned missions sans pilot? Especially a rescue mission?