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  1. Does this also scale CommNet ranges?
  2. You need the SaturnMB.cfg file in the extras folder. @minepagan, could you add a note to your craft files that use those parts that they need the extra config?
  3. Fixing the window colors on my new project:
  4. You are. The IRL Mercury capsule was 1.9 meters across. The Mk1 Command Pod is 1.25m across. That's a scale of 0.625, rounded to the nearest clean multiple of 1.25. Same with the Mk1-2. The Apollo Command module was 3.9m in diameter. Scaled to Kerbal scale, that's 2.4375m, which is rounded to 2.5m. In general, mods that aim to replicate real life craft for the stock game scale to this factor. A meter in KSP is the same as a meter in real life, but Kerbal parts are smaller than their real-world equivalents.
  5. A part whose real world equivalent is 1m across is .625m across in Kerbal scale
  6. @Kerbal01 It should have them. Are you using the new config?
  7. 1.1 is out now! Hatch and engine FX fixed
  8. Yuri Kergarin ejecting from his Vostok capsule, 1962, colorized Working on the hatch, but the engine plume is fixed:
  9. It's historically accurate. You're supposed to jump out in midair.