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  1. Very nice, it's fun to start out with sounding rockets instead of the exact same "mk1 pod on a flea" a hundred times.
  2. https://spacedock.info/mod/1434/Near Future Launch Vehicles
  3. I didn't make that, I think I found it on google myself.
  4. Are you tired of installing mods manually by downloading endless zips from SpaceDock, hunting for their GameData folders, and dragging them into your KSP install? Do you also want to avoid the hassle of CKAN, or you want to use a custom or dev version of a mod? Then this tool is for you! This little command-line utility can pull mods from a variety of sources, including local and remote zip files, spacedock, and github. Github Requires Python 3.7 or later to run.
  5. Looks great, thanks for picking this up!
  6. 1.2.1 Russian translation by @TK-313 Spansih translation by @fitiales
  7. Flap orientation fixed, on the github now
  8. Transtage from the excellent Bluedog Design Bureau by @CobaltWolf
  9. The part placement/cost isn't balanced at all, I just copied the configs from stock parts. Once I have the landing gear in game, I'll go through all those and fix them up for a proper beta release. So it can hold two people in cargo mode. @[email protected] I'll take a look at the flap issue, what specifically do you mean? Yes. Probable a few more sizes too
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