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  1. Finally came up with a unified naming scheme for missions by body. Moho : Pushan (Vedic god of roads & journeys, equivalent to Pan who Hermes was split off from) Eve : Ishtar (Babylonian goddess of love, power, and Venus, among other things) Gilly : Tammuz (Mortal lover of Ishtar in Babylonian myth) Kerbin : what Mun & Minmus : Manned missions are routine, so no Duna : Dunex Ike : Phobos Jool : Perkunas (Baltic god of thunder) Laythe : Hestea Tylo : Gravitas Jool Moons : Encompassed under Perkunas Sarnus : Saturnalia Urlum & Neidon : Ariac Plock : Nix
  2. As someone with dual monitors and an excel licence it wouldn't be all that useful for me, but I could see it being useful.
  3. I do EVE with SVE config, Scatterer and PlanetShine.
  4. Is is a bird? No Is it a plane? Maybe? It's the SRB-only horizontal takeoff orbiter!
  5. It's mostly down to CPU clock anyway, GPU matters very little
  6. Forwards compatibility for 1.6 -> 1.7 is pretty good.
  7. As I said, not done yet. I find stations more realistic than surface bases, especially over small bodies like Minmus / Bop where it's so easy to land that bases are more or less pointless (no Minmus base on this save)
  8. 0.20 is when I bought it, but I started seriously playing around 1.0.4
  9. Thanks! Been missing it for docking together base modules
  10. 1) For engines with the "Truss Mount" option, IMO it should be the default - more realistic looking 2) Give the Mk1 command pod a "Black with white stripe" option 3) 0.625m SRBs
  11. Thought I'd post all of mine in one spot Unity Station : LKO (150km equatorial) Specs : Mass : 110,290kg with Alyrna space shuttle (bottom of image) Part Count : 276 with shuttle Fuel Storage : 3/4 orange tank plus 4800 Liquid Fuel Crew : Permanent Crew 3, Operational Capacity 10, Theoretical Capacity 15 + 6 seats in shuttle Could do with more hab space. Will need expanding. Polar Monitor : 250KM Kerbin Polar Orbit Specs : Mass : 23, 790kg Part Count : 41 Crew : Permanent Crew 0, Operational Capacity 8, Theoretical Capacity 8 Probably won't see any expansion anytime soon since the only reason it exists is to have a cool looking survey satellite. Mun Gateway : 50KM equatorial Mun orbit Specs : Mass : 186,320kg Parts : 526 with all attached spacecraft (lander, transfer vehicle, and escape pod) Crew : Permanent Crew 6, Operational Capacity 24, Theoretical Capacity 32 + 7 + 4 + 6 (spacecraft seats) Fuel Storage : 1.5x Orange Tank plus refinery capability Needs LiquidFuel storage pods. Due for expansion soon Mun Polar Station : 80KM Polar Mun Orbit Specs : Mass : 8,820kg Part Count : 31 Crew : Permanent Crew 0, Operational Capacity 6, Theoretical Capacity 6 Really serves no purpose , but good to have for... reasons (I like stations damn it) Minmus Gateway : 30KM Equatorial Minmus Orbit Specs : Mass : 46,850kg Parts : 173 Crew Capacity : Permanent Crew 3 (as yet unmanned since it's a relatively new installation - new save since my old one did the ded), Operational Capacity 12, Theoretical Capacity 21 Fuel Storage : 1/2 Orange Tank Due for expansion : Replace small boi side hab modules, add dedicated LF pods + more fuel in general But I'm not done yet : Coming soon in order of soonness Asteroid On-Site Observatory (320KM MKO) around a Class C asterioid as soon as the Chrysaor comes back with one (coming into the Kerbin system in 11d, rendevous in 25) Minmus Polar Station (15KM polar) Duna Gateway Dres Asteroid Orbital Base Eve Station Coming less soon : Gilly Station Ike Station Laythe Gateway And just for fun a shot of my (incomplete) Mun base in the East Crater
  12. Launched the GPNC (General Purpose Nuclear Cruiser) Block 2 Chrysaor in ACV (Asteroid Capture Vehicle) configuration (a dual-Klaw module docked on the front) to capture an asteroid. The eventual plan is to repurpose it with extra fuel tanks, side habs, and a lander as a Dres cruiser
  13. Launched the Mun Orbital Detailed Survey A (MODS-A) aboard a L2-S light lifter to support upcoming Munar prospecting operations It's now creating a more detailed map of Mun ore concentration than the Polar Surveyor was able to from its 10km polar orbit of the Mun. It sits an average of 6km above the surface.
  14. For no particular reason when you get across the antarctic could you go and visit the ice island?
  15. EPISODE 4 : Turning it up to 8.8 The technology discovered from the melted hard drives included nuclear engines, and so for the next mission - a return to the Mun - the Engineering team were able to design a craft with 8,800m/s of delta-V. Yes. 8800. Valentina and new scientist Shepbie were assigned to the mission, as the only remaining Kerbals able to work - Jeb being in rehab, Samantha asleep for four days and Bob having absconded with a trainer aircraft for an unknown reason. The nearly 700t rocket sat on the pad until daytime for...reasons Daytime having come however, it blasted off. The rocket employs Asaparagus Staging, which Shepbie thinks sounds like a kind of soup Fairing separation reveals the ROPER (Ridiculously OverPowered Exploration Rocket) spacecraft proper I think this booster might be a bit overbuilt Insane Val may be, but she isn't going to turn down extra fuel. Shepbie is mildly concerned that they might hit the booster from the previous mission which is still in orbit Val is convinced that parking orbits are for lesser pilots and went straight for the landing at the Far Side Crater Valentina also jumped out of the ship for a quick EVA for... reasons. Mission Control has ordered that the safety team be executed for incompetence for their failiure to prevent stunts like this. Despite Val's insistence she could land with it on, Mission Control ordered her to ditch the booster stage for landing, bringing out the dual NERVAs for the the first time Land they did, though. Shepbie deployed the newfangled Seismometer Val, for obvious reasons, was denied EVA priveliges. Shepbie didn't want to go, saying that "there's no air out there" and that he could "die". The robotic cattle prod set up in the capsule for just this reason did its job though, and out Shepbie went, although very reluctantly indeed. That being done, it was decided to make a hop to the Polar Crater. Tune in next time for biome hopping and Minmus madness!