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  1. During play, I noticed spawning without Life Support resources has an annoying side effect. When a kerbal with empty life support (Water, Oxygen, Food, Electricity in the case of TAC-LS) boards a vessel, they siphon away resources from the vessel. When they leave the vessel, they don't return the resources. Therefor, leaving a vessel loaded between missions causes the EC and Life Support to be siphoned away with each mission. @Antipodes, I have another code contribution. In the file KspAccess\WalkAboutKspAccess.cs, in the function PlaceKerbal, at the top of the function I added: // St
  2. Ok. I edited the code to check if a volumeOverride is specified in a ModuleKISItem for each part. Hopefully the code isn't too bad. I'm new to c# (but not programming in general) and this is my first edit of KSP mod code. In the file "Entities\InventoryItems.cs", in the function "internal void Refreexcrementsems()" Change this: var boundsSize = PartGeometryUtil.MergeBounds(part.partPrefab.GetRendererBounds(), part.partPrefab.transform).size; var volume = boundsSize.x * boundsSize.y * boundsSize.z * 1000f; To this: // Start LabRats Edit Single volume = 0.0f; try { if ((par
  3. First. Thank you @Antipodes for this mod. It is very handy with KCT, allowing a vehicle to stay parked, but the kerbals load and unload for different missions. Im not familiar with Unity coding, but I was looking at the code and it seems like the volume of items are only calculated by their dimensions. Some parts have a ModuleKISItem module that includes a volumeOverride. I think this is why the S.E.P. (Surface Experiment Package) central station isn't showing up in the list. The model is non-small, but the volumeOverride is set to only 100. This mod doesn't read the overrides, so objects
  4. Maybe locked resources shouldn't count toward the stage resources? I didn't check if that is the case or not.
  5. Im in a 1.1.3 career, so I haven't tried it yet, but some suggestions for the future. (Not demands. Respect to the modders.) A nice future feature, would be auto-shutdown attempts (random delay so they won't always be in time), but in career, the function is unlocked in the tech-tree (like throttle controlled avionics and mechjeb). Early career, all failures are explosive. As you progress, you get auto-abort, auto-shutdowns, alarms that sound when a problem _might_ happen. Another nice feature, would be that failures aren't always explosive, but maybe an engine or SRB fails to start,
  6. @DMagic Thanks. I can deal with floating parts. I cant deal with exploding parts. I also changed the y component for the Surface magnetometer, since that was exploding too. I just used -0.02
  7. Yes. They are rerunnable. I just recently landed a scientist and engineer on the moon. They set up the SEP experiments and ran them all (including a mystery goo). They then assembled USI's Packrat Rover, and loaded all the SEP equipment into a KAS container on the back of the buggy. They then drove to a nearby crater (from Highlands to highland craters) and set up and did their science. They packed up, drove back to the lander, and transferred all the science to the lander and some hard drives from Tarsier Science (the lander couldn't hold it all). They then drove off to another crater (Farsid
  8. An exception is preventing all types of saves (persistent, quicksave, and autosave). I've had it happen in multiple scenes, each NOT having the rover science part. In one scene there were not any wheels of any kind loaded in physics range. I have not even used the part yet. The only unloaded rover I have was made long before installing the mod. Unfortunately, I restarted the game already and do not have the full log. I just have the related section I google'd. If I try loading the mod again, I will try to get a full log. [LOG 19:22:33.354] Attempting to save anomalies analyzed [E
  9. I found a temporary solution. Place/attach the 3 troublesome parts on top of other parts. Im using the central computer station and 2 KAS containers. Still looking forward to using them the intended way. A great mod! Edit: Sorry. That should have been an edit of the previous post. Maybe a mod can combine them.
  10. @DMagic, any chance you can share the surface attach lines that you edited, please? Im in the middle of a career mode Mun landing (using life support) that was supposed to use a buggy to do SEP science in 3 biomes. Right now my choices are not play KSP at all, or liftoff without finishing the mission. Im going to try to attach the bugged experiments on top of the central computer in the mean time... probably wont work.
  11. Does anyone have a compiled version of Ippo's recent 1.1 branch? I haven't learned how to build projects for KSP yet. Mzoworka's compile doesn't seem to work in 1.1.3. If no one does, thats ok too.
  12. I started the conversion of @TriggerAu's tips, to save him time if he wants to allow them. I can't finish them right now, so maybe somone else can do a few more, then the next person does a few more, etc. Here is the file from his mod: TIP { Question = Missing future orbits in Map view? Answer = Upgrade your Tracking Station to Level 2 to see the orbits including SOI changes Image = Gene GameMode = Career ModAssembly = } TIP { Question = Want to see some advanced paths? Answer = Upgrade the Tracking Station and Mission control to unlock Maneuver Nodes
  13. It works in 1.1.3. I don't know anything about modding, so I have no idea how hard it would be to use the module with your parts. The suggested download zip for the patch didn't work for me. However, when I downloaded the 66kb DLL from the release folder directly from GitHub, it worked perfectly.
  14. 105 mod Last page points to the github saying the animation DLL was updated for 112. https://github.com/jrodrigv/BDAnimationModules Im going to install it and see if it works.
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