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  1. Help!!!

    You just want to get to orbit? That's easy. 3 steps. No MechJeb required. Anyone can do it, you can do it. 1. Launch headed out over the ocean, let your nose drop to 45 degrees. (You can start right off the pad, and let it drop slowly; try to be at 45 degrees by 10km) Hold that and burn till Ap (The highest point in your orbit) is 70km+ (You can check this in the map view) Cut your engines once your Ap is 70. 2. Drift till you are 30 seconds from Ap (You can see this in map view as well by mousing over your Ap) Burn prograde keeping time to Ap between 30 seconds and 5 seconds. Nose up to increase time till Ap, nose down to decrease. 3. Cut engines when Pe (The lowest point in your orbit) is 70km. Congrats, you are in orbit.
  2. Space station structual problems

    Enable advanced tweakables in the options menu. Auto-strut it together. Profit?
  3. landers hopping

    It's a pretty well known bug in the most recent release. Should be patched up soon, the dev's are certainly aware of it. No real solutions that I know of, except not switching to said landers. If you are quick you could open the debug menu (Alt+F12) and either drop the gravity down to 00.1 or enable no crash damage, then just turn it back once the lander is safely on the ground.
  4. One launch Station

    This thread is a little bit dated. Perhaps you'd be better off starting a new one and asking for advice/ideas on station building? Station building is easy, anything can be a station really! If you want advice on something in particular like rendezvous and docking so you can build it piece-meal in space; I'm sure you'd get lot's of advice. Also, welcome to the forums friend!
  5. Rovers are useless

    Well, I meant compared to the manned ones. Apollo 15 for example, they drove their rover about 27km in 3hours. Much faster and more immediate...somewhat shorter. My point was more-so that unmanned rovers shouldn't need to be "baby-sat" as they can take a decade or more to do their jobs. As far as the scatterer thing goes; maybe you'd have to get close enough to "poke" the object with the science experiment y'know what I mean? (Like an extendable antenna mixed with a Klaw.) That way it'd be far easier to do with wheels as opposed to hopping over to it?
  6. Improvement of Kerbin

    Don't be too concerned, it's the nature of forums. It's stop and go. Happens to every ones threads, just give it time. If no one is posting in your thread and you want to "bump it" or keep it alive; then add some more stuff to it yourself; talk more about your ideas and such. As a bit of personal advice; this is a lot like wooing a woman, you can't just pursue her; you have to wait and ignore her; and make her chase you. Y'know what I mean?
  7. Improvement of Kerbin

    Be careful about self-bumping your thread; it's not technically allowed. Although as long as you don't go crazy with it I really doubt anyone minds. I've pretty much given you all the feedback I had about your ideas for now, I still think you should try to prune it and narrow down the focus. The simplest and most elegant solutions are always the best; ask yourself how you can achieve your prime goals with the least number of steps for the most amount of gain.
  8. Vulture - Flying Wing

    Aren't shock intakes the hands-down best as far as drag? Thought I remembered reading that in that big post awhile back comparing all the different nosecones/intakes. Might be worth using one there even if you don't need the added air supply?
  9. Why does KSP need to be extremely expensive

    I can't really disagree with those points; it is an unpolished, unfinished, buggy, place-holder filled mess of a game. For some reason though, it has that special something; and I love it anyways. You must admit though, Squad has supported this game long, long after it's release and continues to do so; surely that was worth some portion of that 40$? I think that instead of viewing this negatively and saying it's not worth 40$, we should focus on what needs to change for it to be worth that money to every player and not just the crazy ones. I don't think lowering the price is the right answer in the long run; you may get some impulse buys but it makes the product look cheaper, if something has diminished in asked for value...then hasn't it's actual perceived value diminished as well?
  10. Vulture - Flying Wing

    Looks like he's prolly using Engine Nacelle's between the Nose cones and the Engines. They have built in air intake, the game doesn't care if you "block" it off either really. Works very well as it saves on drag.
  11. KSP Stock : Docking Difficulty Absurdtastic?

    Hi @pukendog and welcome to the forums! You seem to have picked a rather old thread to respond to; none of these people are likely around anymore, sadly. If you need help learning to dock, why not make a new thread here in the Gameplay Questions forum? Lot's of people will be glad to help you, myself included. I assure you docking stock is quite doable, although no harm in having some mods to help like Docking Port Alignment Indicator for example.
  12. Why does KSP need to be extremely expensive

    Have you guys ever heard of a thing called "perceived value"? When I was a younger man I worked at a small grocery store/gas station, doesn't really matter which one. Anyways the company sold a lot of it's own products to compete with big name stuff; like their own soda and drinks and such. I remarked to my boss at the time as we stocked the shelves how cheap our "juice" was and asked him why it was almost as expensive as the name brand. Surely this wasn't the best way to compete with inferior product for about the same money? He said that it cost the company 4 cents to fill each bottle, the bottle itself only cost 10 cents, they sold it for a dollar something. They could sell if for half that and still make a great profit...BUT here's the thing; no one is going to buy a 50 cent bottle of's TOO cheap; something must be wrong with it. It can't possibly be any good right? It had to be priced higher or it wouldn't be "perceived" as an equal product by the general public.
  13. How to complete put satellite in x orbit contract

    If you still can't get it, throw a screenshot up here; that would really help us figure out what's going on. Best of luck!
  14. Elegant Wing

    Great minds think alike!
  15. OK, so several new pieces of info. -Reproduction steps: Turn lossless physics on, timewarp around a bit in orbit, set another body as target(Minmus in my case.) Boom, instant magic Dv climbing. -The "magic climbing" of m/s pauses when you do actual timewarp but persists when physical timewarping or doing nothing. It also persists if the node is deleted and a new one made. -It really screws with the maneuver node icons on the navball, and makes performing any actual maneuvers near impossible. Uploading the log as I type this. I'll include a pic of my Gamedata folder as a "mod-list." Log File: Gamedata Folder SS: