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  1. My understanding is that there is not a reliable way to make BBcode work on ICS-powered forums (other forums I frequent run the same software package and this is a persistent complaint there as well)
  2. New year new rover design. Headed to the Mun as part of the new base
  3. Finally came up with a unified naming scheme for missions by body. Moho : Pushan (Vedic god of roads & journeys, equivalent to Pan who Hermes was split off from) Eve : Ishtar (Babylonian goddess of love, power, and Venus, among other things) Gilly : Tammuz (Mortal lover of Ishtar in Babylonian myth) Kerbin : what Mun & Minmus : Manned missions are routine, so no Duna : Dunex Ike : Phobos Jool : Perkunas (Baltic god of thunder) Laythe : Hestea Tylo : Gravitas Jool Moons : Encompassed under Perkunas Sarnus : Saturnalia Url
  4. As someone with dual monitors and an excel licence it wouldn't be all that useful for me, but I could see it being useful.
  5. I do EVE with SVE config, Scatterer and PlanetShine.
  6. Is is a bird? No Is it a plane? Maybe? It's the SRB-only horizontal takeoff orbiter!
  7. It's mostly down to CPU clock anyway, GPU matters very little
  8. Forwards compatibility for 1.6 -> 1.7 is pretty good.
  9. As I said, not done yet. I find stations more realistic than surface bases, especially over small bodies like Minmus / Bop where it's so easy to land that bases are more or less pointless (no Minmus base on this save)
  10. 0.20 is when I bought it, but I started seriously playing around 1.0.4
  11. Thanks! Been missing it for docking together base modules
  12. 1) For engines with the "Truss Mount" option, IMO it should be the default - more realistic looking 2) Give the Mk1 command pod a "Black with white stripe" option 3) 0.625m SRBs
  13. Thought I'd post all of mine in one spot Unity Station : LKO (150km equatorial) Specs : Mass : 110,290kg with Alyrna space shuttle (bottom of image) Part Count : 276 with shuttle Fuel Storage : 3/4 orange tank plus 4800 Liquid Fuel Crew : Permanent Crew 3, Operational Capacity 10, Theoretical Capacity 15 + 6 seats in shuttle Could do with more hab space. Will need expanding. Polar Monitor : 250KM Kerbin Polar Orbit Specs : Mass : 23, 790kg Part Count : 41 Crew : Permanent Crew 0, Operational Capacity 8, Theoretical
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