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  1. with all respect, will there be a realplume config for this beauty?
  2. One more thing, i think you should keep the same size as decq has his r7 and soyuz
  3. If anyone has a realplume config for this mod and soviet rockets feel free to send it to me because im suffering from a realplume addiction
  4. @DECQhas a Soyuz-TMA for 1.1.3 that is currently being updated to 1.2.2
  5. it's now a part of the contares mod i belive
  6. i'm starting to pitch at about 80 m/s and kinda match my trajectory to how much fuel i have in my SRBs so i alway trying to be horizontal when my SRBs is out of fuel. maybe bad explained but works every time
  7. i have one more suggestion: be able to look out the cargobay windows Edit: you can only look through one window
  8. I really love the mod so far but i have one suggestion. make to srb sound a bit louder? thanks for the amazing mod!
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