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  1. Atlas2342

    Shower thoughts

    An explosion happens far away from you. The shockwave takes 60 minutes to get to you. When the shockwave reaches you, the explosion would have happened an hour ago. Same principle. Also related, people who were born at the same time can be born a day apart.
  2. Atlas2342

    Shower thoughts

    Then, it happened one year ago, didn’t it?
  3. Atlas2342

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    Only six? Aren't there more?
  4. Atlas2342

    Samsung vs Apple.

    I’ve had bad experiences with Samsung phones. Thus why I prefer Apple because from what I’ve observed it lasts longer. Oh and “better” is subjective. I like Apple products and no one can tell me otherwise. Depends. Too small of a sample size and forum polls tend to be skewed anyway. @dundun93 why do you dislike Apple products anyway?
  5. Atlas2342

    Explain a film badly 2

    Nope. Doesn’t seem like it, does it @kerbiloid? Not quite what I had in mind...think lampposts.
  6. Atlas2342

    So, you have a plane on a conveyor belt...

    My understanding of the OP was that the speed of the treadmill was not constant. If that were so, wouldn’t the plane be unable to take off? There would be no air passing over the wings to create lift as the acceleration/final speed of the plane would match the treadmills. When running on a treadmill, you wouldn’t feel air rushing over you. Wouldn’t that be because relative to an outside observer/ground/air you are actually stationary?
  7. Atlas2342

    My first Tesla Car I've ever seen.

    I’ve never even seen an electric car before. Not surprising, considering that you wouldn’t see any charging stations around in my country and electric cars are niche. Yeah the forum doesnt allow you to answer only one as they are “required fields”
  8. Atlas2342

    Shower thoughts

  9. Atlas2342

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Currently in a one month training for an international math conpetition. Wish me luck!
  10. Atlas2342

    Shower thoughts

    If you feel unimportant, just go outside. Intense heat and pressure at the core of our star fuse atoms of hydrogen to produce helium in the process of nuclear fusion. This reaction releases huge amounts of energy as gamma rays that jump around, being absorbed and emitted. Finally, when these photons reach the surface, they’ve lost enough energy to become visible light. The photons travel at light speed, 299,972,458 m/s. Yet since the appoximate distance from the sun to the earth is 149.6 million km, it takes light some 8 minutes to reach earth. After that, the photons become scattered as they travel through the atmosphere and finally, finally reach the ground, only to be stopped by you.
  11. Atlas2342

    SiriusRocketry's Craft Dealership!

    I’m all for details. Good job @SiriusRocketry, I’ll be following this thread closely.
  12. Atlas2342

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Yes! @adsii1970?
  13. Atlas2342

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nope. @NSEP?
  14. Atlas2342

    A Quiet Place

    Yeah, I like that it brought something new to the genre, standing out from the mush that are horror movies today. The movie Hush, has basically the same concept of having a deaf person as a protag. Replace the monsters with a serial killer and you have that. Its pretty good albeit not as much as A Quiet Place IMO.
  15. Atlas2342

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nyet. @YNM?