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  1. Ship rotates on EVA

    I find that unless you have a probe core with SAS on the pod, especially the Mk1; it tends to start rotating the second you EVA due to phantom physics forces from the Kerbal holding the ladder. Then with no one inside the pod capable of SAS there is nothing to stop it from rotating. I don't think it was always like this; but I can't remember what version I started noticing it in. Either design a probe core into it to hold it steady, or time warp as suggested above.
  2. Space station?

    I find the "orbital fork-truck" method the most fun, making the modular pieces just dead segments that need to be grabbed and moved into place via an RCS tug. Is this the most efficient or practical way to do it? Prolly not, but I find it to be the most interesting and therefore the most enjoyable. KSP I find; is often a struggle between the Engineer in me who want's to make everything perfect and simple vs the Player in me who want's it to be complicated and engaging. Try to find a balance somewhere between the two.
  3. How to improve SSTO/TSTO Refueler

    I think I spotted your issue. You should learn to walk before you learn to run, and you should definitely learn to do both before you try to program a robot to carry you on it's back while it walks and runs. You could trim off a lot of dead weight if you pilot the ship yourself.
  4. Origami Steel.

    Definitely possible, just don't timewarp lol. I was just messing around with a stock variable sweep wing, although admittedly it's a little wobbly still. Although I'm pretty sure you could make a ghetto jet to fit the Mk3 cargo bay without folding the wings. that a hard rule or just a suggestion? Great idea for a challenge btw!
  5. Stop the Kim: ICBMs and kill vehicles

    I'm gonna wager he meant 70km vertically, not horizontally. As in it leaves the atmosphere. Also by definition an ICBM is an Inter-Continental-Ballistic missile; so yeah...they do kind of have to reach other continents to be considered an ICBM.
  6. VR - Let's take it to next level

    Wut he said^ Good VR experiences are built from the ground up, not tacked on as an after thought. VR is such a small market too, just not worth the development time.
  7. Time to LKO? Real time.

    I have a pretty mediocre computer, and even I can't imagine anything besides a spaceplane taking more than 10 minutes to go to orbit. Without even turning the game on I'm gonna say my average rocket launch takes 5 mins or less.
  8. Wow, 6 months???

    Omg, who hasn't had that monkey on their back? Lol. That and Prison Architect. Ate up about a year of my life!
  9. TWR Jet engines KER

    If stationary air intake is the issue; Engine Nacelle's have a terrific base intake speed of 40m/s
  10. Does TextureReplacerReplaced work in 1.3.1? I'm going to give it a try, I'll let you know how it goes. EDIT: It works and it is...well...they should'ave sent a poet. (Click and enlarge for full sized picture, looks way better. The compressed one really obscures how many tiny little stars there are.)
  11. Wow, 6 months???

    I hear ya, hopefully we'll get some news on it sooner rather than later.
  12. Solid boosters fall off prior to launch!

    KSP rockets are structured like a tree. You can't make closed circles, every part has one parent part and then children. So your boosters are only technically snapped to one set of your decouplers. (Whichever one you placed them on first.) This is what's causing the sag, as far as them falling off despite being strutted...I couldn't say without a pic. Are you using autostruts as well?
  13. Wow, 6 months???

    Not specifically, but I wasn't not talking to you either. Welcome back to anyone who's been away! Lol. Well, I guess you can still look forward to 1.4 then, not sure what features it'll have though. Maybe the DLC will go on sale at some point and you can get it cheap? I'm going to withhold my opinion on whether it should be paid or not until it's released and I can see what it actually adds.
  14. Wow, 6 months???

    Nice! ...Wait, you have heard about the upcoming "Making History DLC" right? Although 1.4 may come before that, no one can really say atm.
  15. Static clouds in the sky

    If you want a visual pack for EVE but your computer is struggling with it; I use and highly recommend: If that still lags your system you can try the "Lite" version.