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  1. I agree with bully056 a seperatable ghost and phantom can open up a lot of possibilities including doing a star wars rebels style storyline
  2. I myself prefer the republic battleships but I digress Any chance you might thinking about the AT-AT
  3. Finally figured it out and yes it was because the craft was too light. I used another mod CVX to get a round about of how heavy it somewhat needed to be and holy smokes the difference. But that's been sorted and I finally got around to a project I've been wanting to do. This is my USS America inspired by deviant art user bagera3005.
  4. Well I do have texture replacer but all I use it for is so my kerbals can have their helmets off but nothing that changes the water properties. And I also tried to add pontoons on the side but they keep getting destroyed when I use vessel moving and try gently place it in the water. This should be the log that you are needing but it wont let me post my screenshots.!AmK_SG3L60NNg3frrtm_qPIebKzU
  5. I just tried it out and it seems to work just fine for me with no problems.
  6. Hey guys gotta question for you I build an aircraft carrier (nothing special) using the three parts for a large carrier but when I place it in the water it bounces around like it's in very choppy waters or like there's a storm and is making the wave bounce me around and last I checked KSP didn't have anything like that, so how do I fix this?
  7. Glad to see this mod again any chance y'all might tackle D12 Aerotech it's an extension for b9 and compliments it very well
  8. Hello I was with kerbalstuff for quite a while and it was sad to see it leave and I would like to say thank you for bringing this site back and thank you to SirCmpwn for bringing sites this to the community. When kerbalstuff was around it was my number one source of my mods and now this has taken that spot and I am very greatful for that. I will try to help when and where I can but being poor and about to have two new kids in my life means it may not be much .
  9. hello all i am having trouble with mod it seems that there is some sort of bubble around the structures such as when i try to put aircraft in front of the hangers right next to the runway it instead makes them float like it was going uphill same with the the buildings on the other side like the bridge i can drive on it but im not touching the actual ground and for the air race same thing except instead of going uphill i run into some invisible wall when i try to go through the starting gate i have tried the cfg files trick but it still does the same thing. am i missing something here and what can i do to fix it?