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  1. Hey, not home so I can't provide supporting documentation right now. But last night when I was playing In the VAB I clicked the dark side planet selector buttons and got 10-20 copies of each planet in the list. Anyone else seeing this error?
  2. Tested. It got me about 12-15 FPS back!!! what did you change?
  3. Sure! I'll test tonight! will follow up
  4. Just to help I'm having very similar performance issues. I notice significant lag on the launch pad without engines disabled when I have this Mod and RP stock installed and even more so when engines ignite. I did a remove and replace and slowly install all mods to find this smokescreen, RP and RP stock as the culprits. Without these mods I was at 40-45 fps on launch pad and 35-40 in the air with about a 150 part ship with them installed I see drops into the 20s even when I'm not flying Can any information I may have help? I5 6600k OC'd GTX 970 Windows 10 64 bit 16gb RAM If you need anything else from me, let me know!!
  5. I can't wait to try this tonight! I have my game modded to the gills and my i5 6600k and GTX970 have a frame rate of about 30FPS with a 150 part craft on the runway WITHOUT Real Plume, when I removed Real plume it jumped up to 40-45. I have Scatterer SVE SVT etc, so I expect to be hovering in the 40s, but after a retailed regression test of my mod installs I found Real Plume to be the culprit. I tried just playing without it, but many of the engines I play with (Vens Stock Revamp, the B9 Aerospace Atlas Engine, etc.) just don't have any Engine effects after I remove it. Why might that be?
  6. mtpatane

    Scott Manley - Galileo Conquest Modpack

    This is awesome! Thanks for putting this together! can you explain the bug, I don't understand (haven't tried it yet, at work)
  7. has anyone had an issue where certain requirements for new contracts to show up were unmet despite having the craft in orbit that meet said requirements. I originally thought it might be a Ven's Stock revamp issue with the antennas, but I uninstalled and tried without it and the issue persisted. Here my problem is that I want to take the Mun Satellite Constellation contract. I have 4 Sats in LKO around Kerbin with the MTS Dishes and Com 32's, I have the dishes pointed at the Mun on all 4 Sats. I look at the contract requirements and it says that I don't have any antennas or dishes in orbit with a range of 12,000km. Any idea why might this be or has anyone witnessed something similar?
  8. mtpatane

    [1.5.1, 1.4.5, 1.3.1] RemoteTech v1.9.0 [2018-10-29]

    In an old 1.1.3 build I had 2x Geostationary Satellites around Duna spread evenly between Duna and Ike so that The 3 Sats in Orbit around IKE were the "Third" satellite in the 3x geosynch array that provided 24/7 Coverage of Duna. It was my greatest remotetech accomplishment. I'm going to re-do it in 1.2.2 now that I've heard they've fixed the orbital jittering/decay/stability issues that plagued 1.1.x
  9. mtpatane

    [1.5.1, 1.4.5, 1.3.1] RemoteTech v1.9.0 [2018-10-29]

    Hmm, I never found actually getting the orbital period of my satellites within .001s of one another. I usually just keep a tiny engine or RSC on like 0.5% Thrust for the fine adjustment at the end. Once the orbital periods are synced If the Ap and Pe are close I don't typically see a drift issue for many, many years. Might sound tedious, but I find it satisfying to get it up there myself. I'm also a huge fan of single launch networks (1 craft 3-4 Sats).
  10. How's the comparability of this mod in 1.1.3? Is there anything majorly buggy or annoying?
  11. Hey! So in USI-LS roverdude just released a radial mount 1 Kerbal recycler that might be an excellent candidate for a universal storage part. Any plans to integrate?
  12. mtpatane

    [1.4.X] Science - Full reward!

    Anyone have any luck in 1.1.3 with this mod?
  13. This is sad news. Were you using the 1.1 pre-release version? Any plans for future support?
  14. Anyone test this in 1.1.3? This mod worked perfectly for me in 1.1.2 but I haven't loaded in 1.1.3 because I want to make sure some mods work