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Found 9 results

  1. Vostok Continued When @Beale revamped his Tantares mod, he unfortunately abandoned the Vostok parts. Abandoned and homeless, I took them in, updated the textures, and gave them a home. This mod adds a set of parts designed to re-create the Vostok spacecraft and Blok-E upper stage in a stockalike style. Thanks to: @Beale for making the original parts, and giving me access to his source files and giving me tips. @CobaltWolf for helping me with the textures and getting the parts ingame. @Daelkyr for helping with the aerodynamics and parachute code. Plenty of other people for giving me feedback, encouragement, and help. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. first
  2. I have made a video on the failed (albeit successful) launch of a Vostok capsule!
  3. Why does Jeb personal chute doesn't work, how to activate it?
  4. Heya, I'm currently doing a small project on the history of spaceflight, and I need some photos/drawings showing the Voskhod II launcher. But so far I've found it difficult because I've seen several different Voskhod colour schemes listed as Voskhod 2. Like this one https://tinyurl.com/ybvdnejk or this one https://tinyurl.com/yapdwttp, or this one https://tinyurl.com/yc6n9nj7. I'm thinking it was all grey/unpainted, but I can't be sure. It doesn't help that the Voskhod 2 mod for KSP has the paint scheme of Orange, White and Green either, but I can't rely on that to be historically accurate. Anyone happen to have a good source/personal knowledge on the paint scheme for Voskhod 2? Maybe someone has even made a model of it at some point or something. Anyway, thanks!
  5. I heard that it's part of making history i want make my very own vostok
  6. Replica of the Vostok 1, which flew the first human into space, Yuri Gagarin. Requires Making History Expansion. https://kerbalx.com/PaladinPizza/Vostok-1
  7. This is a long-term project on the theme of stock versions of a real space rocket and ships. At the moment there are components to the space rocket Vostok. Screenshots: The rocket and Vostok spacecraft in full assembly. SpaceCraft Vostok The sun blinds you through the VZOR. First satellites and super laika. I warn that with many aspects of modding I encountered for the first time, if there are errors write. P.S. This add-on is not an exact copy of a real rocket and a ship, and as in stock size. V1.1 1. I connected the bottom of the TDU with the engine, also added a fairing to them. 2. Added details for the ship "Voskhod" 3. Added a fairing "Voskhod" style 4. Added three first satellites which serve as the analogue of the first satellites of the Soviet Union. 5. Connect to the technology tree LINK: https://spacedock.info/mod/1316/Alcentar ind.
  8. Hi there, I've decided to share my collection of crafts from teh space race era with the community. I think the 60's and 70's were what you could call the golden era of space flight with massive goverment founds for Roskosmos and NASA and extremly fast developments. Me, as a big fan of the spacecrafts of that time i decided to build stock replicas as good as i could and share them. Since i hardly found any stock replicas of those craft (aside from Apollo) I would also love to see your stock replicas of those crafts I built Vostok, Soyuz, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. I haven't build Voskhod yet since it would only be a slightly changed up Vostok. All my craft have acurate replicas of the lifters too. It was important to me, that all lifters and Spaceships have teh original staging I will include the downlaoad links if you want to download the craft. Vostok https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Vostok Mercury https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Mercury Gemini https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Gemini Soyuz https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Soyuz Apollo (15) https://kerbalx.com/SpaceTrashCan/Apollo-15
  9. Fiddling around with Russian spacecraft history... was trying to come up with a list of all known Vostok (non-Zenit) spaceframes and what happened to them. I'm coming up with two missing. To summarize: Firstly, there were two 1KP originally authorized, but Korolev elected not to build the second of these. 1KP(-1) was launched as Korabl-Sputnik 1 on 15 May 1960. There were either four or six 1K craft authorized before moving on to the 3KA version (the man-rated Vostok). 1K-1, carrying dogs Lisichka and Chayka was lost in a launch failure on 28 Jul 1960. 1K-2, carrying dogs Strelka and Belka, flew as Korabl-Sputnik 2 on 20 Aug 1960. 1K-5, carrying dogs Pchelka and Mushka, was launched 1 Dec 1960 and announced as Korabl-Sputnik 3, but was lost upon reentry. 1K-6, carrying dogs Kometka and Shutka, failed to orbit on 22 Dec 1960 (the dogs survived). Korabl-Sputniks 4 and 5, each carrying a mannequin and a dog (Chernushka and Zvezdochka, respectively) followed in early 1961, but these were Vostok 3KA craft. In Chertok's memoirs, Volume 3, he clearly identifies the third and fourth 1K canine flights (1 Dec 60 and 22 Dec 60) as craft numbers 5 and 6. So what happened to spaceframes 1K-3 and 1K-4? If there were unreported launch failures in the September-October 1960 timeframe, that would be right for these two craft (I presume there's not time after the Nedelin disaster that temporarily halted operations, and that the next launch after that was 1K-5), but I haven't seen anything to indicate two failed launches from Baikonur in that timeframe. I see this as leaving three possibilities: 1) There are two unreported launch failures between August and December 1960 that are unaccounted for; or 2) The 1K-3 and 1K-4 craft were Zenit photoreconnaissance precursors and therefore "deeply" buried. (They may not in fact have been launched, if there were technical difficulties, but they still may have been in the Zenit line of development.) or 3) Chertok's numbers "5 and 6" include the two 1KPs (including the never-built one) in the count. Any other possibilities?
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